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SPAWAR Space and Naval Warfare – LENR Proof

A very nice video from the Space and Naval Warfare Command showing they have Cold Fusion / LENR running reliably and repeatably and with nuclear effects proven 8 ways from Sunday. Looks like it’s time to say Cold Fusion is real, reproducible, and moving from “What the?” into “optimization”. Continue reading

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Hope for NASA Climatology – Joan Feynman

NASA discovers solar / weather cycle match and that maybe the sun has influence over climate. JPL has clue, even if GISS is a lost cause. Go JPL! And, of course, it had to come from a Feynman… Dr. Joan Feynman, and yes, it is the sister of Richard. Continue reading

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Memorial Day Snow?

We have a winter storm warning in the mountains of California for Memorial Day. On the cusp of June. Warmest ever? Yeah, right… How about “it’s cold but you don’t have data from the cold high places so fill them in with bogus values derived from the coast base on hot solar periods.” Continue reading

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GHCN v3 A Question Of Quality

Some significant data excursion issues show up in the NCDC produced GHCN Version 3 data. I don’t know how many records might be similarly wrong, but in a less obvious way. Continue reading

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