It’s all Jeff Albert’s Fault – Moody Blues

See: For h/t causality

What I think about Science pretty much matches this.
What I think about Religion is a bit different.

so sometimes I feel like a bit of wine is being sent to ease the letting go, and sometimes just to make me less prone to ponder…

A recent variation on the “two slit” experiment finds that the particle / wave passes through both slits if you don’t measure it, but only through one if you DO measure it… even if the decision to measure is made AFTER the parti-wave has done the passing through… so it somehow communicates backward in time to itself…

This is part one of a series, but I’ve not put all of them in the posting. We really don’t know how time works…

Over the top? Whacko Paranoid, or ‘in touch with reality’?

Maybe we ought to start our own video serving service? Wonder if there are any “dark net” video servers? Hmmm….

From one of my favorite movies. Serenity:

A couple of Canadian Hockey Fights:

Has several interesting pictures of UHI and a nice discussion of albedo, then goes a bit wonky…

To which I say:

(It’s actually most effective to have each one running in a window and slowly crank up the sound on the music to drown out the drone when he goes on about painting our world white to save it… but that’s being a bit extreme ;-)

Some of the words in the next one are oddly appropriate…

Update: I’m adding another version that is more true to the original music. It has some very nice images of stars and space, but ‘overdoes’ the ‘heart’ symbology in the middle, IMHO. Still, the other (below) comes in two pieces, and isn’t quite right, musically (even though I like some of the people pictures more). Sigh. I guess if I really was bothered by it I’d make my own. At any rate, now you can choose to hear the whole thing, in one take, in proper order; or a re-cut with interesting ‘paintings’ in it…

For Sera:

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25 Responses to It’s all Jeff Albert’s Fault – Moody Blues

  1. crosspatch says:

    if enough people paint their roofs white, we could trigger an ice age. Every acre if white roof is the albedo equal of an acre of ice.

  2. boballab says:

    Nit on the Hockey Fights: Only one team was from Canada.

    The Ottawa Senators (Team in white) are from Canada. The Flyers (Team in Orange) is from Philadelphia. Also the game/UFC match took place in Philadelphia.

    Historically the Flyers are known for getting in fights, especially during the early 70’s when they earned the nickname: The Broadstreet Bullies.

  3. Sera says:

    Science and religion walk the same path: the search for truth and meaning. Neither science nor religion searches for lies.

    No wildest dreams?

  4. E.M.Smith says:


    And what State is Philadelphia in? And what University does Mann inhabit?
    What team starts the fight when one hot head tosses the first punch?
    Then the Canadians pretty much clear the benches…

    Well, it worked for me ;-)


    Makes you wonder what all the tarmac / asphalt in the world and all those “asphalt shingles” on houses do to thermometer readings…


    That one has an obligatory commercial… but mostly I just had about 2 hours of total stuff in the posting and figured I had to cut it off somewhere or it would never load on some folks links…

    But yeah, one of my favorites…

    So hit “reload” and check the end of the posting ;-)

  5. Adrian Camp says:

    Yesterday, Ride My Seesaw. That’s Moody blues too. I’m gonna Go Now.

  6. Andrew says:

    Thanks for posting The Cloud Mystery! VG+++ will share

  7. adolfogiurfa says:

    @E.M.: What is it the difference between The eyes of a child and our vision: Easy!, we lack the feeling! so we perceive exponentially less frequencies.
    Underdeveloped countrymen have not yet lost this possibility: You guys, up there, are in real trouble, your society (not all of you, of course), has annihilated feeling just because of a self defense mechanism when facing war and death.
    Note: @E.M.: If you find this video too controversial do not publish it, but you should watch it.

    [Reply: Some guy droning on way too slowly about a school shooting is way inappropriate for a happy music topic. Belongs in Tips (if anywhere). While some of what he said is true, a fair amount isn’t. And none of it will change anything. Per the shooter, he was most likely on a drug (for his condition) that has known side effects of aggravating aggression and suicidal ideation. Doping up ADHD ‘spectrum’ kids is usually in the wings somewhere in these things. It was in Colorado. And while interesting, wholly inappropriate in this thread. -E.M.Smith]

  8. Jeff Alberts says:


    You could have at least put the last “s” back in my name ;)

    This has always been one of my favs. More epic lyrics:

    “Blasting, billowing, bursting forth with the power of ten billion butterfly sneezes…”

    (hopefully this works)

  9. Jeff Alberts says:

    Oops, well how about this then

  10. Jeff Alberts says:

    Feynman, in the first video, kind of sums it up for me, religion-wise, even though he had trouble getting the words out.

    I don’t think there is a purpose to life, other than to survive and propagate. I don’t think “everything happens for a reason” in the sense that is often said (some cosmic purpose which no one knows). And, like Feynman, that doesn’t frighten me. It doesn’t frighten me that when I die, there’s nothing after that. Would I like there to be? Sure, but wishful thinking doesn’t make it so. Would I like there to be an afterlife where I can spend eternity with the woman I love with all my being? Absolutely. But I’m sure there isn’t. the same way I’m sure there isn’t a hell where people like Hitler are tortured for the rest of eternity (whatever that is).

    Others are just as sure that these things do exist, I have no problem with that. I can think they’re deluded, or brainwashed, or just haven’t given it much thought apart from parroting what they’ve been told all through the years. They probably think the same, or worse, of me ;) What I have a problem with is someone trying to kill me because I don’t believe those things.

  11. Jeff Alberts says:

    While we’re on the music kick, and talking about eternity, one of the most beautiful songs ever written.

  12. crosspatch says:

    Makes you wonder what all the tarmac / asphalt in the world and all those “asphalt shingles” on houses do to thermometer readings…

    It’s called UHI. But all that black converts sunlight to heat which warms the air. If we could change that to white, it reflects the light back into space before it can be converted to heat. UCLA did a study where they came to the conclusion that “cool roofs” and “cool pavements” would reduce the summertime high temperature of places like Los Angeles and Phoenix by up to 3 degrees. This would, in turn, greatly reduce energy consumption from climate control. What you have to look at is the change in albedo. Take the albedo of a square mile of LA compared with the albedo of a square mile of surrounding natural land. I think the surrounding land is usually brown most of the year. If you start adding “cool roofs”, once you get the average albedo of the city the same as the surrounding area, the daytime UHI will go away. The nighttime change will depend on how much heat the concrete holds compared to the surrounding area.

    Point is, though, converting those surfaces to white and reflecting more of that light into space without heating up a surface completely bypasses the CO2 greenhouse impact. There is no IR “back radiation” to worry about because the sunlight isn’t converted to heat (IR) in the first place. A 4×8 sheet of plywood painted white at the optimum angle for reflecting the most sunlight probably does the same as eliminating several tons of CO2 from the atmosphere.

    But I’m serious. If enough place in low latitudes went to white roofs and pavements, it would be like adding acres and acres of ice. It could possibly trigger an ice age if enough people did that. Seriously, I sincerely believe that.

  13. DirkH says:

    The Albedo Global Warming survival Information guy should work a little on his alarmism. Doesn’t sound nearly alarmed enough. :-)

  14. John Robertson says:

    @ crosspatch 7:30. is the acreage covered by human habitation really significant?

  15. DirkH says:

    crosspatch says:
    16 December 2012 at 7:30 pm
    “But I’m serious. If enough place in low latitudes went to white roofs and pavements, it would be like adding acres and acres of ice. It could possibly trigger an ice age if enough people did that. Seriously, I sincerely believe that.”

    Good absorbers are good emitters (Blackbody emits more than a greybody).
    Or the other way round: Good reflectors are good isolators (witness the reflective isolation foils used to keep e.g. accident victims warm – they emit very little IR).

    People in the mediterranean have white roofs. During daytime, it keeps the houses cool, during nighttime, it reduces radiative losses – clear nights can be cool.

    Don’t know if it actually makes a big difference when looked at over the entire spectrum and over day and night.

  16. BobN says:

    “We really don’t know how time works…”
    This statement is true, but we measure it.
    We can’t buy time!
    It may be the most valuable commodity in existence.

    Feynman – on physical laws, is he sure the foam wouldn’t collect and go back to the sea. Maybe, just maybe he hasn’t observed or given it enough time.

    The Music is great, but do you notice the difference in perception of music as it relates to time. As a youth you experience it to the depth of your soul. As you get older you feel it less, but it has meaning and perspective as it invokes memories of those experiences. You might say time has an affect on music, but yet the music didn’t change.

    I wish everyone would see the video on climate so they can better appreciate the scam being perpetrated on us. To think imploding stars that are billions of miles and many light years away affect our climate – amazing. We are living with the results of events that occurred million of years ago. I guess you could say climate is a time thing.

    If the suns magnetic field affects the cosmic ray input, we may be in for some real changes. It looks like the sun may be developing 4 poles.

  17. p.g.sharrow says:

    If you accept that a “photon” is a ball of energy and not a particle. All the results are possible. What is not possible is for me to load and view all of those videos. :-( pg

  18. DirkH says:

    BobN says:
    16 December 2012 at 8:45 pm
    “If the suns magnetic field affects the cosmic ray input, we may be in for some real changes. It looks like the sun may be developing 4 poles.”

    See here at 12:47

    During the Maunder minimum it looks like there was high C14 production, therefore high Cosmic rays, weak solarmagnetic field. So we’re in for a repeat of the LIA. If ChiefIO’s more worrying speculations don’t come to pass.

    As for the 4 poles: Leif Svalgaard says it happens every polar flip of the sun, looks a little different each time.

  19. Borepatch says:

    The Svenskmark video is amazing. It will be interesting to see if he wins a Nobel Prize in 30 years. It will also be interesting to see how his predictions hold up in 30 years.

    And it will be *very* interesting to see whether he becomes famous if his predictions are correct and he *doesn’t* win a Nobel Prize. That will be very interesting indeed.

  20. BobN says:

    @DirkH – Very good video. It just amazes me how so much contradictory evidence can be given, yet many scientists and the Politicians all seem to dig in harder and push their agenda. Amazing what people will do for money.

  21. philjourdan says:

    Anytime you post a bunch of Moody Blues (my favorite group – I have all their songs) and the only Stones song I really like, I will listen and read.

    As for the lyrics, if anyone should have any doubts, I suggest they listen to “Legend of a Mind”. There is no doubt where they were getting a lot of their inspiration from.

    BTW: My favorite is Candle of Life.

  22. crosspatch says:

    Good absorbers are good emitters (Blackbody emits more than a greybody).

    You aren’t following me. The back converts the energy from visible which is transparent to CO2 and water to IR which is not. White does not and simply reflects the visible out bypassing both CO2 and water vapor.

  23. crosspatch says:

    The City of Los Angeles is estimated to have over 12,000 acres of roof space available for solar energy. If you look at the total roof space available in Orange, Eastern Riverside and San Bernardino, Los Angeles, Ventura, and Santa Barbara Counties it would be huge. Just the greater LA area with white roofs would likely make a noticeable difference in daytime temperatures. The albedo of the area would be higher than that of the surrounding natural terrain so we would go from an urban heat island to an urban cool island if cool pavements were also used.

  24. Sera says:

    This is one of the most beautiful songs ever written- and it’s about TIME.

  25. Jeff Alberts says:

    Totally agree, Sera. Love APP!

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