Hemispheric counter phase Bond cycles?

I was watching, again, the WUWT-TV video with Dr. Sebastian Lüning. He had a slide up about Bond Events and the synchronization with rain. Something bothered me about it. All the peaks lined up and all, but they had rain increasing and temperature increasing AND a Bond Event grey bar… that is temperature decreasing. Then I finally noticed the temp and precipitation were for Australia. So this posting is just to wonder out loud: Does this indicate that Bond Events are of opposite direction in the two hemispheres? That the N. Hemisphere goes cold when the S. Hemisphere goes hot?

Bond Events vs Precipitation

So I’m seeing more rain, and higher temperatures in Australia, along with the gray bar for a Bond Event in the Northern Hemisphere. Right?

Here’s the video. It comes at about 17 minutes.

That’s all I have on this one, at the moment. It looks to me like one of two conditions. Either I’ve misunderstood the graph and something got inverted somewhere, or there is an inverse relationship of cold in the Northern Hemisphere with warm wet Australia. So I’m hoping a few more ‘eyes on it’ will tell me where I screwed up, or that it really says that.

The book, in German, that likely explains it all.



And this graph seems to show evidence for a ‘1/2 Period Event’ in every other cycle. It’s that “bump” up between the Bond Events just before the Little Ice Age and the one two periods back from that one.

Bond Events Half Period Evidence

Bond Events Half Period Evidence

In an earlier posting I’d speculated on the potential for a half period event based on major historical events. This makes it look like a ‘skip beat’ pattern or cycles that line up every other Bond Event cycle. It looks like a regular 700 ish year event that occasionally has an interference pattern and skips one.

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8 Responses to Hemispheric counter phase Bond cycles?

  1. DirkH says:

    I find nothing that suggests opposite effects on temperature in the Southern hemisphere during Bond events.

    From wikipedia Bond event you get here, for instance:

    Evidence exists to suggest the LIA was a global synchronous event.

  2. crosspatch says:

    The notion of two things beating against each other and sometimes missing a cycle is something that I have noticed in a lot of other long term climate data. You say 700 years, which is pretty close to my “seat of the pants” observation of some 800-ish year “something”. It is more of a matter of “feel” for me at this point as I have not looked into the data closely but a while back, reader of WUWT, Vukcevic, posted a spectral analysis of CET temperatures (I believe) and noted several peaks. I asked him to widen his bandwidth a little because something appeared to me that there was an 800-ish year cycle in the data, he did, and there was. CET is pretty short of a record so 700 or 800 … it’s all about the same. The peak was pretty broad and would cover either. I had also made a comment to him at some point that it appeared to me as if something is beating against something else and that these peaks (I believe at that point we were discussing Chinese tree ring data) are sometimes larger and sometimes missing but that the pattern looked to me a lot like the pattern seen when two things are beating against one another.

    So I think you are onto something in that what you have independently discovered matches a “feel” I had from looking at other data. This all stems from some background I have in signals analysis and electrical engineering that I was engaged in some 30 years ago. If one were to take that data away from the climate scientists for a few minutes and put an electrical engineer on the case, they could find the “signal” given enough good data, I’m convinced of that.

  3. John Robertson says:

    Tim Patterson,. Carlton University, gave a speech to our local geologists and mining people a few years ago in which he demonstrated the correlation between the health of fish species in BC(weather) and 4 cycles of the sun,(Of differing time duration)and the way they overlay.
    The patterns of waveform amplification/neutralization, are part of electric theory, especially power line losses. Harmonic distortion appears as chaos. So the sense of 2 natural cycles clashing and appearing to be counter intuitive, probably means we are missing a cycle.
    Still reading Bob Tisdales book, but the patterns he describes, gel well with my sense of nature.
    1 its planet wide.
    2 The time duration of cycles can&do exceed our imagination.
    3 We do not know enough to conclude what we do not know.
    4 Science is the charm of discovering our ignorance and exploring the possibilities of our failures.
    as every answer poses endless new questions, choosing the right (for our application) question is the art of discovery.
    5 Insecurity seeks certainty. We hold onto pattern whenever we can, seems humans might be hard wired this way. Thus we continually fool ourselves, building houses of cards and burning them down.
    I am not always comfortable in my ignorance, sometimes I can really see the appeal of a permanent faith,I see God=Everything as a rational position from ignorance and that faith is not itself harmful.After all, everything is,is no different from saying God created everything.
    Logic chopping so much fun.
    Maybe the proper theme music. for wetting ones self about weather, should be; “There is a season, turn, turn”, pick the version closest to a hymn.

  4. John F. Hultquist says:

    “So this posting is just to wonder our load:”

    I think the Chief got into the sauce!

    Maybe the good Dr. Lüning can answer. Ask at NoTrickZone and see if that route works.

  5. adolfogiurfa says:

    The last warming should be called “GORIAN” :-)

  6. omanuel says:

    Ignorance of natural cycles is the basis for witchcraft and black magic, including AGW.

    As noted in a letter from several scientists to the UN’s Secretary-General on Earth’s climate:


  7. DirkH says:

    adolfogiurfa says:
    2 December 2012 at 2:09 am
    “The last warming should be called “GORIAN” :-)”

    So we’re living in the Early Postgorian now. For which I would propose the name Svensmarkian.

  8. E.M.Smith says:

    @John F. Hultquist:

    Sorry, but no sauce involved. Really REALLY I’m sorry about that… ;-)

    Just typing fast and doing poor proof reading.

    I’ve been playing with different browsers on different OSs (some virtual) and dealing with “issues” involving rain and ‘housekeeping’. So this posting was “rushed”. Good thing, too, in that we had an hour+ power outage not long after the ‘post’ time.

    The ‘odd’ OS thing matters as the “type ahead” goes way up on some of them. (Like the one I’m using now) and I’m sometimes several letters ahead of the text being displayed. Furthermore, sometimes fast typing causes some characters not to be registered. Frustrating…

    Then you add in not wearing reading glasses, and that as my hearing loss has been around for some 40 years and I’m starting to spell some things the way I hear them… so there are many ‘homonyms’ that I have that others do not… So, for example, rock and rug and rod can all sound close to the same… and the fingers just type what the mind hears. ( Mine, mind, Mayan all the same…) It really is an odd thing how much the mind adapts (adapts adepts add aps all the same…) so I have these frequent “what’s the real word and how it’s spelled?” moments. Normally automatic and caught in the edit check if errored. As it’s been ever longer since I’ve heard the actual words, complete, my tendency to ‘blend’ them has gone up.

    So ‘our’ for ‘out’ was a ‘next key typo’ not caught at the moment as they were not displaying in sync and ‘loud’ ‘load’ near homonyms for me now… Oddly, I don’t have any trouble thinking clearly despite the sound difference fading. It’s only in the transcription that it ‘has issues’.

    @DirkH & Adolfo:

    Cute, very cute ;-)


    Perhaps that why I see them so easily. I was aware of ‘beat frequencies’ from about 9? when I made my first radio… And was learning how a super-het worked for my next one…


    I’ve seen some ‘opposition cycle’ evidence in the data for surface temperatures. In particular, when you look at 1934 as a peak hot year, it’s more in the N. Hemisphere than in the S. Hemisphere. There’s also something of an E. W. dynamic as well. A few thousand years ago (6 k? 8 k?) when the Sahara was green, North America was in drought and had sand dunes… (So I’d not be surprised to find, now, that Sahara was getting more rain the last couple of years as the MidWest USA has been droughty…)

    So it’s fine and all that Wiki isn’t seeing anything, but I’m more interested in the graph of the data that says it was in opposition. So, was that a Australia Only opposition, or something more?…

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