Internet TV

I’m just learning about this, so making some notes here.

There’s a lot of choices, and sorting them out will take some effort. Mostly finding out what works, what doesn’t, and what works but only after you apply money or give away your personal privacy.

First up, on a quick trial I’m pleased with Hulu. They ask for a login ( that I’ve not done ) but it looks like the purpose is to provide deluxe content. OK, I’m happy with the ‘free stuff’ for a while, so we’ll see when I run out of “interesting and free”.

Took a little bit to find that under the “browse” dropdown were some free things. Like the series “Touch” that I’ve watched a bit and found interesting. The general thesis being that a batch of kids with special gifts (seen as learning disabled by the general public) are really saving the world, one event at a time.

Some Global TV

Claims to provide many TV stations from all over the planet. Two didn’t work for me (but may be a time of day issue or a security setting in my browser that doesn’t allow page redirections) and several more wanted me to install a plug-in (which I won’t do until I know a site is OK and the plug-in is a safe thing…) so I’m unable to say if it is a good service, or a phishing site. Mostly just documenting it here so I’ll know what I need to research further. Frankly, I’d really like to be able to see things like that Australian News…

Al Jazeera English DID work for me from their site, so I suspect that the plug-in likely legit and that’s all that prevents me from getting ABC news; but I’m the kind that isn’t going to install software from the internet on a hunch. Sometime after I’ve booted up a Virtual Box, or have a disposable Linux box to try it, then I’ll try again; but not on a ‘main machine’ blind not knowing the site…

FreeTube or Livestream?

Looks like it is an entry point to other services. Several menu entries took me off to a livestream feed ( the old movies, for example). A couple of others wanted a plugin installed too (so they get to wait until my due diligence is done).

is one I’ve used before (for a broadcast of my Son playing guitar on stage at a church event – a several thousand person event.) Near as I can tell, it’s a decent and safe provider. The top page says to “log in” and I can’t find any particular way to see things from that top level page without logging in; so I find it a bit odd that via the aggregator links at the above site I can get content without logging in.

Clearly there’s a bit more to do here, too, to figure out how best to get interesting free and privacy acceptable content to watch…

Clicking on one of the “video posters” near the bottom gave a new page about that event; and at the top of that page are some ‘dropdown’ menues on topic types (like “news” and “music” and “SpaceX”). The Fox8 news just showed “we’ll be right back” and ran a commercial loop. The SpaceX menu had some nice choices. I got to watch the first launch of Falcon there!

So they’ve got some interesting “canned” stuff, even if most of what they do is live events. Don’t know what added you get with a login / account; but one was needed to join the concert where my Son was playing, so it may be an authenticator for particular private events.

Some Odds and End

Looks like another aggregator. It DOES have an ABC Australian News Feed that works, and without a plugin:

They have a ‘world’ dropdown at the top level and claims to have many other nations; but I’ve not explored what all works and what doesn’t. Some of them were very slow to open so I gave up ( like Uruguay ) while others opened in a new window in a way that a bit clunky (i.e. small inset with scroll bar) but might work better with other browsers.

Claims to bring a lot of free sports, but requires something or other be downloaded, so I’ve not tried it. (I’m not fond of things that look like an ad / teaser at the top level instead of a working service…)

Looks like another link aggregator, and has some interesting links. One, hiding under the ‘full episodes’ dropdown, took me off to a Greek TV website where a bit of “hoping I figured out what the Greek letters said” landed me on the nightly weather report:

Presented by Maria, a cute blond who talks very fast…

Their home page:

Where you can get a lot more than the weather, but puzzling through the Greek is, er, a small challenge for some of us.

I’m sure there is much much more to find on that aggregator site, but it would take me a couple of hours to explore it, so pressing on…

Claims to be the ‘biggest’, but their “classic movies” came up with a Livestream tag on it AND had occasional pauses, as though the data were being relayed through a slightly overworked router. Their “ABC News” gave me a web-cam watching the Los Angeles traffic. So there may be some good things hiding in there, but you get to dig through some “low content” volume to find it…

Oh, and a couple wanted a plugin… (It would be nice if they said WHICH plug-in so I could go get it myself direct from the maker and not have to trust them to not be planting Trojans…)

Sidebar: Does anyone ELSE find it odd that the “bad thing with bad things hiding in it” is called a Trojan when it was the Greeks who built the damn horse? They OUGHT to be called “Greeks”… IMHO of course. All the Trojans did was to accept the “gift” (giving us the phrase “Be ware of Greeks bearing gifts”…)

And yet another aggregator: with a long list of countries down the side… Don’t know how often they update it… the top level advert is for a 2006 Soccer / Football match: “Watch FIFA World Cup 2006 Live Internet TV!”

It looks to me like one of the best uses of a site like that is just as a way to find your own play list of direct sites. For example, I found this “Nighly News” from Ireland through them:

In Conclusion

There’s a lot more out there to watch, for free, than I have time to watch. There are also many sites looking to generate traffic via listing those sites. More than I have time to sort out. Clearly figuring out what you want to watch, finding the actual source, and making your own ‘play list’ of links, is going to work best in the long run.

For now, I’ve got enough places here that I can start on that process. For a “language junky” it’s also kind of fun to be able to hear native language speakers doing normal things. Not the stuff that’s on language tapes. Like that Greek. Way faster than I’d expected and with a ‘sort of Italian hint’ to it that was also not what I’d expected. I think that means there are some dialect issues that you don’t get from the ‘snippets’ of things on the US news; like the Greek Parliament voting on bailouts…

So I’m likely to make a ‘short list’ after a bit more browsing on some of the links above. If that doesn’t do it for me, well, there’s a whole lot more listed on a simple search:

It’s a strange world, this internet TV one…

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19 Responses to Internet TV

  1. Petrossa says:

    Lot of geolocation there. Have to run it through my Texas vpn server to make it work. It’s something they might want to work on. After all, Europe has 500.000.000 potential customers, not to speak of Asia

  2. BobN says:

    I get the free Hulu off and on and also like for movies. Some of the sport betting sites had a lot of links to events I used to watch, but they were shut down by the government only to go live the next day from Europe servers. I had tons of book marks on my chrome browser, but it refuses to open so I cant get to all my book marks.

    I have had a lot of crashes lately and was thinking of installing VMware and Ubuntu to make a virtual machine that maybe runs off a USB drive. I email Simon and every time I do my Machine freezes and I have to reboot. Does this sound like a decent sandbox approach.

  3. Pascvaks says:

    I hear, see, smell, feel, and can almost taste “MONEY”, free for the making. Maybe some 18 year old wiz kid will come up with something in a dorm room one night? Or some drop out in his parents garage?

  4. adolfogiurfa says:

    More diversity=More freedom to choose? I am an skeptic on this. The only freedom left is our inner possible freedom, as no one can reach our inner self (provided we have one and not something which is a product, a concoction of data previously provided by the official media).
    G.I.Gurdjieff´s great grand mother, called him at her bedside, while in the process of departing from this world, to give him an advice: “never do anything like others do” she told him….
    I would add: NEVER believe what others say, find the truth by yourself.

  5. crosspatch says:

    A lot of people are getting Roku boxes these days.

  6. adolfogiurfa says:

    @crosspatch: What if that “roku” is the Big Brother´s all seeing EYE?

  7. crosspatch says:

    LOL @adolfogiurfa

  8. Gary Turner says:

    “Like that Greek. Way faster than I’d expected and with a ‘sort of Italian hint’ to it that was also not what I’d expected.”

    The strongly rolled R (Ρ) and the soft D (Δ) reminded me of Spanish. I’m not all that familiar with Italian, so ….


  9. KevinM says:

    Free game of the night from MLB tv. Tonight the Reds whooped the Astros in a not particularly relevant nine innings, but I enjoy baseball as wallpaper. NFL is stingy, and does not give free anything. But USTVNOW site live streams the broadcast channels free if you claim to be an expat in Sweden.

  10. James says:

    I am technologically challenged! My son bought me a TIVO three or four years ago and that’s all i need. I don’t pay any cable subscription. I just get the free to air TV channels. It records my ‘favourites’ whenever they are shown on whatever station they are on. It also automatically records programmes on favourite topics, or genres. You can also nominate certain TV and movie stars you wish to follow and it does it all. The capacity is huge. I always have hundreds of shows and documentaries and movies to choose from at any time of the day. Just fast forward through the advertisements. It can record two programs simultaneously while you watch another ‘live’. I don’t have any financial interest in TIVO, but I think it is just great. But I know hardly anyone with one. The up front capital expenditure in Australia is about $900. But I don’t have foxtel/cable and never go to the video store and rarely to the movies. And it’s so easy to operate. And after sales service appears to be brilliant. One person I know had a problem with hers. She called the toll free number. They asked her to try a few things over the phone without success. The next day she had a totally new system delivered and it was the upgraded model!

  11. Gary says:

    Sidebar: Does anyone ELSE find it odd that the “bad thing with bad things hiding in it” is called a Trojan when it was the Greeks who built the damn horse? They OUGHT to be called “Greeks”… IMHO of course. All the Trojans did was to accept the “gift” (giving us the phrase “Be ware of Greeks bearing gifts”…)

    The Greeks has a better PR department. Homer was a great spinmeister.

  12. James says:

    Perhaps the Greeks were stroking the Trojan’s ego and named it the Trojan Horse?

  13. E.M.Smith says:


    The E.U. hasn’t figured out that their more draconian copyright laws are mindless in the face of vpn and related tech…


    That crackle link is neat! I’m presently looking at the start of Ultraviolet (one of my favored movies…)

    Sounds to me like your computer may be buggered. I’d run an anti-virus / anti-spyware package on it first ( or restore back to the last known good image). Then I’d try an operating system update.

    Once you have a safe stable platform, then running a Virtual Machine can be of benefit to prevent contagion leaking out (if you visit ‘questionable’ web sites). But it will be noticeably slower…

    The approach I’m taking is to build a secure OS on a chip or CD / DVD. It boots, then my “personality” module is plugged in. My bookmarks, files, etc. They live on an encrypted external source. You do need to learn to upload / save bookmark files, though ;-)

    That way every boot is a ‘clean system’ and your files are always available even if the machine gets trashed. (Have a backup copy of the encrypted data store offsite…)

    With that said, Virtual Box was easy to install and fun to play with. Running Linux on it was a bit clunky, but at least I didn’t have to deal with the driver quirks of this particular hardware…


    One of the basic tricks of forensics is to use ‘side lighting’ or ‘special lighting’. One can always LOOK at what is offered, without swallowing it whole, but rather to see it as a ‘side light’ to other things, to highlight where there are ‘issues’. That’s why I watch BOTH Fox and Al Jazeera. Listen to NPR too. Each gives a different POV that highlights where the other one “has issues”…

    So on Link TV they put the Arab news side by side with the Israel news. Very quickly points up where the real issues lay, and how the US News is nearly devoid of insight into it…

    So while agree that looking inside can be of great value; if you never look outside all you will find is your own emptiness… While that is sometimes of value, it has little growth to it (after a while).

    A downloading box to a TV display as an eye? Will you share what you are smoking? :-)

    (A laptop I’d believe, as it has a camera in it… and a microphone… my TV not so much…)


    I’d deliberately kept this first look only on free options. Figured after I’d used up all of them, then I might need to look at ones with a price tag.

    A friend uses an old Sony Playstation for the Netflix portal ability. Many years old… I think it wold likely be near free at yard sales these days ;-)

    BTW, at least one of the “wall wart” computers I looked at does the Netflix thing, and my laptop has a high def TV spigot, so I’m pretty sure it will drive the TV if desired. (Though then I’d have to buy a new high def TV ;-) My laptop is much more high def than my TV, that’s a decade or two old NTSC, but does what I need.)

    I figure I’ll get something like a Roku when I upgrade the TV (if it isn’t already built into the TV by then…)

    Does look like a neat box, though.

    @Gary Turner:

    It’s an odd thing, Spanish has a Latin base in it, but also some hardness (that I think came from the moors / Berber / Arabic) while Italian is like Latin in a single case, but with a bit of ‘song’ in it. The Greek had a kind of “Latin Hint” (call it Latin, Spanish, or Italian) but I don’t know if that’s been there forever, or picked up when Rome moved there to become the Byzantine Empire. (Would be interesting to look at ancient Greek vs modern…)


    Looks to me like they want money:

    then again, I didn’t look at what you get under the ‘demo’ choice…


    Looks to me like the money is in selling subscriptions (content is king) or having adds on a site that aggregates links to content provider sites.


    There are supposedly also TIVO like free things on Linux, but I’ve not taken the time to look at them either. I’m reaching the conclusion that there is a heck of a lot of free stuff and easy options to get far more to watch than I can ever consume.


    History is written by whom again? ;-)

  14. E.M.Smith says:


    Well, finished “Ultraviolet”. It claims to have embed code, so I’m going to see if it works here in comments:

    Also gives the URL as an option:

    UPDATE: Well, clearly the embed code doesn’t work as a comment… Maybe I’ll try it in a posting…

  15. clipe says:

    For those of you who remember “myp2p”

    For those of you who remember “uktv” (uncheck the toolbar option if you decide to plunge in)

    My TV Guide.

  16. clipe says:

    I should say not all UK channels are accessible via expat shield. Channel 4 (The Great Global Warming Swindle) being a glaring (Algoring) example.

    There is a work around…

  17. BobN says:

    @EM – Looks like everything works, but the comment. A good movie, I had never watched it before.

  18. BobN says:

    Here is an interesting link

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