America Embraces Socialism

The One has a clearly socialist agenda. Many of his policies are right out of the Socialist Playbook. The clearest example being the “Auto Bailout”. Right behind it is Socialized Medicine. (That is not a statement of my POV, it is a statement of the definitions and how they apply).

One of the tenets of Socialism is the “avoidance of bankruptcy”. Instead of using the capitalist bankruptcy process where assets of a troubled firm are handed over to the creditors (typically banks or bond holders – i.e. capitalists) the assets are held to be a public good. Typically they are ‘taken over’ by a public purchase or public conservatorship, or handed over to “labor”. In the case of GM, for example, the U.S. Government took an ownership position (as it did in many of the banks) and handed more ownership to the Unions. (Bypassing the existing law and existing Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation process). This is a very simple and very direct Socialist Policy behaviour.

Another of the classical behaviours of Socialism is that certain goods are to be provided to the population at large at the insistence of the Government. The most common being some sort of public medical care system. The details often vary, but the bottom line is that such services are not based on an “ability to pay” but on a “need” basis. With the government mandated health care program, we are now such a nation.

Finally, there are the “regulate and unionize” processes. These come more from the Fascist flavor of Socialism, but they are classical pillars. Fascism as a word comes from the Italian word for a ‘bundle of sticks’ that are stronger together than any one stick alone. It was the term used for Labor Unions. There is a very long alliance of labor unions with Socialism. It is seen as a core feature of all flavors of Socialism, from the Communist pole all the way through to the Fascist one. Similarly, any market that can not be outright nationalized, is made conformant with Central Planning and Central Control via regulatory bodies and agencies. (Again, these are questions of ‘definition’, not of my belief, wants, hopes, desires, nor anything at all to do we “me”. It’s just what things mean, and what those economic forms do.)

So it is very simply a matter of definition that the Obama political orientation is one of Socialism. That ought not to be a surprise to anyone. “Forward” is an old Socialist slogan from way back, and Obama was raised and steeped in Socialist teachings throughout most of his development. I’ve also often said that I can likely make a better case for Lange Type Socialism than for other forms, in particular as compared to Free Market Capitalism. So again, this isn’t about me; my beliefs, my wants, needs, desires, or much of anything else. It is only about “what are the definitions, what are the hallmarks of an economic system, and what does this imply for the future.” What we have, as of tonight, is simply a confirmation that the majority of America wants that economic system. That observation says nothing about approval, nor disapproval, of that system by me.

It is critically important to be dispassionate about the facts, about definitions, and about observing the reality.

That reality is simply that America has said, via this election, that it approves of the Socialist policies of Obama and the Democrats. It would be a grave error to NOT recognize that fact, and similarly a grave error to not properly categorize those policies as what they are. “Third Way” fascist Socialism. ( Please note that I am not using the term “fascist” in the current trendy “you are evil” pejorative sense. That usage is NOT accurate. “Third Way” Socialism was a proper synonym for fascism from the beginning. Divorcing those two terms from each other and daemonizing “fascist” is a political behaviour, not an economic reality. I am using it only in the economic sense of “central planning, with private corporations and private labor unions under government direction via central planning and regulation as in classical ‘Third Way Socialism’ first pioneered in Italy by the Fascists.” As an economic ‘term of art’ and NOT as a social pejorative. It is contrasted with Communism where private corporations and private unions are abolished and all industry and labor are properties of the state. An older and more severe form of Socialism.)

So back on thread.

America has embraced “Third Way” progressive / socialist policies. It has selected for re-election a president who embraces them, and endorsed his application of them. (Effective nationalization of 1/6 of the economy via “Obamacare” and the Central Planning of the medical industry. Effective partial nationalization of the banks and auto industries via an ‘avoidance of bankruptcy’ process. Etc.) This has implications, and it can not be ignored.

So anything else from this election that needs to go into the future planning paradigm?


First off, we have “Israel under the bus”. Obama has actively snubbed Israel and bows to Arab leaders. This matters. So we can fully expect that Israel recognizes this (they being rather smart folks…) and will adjust policies accordingly. IMHO, this essentially guarantees that there will be NO U.S. strike against Iranian nuclear facilities. That, then, essentially guarantees that the only parties who will take them our are the Israelis. That, then, sets the schedule as dependent only on Iranian rate of advancement to goal. Make a decent guess on the state of the Iranian nuclear bomb program, you know pretty much when the Israeli / Iran war happens. An essential consequence of that will be an Israeli / Syrian – Lebanese – Hezbola war. (or ‘Iranian Shiia by Proxy’). My best guess on that is “about 1 to 2 years”. So figure about 2014 as a reasonable date estimate. Probably about June to September.

There is an entire scenario of ‘what happens next’ that comes out of that strike, but that will be “for another day”. It has several dependencies on ‘things not known’; but we can now say that any U.S. Involvement will be minimal, after the fact, and likely of the form of criticizing Israel. (There’s a small chance we might provide hidden logistical support, such as satellite data, but unlikely from an Obama administration.)

Essentially, Israel is now ‘on its own’ in these matters and will not be looking to the USA for much. IMHO, in the long run this is likely a good thing for Israel. They are now also free of any need to worry about what the U.S. thinks, or of any need to get U.S. approval prior to doing what they need to do. After the fact, they will want to ‘smooth ruffled feathers’ to keep their subsidies coming, but frankly, as long as the Egyptian / Israeli money flows are kept in balance from the USA, it likely doesn’t matter much. I doubt that even Obama would be willing to cut Israeli payoffs below the bribe money foreign aid sent to Egypt as the ‘optics’ to the Jewish Vote for Democrats inside the USA would be problematic. “Passive aggressive” failure to support via actions and policies is all we’re likely to see toward Israel. Nothing as obvious as asymmetric money flow to Israel and Egypt.

Labor Unions

As the use of Labor Unions is a foundation stone of Socialist processes, we know they will have increased power and favor. The Public Employees Labor Union (SEIU) will get loads of ‘benefits’. Expect any State that tries to curb their ability to feast at the public trough to be squashed by the Obama Administration.

This also implies that any State, county, or city trying to get out from under the crushing debt load of labor costs will be hard pressed to do so. More cities will have bankruptcy issues. Less services delivered and more money into public employee pension, pay, and retirement packages. If you are looking for a job, go get hired by a government agency on a union package. Greece and France, here we come.

Any industry with large labor consumption can also expect higher costs. In California, as I type, a local initiative to raise the minimum wage is passing with a decent margin. While this always sounds good, a ‘minimum wage’ via fiat has very negative consequences. Those who keep a job gain, but everyone else loses. Prices MUST rise and so must unemployment. Realize that I do not like this. But it isn’t about me, what I like, want or would prefer. It is about what actually happens in economic systems. What I like has no effect on the laws of Economics. Raise the price of something, you get less of it. Raising labor costs gets less labor used. Period. Raising the prices of things made by that labor reduces sales. Period. So we can expect “wage push” inflation, and more flight of industry to other locations. (Not exactly a surprise). Continued high unemployment too; especially among minorities and the disabled. Oh Well… it’s what we have voted for.

So fewer folks working (but taking home more money each while producing less), and fewer private businesses with more bankrupt local governments. Likely not a major shift on those metrics, but more of an assurance that things will stay that way and with a modest increase of trend.

Energy Economics

Since Obama can now “be more flexible”, we’ll see continued application of “rule of fiat” via executive order and appointment of ideologues to agency posts. The D.O.E. and E.P.A. will run rampant over the energy industry to enforce the “green agenda”. Expect coal to continue losing. Fracking to be daemonized (so natural gas prices to slowly rise) and continued large public funded ‘subsidy honey’ to be bestowed on Stupid Green Darlings. GE likely to win (as they are in political favor and make windmills and curly light bulbs). A variety of “dumb but green” companies will continue to be given large slabs of public money (so invest along with AlGore, but bail before the bankruptcy / nationalization).

Oil and Coal industries domestically will continue to face hostile agencies and regulations and with “permitting” based on political calculus, not energy needs of the nation. More “bird chopper” windmills (and thus more GE Gas Turbines as backup power for them). More solar panels making $1/2 per kW-hr electricity instead of nickle a kW nukes. “Energy costs to necessarily skyrocket”. Oh, and get used to $4 gasoline; but not too much, as it’s likely headed to $6 in 4 years. Rail shipping likely to win and trucking to lose. The return of the “econo-box” car as the norm and big pickup trucks being displaced other than for the few rich folks who can feed them.

Texas will continue to have excellent economic competitive advantages v.s. the other States (such as California) due to the tax and energy cost issues. So home builders in Texas will likely do well.

Europe & Russia

Europe loves Obama. He’s a “Euro-Socialist” right out of their playbook. Similarly the UN will be having a love fest over this. So we’ll not be critical of European Socialist fubars, nor will we be pushing U.S. interests. Instead we’ll be playing as part of the Global Socialist movement. Putin will get his “flexibility’ too. Not sure what Obama horse-traded to Putin, but that deal is now done; whatever it was. My guess would be the exit from Afghanistan. Handing that area back to Vladimir and friends ( to tussle with the UK / EU over it…)

Likely the USA to continue as “Europe’s Rent An Army”. Against whom is a bit unclear. Especially as we’re cutting back on military people and materials.

So ‘what does the EU want’ that Obama can give is an open issue. My guess would be continued ‘policing’ of the oil lanes from the Persian Gulf to Europe.

The Fiscal Cliff

This will all depend on the Republicans. How will they react?

This is a broad and very much unknown question. More than just The Fiscal Cliff (TFC). Obama will be pushing hard to say that this is a mandate of some kind. (Never mind that it was a ‘squeaker’ on popular vote). Yet the Republicans did not lose much control in the House.

So will they ‘cave’ and play lap dog, hoping for some crumbs in legislative pork packages? Or will they continue to act as a ‘prevent defense’ stopping too much Democratic Porkulus? Nobody knows.

I expect we’ll see a minor ‘kick the can’ on TFC, perhaps until after the next 2 year election cycle. It is also possible that we’ll see a deadlock leading to TFC. IMHO that would not be a bad thing. Yes, a lot of government spending would get cut. Much of it in programs I think are important. But that’s sort of the whole point, isn’t it? Every program has folks that think it important. If nothing else, it would chasten the folks in Congress just a bit… Besides, TFC is at most a minor reduction in the rate of growth of government. I can think of worse things (much worse) than having the Feds put on a forced diet for a while.

The real issue is how much, of what, can Obama and the Democrats offer in bribes to the Republicans to get them to play ball. Will the Republicans be willing to spend 4 years “getting nothing” to assure the Democrats are stymied too? One can only hope….

With nearly 1/2 the country NOT voting for Obama and the Dims, the Republicans would be well served to represent those folks and not endorse Democrat spending / taxing plans. But will they? Or will they see the Romney loss as a “support the Democrats or lose” signal? They tried being “Democrat Lite” in the past and it did not end well. Neither for them, nor for the nation.

Expect TFC to become the center stage issue Real Soon Now…. IFF we go ‘off the cliff’ the dollar will be more sound and there is some hope for a more limited Federal Government that does less to gum up the works of free markets. IFF we ‘kick the can’, expect continued Federal Government growth, massive ongoing over regulation and strangulation of industry, and a rapidly inflating currency. Do not expect any actual fix to the budget / spending problems of the government. Just not doable. So in a ‘kick the can’, the dollar will ‘have issues’. In a TFC scenario, expect the dollar to benefit.

Once, long ago, I turned about $5000 into $40,000 on a turn of the bond market. U.S. Treasuries were going for about 12% interest rate. Reagan was in office and we took a big hit to get inflation under control. I bought “Strips” (U.S. Treasuries with the interest payments removed and sold to someone else who wanted the income). These were selling at a great discount to ‘face value’ of $1000 each due to the steep discount of 12% compounded over many years. But I knew that rate would not hold. So bought them. As rates fell toward 4%, the value rose greatly. Now the process will be going the other direction. As soon as The Fed stops buying all the debt, interest rates will rise. A Lot. Eventually once inflation is out of control again, and a new Fiscal Conservative is in power, we’ll have a ‘buy strips’ trade again. Last time I bought a ‘ladder’ of 5, 10, and 15 year maturities. Next time it will be a lot more 15 and 20 years at deeper discounts and higher gains… But first comes the rising interest rates, short bonds, trade.


TFC issue will be used as a hammer to demand higher tax rates and more taxes from business. This will drive much business away or out of business, and raise prices at the survivors. This administration will be pushing hard for higher tax rates (expecting that to produce more tax revenues). It will not increase revenues as it will halt economic growth. At present the ‘growth rate’ is about the same as the interest rate and nominal-inflation (less than real inflation) meaning that the ‘growth rate’ is fictional and really just inflation adjustment. So higher tax rates will result in lower real tax revenues. This will come as a surprise to the Democrats and Obama. Then again, for them it is more about the ideology of ‘wealth distribution’ than about the reality of wealth creation. So the hammer will be swung. Repeatedly.

That will lead to ever more ‘stagflaton’. The failure of real revenue to manifest will lead to even more deficit spending and even more tax rate increases. Leading to more stagflation. Likely about 6 years of it. (Since even if in 4 years the polices are reversed, there’s at least a 2 year lag for economic changes to happen.)

So we’ve got higher taxes, higher labor costs, and an inflationary low or no growth environment for years to come. Welcome to Europe West…

The Supremes

It is highly likely that Obama will get to appoint one or two Supreme Court judges. This will bias the court to “the left” for at least a decade to come, likely 2 decades. That will be the ‘trump card’ on Socializing America. So cases that do end up at the Supreme Court will start falling to the Progressive / American Liberal / Socialist side. At present the court is more or less balanced (with a slight left tilt). It will become a political court with the first appointment. Likely also about 2014 to 2015.

As the Democrats have been prone to appointing relatively young justices, and women (who live longer than men, typically) that bias is likely to be in place for decades to follow.

In Conclusion

It’s late. There’s more I could write, but I think this is the ‘big lumps’.

Investing in America is not likely to be a good idea, going “Forward”. Socialisms tend to cream off a bit of “squeeze” from businesses. Profits are reduced as ‘redistribution’ happens. More money goes into labor costs and government costs, less into growth of plant and equipment or investment in growth. Sometimes whole industries are nationalized and made subject to government decree. (We’re seeing the early stages of that in medicine).

The government will be picking “winners and losers” so it will be more important to have political connections than economic acumen. Knowing what government is funding and where the pork is going will be more important that looking at individual corporate performance or markets.

In general, the business outlook will be much less good; though particular well lobbied and well connected businesses will do better. Small businesses in particular will be hard hit by wage and tax changes.

Who will win? Hard to say at this point. Likely “green energy” and companies like GE that are well lobbied and can buy the laws they want (like the light bulb ban). I’d avoid Defense Industry stocks as the military will have ongoing budget cuts, one way or another. Also I’d avoid medical stocks. As health care gets increasingly socialized, there will be ever less market driven profit center business and ever more mandated generic “one buyer” type markets. Just look at Medicare and Medicaid as examples. Less choice and low payments. Headed to even less choice and with money diverted to other programs now. Essentially, when Socialist oriented government moves in, it immediately attacks business and free markets. So “don’t be there”.

Where to be? That will take more work. Domestic energy production is not a favored industry, but has some real growth going on due to fracking. Yet that will be attacked and have higher taxes. Perhaps ‘service industries’ to government… I suspect that investments in other nations might do better, but even that is a bit problematic. Still, it is the direction of change that matters, not the actual position. So Mexico has been doing well, as has Canada. I’d avoid Africa due to various political instabilities, along with the Middle East. India and Indonesia have been ‘sporadic’, while China is going to ‘hit a wall’ on exports. As the USA falters economically and the EU is on the verge of breakup, their major markets are ‘having issues’. Just not seeing that improving any time soon. The EU is rapidly headed to a big mess too. Russia is headed back to a political dictatorship of Putin and friends. Japan is in stagnation and with a very high debt burden and dropping exports. So I’m just not seeing where there’s anything good at the moment. It will take more detailed study.

So that’s what’s on the agenda for later in the week. Watching what markets do in the next few days. Seeing what that indicates about where money is flowing, so what the ‘consensus vote of the dollars’ is; about where to move money.

Is this Dismal? Not really. Yes, Economics is called The Dismal Science. But “Third Way Socialism” has a knack for making money for a decade or two. Mussolini and the Third Way Fascists of Italy were lauded as an economic miracle at the time. Hitler and his style of National Socialism had their own economic miracle, pulling Germany out of a strong economic funk and depression. It can be ‘good for a while’. It is only later that it implodes. (Often from turning into a Tyranny. Sometimes from just running out of money to tax and consume as happened in the U.K. Socialism) So we might well have a decade or so of places to make some money off of the political economic process. Things like “high speed rail”, if endorsed by a government, can have a sudden influx of money, thus a profitable trade. You just have to pay more attention to political favoritism and less to fundamental economic sense. Like I said, the “Market Socialism” like Lange Type Socialism, have their merits and can work fairly well. It is just their slide into tyranny and tendency to suppress innovation and liberty that eventually bring them down. But maybe “this time is different”… One can always hope… “But hope is not a strategy. -E.M. Smith”.

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68 Responses to America Embraces Socialism

  1. Nick says:

    This will drive much business away or out of business, and raise prices at the survivors.


    Well, more accurately, it will force the survivors to pass on their increased costs to customers. That applies to business that are location specific. Businesses that don’t need to be in the US, will leave for greener pastures.

    It’s the problem that most western democracies face. They have been running Ponzi scams, and the debts have been hidden off the books. Now those debts are due, they are screwed. Just like with ARM mortgages, nice easy payments to start. Hell we will even give you money now, don’t worry about the back end. Well the back end is now falling due, and its going to screw the state along with those dependant on the state.

    I’ve been FOI’ing around in the UK. I’ve finally got the government estimates for the pension liabilties. Something that the finance department doesn’t have – apparently. It’s at least three and half times as much as the borrowing, and I know they have fiddled the discount rate [Using asset rates to discount liabilities because it makes the number smaller]

    Otherwise its pretty much spot on.

    If you are dependant on the state, or relied on the state, you will be screwed.

  2. xyzlatin says:

    An excellent summation which could also be applied to Australia as well.

  3. Keith AB says:

    The real shocker is that half the country voted for this Socialism. I had always thought that individual responsibility was the American way which is what made the USA so exceptional.

    Ah well, in a homogenising world to be exceptional is probably a bad thing. Uniformity is the watchword and the International Socialists know how to reduce everything down to the lowest common denominator.

  4. jim2 says:

    Welcome to the Communist States of America, Komrades! Republicans are partly to blame for the Hispanic population. For decades they encouraged illegal immigration so businesses would have cheap labor. A mini-rebound of slavery, somewhat similar to blacks. And of course the Dims wanted Hispanics for their votes. It worked. Then there are women whose nature causes them to want security. But now, with traditional marriage in tatters, they turn to the government. Finally, I don’t know how electronic voting machines played into this, but I don’t like them.,

  5. Tregonsee says:

    We have made the classic mistake of removing half our citizens from the tax rolls. Bread and circuses. We have also done everything possible to insure that immigrants do not assimilate, and that all students are dissociated from their heritage. The process has been so effective that it will be hard to repair the damage. Any party that tries will be summarily voted out.

    After the Constitutional Convention, Benjamin Franklin was asked whether they had given the country a republic or a monarchy. He replied, “A republic, if you can keep it!” Mr. Franklin, you did your best, and we managed to keep it for two centuries. Not a bad run.

  6. Richard Ilfeld says:

    We will likely see an acceleration of our self-segregation into red and blue geographies. Our federalism me be tested when the first blue state decides it cannot take its fiscal medicine and demands a bailout. Will the fiscally prudent states allow financial rape by the federal government for the bailout of one or two profligate ones, or will the legislators and senators actually vote on behalf of their constituents rather than their ideology.

    While California is a mess – it seems they are used to it. Illinois and New York both face crisis points accelerated if energy production slows — Illinois in particular.

    You recently observed first hand the Cost of Living difference between California and Florida.

    Resolution of this stress point may be closer than we think.

  7. David says:

    Richard says, “Resolution of this stress point may be closer than we think.”

    This reflects my only concern with another E.M. classic, written from a wide spectrum of understanding I have not reached. My concern that we are already near the end of the decade or two of statism’s invariant slide into equall co-dependency and equall misery, is not a concern, but a sad hope. I want the real pain (we have yet to see it) to hit during the end of Obam’a second term. “Pain is a prod to memory.” My hope is the nation and world will learn. If a true conservative is at the helm when the SHTF moment occurs, just as GWB was right at the end of his second term, then they conservative viewpoint will take the poltical hit. I am not expressing that GWB was a true conservative, just that he, by virtue of being at the helm, has taken the blame for the financial crisis, caused in part by republicans, but mostly by progressive ideology and policy.

    Mr Smith, you are a prolific writer and cognizer of rare abiliy. As a service to this nation would you consider writing a book which, if sucessfull, could be a guideline to this nation, and even this world as it strggles to rise from the depression to come. In such a book the title is very important. I nominate “Dreams from our Founding Father’s” In numerous of your posts you have most of the chapters partially written. Your talent is true great (this is not flattery, as I also am capable of just observing what is) to be spent on the small audience here.

    At your service

  8. Nick says:

    If a true conservative is at the helm when the SHTF moment occurs, just as GWB was right at the end of his second term, then they conservative viewpoint will take the poltical hit.


    What does it take for this not to be the case?

    1. Annual statement of government debt.
    2. Delivered personally, with a number on it. That number is your share. What you have to pay.

  9. Steve Crook says:

    It’s only four years. His time is limited and there’s probably nothing he can do in four years that can’t be undone except the supreme court appointments..Even if he’s not going to be re-elected, he’ll need to prepare the way for the next democratic candidate and to ensure that his legacy is intact so they can name a ship after him…

    What seems to me to be much more of a long term concern is who on earth the Republicans are going to find to win over those that didn’t vote for them this time. Given that Romney was the man who lost to the man who lost to George Bush (I have got that right haven’t I?) was he the right guy to be the candidate? Was it the policies that failed to win over voters? How did Obama manage to swing it?

    Of course I’m a Brit and looking in from the outside and beginning to wonder if governmental paralysis is not such a bad thing as it lets those who actually create the jobs, make the money and generally get on with things while the politicians just fart around trying to look useful…

  10. Graeme No.3 says:

    Well, the Republicans put up a poor choice candidate. Nothing personal, just that a Mormon and a financial boss would not seem ideal from a public perception view.
    You can only hope that Obama finds out that lame duck status doesn’t enhance his chances of pushing measures through Congress. Perhaps he already realises this, hence his encouragement for the EPA and its assault on CO2 emitting electricity producers.

    I hope that a least some of the coal fired stations, preferably those in states voting for Obama, decide to fall in line with the “public” and shut down their “evil polluting factories of death”. Suitably dressed up (references to handing the burden on to wind and solar etc.) they may well be hailed as heroes, at least before the shut down. Should the grid go down for some days, they may find the public changing their mind. Short, sharp shocks can do that. Especially if it happened in a number of states at the same time, just before the next House elections; but that is wishful thinking.

  11. philjourdan says:

    Sadly I must concur with your assessment and only quibble about the timing. We do not have 10-20 years due to the massive debt already incurred. Inflation will no longer be able to be hidden, unemployment is going to climb again, and stay up. Real income is already plummeting and will continue to do so. In short, we have only a handful of years. The mess is not unprecedented. It happened 80 years ago. Welcome to the new reality.

    Oh, and on the foreign field – we will be in a major war before long. And Israel will be decimated. It may be good they no longer have to look to the US for permission, but then they will no longer have the protection either. And the jackals will prey upon them as has never happened before,

  12. Larry Geiger says:

    The progressives will now tighten their grip around the throats of Americans as they bring the baby boomers into the fold through Social Security and socialized medicine. Once they are all in their pocket, you will see the republican majority in the house rapidly disappear. There is no turning back now.

  13. adolfogiurfa says:

    @E.M. You are an economist, tell us what will happen with your economy.

  14. Nick says:

    Ah, inflation – we can get rid of the debt with inflation.

    However, I’m sure its the same in the US as it is in the UK.

    Almost of the debts are pensions, and pensions are linked to inflation

    You can’t use that trick.

    That leaves the only option, which is default. How much can you afford to pay out on the debts run up?

    If you pay nothing out will people take the Greek approach? ie. Not pay taxes.

    Commentators have it wrong over Greece.

    Greece isn’t in a mess because people aren’t paying tax. It’s the other way round. People aren’t paying tax because of the mess. Why pay tax and get nothing back? No services. Why pay tax to people who’ve defrauded you of vast amounts of money?

  15. Richard Ilfeld says:

    We are moving toward a permanent underclass. When we self-segregate, the large majorities of dependency that elect progressives live in economies where local private opportunities have fled. Just enough to get by in bread and circus provision, and promises (you can fool some of the people all of the time). Imagine Detroit as a Model City, or Chicago, or LA, or…….

    Maybe it’s better to live in a state without a big urban population? It appears to be easier to follow aspiration in rural areas. The guy on his way to a decent auto repair business isn’t hassled over three cars in the yard; the fellow breaking into the restaurant business doesn’t have a licensing and inspection agency hovering over and trying to kill his Taco trailer.

  16. p.g.sharrow says:

    Now the second shoe can drop. The period of socialist pump the balloon up is nearly over as they are out of other peoples money and are working on the threat of more money. The great recession is over, the Great Depression is beginning. Those that depend on the giverment will become poorer as the value of their “salaries” or “pensions” must be reduced. Socialists always make everyone poorer except for their Elite. Runaway inflation will be needed to accomplish this. COLAs need to be limited. Medical care reduced to limit costs. My wife, over 70, is already seeing a reduction in allowed services and an increase in co-pays demanded.
    Regulation is killing off business so there can be no growth in the economy. Everyone cries about taxes on business as the growth limit, BS, taxes are a cost of business just like any other. Ever changing and arbitrary regulation is the real killer, specially to new business and business expansion. Bureaucrats hate anything new and will do anything to prevent uncontrolled expansion. Now they are demanding greater control the operation of existing business to the point of strangulation. Nothing can improve real economic activity at the street level until regulation is simplified and streamlined. pg

  17. Peter Offenhartz says:

    I know that you are fond of saying things like “Third Way” Socialism was a proper synonym for fascism from the beginning.” But that is not what “fascist” means nowadays. I suppose you think you are entitled to your own vocabulary, but the word “fascist” today is inescapably tied to the state-sponsored violence of the nazis. All things considered it is preferable to use words in the same way that others use them; it makes for clearer and less ambiguous communication.

    [Reply: I prefer to not let folks mutate the meaning of words from their fundamental and original values. It is the tool of propagandists to do that. So no, I’ll not let folks erase the sad legacy of Socialism in it’s fascist form by attributing it to “right wing” folks. The Italian Fascists were, are, and forever will be the prototypical definition of fascism. It is characterized by Central Planning, the same list of Socialist ideals as today’s Socialists espouse, the same ‘labor union / government’ cozy relationship, and the same tendency to a police state. Oh, and it WILL end the same way as human nature does not change. It is very important to preserve that understanding, not to let it be swept under a rug of redefinition. So no, I’m not going to let Socialists wiggle out of their heritage by foisting it onto others via word games. I would suggest that others simply need to learn their history rather than have me join them in The Big Lie. And no, it’s not “my own vocabulary”, it is using a proper name for an economic system with historical accuracy. A ‘fascist’ economic system has real and invariant properties. That some folks want to play propaganda and political games with the term does not change that. -E.M. Smith ]

  18. BobN says:

    Everything I hold dear in my beliefs has just died, the America I grew up with is no more.

    The reality is that it will end in collapse of the economy, how far away that is will depend on how radical Obama pushes his agenda. My guess, sooner than later.

  19. John F. Hultquist says:

    E. M. and others have made many interesting observations – and it all sounds so sad. So rather than re-saying some of them, let me add two things.
    One: I think Republicans are not able to play the political processes as well as the socialist/progressives of the Democrats. Liberty is a fundamental value, and Republicans cannot bend the narrative to their favor as easily as others that don’t hold liberty in such high regard. Hope & Change sounds better and hides a lot of issues. “Get to work” sounds so serious, and well, too much like work – and the sound bites are boring.
    Two: Many in the US spend so much time playing or watching games that they have little idea of what is going on in the country. This becomes apparent at mid-school and high school sports about which fights break out — while what is taught gets ignored. Games on computers eat up time. Pro sports eat up time and result in a wealth transfer from low and middle income types to rich folks. [Example: You can buy a billed-cap (aka baseball hat) at a yard sale for 25¢, or a new NFL type for about $30.]

    Two key points, I think. The short versions. Full reports will not be following as I have things to do outside. Getting ready for winter here in the Great (blue) State of Washington.

  20. BobN says:

    @ John Hultquist – Your right, the Republicans can’t seem to put up a good fight. I expect the party to fragment and possibly a new conservative party form out of all this. It will further weaken the conservative cause, but the traditional conservatives are tired of supporting liberal Republicans that don’t fight and lose. Their will be a huge upheaval over this.

  21. Richard Ilfeld says:

    While change is coming, absent a non-constitutional despot, these thing end with a whimper, not a bang. Look at Japan’s deficit chart. Look at our wealth — not the dollar stuff, but the stuff already in the economy. The housing, transportation, and just stuff per-capita we have is pretty plush, and even if the manufacturing and marketing falls below replacement there will be enough to go around for a while. Who knows, running a repair shop may become a business again.
    In business avaiation, there are dozens, maybe hundreds of shops that specialize in one model, and will make you a “new” airplane for a fraction of the factory cost. Will work with cars, will work with some home appliances. I know a guy who sells $50-100 lawnmowers and makes a good living — The higher the price of ‘new’ gets inflated by tax and regulation which add NO value, the more room for an aftermarket.

  22. Nickle says:

    The housing, transportation, and just stuff per-capita we have is pretty plush, and even if the manufacturing and marketing falls below replacement there will be enough to go around for a while


    And its bought on credit.

    Now my view, is that if you have assets in excess of liabilities, you’re safe for the moment.

    Then you have to look at the long term, Do you have sufficient assets to cover the time when you can’t work, either for old age, or for unemployment?

    Both matter, because states are bankrupt. They haven’t been borrowing and buying assets. They have been borrowing and spending. It’s that imbalance that is going to screw things. Rather than declare bankruptcy and default, they will carry on taking money (pension contributions) with not a hope in hell of paying out. Delaying the default. Now look at the consequences on those who handed over their life savings to the state.

  23. jim2 says:

    About half of the self-identified “moderates” are actually liberal. Perhaps from their point of view, given the lurch to the left of society, they are somewhat justified in that.

    At any rate, I think the Republican party is no longer viable. The religious right keeps many of the real moderates away. I think I am going to support libertarians from now on. They are small-government without the burden of religion. Also, I’ve been thinking about the drug laws. Last week a Federal judge ruled it is OK for law enforcement to install cameras into a private residence without a warrant in order to discover if pot is being grown. The war on drugs has done a lot to erode our freedoms and also keeps Mexican drug gangs in money. The libertarian idea of making all drugs legal is a good one.

    Speaking of Mexico, just as von Hayek argued for a social safety net to ensure social stability, the US should stop sending aid to any country except Mexico. It would behoove us to help Mexico out of poverty to lessen immigration pressure.
    I know there are no perfect solutions, but it looks to me like libertarian would make a good third party.

  24. vukcevic says:

    It won’t be that bad as long as you pay your carbon tax. :)

  25. BobN says:

    Maybe the best way to fight back is help overwhelm the system and make it crash sooner so we can start over. Sign up for every benefit you can, maybe stop working for a few years. Overwhelm the system till it crashes, that’s where it is going anyway.

  26. Richard Ilfeld says:

    A final thought — not only are we self segregating geographically….I think we’ll start seeing a lot more political segregation in the workplace. Remember Eastern Airlines. After they went broke, the union members who helped drive them out of business found it hard to get jobs.

    People who really believe in an entitlement culture; whether at the welfare level, or something due based on a college degree, or the right to screw up and claim discrimination if disciplined, are a hazard to an enterprise.
    If a company has to shrink, erode the 80 per cent who just go along, not the 20% whoe actually work. If you’re hiring, certain attitudes are a litmus test that says “DON’T DO IT”.

    Yes, the mean and evil people who operate businesses discriminate against those who expect entitlements.

    Frankly, we now have a culture where the majority are ‘takers’ and not ‘makers’, and (crucial change) have lost the urge (or been convinced its wrong) to move from the first category to the second.

  27. R. de Haan says:

    The true title should be: America Embraces Fascism

  28. Steve Crook says:

    Seems to me it’s all very well complaining about the ‘socialism’ that Obama espouses but the fact is you’re stuck with him for another four years. Given the changing demographics in the US, the Republican party is going to have to up its game with the Black, Hispanic, Asian voters. The voting figures for who voted for Obama among those groups should make depressing reading for top Republicans. The coverage we’re getting over here is that Romney failed to win because he just didn’t get the BHA vote, even though he managed to retrieve many of the white voters that went with Obama last time.

    It reminds me a lot of the UK Labour party. They had to abandon many of their long held ideals, distance themselves from the Trades Unions and move much closer to the centre ground to capture voters. It upset a lot of their hard core left membership, but it got them power in 1997. Over here, many didn’t consider Tony Blair to be a socialist at all, but Obama makes him look like an associate member of the communist party :-)

  29. adolfogiurfa says:

    You will have to devaluate, that´s the only choice, try to equate printing money with real GDP.

  30. R. de Haan says:

    OBAMA 60,085,524*
    ROMNEY 57,401,992

    That splits the field in half and leaves us with a lo of Americans who don’t share the President’s views.

    Beside that, I’m still wondering how he did it:

    Now since it looks like the first act of Obama will be the introduction of a carbon tax (to curb the effects of a heating planet) we know the US economy, at least what’s left of it, is going down the drain for good.

    Mass immigation and a shrinking electorate and a Republican Party that has failed to come up with a winning strategy we will be stuck with a democratic majority for a very long time.

    This is a systemic failure of the two party system and we’ re going to pay a very high price for that.

  31. Nickle says:

    How can the US devalue, when all other countries are doing the same, for the same reason?

  32. tckev says:

    The pork will keep rolling out as the ‘alternative’ markets (aka black markets) will grow.

  33. Tim Clark says:

    {It is critically important to be dispassionate about the facts, about definitions, and about observing the reality.}

    Yes, we’re screwed.

    But it is equally critical for me to control my hostile emotions while at work and in the public areas. I have four years left (or less depending on events) before retirement. One solution I’ve considered would be to picture the 47% waiting in soup lines for hours, soiled, and with a non-functional government cell phone. Also, I felt the USA was going to hell regardless of who was elected, it was just the details of how it would play out. Therefore, I console myself by repeating in my mind, Obummers election only helped set the date and fashion of the collapse.

    OT, I work with a bleeding heart liberal and when he gloated “We did it” this morning (I was expecting his tirade), I said, “Be careful what you hope for.”, then handed him a recipe for chicken noodle soup. He got the picture. He hasn’t said a word to me since, which is a good thing, the ignorant SOB. Typical ignorant, narcissistic socialist, drives a Mercedes but won’t kick in for coffee or office gifts, doesn’t clean up after himself (He eats cheese and crackers on the toilet for god’s sake), and has to have the last word in any office situation. I guess it’s going to be a tough 4 years.

  34. philjourdan says:

    @Nickle – think of it this way. If you are asked to step forward to volunteer, and everyone else steps backwards, then you are forward. So if you do not step back, you are in a worse position.

    But it can get into a race to the bottom as you can see.

  35. R. de Haan says:

    Happy Drudge Headlines:

    Stocks ‘cringe’…

    Obama: ‘The Best is Yet to Come’…

    May Levy Carbon Tax to Cut U.S. Deficit…

    Claims mandate to raise taxes…
    THE MORNING AFTER: No easy answers to gridlock…

    DC Dysfunctional…
    MUSLIM BROS: Obama Needs To ‘Accept The Will Of The Arab People’…
    Detroiters Elect 8-Time Ex-Con As State Rep…
    REUTERS: ‘Victory puts Obama in position to expand government’s reach’…

  36. R. de Haan says:

    At least Obama this time enherits his own mess.

  37. jim2 says:

    “At least Obama this time enherits his own mess.”

    That’ll be the day.

  38. Steve Crook says, 7 November 2012 at 2:47 pm
    “It’s only four years. His time is limited and there’s probably nothing he can do in four years that can’t be undone except the supreme court appointments.”

    In his first four years Obama increased the number of people dependent on government hand outs in spectacular fashion. Food stamps, auto bail outs, bank bail outs, cash for clunkers, “Green Energy”, Obamaphones and on and on. Just to take one example, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the number of disabled Americans rose from 7,442,377 in January 2009 to 8,733,461 in June 2012. While it is “only” an increase of one million you have to look at it in the context of stagnant employment.

    Americans with jobs in January 2009 totalled 142,187,000 compared to 142,287,000 in May 2012. Thus while the number of employed people increased by 100,000 the number of “Disabled” increased by one million.

    Given another four years of Obamaism you can bet there will be several more millions so dependent on government that they will never vote for a candidate with a conservative platform.

    Steve, you are a Brit so think of yourself as a frog in a cauldron sitting on a stove. As the water is heating rather slowly you don’t notice the peril you are in. I return to the UK every five years or so and each time I am shocked by how much more that once great country has declined since my last visit.

    The USA is in much better shape than the UK but don’t underestimate our ability to match your decline.

  39. David says:

    Reposted from SUTYS space…

    Jerry says:
    November 7, 2012 at 8:21 pm
    Thanks Jerry. I already gave PHD three reasons the republicans lost, however I agree with and am deeply troubled by your observation. The fact that it is reported that 2.5 million less republicans voted this year shocks me.

    Every where Romney went his crowds were far larger and more enthusiastic then McCain’s four years ago. I personally know of three Democratic friends who were going to vote for Romney this year. All the poles recorded a more energized republican base. The early ballot counts for the republicans were far higher then four years ago, accurately reflecting this. This means that the republican voting day vote was down about eight percent, completely contradicting the polled republican enthusiasm.

    The polls of democratic energy indicated much less enthusiasm for Obama. Obama’s crowds were down very significantly. The early ballot count of Obama supporters likewise indicated this, down significantly. The Obama supporter election day turnout accurately reflected all of this with a turnout down about seven million on election day.

    Why do all the democratic indicators line up, but the republican election day turnout contradicts all other indications? This means that not only did 2.5 million less republicans show up, but not one more independent turned to Romney, despite all the polls indicating far stronger independent Romney support, and not one democrat switched sides. About eight million total less Obama votes, and zero switched to Romney, and 2.5 million less republicans voted in what was universally declared to be a more enthusiastic republican year. Every republican I talked to was damn enthusiastic this year, far more then for McCain.

    Something feels very wrong! Pure speculation, but the easiest way to make several million votes disappear is through a computer. I hate computer voting almost as much as I hate climate models. All those lines of code, doing what? Does anyone know how may votes were collected via computers? How can we examine this? How can spot checks be done to make certain our votes counted? Did the counties with hand marked ballots show a difference demographic, more accurately reflecting expected turnout, then the computer counted counties in battleground states?

    If this post intrigues anyone please feel free to clean up the unavoidable (alas) grammatical errors and copy it to any blog you wish.


  40. p.g.sharrow says:

    @David; I was once involved in Democratic Party system. You may be right. Stealing elections through vote COUNTING manipulation is the way it is done and the Democrats are masters at this. Computer fraud is the best way as there is little paper trail and few people involved to leak the “trick” We know of many detected instances of the vote machines registering Romney votes as FOR Obama.. pg

  41. John Robertson says:

    ouch; currently re-evaluating everything I thought I knew about survival of societies.Lunch is only free if someone else provides it, what happens when there is no incentive to produce, behave ethically and lying is rewarded?Looks like you are becoming Canada, overly regulated, deemed criminal by default and working more for various levels of govt than for your own good.
    As a skilled tradesman in northern canada I find more useless regulators and govt experts crowding my work every year, each has govt granted authority and most are stunningly clueless.
    Overtime is pointless, direct punishment via taxation for working extra to complete a job on schedule .Self employment is frustrated by the endless theft of my time and energy by this regulatory class, appointed royalty is one description.New regulations every year, especially safety, funny how the trades developed apprenticeship systems and journeyman designations because of the skills needed and the dangers inherent in the work and now no-skill safety experts are telling us how to use our hands.
    We have had our Obama, here he was known as Pierre the Idiot, but his party lasted 30 yrs and we are still paying for it,the kids coming into the workforce today are seeing the obvious, hordes of greedy under achievers intend to retire soon, expecting the new workers to pay for the unfunded public pensions and a debt for which no assets remain.That debt is for a welfare state that invested in nothing and left nothing to the next generation but an endless bill.
    The kids are lining up for govt jobs. It will help hasten the end.And our healthcare system is grinding to a collapse but no-one will discuss that, we can wait up to 6 weeks to see a family doctor and years for tests and surgery,…. but its free.If you don’t remember paying taxes.The area I live in has more admin staff in health than doctors, nurses and support staff combined.
    You won’t see a specialist but your paperwork will be spotless.
    Maybe hard times are necessary to correct magical thinking,the idea that those who work must carry those who refuse to work is delusional, especially when govt takes productive effort at gunpoint and gives the reward to nonproductive people, then laments that productivity is falling in Canada .If there is no reward for my efforts I go fishing, strange that volunteering is way down and productive people are getting harder to find every looting time, AKA Tax time.
    I suspect I’m living your future but its all good, just accept you will never really own anything and will work till you die and your respect for the govt and its minions will never increase from whatever low point you are at today.
    And on a lighter note since the implementation of the long gun registry here there are more paper- trail free weapons than when the govt overstepped their power. The estimate was 7 to 10 million long gun owners prior to registration attempts and around 2 million total guns registered, thats pistols and long guns including police weapons, when the long gun registry was destroyed. Funnily enough this was called a success by the bureaucrats involved.So when Obama starts a gun registry follow our lead, register your Weller Soldering Pistol and Black & Decker Heat Gun and they too will sell you a laminated registration certificate
    In the spirit of our age I suggest you kick back cultivate a relaxed attitude and help the govt people as they would you.Its possible bankruptcy is the only solution.

  42. David says:

    @PG, yes and this just does not add up. The demcratic numbers do add up, but the republican numbers do not. This indicates more simple dissapearance of a republican vote. A computer could easily simply change the count, but still record all who voted. 2 plus 2 does not have to make four in a computer. It just appears logical that this would get caught. I would look for contradictions from the honest polls in certain counties, and from there investigate all possibilities. None of the polls that I am aware of predicted a lower republican turn out, not one. Do you know of any republicans who were less inclined to vote this year? I saw at least double the pro Romney bumper stickers, and far less Obama stickers.

    Some late surveys, combining enthusiasm plus independent switches, had this election at plus 6% republican turnout, which would have resulted in a 3 plus million Romney win. i think most conservative pundints are to shocked to put this in perspective yet.

  43. David says:

    Of the 9,1 million that decided to forego going for Oabma twice in a row, exactly zero choose to cast a ballot for Romney, while 2.1 million former McCain voters also decided not to vote for Romney. 11.2 million people rejected Obama, and zero choose McCain, despite far higher polled republican enthusiasm, far larger Romney crowds, far smaller Obama crowds, far more Romney signs, far less Obama signs, far larger pro Romeny early ballots, and far smaller pro Obama early ballots. (Nope, something is wrong, wrong, wrong) Dollars to donuts, America got ripped off..

  44. David says:

    David says: E.M., are you thinking about?, rejecting?, my homework request, or did you just miss it?
    See above…david says…7 November 2012 at 2:34 pm

  45. David says:

    P.G. so many ways to screw with a computer. It could be the independent votes that were altered so as to record individual votes, but miscount the total, or sitch the to Obama. erhaps our host has some more nuanced thoughts on this line of thought.

    Sorry to thread bomb.

  46. adolfogiurfa says:

    This is the explanation:

  47. DirkH says:

    Interestingly, in the days before the Obama re-election, I tested a new approach for stock picking using seasonal expectation statistics. My portfolio consisted, when I started, of US and German stocks mostly.

    Each day I tried to sell one of the stocks I owned to use the money to buy a different one – not to make a profit but to optimize my portfolio for the near future. So I would sell the one with the lowest “expectation value” and buy one with the highest expectation value according to my criterium, of course limited to the few dozen (US and German) stocks I examine each day.

    This swapping process led, after a few days, to a near total exit from the US market. Right in time for Obama’s re-election. I’m pretty German-centric now.

    I’m not saying that my strategy is the smartest way of doing things – it will take a few months to assess that -, but I found it interesting that it got me out of the US market in this systematic way.

  48. Peter Offenhartz says:

    It is not “propagandists” who changed the meaning of fascism, but history itself.

  49. E.M.Smith says:

    @R. de Haan:

    Interesting links. Yeah, bad idea to keep untried software secret… and yeah, Obama and the Clintons are from the “lock up the competition” crowed. Ron Paul has it right.


    I’ve been working on some other stuff the last two days and have not had time to keep up on all the comments. Just getting back to this thread (and frankly, wanted a day or two of ‘distance’ from the election to retain perspective). So I’ll get to the “homework” soon enough, but not, I think, today ;-)

    Just remember that one of the (not too sarcastic) statements about the Chicago Machine Politics as the slogan: “Remember to vote early, and vote often!”. We’ve just had Chicago Style politics ‘go national’. I’d not be at all surprised to find that a lot of ‘early voting’ was encouraged so that folks could vote a week in advance in one place, then ‘same day register’ in the next state over on election day…. To the best of my knowledge there is ZERO policing of that…

    Rigging the computer vote? Not all that hard to do, but still much more problematic than ‘the old fashioned way’. Just get every ‘hard core’ supporter to ‘adopt’ and old person in an old folks home and ‘help them vote’ absentee…. have some more bussed around to vote in more than one location… get a few dead folks to vote… It’s all ‘old school’ in Chicago.

    The first ‘cross check’ I’d do is just find out who were the 3 million or so Republicans who didn’t show up. Canvass some areas and find them statistically. IFF you don’t / can’t identify them, then you have a problem. Do a few “hand recounts” in contested areas and during them, look for “issues” with who voted.

    Realistically, though, that’s not “the problem”. Even if there was a 2% over vote / cooked books. The problem is the ‘roughly 50%’ who WANT the dead end of Sugar Daddy Government. Haggling over the fraction at the margin is really just haggling over the exact date things break…

  50. Richard Ilfeld says:

    The real fraud is a mainstorm media that supports the illusion rather than questioning sufficiently to force a discussion of the issues.
    Buying you own debt is equivalent to eating your seed corn.
    Pumping more money into an economy that is not growing is the textbook definition of inflation, a tax mostly on the frugal.

    However, 4/5 of the country geographically still has a conservative local administration. It will take a while for the feds to get us all.

    I think before too long we’re going to seem some of these conservative pockets try an effective secession — Like N Dakota when the feds try to say you can’t frack anywhere any more.

  51. Mark Miller says:

    Thanks for the investment advice.

    Re. the Supreme Court

    I heard conservatives raise that argument during the campaign, and I recognize the point, but Justice Roberts’s decision on the ACA made it moot, in my view, with regard to Romney. With judicial “friends of the Constitution” like that who needs enemies?? Charles Krauthammer said Roberts came down the way he did because the SC was being branded as “partisan,” mainly due to some past decisions, like Bush v. Gore in 2000, and he wanted to restore the SC’s reputation for neutrality. I can see that, too, but still this explanation falls flat. Roberts came up with a “tax” explanation for the bill where it didn’t belong. Yes, the Individual Mandate behaves generically like a tax, but the Constitution has stipulations about taxes. The ACA didn’t fit into any of them. From where I sit you can’t just say, “The Constitution gives the government the power to tax incomes. This looks like an income tax, therefore it is.” A student in high school could come up with an explanation like that, but the SC is supposed to be better at interpreting the law than a goddamn high school student! Or maybe that was the point. In order to *appeal* to the general population, saying, “No, really. I’m impartial. Let me help you understand,” Roberts felt it necessary to “dumb down” the Constitution.

  52. DirkH says:

    Peter Offenhartz says:
    8 November 2012 at 7:02 pm
    “It is not “propagandists” who changed the meaning of fascism, but history itself.”

    Did history also change the content of the Communist Manifesto?

  53. Mark Miller says:

    On the issue of how the GOP will “adjust,” the same liberals within the GOP who have been saying for years that the party needs to “adjust” to changing demographics came out very quickly, saying that the party needs to “appeal” to more liberal voters. This gets trotted out every time the Republicans lose in a national election. What it all boils down to is that the Republicans need to become a conservative version of the Democratic Party. It used to be that way, back in the “Progressive Era,” with the exceptions of Harding and Coolidge, and somewhat arguably Reagan. Everywhere else you look, though, it’s been that. That’s part of the reason we are where we are now. With all the conservative talk that Romney put out, he was at his core a conservative Democrat, as far as I’m concerned. Still, he didn’t win. John McCain was the same way. The Republican Party of today reminds me of (what I’ve heard of) the Democratic Party of the 1950s and 60s in some ways. It doesn’t inspire conservatives to come out and vote for them.

    It seems to me what people forget is that Reagan, even though he talked conservative, won a lot of Democratic votes. George H.W. Bush, who was more of a liberal Republican, gained admiration from some Democrats.

    The problem I keep seeing with the Republicans with regard to presidential elections is they keep bringing forward ideologically milquetoast candidates, who can fob off some conservative ideas, but anyone who’s paying attention can see this for what it is, that the real goal is to appeal to the “massive middle,” the “centrist, moderate independents.” They try to have it both ways, and they lose, because they scare off more liberally minded voters with their occasional conservative “leaks,” to appeal to the GOP’s conservative base, and they diminish the hopes of conservatives by preferring “centrist” positions. I don’t know if this is true, but it seems to me that in addition to changing demographics, voters may be becoming more aware of these tricks. A candidate can’t speak one way to one group, and say the opposite to another, and get away with it anymore.

    Or, it could be as simple as what Kirsten Powers said after the election: “Well run campaigns win.” The positions the candidate takes are important, but they’re less important than how well the machinery of the campaign runs. From what I heard, Romney hired the same people McCain did to run his campaign. They blamed their loss last time on picking Sarah Palin, to cover their asses. Palin doesn’t hold office, and isn’t running for office. Four years later she still gets picked on. Now the people who dumped all over her have no one to blame but themselves. I hope they’re happy.

    Re. suspicions about the election results

    I heard earlier this year one conservative talk show host complaining bitterly about how Obama had selected a private company to be the clearing house for the national vote count, that it used to be tabulated by the government(?), but that Obama had “outsourced” it. I vaguely remember him complaining as well that the company was owned by a foreigner. He raised that as a concern re. how the vote count would come out.

    I haven’t trusted the computerized voting system since it came out. I saw a demo CNN did several years ago where a guy slipped a memory card into one of them, which caused it to alter the voting results. That creeped me out!

    It seems to me, though, that if there was any glaring irregularity, the Republicans would be all over it. From what I heard, they had election observers watching the process closely, and I haven’t heard any complaints.

    I’ve also heard that even though Romney made some significant gains after the first debate, his support trailed off after the third debate. No one’s been able to determine whether it was something he said, or if he “went off the radar” after that. I noticed that Democrats noticed it when Romney said in the third debate that we were getting out of Afghanistan by 2014, unconditionally, agreeing with Obama. Maybe some Republicans saw that, threw in the towel, and decided not to show up. It was also noted that in the last week of October, Romney’s support among women, which had become even with Obama after the first debate, practically went back to where it was, before the election. A large number of people made their decision based on Obama’s response, and Gov. Christie’s “endorsement” of it, following Hurricane Sandy. Also (this was amazing to me), more than half the voters still blame Bush for the state of the economy now! They bought the line that, “It took us a long time to get into this, and it’s going to take us a long time to get out of it.” Clinton helped reinforce that idea when he said, “I couldn’t have done a better job than Obama did,” on the economy, at the Democratic convention.

    The Democrats successfully set the terms of the debate during the campaign. They’re continuing to try to do so with this idea that the Republicans need to “adjust” to the changing demographics. In this is the reason the Republicans lost the race. If you play on your opponent’s turf, you’re making it that much harder for you to win. The Republicans need their own vision.

  54. Mark Miller says:

    Meant to add I’d heard an explanation recently for why liberals were for natural gas, before they were against it. I can’t remember who said it now, but here it is: Liberals were for nat. gas because they thought it would [be] a transitional energy source, to wean us off of oil and coal, until solar and wind power got sufficiently developed to take over for fossil fuels. I guess they anticipated that nat. gas would gradually increase in price as time passed, and so it offered a smooth transition to these other energy sources. That was the idea, anyway…

    Then fracking came along, and we found *huge* sources of nat. gas, potentially driving down the price. This changed the equation for the left. Now they’re looking at nat. gas being an abundant energy source for a very long time, making wind and solar cost-prohibitive for decades. They don’t like this one bit, and so now they’re raising fears about fracking to try to eliminate the practice. It’s like I’ve said before. Nowadays, whenever something new on the environmental horizon arises, there’s usually something behind it, and that’s the true agenda, not the environment.

  55. Laurence M. Sheehan, PE says:

    In fact, the economy of the US has been totally destoyed, as have all other “western nations'” economies. There is no possible way of turning it around. Governments elected “By the people” simply cannot make needed changes at the pace required when required.

  56. p.g.sharrow says:

    Governments can not make the necessary changes at the speed that is needed. Bureaucrats do not die off fast enough.
    Government control is the force that prevents renewal. Civilizations grow ahead of their governments leadership not behind bureaucratic leadership. This decent into madness can be reversed very quickly. Starve government, put it into decline. The growth of government MUST be Less then the growth in society wealth. IT is them or EVERYONE will fall. pg

  57. BobN says:

    @ P.G. Sharrow – a great idea only how. The people have been trying to reduce government for as long as I can remember, but its growing and spending go unabated. We just have to vote them out, not easy to do when everyone says yes, vote them out, except for my representative, he is a good guy. As long as they bring home the pork for their area, nothing will change.

  58. Mark Miller says:

    @Laurence M. Sheehan:

    Governments elected “By the people” simply cannot make needed changes at the pace required when required.

    History doesn’t bear that out as a general fault against our republic. If you look at the debt that was run up for WW I and WW II, government elected “by the people” managed to dramatically cut spending after each war, and pay down the debt over time. What we have now, though, is a special case of what you’re talking about. Ben Franklin described it:

    When the people find that they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic.

  59. E.M.Smith says:

    @Richard Ilfeld:

    I thought about that. The result is the posting on why it won’t happen….

    @Mark Miller:

    I think Roberts suffered from “Normative drift” to match his “peer group”. Basically the more liberal justices and the press constantly accusing of being too ‘right wing’ convinced him to move ‘closer to them’ as though that was the norm. He ought to have stuck to what the words on the papers said…

    Oh, and technically it’s not ‘investment advice’ as that must be customized to the individual and delivered by someone with the appropriate licenses. I can offer my opinion on what market movements mean to me, and describe what I’m doing. I can even make general qualitative statements like “TIPs are likely to be a safer place to hide out”, but it is not advice. Just my 2 cents worth on what I think is happening in the economy. I can also explain how I think the economic and financial system works ( being a degreed economist and past business owner), but again, that’s not individual advice, more like education in economics and finance. I can also say things like “Here is how to read this chart and indicator and what is is expect to mean for trades” as that, too, is general education from someone who has done trading for his own account. Yeah, “picky” distinctions, but the financial advice licensing laws require it…

    So you are welcome for the “investment analysis and education” ;-)

    Per “Conservative Lite” Republicans: See my posting on Tyranny of the Cities.

    Yes, the Conservative Lite of today is roughly a Kennedy (JFK) Democrat. Look at his policies and they would be hard to NOT call ‘Republican’ today. Even had a tax cut to stimulate the economy.

    IMHO, the Republicans have a couple of major Foo Bars that they need to get past. Can’t go into all of it here, but I think it’s in part:

    1) They keep putting forward old white guy Candidates. I’ve known a fair number of conservative Hispanics, Blacks, and Asians. Why can’t the PARTY put forward a Condy Rice / Marco Rubio ticket?

    2) They pander to a ‘Religious Right’ on abortion and need to instead make it an individual liberty issue. NO-ONE to be forced to offer such services nor pay for them against their will, but liberty for all ( i.e. for others to do so if they wish). Get government out of the business.

    3) They keep trying to offer ‘enough but less goodies’. Guaranteed lose. We need significant reductions in Government, not just “slower bloat”. So take the ‘fiscal cliff’: They ought to be saying “No No No More Revenue. Shrink Government.” and let Obama drive off the cliff. Blame in on the Democrats and the guys who made the original compromise. Instead, fearful, they will cave and offer ‘goodies to the middle class with ineffective cuts and taxes for some’. Now WHO wants to vote for scared losers overing more taxes and less goodies and NO fix of anything? Might as well take the ‘all goodies all the time’ party… “Stand for something or you will fall for anything”…

    4) They need to sell the message that when The Feds take control and power, the States and Cities Lose control and power. Sell ‘small government’ as “big City and State win”. Get those 10,000 City Machines working to take back the graft game for themselves ;-)

    5) They ought to stand against the UN. Instead of the passive drift to World Government, they ought to sand up for American Liberty and Exceptionalism. This shows up in all those truly evil UN Treaties we go ahead and sign, then don’t ratify. Just waiting in the wings for a Progressive Socialist Senate to wrap up the package. Why are they not advertizing that crap in them and that THEY are the defenders of America?

    The list goes on… Load of wimp milquetoasts letting their opponents define them and pick the battle ground.

    On voting machines: ANY computer can be buggered. But worse, letting this rush to push for ‘extended voting’ just makes it that much easier for a Chicago Style “Vote Early and Vote Often” to work. I can vote in Chicago, then be bussed to Ohio, declare it my residence and ‘same day register’ and then vote there too… then go back to Chicago when I ‘change my mind’ about where to live. We ought to have a single “election day” and it ought to be on paper ballots WITH ID.


    Yup. I have a copy of it close to hand (on the shelf near the bed and computer). I just use it as a check list of what is / isn’t in a given category. Some folks like to be able to change the meaning of words and rewrite history. I like to keep my words constant and anchored in a non-changing history. Easier to keep a ‘tidy mind’ that way…

    So I take Marx, and just go down the checklist. Hit enough “Yes, it’s in” and it’s Socialism… Even if the name is National Socialism…

    Folks who want to follow those same policies now, really don’t want to be reminded what the label / name for them was THEN, and that the only thing different is an emphasis on NOT being “nationalist” and “racist” now (as though that fixes it all… in reality it’s just a return to the International Socialist type… as in the USSR…)

    @Laurence M. Sheehan, PE:

    I think it is still marginally possible to turn it around, but not with the present voting patterns.

    This is the way Democracy inevitably fails, and why the Plato defined it as one of the ‘bad forms’. One bit at at time we’ve removed “representative republic’ structures and replaced with ‘democratic’ selections. That needs to be undone to re-create the Republic.

    But with so many folks in cities and dependent on government structures, I don’t see that happening.

    @P.G. Sharrow & BobN:

    Yup. That’s it in a nutshell. How to do it? Just look at the changes made since FDR and back them out, one at a time. Can it be done? Likely not. Explaining to people why they ought NOT vote for who is President takes a couple of days, and they have a 20 second attention span. “People vote good!” fits in 20 seconds… The Power Of Stupid wins that race…

    So we’re in the end game now. Guaranteed to be $20 Trillion to $22 Trillion debt by end of Obama’s term. NOT going to get ‘bubble growth’ like in the “Clinton Years”. We will get ‘tax the rich’ (as they have the money) that will result in LESS revenues, not more (wrong side of Laffer Curve) but it’s sooo P.C. Once you start down that massive growth and tax with higher tax rates lower tax revenues and higher government dependency, we become Greece. Only the rate changes.

    In the news, France has been downgraded by Moody’s… Higher taxes so lower growth and receipts…

    Basically, Romney could have turned it around, but Obama can’t, and 4 years further on, we’re all speaking Greek… Unless Republicans hang tough, let the spending cuts happen, and in 2 years the country votes to support them in the Senate too. (Don’t hold your breath…)

    @Mark Miller:

    The WW I and II examples don’t apply. We were more “Republic” then and less “Democracy”. Since then, many states have gone more to proportional allotment of electors, to direct vote for things (like California State Senators that happened in my lifetime) and generations that were frugal have been replaced by folks on a variety of Government Welfare programs. From farm subsidy to school loans to FHA to food stamps to…

    So BECAUSE we reached the conclusion point you mentioned, we are more “democratic” and a democracy can not react appropriately nor fast enough for “austerity”…

  60. Mark Miller says:

    @E.M. Smith:

    “Technically it’s not investment advice.”

    Ugh! The technicalities of “investment advice”! I understand what you’re saying. I meant the word “advice” informally. Put another way, I was saying, “Thanks for the heads up.” I recognize that you’re not my financial advisor ( :) ), but it sticks in my craw that you feel compelled by law to whip out the disclaimer. Can’t two people talk about financial issues and one person say, “Thanks for the advice, man,” without a lawyer getting involved? I hate the idea that you can publish your ideas about what you think is going on with the economy, and the financial moves people should make in response, from your perspective, and that people, without thinking, without taking into consideration that they don’t know you from the next guy down the street, having no contractual relationship with you, can drag you into court and say, “Well this guy said this, I followed his advice, and I lost all my money!” I would think in a reasonable society the judge/jury would say to whoever, “Uhh…I think you did something stupid. Get out of here,” with apologies to you. But I guess that’s not the society we live in…

    Re. Romney and the GOP

    I would’ve felt a little more positive about a Romney presidency, but I also would’ve had some trepidation about it. The thing I couldn’t get out of my head, no matter how much I listened to him, is he DID implement an individual mandate for health insurance in MA. He wasn’t dragged to it kicking and screaming. He WANTED it, which meant that rather than letting people suffer the consequences of their decisions not to buy health insurance when they could, and work to bring market forces to health care to control costs, so people didn’t need health insurance as much, he would act like “daddy” and tell the uninsured, “You *must* get this, or else.” It’s patronizing, and does not comport with a freedom agenda. More recently I heard that Democrats in MA have extended Romney’s health insurance plan to include telling doctors what they must charge for services, which directly impacts the remedies they prescribe for ailments. They’re doing this now to try to control the costs of the system. I read that the Democrats “planned this all along,” from the time Romney pushed the idea as governor. They recognized they couldn’t control the medical costs that were out there as things were, because doctors were not dependent on the state for payment. They hoped that with the plan, it would build up the state system, and get doctors dependent on MA government reimbursements. Now most people are part of the state’s health finance system, so the state can now act as arbiter between the patient and the doctor, because they’re usually the ones paying, so doctors no longer have a choice. They have to get the state’s permission to change their medical practices. Just what the Democrats wanted. We can “look forward” to this with Obamacare as well.

    As far as I was concerned, with Romney’s demonstrated mentality towards solving problems, yeah, I might’ve liked his policies a little better, but all he would’ve done is slowed down the car heading towards the “cliff of disaster.” My thoughts were, “If you’re going to kill me, get it over with! Don’t do it with slow torture. I’m not playing this game anymore.”

    The thing with a Republican administration is it makes it really hard for conservatives to resist implementing liberal policies when the guy in office–the one who’s YOUR GUY–wants it as well. I’m thinking of both Bushes as examples, and I’m sure there are more Republican presidents who would fit the description.

    The problem I see with the GOP is they think America is fundamentally liberal, and becoming more so with each passing year. From where I sit, they’re kind of like the Democrats in the sense that all they want is the power. They have their preferences, their differences with the Democrats, but they feel they must appeal to liberal-leaning voters, because that’s the only way they can win. If that’s the case, I’d rather liberal voters get what they’re asking for. On the other hand, if I see candidates, such as for state or federal Senate, or House, who are pro-freedom, and, for federal office, outwardly support the principles of the Constitution, they’ll have my vote. I feel I always have to say this: Yes, I recognize that if liberal voters get what they’re asking for, then we will be affected by those policies as well, and we’ll have to live with, or see the consequences of them, around us. I accept that. If people ever get remotely curious about an alternative to the mess that gets created, I’ll gladly share the constitutional approach with them in hopes that they may “get it.” Until then we’ll have to work to minimize the damage to ourselves as much as we know how.

  61. E.M.Smith says:

    @Mark Miller:

    Nothing personal to you. I was just using your comment for my ‘once every so often reminder’ to folks that “this is not advice”, it’s my opinion and worth whatever you paid for it…. which is nothing.

    So yes, IMHO, we can just be ‘two guys talking’. But I want it on record that is all we are (as there are so many lawyers with nothing to do and as there are some ‘issues’ I’ve been involved in where I’m sure some folks would love to find a (synthetic?) reason to get in my grill… )

    Maybe I had too many sessions of “Managers And The Law”, or maybe it was reporting to the Corporate Shark V.P. Business Affairs aka Lawyer (and a damn fine Jew Lawyer too ;-) but I just feel like every so often I need to make sure the ‘relationship’ is on the record. You just happened to be the vehicle this time…

    Per Romney:

    I couldn’t have said it better my self. I ‘held my nose and voted’, but was not particularly motivated.

    I was a Kennedy (JFK) Democrat. My beliefs have not changed since 1962 on such issues in any significant way. (More precise, perhaps). Then I found the SAME POLICIES had become ‘Republican” about 1980. For a little while I was a ‘Republican’. Now, time passes, I find that I’m more or less a “Libertarian”. Republicans are more “liberal” than JFK on financial issues. (and perhaps more… Catholics were not exactly ‘pro choice’ in the ’60s)

    So I find that I’ve not significantly changed the values I hold, or what I believe in, yet the world has moved past me rushing toward The Socialism Shiny Thing.

    I’m ready to vote whole heartedly for the first person to want traditional American Values of liberty and limited government. But find it ever harder to accept Republicans as “the lesser evil”. Post Bush “remove your privacy and freedom” and looking at Romney “Government OUGHT to control health care, just at the State level” I’m not seeing “my guy” in any of them.

    So I, too, find myself thinking “The quicker it just F***ng breaks, the quicker it’s over with”. As I said (somewhere sometime recently) “Let Obama win and he OWNS what happens.” In some way I feel relief that the Republicans are not going to be stuck with the crap to unfold in the next 4 years. In other ways, I don’t see anyone who is the champion for liberty and limited government who is not painted as a nut-job AND the public endorsing that painting…

  62. Mark Miller says:

    @E.M. Smith:

    I had the same thought, that whatever was going to happen as the result of liberal policies would come down on its standard bearer. It may not matter, as Democrats are so good at deflecting blame. It’s never their fault. Never. The question will be whether the people get smart enough to see through that gambit.

    One overriding thought I had during the election was that we *need* a conservative opposition party in this country. If a Republican becomes president, and is not aggressive about reducing the rate of growth in our debt, and if the “debt bomb” goes off, or we get another collapse on Wall Street at least as bad as ’08, then the Republicans lose credibility for a generation, because it would be seen as “two in a row.” Conservative principles would be seen as outdated and dangerous. That would be the worst of all worlds, a one-party state!

    I may have said this already somewhere on your blog, but another thought that came to mind, which flows from what I said earlier, is that observing past political history, it seems we got better control over fiscal spending by having a Democratic president and a Republican congress (I’m thinking of Clinton from ’94-’00), because they were motivated to oppose each other on spending. We have something close to a Republican-controlled congress now, though the Democrats picked up a few seats this last go-around. What I’ve seen from both W. Bush and Obama is that single-party rule, in the White House and Congress, is REALLY bad for fiscal matters, and it’s only slightly better with a centrist Republican president and a Democratic congress. As evidenced by the fiscal cliff, with a Democratic president and a Republican congress, while messy, it seems this is a more ideal arrangement if we want to have a chance of avoiding the “debt bomb.”

    Re. “nut jobs”

    I think what’s ultimately going to have to happen, if our republic is going to be saved, is that the big spending, anti-constitutionalists are going to have to be seen as the regressive nut jobs that they really are by our society.

    Barring that, I don’t see a way out. Part of that, I think, is that people who believe in the principles of freedom and our constitution are ultimately going to have to find their way, somehow, into being cultural influencers. A somber conclusion I’ve come to is while we were out working to make a living, we left the culture for the left to define. We can’t keep doing that. The reason the left has been able to undermine our values and principles is we vocally objected to them doing it, but we did nothing to try to push them out of the positions from which they did it, because we were too busy doing something more productive with our lives. We took our culture of freedom for granted, and assumed the left would trifle with it, but otherwise be unable to do much to it. We were wrong. We left our culture to rot. It needs nurturing, like anything else. Another way of saying it is that old saw, “The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.”

  63. George says:

    Obama has not snubbed his nose at israel. I don’t know if you watched the last election where romney ran but during the talking points obama couldn’t felate israel enough. Now obama is bending over backwards trying to sell a war FOR israel. I don’t know about you but I have never personally been attacked by any middle easterners here in the states. I have however been ridiculed by jews because my family (at the time) practiced a religion other than theirs. If you haven’t noticed israel has been using the US military for years to fight their battles. Syria has never shown aggression towards us, neither has yemen, somalia, sudan, pakistan, afghanistan or iraq so why on earth has the US attacked them all? Imperialism and zionism. If you haven’t noticed, the USA is almost 17 trillion dollars in debt due to birrowing money and usury monetary practices. If you are unfamiliar with the definition of the word usury please go look it up real quick. It’s basically an exhorborent amount of interest charged for lending money and it is exactly what the non-federal reserve does to America citizens when they charge the treasury interest. It’s a never ending cycle of debt for future generations to be enslaved to that can never be paid back as long as the currency has interest attached to it because at that point a dollar, or five or a hundred is really less the interest rate, whatever it is at the time but it’s never zero percent. Ask any banker that has two brain cells to rub together and a shred of honesty in his soul and he/she will confirm that. Have you ever stopped to ask yourself why muslims are demonized by US mainstream media? Because they did not allow usury practices in their monetary system such as the zionist jews do. That is the main reason for all the war: to steal land and it’s resources but to mainly enslave the people to currency with interest attached, ie: usury. Israel is not our ally, all they do is perpetuate war with everyone who won’t give in to their ideals. Israel has infiltrated US government and if you’ve ever watched the UN or the house when they vote on resolutions, legislation etc it always favors israel. Always. Furthermore, top israeli officials have been heard plenty times talking about how they own the USA, and it’s true, the US government jumps through every hoop israel demands them to. Israel and zionism are a plague upon mankind. Americans are the most enslaved people on the planet. Look, don’t believe me, before 9-11 before we went into afghanistan there were about seven countries remaining on this rock that were not under rothschild central bank control. They were sudan, afghanistan, pakistan, iran, syria and a couple others I can’t recall at the moment. So 9-11 happened and was blamed on muslim islamist radical “terrorists” so the sheep Americans would be in full support of a war which they thought was based on revenge and capturing the leader of alqeda. So the US armed forces go storming into afghanistan and pakistan and years later now look, those nations are in ruins but central banks and pre selected dictators have been installed. Same thing with iraq, the US government at the order of the non-federal reserve bank cartel and israel fed the American populace through jewish owned media corporations (only six or so of them) weapons of mass destruction which later turned out to be false. Now look, iraq has a central bank that loans the people currency with interest attached (usury), and now israel and bankers control iraq and all its people and resources. This goes back hundreds of years, the banks and their usury practices. Why do you think that Jefferson, Jackson, Lincoln, Washigton etc all defied the Brits and came here? To escape the bankers, among other things. The founding fathers of the usa knew they had to draft a resolution (constitution and bill of rights) that protected the people from the banks and their usury monetary practices. Andrew Jackson’s famous quote about routing out the bankers (den of vipers) is not some fairy tale, it is ommited from public school system curiculum for a reason, to keep people ignorant their entire life of the atrocities that those crazy people commit. Muslims and anti-semites are the scapegoat. If Americans were taught in school about this it would be game over for usury and the banks who practice it. Instead, tell this to any American and a probable 75%+ will call you a conspiracy theorist nutjob tin foil hat wearing loon, but the nations debt continues to rise and all the cuts here and there don’t seem to fix it. Throw in the real weapon of mass destruction, the television, and Americans will stay ignorant of the facts of history forever. The result, America falls just like Rome did thanks to zealotry (zionism; israel and usury). The USA simply cannot survive with those two evil entities strangling it. War and usury. This doesn’t even touch on the fact that US schools have been indoctrinating pupils for socialism. All the craze now is how bad capitalism is. Little do Americans realize that capitalism is not bad, it’s congress who lets these corporations get away with tax dodging to the tune of millions annually is whats bad. Not to mention the lobbyists. America is being attacked from within and the blind sheep don’t see it because they arenused to being programmed to think a certain way. Americans will blame the middle east for all their problems while congress lets israel and bankers control them. This is evident in how congress is pushing for war with syria yet the majority of citizens do not want more war. Congress are nothing more than sell outs, except for Dr. Paul. Speaking of Ron Paul, remember when he was running for president and everyone said that he was a kook because of his “isolantionist” ideals? Which really was highly inaccurate, his philosophy was (is) non intervention, meaning that we are not the worlds police, we should not be intervening in everyone elses affairs. Now look, a democrat that ran on hope and change and bringing troops home is trying his hardest to sell world war three to not only his voting blck but the entire nation! How did this war monger get awarded the PEACE prize?! Obama is merely a puppet to distract the sheep. Give the country (and the world) its first dark skinned president of the usa and all the racists will fall over themselves to vote for him without even looking at his credentials or his voting record. Next the establishment will fool all the stupid women in this nation by giving the nation their first female president ala hillary clinton. So the elitests bankers, israelis (aipac) and other owers such as tri lateral commission, council on foreign relations, etc etc have used race (skin color), next they will use gender (female), then after that what do they use to mesmorize and distract the sheep? The America that my grandparents knew is almost completely gone. In its place, a country marching towards socialism as the welfare bums and entitlement class demands “free” foodstamps, healthcare, SOCIAL security, cell phones, cash for clunkers, bail outs, a big government that will give them everything that can also be taken away within the blink of an eye. And what happens when the creators and producers run out? Then what will the takers do? All so a small group of people can rule.

  64. George says:

    Forgive me, I forgot to mention that Dr. Paul’s non interventist belief is looking pretty good now as the world faces another war this time with nasty biochemcial and nuclear weapons, drones, etc. And wow, I completely forgot to mention the military industrial complex that helps feed this crazy cycle. Go to youtube and type in the search field SOFEX, and you can watch Vice report on it, it is basically a warmongers wet dream convention where they can see all the weapons in which they plan to use on one another, just like the adult entertainment industry has the AVN convention, or comic collectors have COMICON.

    The best thing any American can do for themselves is to pull their children out of these public government run propaganda schools and home school them, but would you believe me if I told you that there are states and counties and people out there in government trying to stop parents from home schooling? It’s true, these government wack johs want full control over your life. An informed populace is a threat to them.

    In addition to that, Americans should stop being loyal to this ridiculously inefficient and dangerous two party system that promotes nothing more than arguing back and forth, finger pointing, republicans are evil people! No it’s democrats who are evil! Well now look, we had a republican at the helm and he took us to war with iraq based on lies (bush jr). Oh but wait, the party of so called peace, democrats, are now embracing their master as he calls for war with syria. So please tell me how these parties differ? In that regard they don’t and it’s because there are greater forces at work than the president who reads from a teleprompter a speech that someone else wrote!

    Hey, if you want war, book a flight to syria and when you get there find yourself some weapons and go fight! Leave the usa out of it. Nope, as long as the sheep have american idol, free cell phones (which to my understanding was a prigram started under the bush admin), and foodstamps they will never see the bloody mess of death and destruction to cities and children that comes with wars that isreal and banks create and finance, with a military industrial complex there to comply so they can share in the wealth.

    How humans have made it this far I have no idea. Instead of focusing on war technology we should be focusing on how we can better improve solar technology, safer nuclear technology, cleaner automobile emissions, safer food, better education for our children, and getting rid of rothschilds funny monolpoly fiat curreny. With all the technology advancements in the last ten to twenty years, what do Americans have to show for it? A cell phone that spys on them. Cars that really havent improved in gas mileage that much over the last thirty years (thanks big oil lobbyists! Honda civics and toyotas were getting 30+ mspg in the 1970’s), solar power research stifled by nuclear and electric companies, etc etc.

    Humans, especially Americans are going backwards. I have been trying to tell Americans all of this for over five years and all but a few have ignored me and laughed at me. Well in another five or so years when this nation is really hurting I will be the one laughing.

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