A Disturbing Video

Every so often there’s a challenge to one’s world view that is disturbing. Often, like this one, it dances on the edge between acceptance and rejection. Between “the data fit what I know” and “that’s crazy talk”. I’ve not settled on a POV on this one. It is somewhat from the “paranoid POV on Evil Bankers dominating the world”; yet the snippets of information cited are correct. So where does the small bit of data end; and the paranoid propaganda begin?

That is what makes it disturbing. I can’t spot the line. Usually I can.

So it could be just a very well done propaganda piece, or it could be “onto something” in an “even paranoids can have real enemies” kind of way.

One example: It cites that The Fed, the U.S. Central Bank, is a private operation owned by a consortium of Banks. That is true. Yet it is also true that the head of it must report to Congress. It is also true that when Government directly runs the Central Bank there is great political pressure to print and inflate. When I was taking Economics, one of the reasons given for the strange hybrid quasi-non-government form was to prevent that political push to print… Yet what do we have? LOADs of dollar printing.

Similarly, the points about gold conversion and petro-dollars are things I have studied. They have the basic economic facts correct. Yet there was a ‘reason’ given in my classes that there really isn’t any other currency able to fund the massive trade in oil. There just are not enough Yen or Euro or whatever. Yet in the back of my mind I’ve always wondered “Why not just price and trade it in ALL currencies? Wine and clothing trade in many currencies, why not oil?” It is those “loose end” nags that this video tickles.

So I’m looking at it and trying to decide just how far along is the point where it goes “off the deep end”, and like all good ‘thriller / chiller / horror shows’; can’t quite tell where the man in the rubber suit takes the stage…

Is it ‘willing suspension of disbelief’?
Is it just really good ‘crazy talk’ propaganda?
Or is it “informed insight”?

And I just don’t know.

That’s disturbing.


I ran into it in a posting on WUWT from Gerald Wilhite so h/t due. In the “post election trends” article comments:


WUWT is the internet’s crown jewel prototype for passive (and sometimes active) citizen participation in good science. Ordinary people learn by watching you guys do what you do. The mix of politics and science seems about right.

That said, I’ll take this rare opening Anthony provided to agree with Peter Hodges and the 14 minute video he recommended. For those who missed it:

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20 Responses to A Disturbing Video

  1. pboucher says:

    Well that’s a spooky video to watch on the birthday of my Marine Corps… This video sort of reminds me of that nagging pain in your body that you’d rather not get checked out about because you figure if you’ve got some deadly disease, you’d rather just enjoy the time you have left than face the problem head on.

  2. pauline emmerson says:

    hell, I see what you mean, it made me feel sick to the pit of my stomach

  3. This video accuses the richest people in the US (thus probably in the world) of being supremely evil. I don’t have the knowledge to decide on whether it’s Truth or Propaganda (as in possibly an Al-Quaida disinformation meant to destabilise The Great Satan).

    I look around at the officials here, the people in power locally, and see maybe some minor human failings but overall a desire to do good, and I’ve met only one person that I could consider as evil (and that was by reputation not my knowledge). As such, my feeling is that the underlying premises of the video can’t be true – people aren’t that bad. The consequences of being wrong here, though, seem pretty dire – whether you wrongfully believe or wrongfully disbelieve.

  4. Petrossa says:

    Based on the law of averages most of them are more shortsighted rather then having grand longterm views. ‘What’s in it for me’ is the prevalent meme imho.

  5. DirkH says:

    I stopped watching it at 4:00 – up to the collapse of the SU their narrative is interesting and in my opinion truthful. Then they mention the Iraq war but fail to mention that Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait first and that the Iraq war was a UN sanctioned affair. So that’s where the black propaganda part in the video begins. Whatever they derive next from their flawed understanding doesn’t interest me.

  6. Keith AB says:

    Come on EE Smith, you are smarter than that, surely.

    This is a bit of BS propaganda generated in Russia and carried by RT and it is designed, as always, to diminish Americans faith in themselves. I have seen so much of this, more crudely done, on African TV networks and the lies they contain are pernicious. 500 000 dead kids , really! That was the nonsense put out by Saddam as he tried to blame sanctions for reduced medical care for kids while he and his rat bastard mates swanned around in Mercs and jets and buying whatever military hardware they wished to use on their own folk and the Persians in that little war before he invaded Kuwait.

    The use of a few “facts” doesn’t make it true. Even the nonsense about the Fed and the gold will be believed by that part of society that gobbles up anything bad about their own country.


  7. adolfogiurfa says:

    There are several other possibilities: 1) That of the rats jumping out of the sinking ship: Those involved have begun to buy real assets all over the world: From gold to lands. If gold runs wild then the third world war has been stopped, the dollar devaluates and the world doesn´t end, believe me; in a couple of years you will be again on your feet. 2) That of those involved choosing another country to rule; in this possibility they have chosen you, your families to die, your country to disappear; perhaps this is why well known members of the “elite” are living already in Shangai or Beijing…..

  8. adolfogiurfa says:

    Investors never put their eggs in just one basket …so chances are they are behind this video too….just in case. It´s a mad, mad, world!

  9. BobN says:

    I believe the FED is truly milking countries with their ability to manipulate currency and make money out of thin air. I believe they have gone wild and with too much greed have created a finance box for themselves. They are over extended and can’t get out, even by trying to put the US taxpayer on the hook to cover their loans. The US needs to end the FED and let the banks fail by not bailing them out. This will create a banking meltdown, but regardless, that’s coming.

    I attribute the whole Middle east policy to the need to protect the oil access. The CIA has had their fingers in things for years and usually get it on the wrong sided. I believe Iraq was primarily about oil supply and doing Saudi Arabia’s bidding. I believe the government thought hey could use the Arab Spring as a way to consolidate their grip on the oil countries. That is why we were running guns to the Libyan Rebels and Syrian rebels and we got caught in the Benghazi cover up. Once again our government tried to control events, but screwed it up, making things worse. Instead of consolidating the hold on the oil countries we have launched a new Caliphate and a Muslim resurgence that will take a few Hundred years to play out, none of it any good.

    What bothers me is the Western Hemisphere is awash in oil, but we are doing everything possible to discourage its use, just look to Obama’s Friday decree, no oil on Federal land and he keeps gobbling up land. The vast oil reserves in the western US has now been put off limits. There are still big private finds as seen by the Bakken field in North Dakota. The government is doing everything to restrict the oil and if rumors hold true the EPA will all but outlaw fracking, putting a total end to the US oil Boom. Does this make sense in light of the middle east problems, but the right hand never looks to what the other hand is doing.

    I believe the “Global Warming” scam was started as a money maker and wealth redistribution effort and oil must be restricted and carbon credits payed for to make this all go. Having abundant cheap oil just doesn’t fit this agenda. Never mind that it has been shown their is no Global Warming, their is an agenda being pushed from the UN and Academia. Even with all the data and the exposed cover up, more Americans support Global Warming as an issue than ever according to the latest polls.

    I think their are a lot of groups driving agendas and being wildly successful at it, but one global group driving it all, I don’t think so. That’s not to say its we aren’t fighting control groups. Agenda 21 is another group that are fighting for control and use what ever argument works for furthering their cause. This year its Sustainability.

    We need to wrestle control from all the lunatic groups. A few radicals can gain an amazing amount of power when the citizens don’t pay attention and sit quietly by when their freedoms are attacked.

  10. adolfogiurfa says:

    This may be the explanation:

  11. p.g.sharrow says:

    @EMSmith; your hesitation is due to disbelief in good and evil being real. “That which is”, God, the great spirit, the soul of the universe is being warred over. There are two concepts, One is “dark” survival of the fittest, winner take all, your Evil bastards. The other is to help others evolve, Get better, become wiser, follow the good Light. Normally the evil bastards fight one another, and the Light scattered. At this time they conspire because they feel the Light has become so strong and organized as to threaten them all. The Light is not losing. The Dark is burning itself out. Have faith my friends, the internet is a great tool, and is better for The Light then it is for the Dark. pg

  12. E.M.Smith says:

    @ 3:15 it calls the ‘petro-dollar’ a financial scam. I think that’s the first clue to bias. There just were not any viable alternative reserve currencies then. The USSR was not ‘convertible’ by they own design. The Yen wasn’t big enough (and was already stressed by foreign exchange issues due to their manufacturing growth) and the Euro didn’t exist. Just a bunch of small local currencies. The UK Pound was larger then, but The Empire was clearly gone and the pound was on the ropes / in decline.

    Yes, the USA got a windfall from the Petro-Dollar (and we will have a large loss as folks move out of dollars when it shrinks too fast). Yes, the USA “cut a deal” with the House of Saud for a protection racket. Yet who else could protect the oil flows? Still to come was the Arab Oil Embargo (where I think we went back and reminded them of ‘the deal’…) and much angst; so clearly this wasn’t a nice neat ‘deal’, but an adaptation.

    Nixon was sometimes called ‘the last Progressive’ during that era, and he followed in the footsteps of Roosevelt in the abandonment / confiscation of gold, bugger the dollar, tax and spend and print. All that is true, but not the fault of The Fed.

    So after some contemplation I think that’s the first clue that the video is ‘drifting’ from reality. It’s a bit subtle as a ‘drift’ and requires a fairly detailed understanding of the history of the moment, specific timing, and more importantly, currency histories and financial understanding. All it talks about is gold and dollars, it’s what is not said about the other currencies that matters.

    @Keith AB:

    It isn’t about ME. And it isn’t, IMHO, about how “smart” any viewer of the video might be. IMHO, it’s about the way the video is crafted to avoid ‘trigger memories’. It plays the ‘negative space’ well. There is little presented that is obviously flat out wrong of fabricated (and what is in that category is often dependent on some fine details of arcane history or knowledge).

    That is what fascinates me about it. How it works. Despite what I know.

    With that said, every one has places where they are missing information (so can be exploited based on that negative space). For example, I don’t know the maker of the video. You assert it came from RT and was made in Russia. I don’t have that information either. All helpful.

    I did notice the hyperbole of dead kids (but it didn’t give enough context to say exactly what it was talking about – place, time, etc.) and did balk at “negative space” of leaving out the Kuwait invasion. So I didn’t ‘swallow it whole’. But DID notice that it was somewhat effective and that there wasn’t enough (for me, based on what I knew about it) to outright reject it.

    It is not a fault to say “This is creepy. I can’t peg it.” It is an admission of self knowledge.

    Oh, and since I don’t watch “African TV networks”, don’t have that context either…

    @pboucher :

    Sorry to disturb the birthday party!

    @pauline emmerson:

    It’s that ‘sinking feeling’ that I noticed too. Then I realized I had no real reason for that feeling, given what I really knew… It was at that point that I asked myself “Why did that work? On me?”

    Normally at that point I’d start down a series of particular ‘vetting’ behaviours. What is the source? What is the affiliation of the maker and distributors? Who are the recommenders? Are any particular facts wrong or ‘out of place’? What is the ‘negative space analysis’? (Things that ought to be there, but are not. Like that Kuwait invasion, or the fact that the $US was the only global capable currency in the 1970s.) I chose not to do that but instead to make this posting, mostly due to two things.

    1) It was the “creepy feeling why effective?” question that was interesting to me.

    2) It was about 3 AM and I am already about a week behind on much more important things and, frankly, didn’t think the content of the video was worth that time sink. Basically, I didn’t “buy it”, but also couldn’t flat out reject it… but that doesn’t make it worth the time to prove rejection.

    So having decided “I’m not wasting time on the research of it”, did want to leave a marker for myself ab out “Why did I NOT have an immediate answer?”… and share that creepy feeling ;-)

    In essence, hoping to get others to flag things I’d not noticed, didn’t know (like the RT source), or would not be ‘digging into’.

    @Simon Derricutt:

    I’ve known some rich folks, but not any astoundingly rich. What is clear, though, is that the “local rich” are not in the same category.

    Furthermore, there are many spectacularly rich in history and ‘in the public eye’. There is plenty of evidence that many of them are significantly different from ‘the rest of us’ and not in a nice way.

    So there are some of each. Good and bad. But all it takes is ‘a few bad’ to have very bad outcomes when they are slinging $Billions and leveraging it to $Trillions. So Maurice Strong and Soros have amply demonstrated a capacity for ‘bad things’ to excess. Soros made his first $Billions by breaking the Bank Of England. Think someone like that would not be interested in the challenge of “breaking The Fed” and “the Buck”? He’s doing everything possible to do so… near as I can tell.

    Yet once I had breakfast with Malcolm Forbes. (Not as important as it sounds. I was one of about 100 folks. Malcolm was ‘into’ hot air ballooning and after the ‘meet’ (at Davis California in the early ’70s) we all went to the local Denny’s for breakfast. He picked up the tab for everyone. A surprise to all of us.) He impressed me as an “OK guy” and generally ‘normal’. Part what I think he liked was that in the ballooning arena, he was “just a guy” like the rest. One pilot among many.

    Sidebar: Steve Forbes was ‘sitting in the truck’ – most balloonists have a large ‘chase vehicle’, many have trucks. He was not very interested in ballooning, near as I could tell. I took it on myself to ‘invite him to join’ the rest of us. I didn’t think of him as a ‘rich kid’, so much as just a kid, a bit bored more likely, surrounded by strangers. At any rate, I made the offer. He declined. I went back to being ground crew. He impressed me as a fairly bright kid, who likely had had some ‘hard times’ from his peer group. Between some rather bad acne and being a bit ‘geeky’, was likely not center of the peer group of rich kids. As we (my group) were also a bit ‘geeky’, I’d thought he would enjoy the group. But respected his desire not to ‘put himself out there’ and have to deal with another group of strangers. Still, felt a bit bad that I’d failed to communicate that ‘we were OK folks and he could just be himself and have a good time’ with us. Then again, kind of hard to do that in two sentences of “hey, wanna join us?”… At any rate, decades later, got to see him on TV as an adult. Looks like he’s gotten past the early acceptance ‘being different’ issues and, IMHO, has turned out rather well. (Not like what I think matters). But the point: A LOT of rich folks are just regular folks who have to deal with money, and what it does to social relationships. Just wish I could have let him know that “we were OK with that” and he could have had some “simple and honest friendship”. Then again, he likely was up to his eyeballs in ‘folks wanting to be friends’ and not wanting to sort out the suckups from the rest…

    Back on topic:

    It is undoubtedly the case, when $Billions to $Trillions are on the line, that there are great efforts to influence and control The Fed. What is a mystery is how (and to some extent ‘if’) they manage to avoid that influence…. This video plays on those doubts and that mystery.


    In the few interactions I’ve had with the power elite, it fits your observation. LOTS of ‘working’ each other for position and “what’s in it for me?”… Some exceptions (like Forbes), but a lot of self interest. Especially among those most new to riches.


    “Real assets” are just another investment category. When financial assets are likely to inflate, everyone moves into “stuff”. Even me (and I’m not rich).


    That Central Banks, globally, are in the sauce is pretty clear. It is the essential outcome of over leverage on long loans with short term deposits; then an economic downturn. Japan is horridly extended. Yet it is a mistake to think that the Central Bankers make money out of this personally.

    Generally, they are just employees.

    The thing that worries me about the behaviour of the Central Banks, though, is that the bailouts were given to major banks… who in many cases ‘own’ The Fed… “That’s a problem.”

    Per the Middle East:

    I think the answer is found in the past. The Deal coming out of The Arab Oil Embargo. Europe was, is, and will be much more dependent on Arab Oil than the USA. But has a legacy of “Empire and Colonialism”. So ‘the deal’ was that the USA would be the stick to assure European oil, and the ‘carrot’ would be ‘wealth beyond the wildest dreams of avarice’ for The House Of Saud.

    We then also got mixed up in supporting a host of Petty Dictators all over the Middle East against the USSR. Once that was out of the way, Daddy Bush went back to ‘clean up’ some of what the C.I.A. / USA had done. Dumping some of that baggage of old dictators. That’s where they didn’t appreciate that the Taliban, et. al.; would mutate into a new Caliphate… At this point, we’ve purged a lot of the “Old Baggage” in Iran, Libya, etc… but created new baggage (that you pointed out will be with us for many decades). One wonders if they will ever realize that sometimes it is better to just stop screwing around with a mess and let it heal on its own…

    The fantasy seems to be some kind of ‘westernized islam’ and the reality is a New Sharia…

    FWIW, the Agenda 21 folks and ‘other power groups’ fit your description of what’s likely at play with oil. I think it makes fair sense if viewed through that late ’70s “oil deal lens”. We likely guaranteed OPEC a load of money in exchange for consistent access. To, now, undercut them with a lot of cheap oil would violate ‘the deal’. Add in that the oil producers do not want lower prices either, exactly WHO at the table has an interest in more oil production? Not the oil company majors. Not OPEC. Not parties to “the deal”. Not the UN (who want carbon taxes). Not the Agenda 21 folks (who want taxes and fear via scarcity). Not the US Government who want ‘the deal’ to keep on working as we get global hegemony on warfare and ‘enough oil’… Not the rich folks invested in the present energy structures. Only some poor sap pumping his own gas… who’s job is to be fleeced.

    @P.G. Sharrow:

    I try to keep reminding myself about The Light. I try to keep a candle lit in my own heart. I try to laugh at the darkness and remember that if flees even in the face of a single small match. And I try to keep my own small light lit…

    Yet the dark is so large, and so enveloping… and it doesn’t need constant tending to stay bright…

  13. p.g.sharrow says:

    There are other candles, their numbers grow, and they are burning brighter. Do not look at your own candle and you will be able to see the others. Your own candle is a brilliant beacon to many others. pg

  14. p.g.sharrow says:

    Today is a good day for Burnt Offerings to the GOD of Carbon and Life. Don’t forget the Wave Offering. ;-) pg

  15. DirkH says:

    E.M.Smith says:
    10 November 2012 at 10:37 pm
    “It’s that ‘sinking feeling’ that I noticed too. Then I realized I had no real reason for that feeling, given what I really knew… It was at that point that I asked myself “Why did that work? On me?” ”

    A known side effect of caffeine is paranoia. I’m an eager espresso drinker, so paranoid videos can work for me, but I know why they do fully well. Knowing that, I can snap into and out of the mood the video makers wish to create quite easily, or be in and out of the flow at the same time, one piece of me tracking the technical tricks they pull off, like the eternal dramatic music (that I enjoy a lot). Is it still paranoia when one is aware of it? :-)

    “2) It was about 3 AM and I am already about a week behind on much more important things ”

    Same with me. I’m a lazy sod.

  16. Anonimouse says:

    Here are some rather disorganized thoughts to consider:

    Iran hasn’t attacked any country since 17xx. Agitprop. They haven’t officially declared war on anyone but have financed, trained, and armed those who have attacked the US and Israel among others!! Remember the Marines blown up in Lebanon and Jews blown up in South America?? Financed by Iran!!

    It was the largest financial con in history. He thinks the people who run the federal reserve banks, which are multinational, are too stupid to understand what was done?? HAHAHAHAHAHA

    Agitprop, Ignores food for oil where we supposedly sent food and medical supplies to Iraq in exchange for oil. Unfortunately he ignores that Sodam Insane, the UN and multiple companies collaborated in enrichening themselves at the expens of the Iraqi people. It was NOT the sanctions that hurt the people. It was the GREED of Sodam and those he dealt with!!! The sanctions only made it easy and allowed propaganda BS like this one!!!

    The fact of Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction was never in question as they USED THEM!!! The only question is how they disposed of them before the invasion. Again, more sgitprop. There were some bits and pieces still laying around. he also totally ignores that the Bushir Nuclear Research facility was mothballed in perfect condition just waiting for the arms inspectors to go away for a restart. Iraq had plans for a functional bomb and 1.5 tons of low level enriched unraium and over 15 tons of yellowcake. They also had a laser enrichment program and numerous projects working on dual purpose systems to produce WMD to hide it from the wepaons inspectors. Toxins and Letahl bacteria were all found in Iraq in small amounts hidden from their development projects.

    What is being totally ignored here is that Nixon made a deal with the Saudi KING!! The Saudi King and other Muslim leaders. The Saudi King has been exporting Wahabbism, the fundamentalist version of Islam closest to the Quran, for decades. They are closely aligned with the Muslim Brotherhood although I don’t think in control. They have also ignored the OIC, Organization of Islamic Conference (http://www.oic-oci.org/home.asp), who are basically the the seed of the next caliphate. What I am leading to is that the US to maintain the agreement with the OIC has been helping the Jihadis to take countries. This may have been primarily sold to others in the US as fighting the “Evil Empire”, BUT, basically we are helping to expand Islam for the OIC!!! We have been completely infiltrated due to this collaboration similarly to how the Soviets infiltrated us!! Policies in the US have been determond by a mash of these differeing strong influences including our prickly alliance with Israel.

    No mention at all of the continuing violent activities in Lebanon against the Lebanese people and Jews.

    The primary problem with thsi video is that it tries to shrink the many and varied threats and influences into a very narrow single conspiracy.

    The absolute failure is that most of the Federal Reserve Banks are NOT American. Again, they are Multinational!! He also ignores that these people do NOT profit by starting WWIII with nukes!!!

    Notice he never mentions issues like Putin’s resuming its nuclear brinkmanship!!! Agitprop. He doesn’t really know who and what any more than we do. He IS trying to cause a disruption that will only alow these power brokers to take absolute control. WHO has the money, influence, arms, manpower, and organization to win an insurrection?? Certainly not a bunh of Americans who are totally disorganized and have no heavy wepaons. Think red dawn and guerilla warfare against our OWN military, police, border patrol and then throw in UN troops and other “allies”!!

  17. I watched half the video. Enough to realize that the lies to truth ratio was greater than 5:1.

    Like all grand conspiracy theories, this video describes a ruling elite that is smart enough and evil enough to unite in a grand design. It is so much simpler than that. Our ruling elites conspire to remain…….our ruling elites.

  18. David says:

    Evil Bastards cannot long cooperate, befoe they eat each other. Yes, the video is a great over simlification, with most of it false for what it ignores, not for overtly false statements.

    Some more concerning the iraq affair, which, after reading several hundred pages, I decided was not the right move, primarily because the Middle East is simply to full of Islamist, all insane, an utterly unpredictable powder keg, and a population like that really will self destruct without a dictator of some form. Unfit for democracy, (sheep eaten by wolves, not capable of undefrstanding the US republic), *does the US understand its own founding principles anymore? However the decision was defensible…

    The US Iraq war was far different then this action in Lybia.
    Saddams invasion of Kuwait, and Iran and threatened invasion of the Saudi Arabia with his goal being the Northern Saudi Oil fields, along with known development of WMD, which he constantly bragged about, along with his insane actions, were a legitiament cause for concern.

    Other reasons.and background, not in the video…
    The failure of containment and sanctions which began in 1990. Sadam’s malinvestment of oil profits into weapons had resulted in Iraq importing 2 million tons of wheat each year, four times their domestic production, whereas in the 1960s they were self sufficient. The sanctions actually forced some sanity in their economy as by 1995 Iraq had managed a 50% increase in wheat production. Intially there was no large scale famine. Problems primarily involved breakdowns in sanitation and power, leading to disease.

    Overtime however these problems increased and the central government was unable to effectively respond. Sadam threatened Kuwait in 1994 and the Arbil attack in 1995. UNSCR 986 was passed in 1996, and the oil for food program was accepted by Iraq. Government corruption as well as near hyperinflation created as much if not more problems then the food shortages.

    Saddam considered himself al-qa’id ad-darura, the “indispensable leader” the new Nebuchadnezzar and al-Mansur, the caliph who built Baghdad. He was also Salidin, the Islamic general who defeated the Crusaders and retook Jerusalem for Islam. He even placed his image on school books as a representation of Saladin. These and other appellations show that Saddam considered himself to be the leader of the Arab nation, the restorer of past glory. He stated this goal often and did not hesitate to explain his desire to lead a new super power, and he intended to use the military to achieve his goals. His intention to liberate Jerusalem was also often stated. Saddam’s actions time and again showed that his megalomania resulted in radical choices, and if he achieved control of the gulf oil fields he would use this wealth for his political ambitions and war machine, and he would use both oil and WMDs as a tool to bend the world to his will.

    Saddam was a supporter of international terrorism and he competed with Egypt for control of the PLO, later switching his support to the more radical ANO. Only the fact that Iraq was losing the Iran/Iraq war in the 1980s caused Saddam to back off of his most open support for terrorism in hopes of western support against Iran. Previous to the 2002 US invasion Iraq was providing a home for the PLO and the ANO and other Islamist groups. They were supporting the Kurdistan Workers Party and their operations against Turkey, the Mujahedine-e Khalq and their operations against Iran, Hamas and other PLO organizations. He provided refuge for the hijackers of the Achille Lauro. He attempted to assassinate Bush 1 in 1993.

    WMD program. Saddam had a robust WMD program. After the gulf war it was learned that he had predeceased orders to launch missels with biological and chemical weapons into Tel Aviv if the coalition marched on Baghdad. The threat of a Nuclear exchange with Israel was a threat to the world.

    Compared to Obama and Libyia…
    Qhdaffi had given up his WMD and paid finacial restitution for past terror. He was no threat to neighbors and was well contained. Iraq was far more stable under Bush, then it is now under Obama, with far more Americans being killed by “Friendly ” Iraq fire and murder of our troops, who often are not allowed to carry weapons despite being murdered by “friends”. Iraq now appears likely to regress, but, do to past Bush actions, still has a small chance to succeed. Libya has become a hot bed for Al queada and other terrorist. Afganistan is gone. Obama gave US weopons to terrorist in Lybia, and was trying or suceeding in moving said weapons against Syria’s Assad rule. The entire region is now a powder keg of Islamic extremist volatility with Russias Putin threatening that WWIII is likely to start in Syria. Obama, achieved a nobel peace prize based on his words before he did anything, while his actions threaten the world.

    His double standards know no bounds….
    Barack Obama –
    “The president does not have power under the Constitution to unilaterally authorize a military attack in a situation that does not involve stopping an actual or imminent threat to the nation.” December 20, 2007

    “Now let me be clear: I suffer no illusions about Saddam Hussein. He is a brutal man. A ruthless man. A man who butchers his own people to secure his own power. The world, and the Iraqi people would be better off without him. But I also know that Saddam poses no imminent and direct threat to the United States, and that in concert with the international community he can be contained until, in the way of all petty dictators, he falls away into the dustbin of history.” March 27, 2007

    “I think the first question is whether we should have gone into the war in the first place. Six years ago, I opposed this war because I said that not only did we not know how much it was going to cost, what our exit strategy might be, how it would affect our relationships around the world, & whether our intelligence was sound, but also because we hadn’t caught bin Laden.” September 26, 2008

    Obama, far more seriousely and directly, actually violated everyone of his own statements in Lybia. Bush risked “Muslims gone wild”, but tried to prevent it, Obama promotes it.

    Those who are searching for a moderate Reformation of Islam are likely to be disappointed; the Islamic Revival and Arab Spring is coming in the form militant expansion of Islam rather than in the form of a tolerant, spiritual form of Islam. Look at the killings in Mumbai India, the slaughter of Russian school children in Breslan, Madrid, London, New York, and Bali. Westerners are not the primary target of the Jihadi; it is often other Muslim, think Darfur. In the 90’s, in Algeria, in a conflict most Americans never heard of, 150,000 Muslims were killed by Jihadi. Anyone who thinks this will all go away after the Jihadi murder the last Isrealis are sadly mistaken. Spain used to be Andulusia and has to be returned to Muslim control. Yugoslavia used to under the control of Muslims and will have to be returned to their control; etc etc

    If you really want to see a disturbing movie, watch 2016 Obama’s America, narrated mostly by who else, Obama himself in his own words.

  19. Here’s my assessment of where we are today, after sixty-seven years (2012 – 1945 = 67 yrs) of purposefully deceitful science to enslave the world and protect world leaders from the threat of nuclear annihilation.


    It’s not a pleasant conclusion, but it fits:

    1. Kazuo Kuroda’s observations in 1945
    2. George Orwell’s prediction in 1948
    3. NASA’s deceitful actions in 1995
    4. Climategate emails in 2009
    5. The demise of society

    With deep regrets,
    – Oliver K. Mnauel
    Former NASA Principal
    Investigator for Apollo

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