Immigration Reform For The Modern World

OK, we’ve got the ‘code words’ of “immigration reform” being bandied all over the place. For Democrats it means “Pack the voter roles with poor folks and promise them goodies” and for Republicans it means “bring in cheap labor – those U.S. citizens are expensive.” For the exiting U.S. Citizenry, it means fewer jobs available at decent wages and dilution of your vote.

So what to do?

First off, you can’t really address the real issues without looking at Mexico and Canada. What do THEY need and want?

Canada has their population mostly smeared along the southern edge, snuggled as close to warmth as they can get. They also have a bit of a labor shortage in places like the mining and oil extraction areas.

Mexico has a problem with high population growth and an economic structure that ‘has issues’. Lots of folks wanting work, but not enough for them. Many Mexicans wanting the dream of the north: just to be living as free citizens with a decent standard of living.

IMHO, the way to “fix that” is really pretty simple. But it isn’t doing things the way either party is doing them today.

First off, dilution of voting rights:

We need to separate voting rights (citizenship) from residency. Do what has been done in many European countries. You are a citizen if born to parents who are citizens. Get rid of that “born on this dirt is enough” and the “vacation births” to pick up U.S. Citizenship evaporates. Now it won’t matter if a flood of folks come in with an “urge to tax for free stuff”.

Second, decent wage jobs:

A legal resident is much less willing to work for dirt cheap and keep their mouth shut about abuses. Make residency easy to get and make the underground population of illegal aliens legal residents. However, make this symmetrical. U.S. Citizens get to have ‘residency on demand’ in Mexico or Canada too. Yes, just “open the doors” to free migration anywhere in the USA, Mexico, Canada for anyone who’s a citizen of any of the three. (Note: Due to the prior change to citizenship / voting rights, they all still vote in their own country…)

Now you have two beneficial effects. A boat load of old Norte Americano Gringos start heading south to warm places in droves. Personally, I’d be living in Mexico inside a year. Much lower costs, love the food, like the warmth… That takes with them a boat load of economic growth and demand for services and products. Mexico suddenly has a lot of jobs for their citizens at home. At the same time, a load of Canadians get to ‘over winter’ anywhere from Florida to Acapulco if they like. Nice to thaw out ;-) Similarly, all those Mexicans get to apply for jobs, legally, in all those places that need workers. Being as all they need to show to be a ‘legal resident’ is their Mexican passport, they can be more choosy about wages and treatment. Wage pressure will be less. Furthermore, more of them will be wanting to stay in Mexico to take jobs there in the newly growing sectors of “gringo care and feeding” and “Geezer burial at sea”.

This lets the markets equalize the economic pressures between the different regions, while not shifting the political complexion of any of them (votes stay in the home country, remember?) It also lets seasonal migrations happen in sync with the weather. Pickers and builders can come north when it’s warm, and everyone can go south for the winter to live in lower cost lower fuel demand areas.

Personally, I’d like to pick up a little ‘shack’ somewhere in a semi-desert area of middle Mexico for use in the winter, then return to the USA for the summer. Hey, if it’s good enough for Hummingbirds, it’s good enough for me! ;-)


I can hear some folks gasping that this would be chaos. Maybe the first year. Things would rapidly stabilize after that.

First off, the entire illegal alien problem with Mexicans goes away. POOF! Gone. (Still have the issue of illegal Chinese, Europeans, etc. etc. but now enforcement can be VERY focused). Folks already here just pick up their Mexican passport and show it.

Second, the flood of workers will help pay for social security and all the other things we can’t cover due to not enough workers.

Third, we already have a load of folks who retire to lower cost places. This makes it easier, and makes for quite a boom of the Mexican economy.

Fourth, Canadians can still embrace their unique Canadian culture and enjoy their huge and mostly empty land; but don’t have to spend December to March frozen if they don’t want to… All those cities that are smack up against the border (on both sides) can spread out in either direction as desired. Canadians wanting to have a weekend in Orlando can just hop a plane. (Rather like it was some years back when just showing a drivers license got you through the border). Americans wanting to drive to Toronto for a show just head on over. This has the secondary effect of making Alaska less isolated. It is no longer an ordeal to drive from one part of the USA to the other (at least, not in terms of legal issues… just physical challenges…) At the same time, getting labor to work in the oil fields during summer (when you can get to places and do things) becomes easier too.

Where do I see “issues”?

Well, somewhere around the 2nd generation there will be kids with a citizenship who have never been in ‘their’ country. Probably need some modestly easy way for them to ‘swap’ if desired. Then again, for many folks it just won’t matter much.

The increase in ‘seasonal migration’ will cause some northern cities to have winter population lows and some southern cities to have winter peaks. Well, Florida has had ‘snowbirds’ for a generation or two and it doesn’t seem to be a big deal. More condos get built and fewer ‘ranch homes’. You get a population that spends part of the year in a ‘camper’ or ‘caravan’. I’m good with that. There’s a pretty good flow of seasonal workers, along with the seasonal non-workers. At most there’s a bit of a building boom to make more temporary accommodations. I don’t see that as bad.

There is more fuel used for migrating, but offset by less used for winter heating. I think that’s a wash. Probably some traffic issues at particular months on some North / South routes that are presently slightly used.

Cultural fusion. Over time, the cultures will merge into each other. As this is already happening, I don’t see where speeding it up some matters much. California and Texas have been “fusion” places for 200 years. As I could order (mediocre) Mexican food in downtown Tokyo, I think there’s a demand for more ‘variety’ in life. The Americas have been a cultural fusion from the very beginning. Heck, maybe some Quebecois can help regenerate the French culture of New Orleans. Yes, if you expect to have some kind of Brady Bunch hypothetical American Lifestyle, you will be disappointed. Then again, that has never been real. From the Italians in Chicago to the Italians in Argentina and from the Germans in Ohio to the French of New Orleans, we’ve always been something other than that ‘1950s fantasy’ culture. I can’t imagine California without our Mexican cultural mix, nor Texas without “Tex-Mex” cooking and culture. But for some folks that will be stressful.

Some jobs do get price pressure. ANY new influx of labor will initially have a price pressure on wages. Over time, that equalizes. Yet it can be traumatic. The H1b visa program basically destroyed wages in Silicon Valley for computer support folks. (I saw available work drop and prices cut). But that brings up another point. I’d eliminate the H1b visa program. At least for the duration of a decade or so as things ‘settle’. Let the continental market settle first, then look at importing folks from the other side of the world.

Minimum Wage Disparity. There will be many laws that have regional disparities. Minimum Wage is the most obvious. Some folks in Mexico living on near nothing will see $10 / hour as a gold mine and flood north. I think they will rapidly realize that costs here are way high too. Over time, the movement of folks to cheaper places to live will raise labor demand there and thus wages (or if it isn’t enough to shift them significantly, then more folks will move to the lower cost places). Just like folks live in New York City where costs are astronomical, and could move to Kansas instead, there will always be some regional variations that persist. You don’t see all the folks in Kansas moving to Chicago or NYC for the higher wages… Yet there will be ‘point event’ issues at the merge that will take a few years to sort out and equilibrate. Things like “who pays for health care where?”.

But consider the alternative. Ongoing flood of illegal aliens, living a lie and left out of society. The USA with an aging and unsustainable demographic profile. All those Canadians shivering on the border, looking south ;-)

So that’s what I’d do for “Immigration Reform”. Leave the economic migration wide open for all, but leave the citizenship as a separate entity that you have to want to get and work for. Symmetrical over all of North America.

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23 Responses to Immigration Reform For The Modern World

  1. J Martin says:

    I agree with a lot, most of what you say most of the time, but this time around I’m afraid I just have to give what might be a controversial reply.

    Make residency easy to get and make the underground population of illegal aliens legal residents. However, make this symmetrical. U.S. Citizens get to have ‘residency on demand’ in Mexico or Canada too. Yes, just “open the doors” to free migration anywhere in the USA, Mexico, Canada for anyone who’s a citizen of any of the three.

    And the US and Canada will become third world countries overnight. The English language in North America will be destroyed. These two things go hand in hand.

    If you look at those islands where one half is English and the other Spanish (or other non Germanic language), or one half is Dutch and the other Spanish (or other non Germanic language), the English or Dutch half is the better organised and more prosperous.

    Same on a larger scale in the EU, compare Scandinavian, Dutch, German, English economies and rights and freedoms to Greece, Spain, Portugal.

    Is there something innate about language that determines economic success and civilisation etc etc ? I think there may be.

    In the past cultures and languages have been subsumed by immigrants and the US is headed on a suicidal course by pandering to the linguistic demands of Spanish speaking immigrants. History has shown that it is best to immerse those immigrants and especially their children in the language of the new land, in this case US English. To do anything else when the immigrants illegal or otherwise are out-breeding the native population is inevitable long term linguistic and cultural suicide. And I believe also economic suicide, though at 16 trillion and counting the ‘natives’ have made a pretty good start to economic destruction anyway.

    Force the removal of the Spanish language from Mexico and French from Quebec then open the doors by all means.

    Personally I have always regarded the failure of the US to educate immigrants in English and the increasing use of multilingual signs as the beginning of the end of the most effective language the World has ever known, English.

    Is Spanish a better language than English, have Spanish speaking nations ever achieved levels of civilistaion and economics and justice that have matched or exceeded English or other Scandinavian or Germanic type languages ? I don’t think so.

    I fear the loss of English as the worlds de-facto lingua franca and as a result I have long regarded Spanish as nothing more than a form of pollution.

  2. Nickle says:

    Still have the issue of illegal Chinese, Europeans, etc. etc. but now enforcement can be VERY focused

    So why can’t it be focused now?

    I think the problem is a bit more fundamental. Migration is optional. Countries have a choice about how much and whom. That’s a crucial point. Second, in built into human behaviour are strong morals or innate beliefs over fairness. People strongly don’t like being taken advantage of by others. I suspect this goes back millions of years to our ancestors.

    What’s going on is that people are arriving, getting the benefits without contributing in. This is forced on people by governments. People don’t get the vote on whether or not they accept it.

    What should be done, is that you can migrate, the country to which you migrate should impose the rule that you can stay so long as you pay more tax than the average government spend per head. Then you are an economic benefit to the host country. You’re also unlikely to end up a criminal, because you’ve got a big stake.

    Migration is optional

  3. J Martin says:

    And on the subject of birth rates. In the UK immigrants from Muslim countries and other cultures that exercise no birth control have families of 5 or 6 kids and thanks to UK social security then have an income from the state that exceed that which most workers can earn who were born here and who’s families have been here (UK) for generations.

    Those minorities then riot because youth unemployment is massive and they blame the government for not providing them with jobs and accuse their host country of racism as a result.

    But no country can grow an economy and jobs at at a rate that can cope with an average of more than 3 kids per family. When the immigrant youth riot over lack of jobs and money and housing, they should blame the real cause of their problems, namely their parents for having too many children.

    The UK is set on a course of self destruction.

  4. omanuel says:

    Thanks E.M.Smith for your frank analysis of ‘code words’ for “immigration reform”:

    Democrats: “Pack the voter roles with poor folks and promise them goodies”
    Republicans: “Bring in cheap labor – those U.S. citizens are expensive.”

    Please allow me to add an abbreviated summary of the views of Bruce Lipton and Tom Campbell for all citizens of today’s troubled world:

    Post-1945 actions of world leaders are the equivalent of social suicide, because
    _ a.) Responses based on truth will advance any living species
    _ b.) Responses based on misinformation destroy any species

    Here is the record of deceptive government science post-1945 (1946-2012):

    This video by Bruce Lipton and Tom Campbell explains the need for mankind to accept reality and ourselves as part of, not rulers of, the beautiful universe that surrounds us and sustains our lives

  5. Nickle says: Page 4.

    Immigration isn’t the reason that the UK will destruct. See the above link for the reason why.

    4.7 trillion of debt hidden off the books. On top of the borrowing and other debts. Tax revenues, 0.5 trillion. Current spending, 0.73 trillion. I make that a massive spending habit and addiction, and 14 times geared on income.

    Migration isn’t the solution because we’re importing the wrong sort of migrants. It’s not the high earners, its the low waged, who compete against the benefit claimants.

    So, the simple answer, is that the state is defrauding you.

    The result? Well I agree. Its riots. Without their giro, with no pension and no savings, lots of people will riot.

  6. J Martin says:

    Native (non immigrant) Western (EU) populations have had a falling birth rate. I would argue that in the absence of immigration that this is a natural and normal and healthy process that a civilised society would naturally undergo by choice which would serve to increase the standard of living for the population.

    Take the UK for instance, most people live in poor quality housing sharing walls and noise with neighbours and not having sufficient space. Once an economy has reached a certain level of civilisataion and more especially technology, to provide for that population’s needs, then the birth rate will fall, allowing more space for people to have detached and larger houses and in the process acquire both a better standard of living and quality of life.

    The population fall would then level off and the population would then stabilise at the size that would allow that country to comfortably support a good lifestyle for it’s population, in the case of the UK I would guess that might be a drop in population from 65 million to about 25 million or less.

    Thus an immigrant population that has an uncontrolled birth rate is a form of cancer that will destroy a country’s standard of living and quality of life.

  7. adrianvance says:

    We had this problem solved from 1940 to 1964 with the Bracero programs and threw it away, probably because the elected ruling class couldn’t get enough graft from it.

    Most families do not want to leave Mexico, their homes, families and friends. If the man can come here for a few months or years and solve their money problems, then go home we will not have all the social welfare costs.

    Collect taxes from the men and then offer them all their money back if, and when, they leave, but send them home with an AK 47, a box of bullets and a booklet entitled, “Repare’ Su Patria.”

    Come see us at The Two Minute Conservative at: and when you speak fine ladies will swoon and liberal gentlemen will weep.

  8. Nickle says:

    Well poor housing – most of that’s supplied by the state in the UK.

    Not able to afford housing? Look at the living wage. Taxed 4K a year.

    Median wage earner on 26K a year. If your NI had gone in the FTSE over the last 40 years, you would have a fund of 550,000 pounds. Instead you get a state pension of 130,000 pounds, and that is the bulk of the 4.7 trillion they won’t pay.

    I think that migration is a small part of the problem. The real problem is the state by a long way.

    What we need are migrants who are an economic benefit and what we don’t need are migrants that are net consumers. I don’t care if they are black white yellow or green. If you can earn over 40K per migrant, then you’re going to speak English, and you’re a net contributor. So long as you meet the test, you’re welcome to stay.

    You’ll also find they have fewer children, will be better educated, …

    But that’s not what’s going to happen. We will get hoards of economic migrants as the EU collapses, and then the UK will go to. Just like the US. The reason is people who’ve been defrauded of 420K find out, and then find out the 130K left as a promise, is just a promise, not a reality.

    It’s the state. It’s always the state.

  9. BobN says:

    Stop allowing dual citizenship if the other countries don’t reciprocate. We give much more benefits than a lot of other countries and people take advantage of that. I know 9 people that came hear, worked 10 years, long enough to get social security sent to them. They then left and went home and we send them checks. Maybe the solution is to not have any Social Security checks sent out of the country.
    With Open borders the education system will further degrade.

  10. E.M.Smith says:

    Maybe it’s my perspective as a Californio. We’re already a “minority” here. THE majority in California is women (all races), then you get into the “less than halves” of various sorts. Don’t know what the caucasian-non-hispanic percent is right now, but it’s not a majority.

    So we’re already “living the dream”, but with the immigrants voting for more free stuff. Only way I see to fix that is to limit who gets to vote to those already here legally.

    It’s very clear that NOBODY is going to enforce the border nor limit illegal immigration. Just not going to happen. I take that as a given. Democrats want as much of it as they can get. California is a great model from their point of view… All Dems all the time… Republicans might have done something had they won this time. Now they see appeasement of HIspanics as essential, so they can suck up to HIspanics with another “amnesty” (by whatever they name it) and get their business buddies happy too.

    Given that, the only way I see to make it work is to limit the vote to your ‘home’ country and embrace the merge.

    Per language as cultural determinant:

    I spent years on that one. Learned a few languages along the way. There IS some truth to it. For example. Mañana vs. Tomorrow. One means “I’ll get to it later, maybe” the other means “There’s hope for the future”. ( “tomorrow, tomorrow, there’s always tomorrow”…)

    Yet my inspection has shown that The Socialism Shiny Thing is no respecter of language. So England gave it a whirl post W.W.II… leading to Maggy… And Peru tried it, leading to the present rather well run Peru after they recovered.

    Spain ran a large and effective empire and was in a Race Condition with England and France. Almost won, too. So not exactly ‘under performing’.

    I’ve also had lot of working side by side with Hispanics. Very strong work ethic, generally. Just have a nice strong party ethic too ;-) (One which I enjoy, BTW…)

    At this point I’d typically rant a bit about poor government structures and corruption in Hispanic countries… but since we’re well on our way to the same thing, I have to say now that it doesn’t seem so tied to language and culture either.


    The education system is already trash. Unless it goes to a voucher system, it’s toast anyway. It’s largely a political indoctrination system driven by Central Planning now, IMHO. The spouse is quitting after this year. Can’t stand it any more. Spends more time filling out forms and attending mandatory meetings than teaching kids. BOTH Bush, with Nickel-B, and the Democrats, with ‘social programs’ are to blame.

    Over 1/2 the kids in the local schools are already Hispanic anyway, so give it a decade and it’s a majority HIspanic place. Demographics is destiny. I’d just like the option of retiring in a lower cost Hispanic Mexico than in a high cost Hispanic California ;-)

    Oh, and I want my SS Check sent to me in Mexico to…


    Well, yes. And your point is?…

    IFF we could get someone to do the “Language, borders, culture” thing and assure that “he who does not work shall not eat” there’d be a path to take. As that just isn’t going to happen, how can it be best handled? Wait for the “surprise” collapse at the end? Or embrace the process now and get something usable out of it (reciprocity and lower cost retirement).

    Yes, “the west” has borrowed its way through life and is expecting to borrow its way to a comfy retirement. We both know that won’t work.

    Your alternatives are:

    1. Keep singing as the boat sinks. Have positive attitude and smile a lot.
    2. Find a new boat.
    3. Shoot some folks in the boat.
    4. Try to make a better boat of what’s floating around.

    I’m all for #2, but haven’t found one really likely to so well. We’re on the eave of W.W.III and not a lot of places will be quite backwaters. They don’t want me. ( Frankly, if I could run off ot New Zealand right now, I’d do it. But last I looked they didn’t want ’50 something’ folks.)

    We both know that our political class is doing #1 and that it won’t work.

    I’m looking to some way to do #4 with the junk I’ve got available.

    Most likely we’re going to end up at #3, but nobody is sure who has the guns and ammo.

    We can’t have a ‘focused’ enforcement that includes illegal Mexicans now, due to the Republicans being afraid of the present crop of Amnesty Democrats and the Democrats now seeing every new one as one more vote. (Thus my desire to limit the vote being handed out to illegals via yet more amnesty or ‘baby tourism’…)

    @J Martin:

    Women’s education level is the largest determiner of birth rate. The “European west” is below replacement rate due to high education levels. The immigrants take a generation (or two) to make the transition. Unfortunately, by then, the population / culture can completely shift.

    Only choices are to accept it, or limit immigration (and educate the new arrivals like crazy ;-)

    Yes, there is a cultural element. My Good Catholic grandparent who married a Good Amish lady had 13 kids. My So-so Catholic Dad who married a Protestant had 4 kids. My college educated wife and I had 2 kids. Neither of us is Catholic nor Amish. (My mother was one of 9 kids). BTW, the economy provided jobs for all those folks and that growth rate. But it was more of a free market economy…

    Yes, The State offering goodies is the major problem. Yes, religious doctrine that promotes “Be Fruity and Multiply” makes it worse. Women with Ph.Ds tend to offset those… As do world wars…

    BTW, France has been a very important and successful empire at times in their history. Spain too. (Kicked out the “Moors” and founded an empire from the Philippines through South America to Africa and a large chunk of Europe…) It’s not the language that is limiting.

    After all, we are not all speaking Latin now, are we? And both Latin and Greek empires existed and dominated. Same thing for Egyptian Coptic.

    I’ve put a LOT of years into exploring exactly that question. “What language is most effective for logical thought?” “What language is most effective for cultural progress?”

    There isn’t one. Whatever language you speak best, works best. Some language groups have had more drift into collective attitudes than others, but need I point out it came from a German? The early works of Socialism have a German root. The Spanish monarchy resisted for quite a long time, but eventually fell. The French Republic was highly important to the advancement of science and the Enlightenment.

    You can go down that path for a very long ways, and a very long time. I have.

    At the end you find that while some languages have minor biases or benefits, they are not nearly as important as the pollution of broken ideas. (Ideas that originated in German…) Was China any more or less organized due to speaking Chinese as it went from roving bands, to Empires, to Mao, to chaos, to the present “Third Way” semi-kleptocracy?

    As to any non-language bias based on origin, that’s a very long, and very volatile discussion that I’d rather avoid. I’ve also spent a LOT of time exploring population genetics. In the end, individual variation swamps everything else.

    So can a “Protestant Work Ethic” beat “Mañna” as a productive society base? Sure. Then again, I’m happy to drink Dos XX beer on the beach and eat burritos… so maybe it’s more to do with a nice warm location and understanding that money isn’t happiness…

    BTW, a load of Germans ( Goths) dominated Spain for quite a while. Most of those Hispanics have some German and Celtic ancestry… and the Spanish language reflects that in how they use the two verbs for ‘to have’. One is a direct lift from Germanic “have” as helper verb….

    So it’s going to be hard to convince me that a Latin base with Germanic overlay is inferior to a Germanic base with Latin overlay… (Spanish vs English). English is very simplified (we tossed out most of the gender and case marking) but Spanish is similar in many ways (also tossed a lot of case marking, but kept gender and number marking). Structurally much more alike than different, IMHO. (Japanese is ‘way different’ and with a bizzare writing system; and any of the Hamitic / Semitic languages are structurally quite different – though there’s a hint of them in the Germanic family tree as an ancient substratum. Don’t get me started on Finnish / Hungarian family… more case endings than God… BTW, I suspect the Fino-Hungarian language group is likely best for organized thinking – even has a case ending for ‘asymptotic’… but better learn it as a kid…) In short, the two languages are ‘kissing cousins’.

    It’s the cultural normative values that matter, and they migrate over time between cultures. Look at the spread of Catholicism over Europe from 300 AD to about 1300 AD. Language didn’t matter so much. Then Luther came along. Again language didn’t matter so much. (Then Marx, and all hell broke loose ;-)

  11. John Robertson says:

    I like it. As a canadian it sure would be nice and the present setup is not working.And the ability of workers to go where the work is and be able to walk out on the slavers is a real benefit. Might help with the tyranny of demographics, if the city poor can walk out.

  12. crosspatch says:

    It is sad that the phrase “self-deportation” was misunderstood and spun into something other than what was meant. The idea with it is that if you check the job applicant against the Social Security database and impose significant penalties for hiring illegals, they would go home. Obama has foiled that approach, though, by throwing open our welfare arms to immigrants. They can now arrive here and immediately go on welfare and not have to worry about work.

    A key clue to what is going on is to notice the lack of pushback from organized labor to illegal immigration. That is because they are not worried about these illegals as long as they don’t take their jobs. Obama opening up the welfare gates is actually to appease organized labor. f he didn’t do that, the labor unions would demand tighter immigration control.

  13. omanuel says:

    We are all immigrants or offspring of immigrants. But immigration policies are being used now, in my opinion, to destroy national constitutions and to build a tyrannical one-world government under the UN.

    We will all (immigrants and non-immigrants) learn how to work together to restore civilian control over government, or we will all sink together.

  14. Gösta Oscarsson says:

    “People” write about birth rates, but most of us are really doing it based on old knowledge. I then deeply recommend the readers of this challenging blog to look into Gapminder, run by a compatriot to me Hans Rosling. Use his easily manged graphical instrument for demographic analysis (combined with figures on the economy) and you will then find that for instance Iran, during the period of the Mullahs, has lowered its birth rate from six children per woman to 1.9 (a little lower than Sweden). The speed by which this has happened can be compared with that in Quebec in the period 1950 – 70. The only area which is largely untouched by this birth rate revolution is Africa south of Sahara (and Afganistan).

    To complicate maters a little I know that immigrants to Sweden from “third world” countries tend to stick to old fasions as to the number of children. If this is due to a selective immigration or that they basically are isolated from both their country of origin and their new country, I do not know.

    Gösta Oscarsson

  15. adolfogiurfa says:

    The idea of issuing/enforcing laws about emigration/immigration it´s like trying to control prices, stopping inflation or to control currencies….it is useless, be it in the short or long term.
    Life can not be engineered. Those who have tried it before…usually ended as we all know.

  16. Adrian Camp says:

    I have a thing which I call ‘greater shithole theory’. Sorry about that, feel free to bleep it out. It states that given free entry, people will come to your country so long as their own is a greater shithole. You can’t blame them, that’s how it is. They’ll only stop coming when the shitholeness is equal. The problem is for the indigenous, or in fact anyone already resident. For them ,the place will only get worse until it is as bad as the worst source of immigration.

    And didn’t California have a hispanic majority before largely unwelcome immigration brought in anglos? (Not counting the natives, of course).

  17. philjourdan says:

    First off, it will never happen.

    Second, from a strictly selfish perspective. I love it. Yes, like you, I would be retiring down in Mexico. The weather is perfect, and the prices are even better, The only draw back are the Cartels. So now that you have solved the immigration issue, you have to marry that with the drug issue.

    Subject of the next blog entry?

  18. Power Grab says:

    The idea of having all of the people of North America (or at least half of them?) migrating with the seasons reminds me of what it’s like to live in a college town. When the population swells by about 50 percent during 9 months of the year, then that means you have to have sufficient infrastructure (water, electricity, sewage, streets, housing) to take care of the population at its highest counts. But for 3 (really 4) months out of the year, it feels nice and roomy. Of course, the folks who want the highest revenue don’t really like the down times. Whatever.

    I read recently a post by an immigrant (illegal or not, I don’t know), where she said that they borrow 40 percent of all they spend in this country. That said, I wonder if the bankers would be satisfied to lose that many new borrowers every year?

  19. It seems to me that moving the “indefensible” border from Mexico’s north to Mexico’s south does not quite solve the border issue. It adds many thousands of miles of currently poorly defended coast and land borders to be target entry points of OTMs — “other than Mexicans” — of which we are currently intercepting a small fraction that still amounts to tens of thousands per year. Many of these are Middle Easterners with jihadist links, and the Muslim Brotherhood has many franchises operating human-import pipelines into the US from Mexico now.

    But avoiding citizenship for current residents of the US except for those with both parents born in the US (current, or the new three-country entity?) means removing this right from millions who have it now. I don’t think this will fly — it will be seen as heartless, just as denying citizenship to more tens of millions of new Mexican-Americans will be.

    I am less concerned about the labor impact as upon the cultural one — we are currently a nation that is (in theory, at least) using a Constitutionally limited government. But many of these cultures, led by their lowest-of-the-low scrofulous representatives (ethnic-studies college professors) actively want to get rid of our current Constitution. I’m reluctant to assist them in gaining the votes to do it.

    ===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle

  20. agimarc says:

    That’ll probably work. Problem will be some 9th Circus judge finding the new legislation discriminatory and legalizing the whole mess at the stroke of a pen. Cheers –

  21. DirkH says:

    E.M.Smith says:
    28 November 2012 at 1:26 am
    “Some language groups have had more drift into collective attitudes than others, but need I point out it came from a German? The early works of Socialism have a German root. ”

    As a German, I’d like to point out that Thomas More’s “Utopia” predates Das Kapital by more than 3 centuries.

  22. w.w.wygart says:

    Thinking more about what E.M. was proposing about redressing the issue of the polarity of voting rights (citizenship) from residency namely to separate them completely. Myself, I’m a bit leery about the notion of having large resident populations anywhere [not just the US] that are disconnected from local governance in either direction: local residents having no say in local affairs, [‘disenfranchised’ is the technical term]; or an expatriate population of citizens monkeying with local governance in a homeland they have abandoned in favor of better climes, or climates long ago. I don’t think that political disjunct is healthy for anyone.


  23. You offer very interesting ideas here. It’s indisputable that Canadians would surely appreciate the warmth of Mexican beaches and coldness of their beer ,)
    Although some of those opinions in discussion were a bit hard to digest, a discussion is what should solve the problems not ignorant acts without thinking through the possible impact. However amusing is to compare little linguistic nuances and treating the language as an utmost determinant factor in economic power, we really should always look closely on historical facts. There are very relevant reasons for economic imbalance and we should focus on them. Also, it does not help the solution to be irrationally terrified of a cultural change. Someone may not like the idea but fear is not very productive… And as far as cultural dynamics go – the process of cultural change is inevitable. It is always those who are prepared who are always better off. So open up! I want to go to the beach!

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