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California Extreme Super Flood

California is about to get a load of rain, probably even some flooding. Just don’t you dare call it “extreme” or “unprecedented” unless it measures up the The Great Flood of 1861-1862. Continue reading

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Entitlement “Death Spiral” Begins in California

“Death Spiral” is such a strong term for it… California enters a circular descending path to maximal entropy… First law suits over entitlements goes to court. CalPERS sues a bankrupt City. Continue reading

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Stocks – Germany, UK, USA vs Bonds

A long duration chart of US, German, UK stocks and US bonds with volume and volatility and MACD indicators. 10 year chart, with daily tick marks. Continue reading

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WSW, Tuesday, 27 November 2012

My opinion and assessment of current market conditions and my likely actions. Continue reading

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Immigration Reform For The Modern World

A modest suggestion on Immigration Reform. Continue reading

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Dear Republicans: NOT a Democratic Mandate

A brief note of perspective to the Republicans, who are busy retreating from their principles so fast it makes my head spin. Continue reading

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Mercury, Lagrange, Einstein, Solar Dynamics

Some thoughts on solar changes, gravity, and non-Relativity based solutions to Mercury orbital anomalies. Continue reading

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