Gore Effect by Proxy in South Africa

It would seem that Hillary Clinton has been hanging around AlGore a bit too much.

She is presently in South Africa. They just got some very rare snow…

With Hansen screaming that this is The Warmest Ever!!!… it must be that Very Very Rare “Warm Snow”.


Sudden South Africa snow, a rarity sometimes seen once in several decades, stuns and surprises

Jon Gambrell, The Associated Press

August 7, 2012

JOHANNESBURG — People slowly came outside despite the cold wind Tuesday across South Africa, pointed their mobile phone cameras to the sky and opened their mouths to taste a rare snowfall that fell on much of the country.

The snow began Tuesday morning, part of an extreme cold snap now biting into a nation still in its winter months. By mid-afternoon, officials recorded snowfall across every South African province except Limpopo, though a formal report from the region had yet to reach the South African Weather Service, agency spokesperson Kenosi Machepa said. Satellite imagery suggested the snow reached there as well, she said.
In Pretoria, the country’s capital, flurries filled the sky during a visit by U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton. It was the first snowfall there since 1968, the weather service said.

The cold weather is expected to last a few days.

But hey, what’s a 44 year event among friends… Just call it “Climate Kaos” or some such and sell it…

OK, so we’ve got a very significant cold and snow even in South Africa. That often means cold spiraling out from the polar vortex in other southernly areas as well. Guess it’s time to check New Zealand, Tasmania, and Argentina / Chile / Bolivia / Peru…

HuffPo has the story too, with a photo slide show:


The snow grew heavier in the afternoon in Johannesburg, covering rooftops and slicking roads. Snowflakes are a rare commodity in Johannesburg, even during winter. South African Weather Service records show it has snowed in Johannesburg on only 22 other days in the last 103 years. The last snow fell there in June 2007.

So 22 days out of 103 years. My that Global Warming sure is fickle… Not quite a Black Swan event, but still. I make that 22 days out of 37,620 or 5.8 e-4 that ought to be about 0.00058 or 0.058 % of the days… With Global Warming like that, we could be in a glacial within the decade…

South America

A quick check shows that I was asleep at the switch and didn’t notice that South America already had a cold event:


Record Cold Snap In South America
Friday, July 13, 2012 11:10

By The Astute Bloggers

A recent cold snap turned deadly across parts of South America this weekend.

The progression of an unusually cool upper-level system crossed through portions of Chile over the weekend, resulting in nighttime low temperatures nearly 10 degrees Fahrenheit (5 Celsius) below normal.

Santiago, Chile’s capital, fell to 28 degrees Fahrenheit (-2 Celsius) late Friday night and Saturday night at the peak of the cold snap. Two homeless residents of the city lost their lives when they succumbed to hypothermia.



Coldest run of temperatures in 36 years

Updated July 09, 2012 09:49:14

Canberra has experienced its coldest run of temperatures in 36 years, with the mercury dropping below zero for the seventh time in a row.

The minimum temperatures have averaged minus five so far this month.

Meteorologist Ryan White says the warmest night this July so far has been 0.7 degrees.

“The last eight nights in a row we’ve had it pretty much at the minus five degree mark as an average, so it is quite incredible,” said Mr White.

Today the mercury dropped to -4.8 degrees shortly before 7:00am AEDT.

Well, Anywhere else?


Worst June weather in a quarter of a century

Christian Wenande
July 3, 2012 – 14:01
Clouds, rain and cold temperatures have hampered the Danish ‘summer’ weather so far this year, but July is already heating up

For one week in late May, the temperature was in the mid-20s, the sun shone gloriously and it all seemed to pointing to a legendary summer. But then June came along and out came the jackets, umbrellas and disgruntled looks.

June has been absolutely abysmal. In fact, June 2012 was statistically the worst June fo 25 years.

The average temperature for June was 12.8 degrees, and you have to go back to 1991 to find a colder June, according to the Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI).

Some 96 millimetres of rain fell in June, the most since 2007 and there were only 183 hours of sunshine, the fewest in 16 years.

June 2012 was the eleventh coldest, seventh wettest and had fifteenth fewest hours of sunshine of any month since 1920.

Not In Kansas Anymore

But it has been hot and dry in the USA “Midwest” (that is actually sort of toward the East…) so must be Global Warming…

We’ve got massive rainfall all over the planet. Manila was under a couple of meters of flooding. LOADS of heat being dumped in the upper atmosphere when all that water condenses and falls. But the “loopy Jet Stream” of a cold phase PDO has a loop pulling the Mexican Dry Desert air over the American Midwest, so the Global Warming Panic Mongers are out in force.

For the “Hottest Ever” (per James Hansen) there sure is a lot of cold, wet, snowy, and just darned “unseasonal” shivering going on.

But at least a lot of folks are seeing first hand that the world is not warming. Just have to get out of Kansas…

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12 Responses to Gore Effect by Proxy in South Africa

  1. EM – You’ve obviously misread the data. It’s obvious that with Global Warming we’re going to see widespread (and continuing) colder years. If you choose the thermometer placements carefully you can even prove it’s getting warmer while people are turning the central heating on in summer.

    And its All Mankind’s Fault.

  2. Pascvaks says:

    All Global Warming is Local! When it gets real Hot somewhere, you can bet it’s going to get real Cold somewhere else. All Global Cooling is Local, too! Climate is Nature’s way of saying, “Relax! Calm Down!” Weather is Nature’s way of saying, “Booooooo!…. Ha, Ha, Ha, Gotcha again, Bozo!” Mother Nature’s Home School of Hard Knocks has the hardest cirriculum in the Universe, wonder why? You don’t suppose she’s trying to teach us something?

  3. Jerry says:

    Eureka!!, I got it. Global temperature is a zero sum game! There is only so much warm to go around. If it is HOT in Kansas then it has GOT to be COLD in South Africa. LOL, so glad that bit of science is settled. If what I have learned from The Big Bang Theory is correct, long term cold is gonna win, followed by a brief resurgence of hot. (entropy and such – all our rowdy friends rowdying on down getting ready for the next ‘gathering/do over’).

  4. E.M.Smith says:

    These folks claim it’s the first time in recorded history “probably” that it has snowed in all the provinces of South Africa…


  5. P.G. Sharrow says:

    See, GOD has a sense of humor. Every time those AGW libertards have a nice to-do, he gives them a freak snow storm. Too bad they are too dense to get the message. ;-) pg

  6. Chuckles says:

    Glad you spotted Hilary assuming the ‘Gore effect by proxy’ mantle, we were speculating about the same thing last night after reading a news report.

    The South African report has a bit of a tendency to breathless hype, but par for the course in such matters. ’22 days in 103 years’ sounds a lot more impressive than ‘it snows every 4-5 years’ for Johannesburg.
    That said, it is unusual enough that when it does occur, it’s definitely silly season time, with work a distant, remote possibility.
    The snow usually arrives when 2 cold fronts form up line astern with a gap of a day or two between them. The first cools things down and the second dumps snow everywhere.

    Snow in Pretoria is definitely unusual, even if it’s just snow flurries. the city sits in a natural depression, surrounded by hills, and the natural climate is close to sub tropical despite the altitude. Summers there can be murderous.

    The biggest problem with such weather is that the houses are built with the mindset of ‘this is a warm place, we’re in Africa. So their is almost no central heating anywhere. A few places have electric underfloor heating, but the cost of the power to run it is prohibitive.
    Stoves and fireplaces here and there, but free-standing gas or electric heaters are usually only option. And of course the houses are designed to keep cool in summer, rather than warm in winter.
    So when this stuff hits, everyone wraps up, and sits and shivers, and waits for it to warm up again. Fortunately, the snow is always followed by clear skies and sunshine for several days (mind you that’s the normal winter weather anyway)

  7. tckev says:

    Brazil, Guatemala, and Chile all had early cold events this year (May, June). Argentina had more snow in two weeks than an entire normal winter season around June 30. Then record low temps in Fiji, Japan (July 16).
    Now South Africa is snow bound, and Australia, New South Wales recording one of the coldest August nights ever.

    Must be Global Warming.

  8. Power Grab says:

    @Jerry – yeah, I’ve read that somewhere else, said a bit differently. After I read that, I started watching for that sort of thing. It does seem that whenever there’s an extraordinarily hot spot, there is also an extraordinarily cold spot elsewhere. Likewise, when there is an extraordinarily dry spot, there is also an extraordinarily wet spot elsewhere.
    I am in one of the hot, dry spots currently. It has seemed like stepping out into the sunshine feels like what an ant must feel like when a kid takes a magnifying glass and focuses sunlight on it, to set it on fire.
    Do you suppose the ionosphere (or one of those layers up there) “focuses” the sunlight on a part of the world, similar to how a magnifying glass does it? Of course, the part of the world that gets focused on is much larger than what you imagine when using a magnifying glass.
    It sure gets me wondering!

  9. BobN says:

    Hot in some places, cold in others, my gosh, we need government to regulate this. The only way I can see that getting done is with a one world government. This Hot/cold thing has to stop!

  10. E.M.Smith says:

    @Power Grab:

    It looks to me more like Rossby Waves redistributing the water vapor / rain / clouds. Water modulation of sunshine. The air itself is just too thin. ( About 50 miles for the bulk of the mass. So look at a 50 mile vertical vs a 5000 mile horizontal distribution of heat and it just doesn’t have enough to do it. But it can get cloudy and reflect sunlight or make rain to cool you off…)

    The large meanders also drag in air from hundreds to thousands of miles away. So right now California is swapping from a generally Very Cool pattern as we were under a ‘descending’ loop from Alaska to a “hot and dry” ‘heatwave’ as the loops moved over and now we are getting the Mexican Desert air that was going to the US Midwest. ( I’d speculate some added rain in the East Rockies / Midwest will result from being under the Canadian ‘down loop’ for a while…)

    It’s all about the loopy jet stream, which is driven by stratospheric changes, that are driven by solar UV changes… IMHO.

  11. E.M.Smith says:

    @P.G. Sharrow:

    Could you avoid using the “libtards” word? It just isn’t very “nice”. I know. It is kind of ‘on the edge’ and not all THAT impolite. Still, it bothers me a bit. Aside from my spouse being a ‘special ed’ teacher, so I’m a bit sensitive to the “-tard” insult. And aside from the general idea that I don’t want to be insulting to anyone most of the time. And even setting aside the fact that I was subject to many years of insults and hazing, so I’m not fond of being “mean” at anyone….

    It’s just doesn’t recognize that there are many valid points on the “Liberal” side of the ledger.

    IMHO, it is better to engage folks and work to common understanding than to “label” and denigrate.

    For example: The “Fat Wallet” problem means that any person with enough money can use that money to crush other businesses. Doesn’t matter who has the better product. There isn’t any “fairness” involved here. “Monopoly Power” simply MUST be met with “countervailing force”. The anti-trust laws were a great contribution of the Progressives. There’s more, but that’s a pretty good example. I know. I’m “arguing for the middle” and that just means folks on both sides toss rocks at me. But perhaps we could be a bit more polite while still expressing our opinions?


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