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Lake Mead Rising and Cold

Lake Mead is rising, indicating a colder and wetter West. There are droughts and floods, with cold killed grains, indicating we are in a cold phase and not warming. Continue reading

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Camping At Home Is Cheaper

A modest suggestion for ways to deal with electricity prices as they “necessarily skyrocket” and ways to cut back on electricity usage in the kitchen while still having nice meals. Short form? BBQ on the patio with interesting kit. Add a bit of gas to the kitchen. Continue reading

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Apirin good; Advil / Ibuprofen / Tylenol / Acetaminophen bad

Do not mix ibuprophen / Advil or acetaminaphen / Tylenol with beer, wine, or other alcohol drinks. Aspirin is your friend and may prevent liver damage while the others cause it. Continue reading

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Beer (cans) Will Save The World!

How to solve the looming electrical collapse in California, Germany, Australia, The UK, and eventually the USA. Just apply beer, beer cans, a bit of fermentation, and some creativity… Continue reading

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