Loving Clint while CNN has a hissy

So I’m watching CNN and they just have their panties in a bunch, slamming Clint Eastwood.

All sorts of silliness. Trying to paint this as some Grand Failure with the ‘bit’ not being ‘vetted’ and there just MUST have been some kind of confusion in the Romney camp to have possibly let this go on.

So I watched it again on the CSPAN rerun, figuring I must have missed something the first time… (I’d stepped out for what I thought was just a moment on the first run, so thought maybe I’d missed something). They were saying that it was supposed to be a 5 minute bit and had rambled and wandered out to 15 minutes (maybe)… Well, the youtube is 11 minutes including lead-in…

Yes, he’s a bit older than in the days of Dirty Harry. So the voice is more gravely and the presentation a bit slower. By my count, he’s about 82 years old. If I’m able to do improv on stage at 82, I’m going to celebrate beyond belief! So a bit of gravel in the voice, and a few more “ums” than usual; so what?

I’ve now watched it a third time, and the more I watch it, the better it is. So you decide:

Near as I can tell, CNN has just got no sense of humor, and has no clue what improv is all about. Either that or the Romney speech was just so stellar that they were grasping for things to insult…

IMHO, this is going to become a classic and has nothing to apologize for. For some reason, the Democrats always seem to be looking for things to demand you apologize for. “Just say no”, or in the case of Clint, just say “Hell no!”

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16 Responses to Loving Clint while CNN has a hissy

  1. Petrossa says:

    I follow on twitter a reporter who was on the Obama campaign team, who now gives a somewhat lopsided twitter account of the election campaign.
    Unfortunately for her she is a big Clint fan so for some reason whilst every minute detail of every tiny misspoken word by the republican camp gets highlighted with relish, this got as only mention that ‘the crowd liked it’

  2. xyzlatin says:

    It wasn’t unscripted – that’s great acting from Clint, to make it appear so. It was a monologue and I loved it. The “regressives” actually don’t have a sense of humour, and don’t know theatre history or they would have recognised the shakespearian theatre humour. Really well done by Clint.

  3. Verity Jones says:

    Went down really well in my household too. Yes a classic. Seems the democrats can’t stand anyone mocking them – they can dish it out but just don’t know how to take it.

  4. I’ve always liked Clint, and this is classic. Here in the European news they concentrated on his comments about it not being a good idea to have a Lawyer as President, and “missing” the fact that Romney has a Law degree. Not a good idea to piss Clint off, though – he’s adamant that people should be armed (and an armed society is a polite society).

    A good lawyer is pretty well by definition able to twist words and pull what meaning he/she desires from a particular sentence. Would you prefer to have a successful lawyer or a successful businessman driving the country? Or perhaps an unsuccessful businessman?

    It seems to me that these political conventions are much more about emotion than substance. Get a good crowd feeling and keep repeating a mantra that is based on feeling rather than logic. Clint’s contribution should have at least made people think a bit more rather than just emote.

  5. p.g.sharrow says:

    I watched the Eastwood “Obama Roast”. during the RNC convention. It was painful to follow on the first delivery. I understand that it was scripted but delivered from memory. On later reruns it is easier to listen to. He should have practiced his lines a few more times. Clint has always had a stammering problem when he has to think and deliver at the same time. Not bad at all for an old man! just needed a little editing to clean it up.

    @Simon; If you are a failure as a lawyer in this country, you can run for office as a judge or a politician. Twice in the history of this country Being the member of a law bar association was constitutionally prohibited. They ignored the first and Lincoln erased the second during our civil war. Bar associations demand for special treatment for their members in court is a real cancer on society and needs to be addressed. pg.

  6. jim2 says:

    I’m sure CNN prefers speeches given via teleprompter.

  7. BobN says:

    I liked it and thought it was funny.

  8. pyromancer76 says:

    So glad you are including Clint’s monologue-sketch on your blog. He was Clint, even if an 82-year-old version. Sly, dry, witty, artful with that stiletto-like mind. I worried through his original delivery that he might have “lost his mind” in certain places. Then I remembered seeing Obama at some of his early speeches when he “lost” his teleprompter. So painful and embarrassing, showing him to be without his own mind. He literally could not complete sentences.

    Back to Eastwood. I have watched the 11 minutes three times now. I remember the audience at the time being absolutely in Clint’s pocket, roaring with laughter while I was a little anxious. Let me say: watch it again, and again. It gets better with each viewing. There are so many ways he ridicules and slashes away at the empty chair/suit/TOTUS. I especially liked that “no, I can’t do that to myself” referencing Obama’s famous middle finger to Hillary Clinton, and to Paul Ryan, and to how many others Obama has felt narcissistically free to make an a*s of himself.

    Obama has been Alinskyed (sp). A perfect counterpoint to the more emotional — with content — material surrounding it showing Romney to be a proud American and a truly decent human being. It would be great to have “one of those” (“one of us?”) in the White House for a change. Of course, now all he and Ryan have to do is limit government to 18% of GDP, begin paying down the debt, unleash energy development, and get the government out of our lives. I think they will make a good beginning.

  9. adolfogiurfa says:

    @E.M.: ..the voice is more gravely and the presentation a bit slower. That was precisely on purpose to make the magic possible of the virtual present of a second person on the stage.

  10. Pascvaks says:

    Also thoroughly enjoyed the “Man with No Name”, and find it very amusing, enlightening, absurd, frightening, queer (‘strange’ — I guess we can go back to the old usage since it doesn’t apply to anything or anyone in particular or as a group anymore), that CNN –who’s viewer numbers and advertizing income are so small as to be non-existant– would take this same tired old money-losing track and ‘attack’ someone a majority of Americans (IOW- “Potential Viewers”) find to be iconic, John Wayneish, truly admirable for his life’s work, etc., etc.. CNN is the big mystery, and to a lesser extent so are the other derelict MSM addicts (MethylSulfonylMethane, a sulfurous compound found in meatheads, wart removal products, some fruits, and a few vegetables, and in high over dose supplemental form in several major TV networks and big newspapers); why do they continue to snort this stuff and kick themselves when they’re down in the gutter? Haven’t they lost enough money already? Insane!

    PS: I still think the Soviets put that stuff in the water back in the 60’s!

  11. As I long ago lost the uge to watch political coventions, thank you for bringing this gem to my attention. It is amazing to find that action movie stars like Arnold and Clint have such a flair for political comedy.

  12. My all time favorite Eastwood quotation comes from “Magnum Force”:
    “……..A good man always knows his limitations.”

    Why is it that so few politicians know their limitations?

  13. Tom Harley says:

    Clint hit a ‘home run’ …

  14. pyromancer76 says:

    Five days later it still registers in the national psyche. Clint sure did hit a nerve. Take a look at Da Tech Guy’s comments and references to (now) old timey comedy routines. http://datechguyblog.com/2012/09/04/demoralized-as-hell-clint-eastwood-edition/

  15. Verity Jones says:

    Clint Eastwood has spoken publicly for he first time since his controversial appearance at the Republican convention, disclosing that he “didn’t make up my mind exactly what I was going to say until I said it”.
    His explanation makes it even more admirable.

  16. E.M.Smith says:


    I thought it was improv!

    In acting class, learning to Improv was one of the hardest things to do. We literally would be given a few seconds warning and tossed onstage… After a while, actually having lines to do just seems so lazy ;-)

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