Snow, Polar Night Jets, and Cold

I was going to make a list of place with cold and snow ‘issues’ and put up some quotes, but there’s just too many and “Iceage Now” has a nice list already up. So “hit the link” and take a look.

Clear down to Turkey… One can only wonder if we’ll get ice on the Black Sea…

Germany having some major traffic jams and one has to wonder if they, too, might be realizing that being fleeced by the PIIGS and frozen while paying for “Warming Damages” is a bit too much…


Heavy Snowfall
Winter Weather Brings Europe to a Standstill

Winter arrived to much of Europe over the weekend as heavy snowfall blanketed the Balkans and Germany came to a standstill. At least six deaths were reported in southwestern Europe while Romanians struggled to get to the polls on election day.

It has also come to my attention that I forgot to do a “2 weeks to the end of the world” posting on December 7th. Sorry… so this is a one day early notice of One Week To The Maya End Of The World!!!; which apparently will be by ice, not by fire…

Which is probably all for the better since the Global Warming Carbon Scam has started to attract the amateur players. Not only has the quality of the Pseudo Science reached new lows, what with The End Of Days being met with The End Of Pasta, but we have officials, real life government officials starting to bust some folks for scamming… though in this case they are staying away from the Big Fish at the UN and just picking off some folks trying to horn in on the Carbon Quatloos Business:

You see, these folks were not selling real approved Indulgences for Carbon Sin, they were selling the kind you make up on your own, without all that “cut to the Don” on top…

BUSTED: Police raid City office after we warn on the menace of investment scams for worthless carbon credits

By Tony Hetherington, Financial Mail On Sunday

They sound so ethically correct. They appear to offer a decent return on savings in these troubled times. Yet carbon credits are at the centre of increasingly adventurous scams.

And last Tuesday morning, police investigating a suspected fraud network of investment firms selling worthless carbon credits arrested ten men and a woman in co-ordinated raids on offices in the City of London, Essex and Hertfordshire.

The raids follow mounting official concern at the scale of carbon credit scams, where investors pay thousands of pounds for overpriced certificates that are said to be linked to environmentally friendly projects such as tree planting.

There is virtually no resale market for the certificates and investors typically lose every penny.

You see, you can’t sell the worthless kind, only the kind that have “worth-y-ness” in them…

Though how to tell the difference between the two is left a bit vague… One can only hope the police make a nice haul on this one and realize they can make a whole lot more moving up the Warming Racket Food Chain. “AlGore, Paging Mr. AlGore, you are wanted in the lobby…”

Then there is this bit, tossed in just because it’s too short to make an article, but too interesting to leave alone, and has relevance to the Tropopause Article I just did:

Has an interesting tiny little small paragraph about ANOTHER Jet Stream. I’m used to seeing the one, sometimes two, on the nightly weather. There’s another one… Up closer to the pole… That illustrates the way the polar vortex is really a different kind of air.

Polar night jet

The polar-night jet stream forms only during the winter months, i.e., polar nights, of the year in their respective hemispheres at around 60° latitude, but at a greater height than the polar jet, of about 80,000 feet (24,000 m). During these dark months the air high over the poles becomes much colder than the air over the equator. This difference in temperature gives rise to extreme air pressure differences in the stratosphere, which, when combined with the Coriolis effect, create the polar night jets, racing eastward at an altitude of about 30 miles (48 km). Inside the polar night jet is the polar vortex. The warmer air can only move along the edge of the polar vortex, but not enter it. Within the vortex, the cold polar air becomes cooler and cooler with neither warmer air from lower latitudes nor energy from the sun during the polar night

Now that is one high, cold, fast, spinning SOB! 24,000 Meters up. 80,000 feet. Well into the range typically thought of as the Stratosphere. Sometimes up to 30 MILES up. Marking the place where the Polar Vortex has that Damn Cold Statospheric air circling the drain headed down onto the polar night frozen land. Spreading out from there to bring cold and snow to all sorts of nearby lands.

As the added CO2 in the stratosphere radiates well to space, and with the solar slump low UV cutting off the stratospheric heating, I think it’s not much of a stretch to predict a BIG “downwelling” that isn’t made of warming Infra Red, but instead made of Stratospheric Polar Night Winds…

And they wonder how the ‘added heat’ is going to “escape” from the planet… Here’s a clue: Go about 80 degrees North or South Latitude. Spend the night in a tent without a heater…

(Slow Learners are invited to do this in Canada, and to make a LOT of bacon for dinner, then leave the pan near the tent entrance. No, don’t clean it…)

This paper:

Has a very nice write up on the “Brewer-Dobson” circulation. That’s what happens in the Stratosphere. Where we are all told that it’s flat as a pancake and uninteresting. He has a nice picture of that circulation. It rises off of the high Equatorial Tropopause and rises to about 80 km. Yes, 80,000 meters. About 1/4 million feet. It also shows outward spreading toward the poles.

“Houston, I think we’ve found the heat flow”… Anyone wondering how the heat gets from the troposphere to the stratosphere to the polar vortex need only look at the picture in the PDF doc.

So what has CO2 been doing to stratospheric temperatures?

Stratosphere Anomaly

Stratosphere Anomaly

But see, that’s global warming for you… Hey you folks up in Canada, enjoy yur globul warming, eh?!

This guy wants to go flying in it in a glider:

Perlan Project: Exploring the Stratospheric Polar Night Jet by Sailplane

Einar Enevoldson, Team Leader, Perlan Project; Aeronautical Engineer; Experimental Test Pilot

Discover how adventurers and scientists are attempting to harness one of the most incredible forces of nature known to man. A band of winds, sometimes exceeding 300 miles per hour, circles the Earth at high latitudes at altitudes around 100,000 feet. Existing only in the polar winter, it’s called the Polar Night Jet. The Perlan Project is an ongoing effort to soar unpowered up into the middle of this wind, into a region of the atmosphere not yet explored by aircraft. Enevoldson, former experimental test pilot at the NASA Dryden Flight Research Center, will discuss his recent notable flights with the late Steve Fossett, and the current plans, progress and future of the Perlan Project.

From 2009, so I wonder if he ever did it…

But yes, that said 300 MPH. That ol’ Stratosphere isn’t sounding so static and placid now, is it?

I think you can see the polar vortex on this ozone graph (that mostly shows ozone is pretty much normal). I think it is that blue circle over greenland where ozone poor stratospheric air is being sucked down to Earth.

Ozone 12 Dec 2012

Ozone 12 Dec 2012

Current images from here:

Now that the last few decades of solar rise has turned into a plunge, ozone is back to normal. Gee, must be a coincidence… Couldn’t at all be that higher UV levels were breaking it down at altitude, could it? Nor that the UVB ‘leakage’ to lower levels might have been making some down low and causing all those ‘smog alerts’ on days with clean air? Nah… couldn’t be…

I was going to put in the current Sea Surface Temp map, but it’s not loading right now, so here’s one from 2 days ago. Things are even colder now:

sst_anom 10 Dec 2012

sst_anom 10 Dec 2012

Original from here.

So the ocean is not going to be providing much heat for a while…

I guess we’re still looking for all that “lost heat” that’s in hiding somewhere. What’ it been, about 20 years now?

Well, somehow I think we’ll not be waiting all that much longer.
One way, or more likely, the other.

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11 Responses to Snow, Polar Night Jets, and Cold

  1. omanuel says:

    Thank you, E.M.Smith, for your patience and persistence in helping unravel one of the greatest threats to democracy, a threat that developed slowly since the end of WWII, . . . a threat that none of us recognized although George Orwell warned us of this approaching danger in 1948 and predicted that we would be aware of it by “1984”.

    I remained blissfully unaware, until Climategate emails appeared in 2009.

  2. First time here… Great work! thanks! (added to “favourites”).
    Can we, perhaps, see here where the heat scapes from?:

  3. R. de Haan says:

    In Germany it is called the biggest economic scam of our days. Yesterday the offices of the Deutsche Bank were raided by hundreds of police officials and five bankerswere arrested (25 listed as suspects) for illegal CO2 trade, money laundring and tax embezzlment in the hundreds of millions of euro’s. Supects involve two bankers within the top management of Deutsche Bank.
    Although German papers have more details I provide you with a BBC link:

    As for the research of the troposphere with the use of gliders I have the following remark. Most gliders have a Vne of 300 km/h. Because with increasing altitude the air density decreases, the glider has to increase speed to stay aloft, there comes a moment where the speed of the glider exceeds Vne, introducing the risk of flutter and structural faillure. This is a serious problem which puts an altitude limitation on most existing glider models available.

  4. P.G. Sharrow says:

    Maybe the true cause of Ozone creation and destruction will now be obvious. This BS of the last 40 years that chlorinated hydrocarbons were the cause of ozone depletion was created by the same people that created the AGW scam. Before that was done, the cause was known to be polar circulations and seasonal solar radiation. pg

  5. DirkH says:

    Even in West Germany we had a lot of snow on Sunday , Dec 9th. Calmed down over the week, had no probs traveling.

    Dec 9th is the earliest start of winter of the past 3 decades I think (just from memory… most of the time snow starts shortly before Christmas or not at all during some of the warm winters in the 80ies and 90ies).

    Definitely back to the 70ies. For now.

  6. crosspatch says:

    I guess we’re still looking for all that “lost heat” that’ in hiding somewhere. What’ it been, about 20 years now?

    They found it. Or, rather, Al Gore found it. The Hadley Heat Hidey Hole was discovered off the coast of Cabo San Lucas a couple of winters ago while Al Gore was snorkeling. He was swimming along in a crowd of other people and found a warm spot. A while later he found another one. Every winter the climate scientists from around the world now gather at CSL using research grants to very closely study this phenomenon. Gore holds court nightly at the Happy Ending Cantina where they discuss the day’s research.

  7. John Robertson says:

    Those poor carbon credit merchants, after all, imitation is the ultimate flattery.
    Do not steal, your government hates competition.
    Crosspatch I’m guessing here, the warm spot was yellowish?

  8. Sera says:



  9. sandy mcclintock says:

    “Indulgences for Carbon Sin”
    This is a fantastic concept EM! :)
    Was it your own or has someone else been using it?

  10. Fred from Canuckistan . . . says:

    ” Hey you folks up in Canada, enjoy yur globul warming, eh?!”

    We prefer to call it Glowball Warming and think of the whole scam as Y2Kyoto

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