No Place For Skeptics at the Govt Table

Sometimes I hit a link. It looks vaguely interesting, but something in the first few sentences doesn’t “click” immediately, so I let it lay and move on. Sometimes I come back later (in a ‘clean up sweep’ where I prune out the large number of open pages that ‘might’ be interesting and look just a bit more to make a final ‘keeper or tosser’ decision) and find something WAS interesting in that page. Often, by then, I’ve forgotten where I first ran into that page. So I think I saw this one on WUWT, but I’m not sure. (I look at dozens of pages a day – sometimes dozens an hour – and it’s not possible to hold ‘attribution’ for all of them for weeks. So the ‘sits a long time’ pages tend to lose the attribution link / memory).

It’s a bit from the “be afraid they are out to get you” school. Yet, what I know of education matches what they assert. ( I’m accredited to teach college level and the spouse does K-12 with almost all credentials possible including Special Ed in a few variations.) So what first caught my interest was the focus on how Education is being perverted into a propaganda machines. As I’ve seen some of that shift from “pass on specific knowledge in a field” to “whole person swallow the dogma”, I was curious what they had to say.

There is a link in the top paragraph to an official US Government document. That link is broken (it has an extra “HTTP:” at the front of it, so you end up going to one of those sites that captures mal-formed URLs and tries to capitalize on it). I chopped out the broken bit and went to the original site. Where I downloaded their PDF about what they are to do.

It’s “All Climate Change All The Time”.

Which would not be all that much of a bother, were it not for who runs the agency involved and the scope of their reach. This is the agency that is to “inform” other agencies, the President, et. al. about “Global Change”…

The National Global Change Research Plan: 2012-2021

The U.S. Global Change Research Program (USGCRP) is pleased to release the new National Global Change Research Plan 2012-2021: A Strategic Plan for the U. S. Global Change Research Program. The development of this plan is mandated by the Global Change Research Act of 1990 (GCRA, P.L. 101-606) and will serve as the guiding document for USGCRP for the next decade.

About the Office of Science and Technology Policy
The Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) was established by the National Science and Technology Policy, Organization, and Priorities Act of 1976. OSTP’s responsibilities include advising the President in policy formulation and budget development on questions in which science and technology are important elements; articulating the President’s science and technology policy and programs; and fostering strong partnerships among Federal, state, and local governments, and the scientific communities in industry and academia. The Director of OSTP also serves as Assistant to the President for Science and Technology and manages the NSTC.

John P. Holdren
Assistant to the President for Science and Technology, Director, Office of Science and Technology Policy

It looks like this “Global Change” agency of the US Govt was originally formed for the purpose of propagandizing Climate Change. And not just some minor “inform congress” kind of role, either.

The Global Change Research Act 1990 is a United States law requiring research into global warming and related issues. It requires a report to Congress every four years on the environmental, economic, health and safety consequences of climate change; however, the first of these, the National Assessment on Climate Change, was not published until 2000.

The law codified the U.S. Global Change Research Program (USGCRP), set up by presidential authority in 1989, and mandated the creation of the Global Change Research Information Office (GCRIO), which began work in 1993. The act requires extensive reports to be updated and distributed every four years.

To date the 2000 report was the only one produced, and there were accusations that information was being suppressed, leading to complacency around public works, such as New Orleans flood defences. Greenpeace, the Center for Biological Diversity and Friends of the Earth challenged the delay in federal district court on August 21, 2007. A judge ruled that an updated national assessment must be produced by May 31, 2008

That would put the time of creation as under President Daddy Bush. (And folks wonder why I’m not cheering Republicans as our Saviour…)

OK, I’ve not gone through the whole thing in detail (it’s very large). But on a first scan, it’s pretty dismal. All the usual canards. Ocean Acidification. Sea level rise. etc. etc. ALL written in as official dogma to be “researched” and promoted.

Not a single peep of skepticism in the whole thing. (At least, none I’ve found.)

A Good Pruning

IMHO this is a great example of a Federal Agency that has no reason to exist. At all. Looking for some reason to exist and latching on to the current hot button de jour. (Or having it force fed from the TOTUS / POTUS).

So we are borrowing money from the Chinese, to make propaganda agencies, who’s purpose is to promote a dogma that will destroy our economy and result in an indentured public, devoid of their natural rights. (Overstated? Nope. There is a giant push to remove private property rights and individual freedoms. To raise dependency on the State.)

It is looking more and more to me like the “Fiscal Cliff” is just what we need. It’s not a cliff, it’s a Pruning Axe. A very aggressive tool that starts lopping off some of the worst bits.

Yes, it would be far better to do a careful pruning aimed at the best outcome. But once something is clearly heavily parisitized, or so overgrown as to be a threat to everything around it; well, out comes the axe…

There are, now, a couple of $Trillion worth of such agencies that are NOT helping. From perpetuating their own existence, to flat out working hard against the Private Enterprise System, to functioning as enablers of National State Propaganda. They ALL must go.
No, I have no expectation that they will.

The public is now locked up in a ‘feed back loop’ with the agencies that are driving the process. Dependency is over the threshold that creates a permanent voter block and “folks with power” have throughly parasitized our government and have no intention of pulling out their feeding tubes.

I’d love to think there was some way out of this, but unless and until our Congress (or in a very long shot, The Several States) get this monster of a Federal Government cut down to a manageable size, it isn’t going to get better.

But worse, NEITHER side wants to do any pruning. Each sees these bloated mindless agencies as a lever of power THEY can pull, should they end up in control. There is no constituency for “shit can the works”.

The Future

The only reasonable thing you can conclude is that this process of unchecked growth and Central Authority Feedback to more centralized politicized control will continue until it can’t. That’s a collapse of either the economy or the society (or both).

I don’t know why people are so stupid about it, but they are. We’ve seen this movie in thousands of examples, over thousands of years and cultures. The center grows, a feedback loop starts, the “out of touch” center migrates to “crazy talk” ideas, and eventually they reach a point where the “Average Joe and Jane” just don’t care about things anymore. Then just about any external event causes the collapse.

THE one system that has not had this outcome is a “Self Organizing System” of free individuals. It has failures, but they are individual enterprises. The society as a whole doesn’t collapse. The Roman Republic thrived until it mutated into an Empire that was no longer a Republic. The Egyptian Empires grew and spread, and had some very fanciful ideas; then eventually fell when their center was out of touch with the world. (Different external causes each time. One, a severe drought. Another, the arrival of the Roman Republic, then the arrival of the Greek Empire, then a final fall of that version when Islam arrived. Oddly, Islam is now pushing the envelope in Egypt and likely to ‘hit the wall’ itself. They look to be having a ‘Jump The Shark” moment with a Sharia constitution…)

Through the last few hundred years of The Enlightenment, a decentralized Self Organizing System of free thinkers, Republics, and capitalism have held off that “Urge to Central Power” that is the road to ruin. It is abundantly clear that those forces of liberty and freedom are in decline and a new push to Empire is underway. Like all such, it will work OK, until it fails catastrophically. When? Who knows. Could be a decade. Could be 500 years. Tyranny can run a very long time. (It doesn’t need to be optimal for all, only for a small central elite.) Tyranny is one of the stable forms of government. It just isn’t one of the good forms.

In Conclusion

Other than my ‘dismal rant’ at the bottom, the major point here is just to take a look at that official planning document of the U.S. Government. Yes, it’s full of that particularly mind numbing kind of prose that is in such things. Between the platitudes and the “weasel words” so that it can imply what it can’t outright say, it’s a bit thick. I could quote bits of it here, but it’s better to just look for yourself.

What I see in it, is a whole lot of what I call “Ego Puff”. An agency infatuated with it’s “Global” importance. Overreaching and pushing of “meaning” and “importance”. There are echos of self importance and desire for more power (i.e. money) and influence. A desire to control that unfortunate rabble out there ( that is, not recognizing their proper roll as servants to the people, not masters). Overall the tone is that of a Social “Sciences” class. The “we know better and we want to improve you” attitude. Though muted a bit by the need for an official government to not openly offend anyone, at least not anyone with political connections.

It is that window into “What does our government think it ought to be doing” that I find most disturbing. Waste? Happens all the time. Fad Of The Day? (FOD?) Happens all the time. Self aggrandizing agency? SOP. No, it’s the general tone of “We matter and need to change you.” The “negative space” of no place at the table for freedom, individual choice, distributed decision making in liberty. Those are missing. Also missing is any hint of skepticism about Climate Change nee Global Warming.

Now think about that for a minute. For at least the next 4 years, the OFFICIAL planning guide for many other agencies has the requirement that you embrace Climate Change as dogma. It’s the only choice. Talk about “Big Funding”…

So I’m torn.

Part of me wants to just find a hole in some tropical country that’s too small to matter, and park myself on the beach with enough interest payments to cover the beer and wine bill.

Part of me wants to keep on ‘fighting the good fight’.

Part of me hopes there is still a way to turn this Titanic Government away from the rocks and icebergs so clearly ahead, and to keep on searching quietly to find it.

And Part of me is just thinking about ways to ‘hold on to what you have’ and plan a way for the kids to make it past this dreck.

I’d like to be positive about it all. I’d like to be all up beat and Rah Rah… I really would. Folks like “happy talk”. Folks like to hear soothing things and have upbeat motivationals. But I’m trapped in a reality centered value system. “Reality just is. -E.M.Smith”.

Frankly, part of what makes this so dismal is just that the True Believers in AGW will read that document as one of uplifting inspiration and Our Saviour!! (thus indicating their complete indoctrination). I’ve read enough history to know that a Dynasty can take a lifetime to slowly slide into naval gazing irrelevance and fall. Sometimes even longer. The insanity of believing what can not be true can last against incredible levels of deprivation (just look at North Korea… and before that the China of Mao). North Korea has lots of state sponsored motivationals. Marches, parades, parties for Dear Leader. That’s what happens when Central Control starts to “Believe their own Bull Shit”. The fantasy of the Center can last a long time. People love that “Positive Messaging”.

In the end, I guess I mostly am still hoping that there can be a turning of this ship. That perhaps a short drive off the “Fiscal Cliff” into a modest swing or two of the Pruning Axe Of Discipline will result in a delay of a couple of years for the worst of it. Perhaps enough time for the winter snows to make in impression. Perhaps enough for the destruction of small businesses and private enterprise under excessive taxation to cause a shift of voter attitudes. Perhaps.

So I’m not yet on that “Slow boat to somewhere”, I’m still “Hoping for the best”. But I’m just not seeing much on which to hang that hope. “Hope is not a strategy. -E.M.Smith”

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A technical managerial sort interested in things from Stonehenge to computer science. My present "hot buttons' are the mythology of Climate Change and ancient metrology; but things change...
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13 Responses to No Place For Skeptics at the Govt Table

  1. Graeme No.3 says:

    Before planning an exit to a tropical hiding hole remember the tale of the smart Dutchman.

    In early 1938 he figured out that
    1. Europe would soon be at war.
    2. this time Germany would invade Holland (and Denmark) unlike in WW1.
    3. It would be a good idea not to be in Holland when they invaded.
    4. the war would escalate and Japan would occupy a lot of SE Asia.
    5. the solution was to go far away to some tropical place so remote that practically no-one had heard of it, where he could earn an income.

    So he put everything into doing the last, and by September 1939 when war broke out in Europe, he was safely settled on his coconut plantation on Guadalcanal!

  2. omanuel says:

    Thank you, E.M. Smith, for your analysis of the current demise of society and science.

    The problem: Loss of contact with reality after Hiroshima’s destruction on 6 Aug 1945

    Dr. Alberto Boretti and I sent a one-page comment to Nature to try to help reconnect modern science with reality:

    Comments confirm: The destruction of Hiroshima on 6 Aug 1945 was an opportunity for mankind to realize that the RTG (Reality, Truth, God) experienced through experimentation and observation is remarkably like the RTG (Reality, Truth, God) that various religious leaders had experienced through meditation, contemplation and prayer over recorded history.

    6 Aug 1945 was a turning point when mankind could either :

    a.) Advance by acknowledging that science and spirituality are different paths to the same RTG (Reality, Truth, God), or

    b.) Retreat to the Dark Ages with the ego-inflating, false claim science is the path to control RTG (Reality, Truth, God)

    The AGW debate is about returning science and society to Path (a): Sanity, contact with reality.

  3. handjive says:

    Here in Australia, it is much the same.
    Our ‘conservative’ party offers no alternative to the dogma of AGW, with policies based on UN-IPCC ‘science’.
    [ ]

    We have a vote in 2013. My vote will be informal.
    Some say, “Don’t waste your vote, send a message to the government.”
    But, the alternative will interpret a vote for them as a sign that it’s business as usual, as you explain above in assessing republicans will be doing nothing either.

    Being on this planet for only a short time, I don’t wish to spend any more time fighting this climate fraud, having wasted too much time already, but, what to do?
    Allow these totalitarians to take complete control of my (short) life?

    Today (17/12/12) we have a perfect example of government out of control trying to control, starting with implementation of a carbon (sic) tax (energy tax):

    “The report found that residential disconnections for non-payment of power bills rose 25 per cent to 23,207 in the 2011-12 financial year, while gas disconnections increased by 15 per cent to 20,118.”
    [ ]

    And so, the government, under the auspices of the Orwellian named ‘Department of Climate Change’, comes to the rescue:

    UP to 25,000 low income households could have their power bills reduced under a carbon tax-funded scheme to improve energy efficiency.
    Climate Change Minister Greg Combet says the LIEEP is funded by the carbon price, and will enable “low income households to find the capital costs to invest in energy efficiency measures and so reduce their energy bills”.
    [ ]

    This is on top of already promised government (taxpayer) compensation for increased costs of living associated with the carbon (sic) tax.

    There is many more years of this to come, even as the snow gets deeper, but evil proliferates when good men do nothing, and it seems it is encumbered on those who least expect it to fight for future freedom.

    Though, a place in the sun, well away from this sounds a wonderful idea.
    We have so little time on this planet, some with less, some with more, and there is no guarantee or use by date.
    That is a good place to start, imho.

    Thanks Chiefo. I love the way you think.

  4. John Robertson says:

    Well if I am going to be hung for a lamb, I may as well eat mutton.
    The bureaucratic mind is not human, the aliens have always walked amongst us.
    When they dominate empires fall to dust.
    For evil to triumph all good men must do is stand aside.
    You have opened another portal into the beast, assuming global warming to be true, we your leaders must…..the assumption is about the only thing that changes.
    Same old song, fools are always certain and smarter people are plagued with doubt and conscience.
    Our best hope is the obvious, they be foolish, and while they recognize direct opposition they do not understand the dumb resistance of the slave.Never oppose the dangerous and stupid always help them.
    After WW2, the war trials, Eickman? I was just following orders when I efficiently organized the trains and the camps.. defence.
    I expect to see that defence raised up a lot in the next decade.
    One thing we can do, is get just one western government to investigate their own actions in this hysteria. The major correlation(The IPCCs proof) of unprecedented temperature rise, matches rising co2 emissions is very weak now*, and the opportunity to savage or destroy political opponents who push CAGW fears might work on Canadian Conservatives.
    I am trying out the, contact your Prime Minister route, again but will have to draught a snail mail letter to force a response.Govt must respond to written letters but can ignore email, the bureaucratic mind at work .
    When all else fails I will lose my mind and take up politics.
    * Briffa’s recantion, 16 yrs no real warming and manmade co2 still rising.

  5. John F. Hultquist says:

    “turning of this ship”
    “delay of a couple of years”
    “destruction of small businesses and private enterprise”

    Governments seem to be working overtime to keep the ship on course. I’ve just spent a bit of time reading about “zombie companies”, such as here:

    In National Review (12/17/12), Mark Steyn writes:

    “We (GOP) thought we were arguing Obamacare and the economy and crippling debt, and they thought it was about sexist Republicans forcing contrceptivless women back into their binders. . . . Culture trumps economics.”

    This isn’t on-line yet. The quote is from the print edition. The title is “Who Are We?” This speaks directly to your:

    “Perhaps enough (time) to cause a shift of voter attitudes.”

    Perhaps not.

  6. Steve C says:

    That Global Change Railroading, oops, sorry, “Research” Program makes unpleasant reading, largely indistinguishable from the same sort of propaganda which routinely oozes from the UK Gov. It’s pretty obvious to me as that the US’s ‘corridors of power’, like ours, have long since been taken over by fifth columnists dedicated to the demolition of everything that made the West great.

    On our side of the pond, the fifth column is called Common Purpose. We have, thank God, at least a modest organisation which keeps an eye on them, called Stop Common Purpose, although like any organisation trying to work against the new fascism they are pretty much powerless and are never invited to discussions of national policy. FOI requests to local government offices, police forces, and other power centres, attempting to ascertain how many of their officials have been co-opted into the CP agenda, usually draw a blank – as in the AGW case, things that live under stones hate the light, and will fight viciously to hide their existence.

    StopCP’s brief overview sums up Common Purpose succinctly: “Common Purpose is a fraudulent ‘educational charity’ acting as a change agent being used to recruit and train the commissars and apparatchiks needed to implement the British government’s hidden New World Order communitarian agenda.” They also describe their target as “a pox in the soul of Britain”, although I’d say that cancer would be a far better analogy, since “cells” of the “body politic” are deliberately being turned against the host – us.

    Question: What is the US version of Common Purpose called? I don’t think I’ve ever seen any references to them, but poisonous BS like that “Research Program” is good evidence for their existence, revealing just the same warped, surreal disconnection from reality as is seen in our own compromised government. We all have a duty to be as aware as we can be of as much as possible of what’s being done, and by whom, to stamp out our civilisation.

  7. Baa Humbug says:

    Nothing on this planet can grow happily for ever. Everything needs a die back, or a bit of pruning if you will.
    Sometimes wars provide the pruning, sometimes fiscal cliffs. I don’t like wars, so maybe a hefty recession lasting a decade or so will prune enough.

  8. DirkH says:

    “The only reasonable thing you can conclude is that this process of unchecked growth and Central Authority Feedback to more centralized politicized control will continue until it can’t. That’s a collapse of either the economy or the society (or both).”

    A collapse would be what absolute statists desire; as they can in this case grab total control over the economy and promise the rioting masses that they will put them back into work etc.
    FDR and Hitler are two examples after the stock market collapse of 1929. Goebbels even congratulated the Americans for their newly centralized economy, saying it was the right thing to do and that the “private initiative alone” would not be sufficient to solve the problems. That was before Hitler came to power, so Goebbels was speaking like a politician, not like the mad dog he sounded like later.

    (Also Rahm Emanuel: Never let a crisis go to waste; similar utterances from the superstatists of the EU commission.)

    A big problem for the absolute statists is: Will there be ENOUGH desperation to feed their absolute power dream? As long as a barrel of oil costs 80 Dollars (twice as much for a citizen of the EU due to taxes), each one of us can acquire the equivalent of 7 years of bodily labor (the calorie content of a barrel) for a day’s wage. Can people as wealthy as that be radicalized enough? Probably not. So that wealth has to go. Bernanke is working on it, but will it suffice? We’ll see.

  9. Petrossa says:

    Speaking from a hole in the subtropics nobody cares about, i’d say: let them do their thing. The latest generation is totally f’d up already with the weirdest eco crap possbile. But worst still, this has been going on since the 1970’s.
    My dear spaced out econut 61 yr old brother, a molecular biologist, was educated into eco crap already way back then. His children never seen the inside of a car till they were ‘free’.

    So, EM, cash in your chips, don’t go to the tropics but to the sub tropics. Various reasons:
    instable governments
    corruption/crime/experiencing racism as victim
    diseases are rife
    hot damp climate doesn’t sit well with age

  10. philjourdan says:

    @Graeme No.3 says: 17 December 2012 at 1:39 am

    I guess that goes under the heading that you cannot be right 100% of the time! He got all the rest correct. He just missed the last step.

  11. nzrobin says:

    I hear ya. What you describe seems to me be a part of UNs Agenda 21.
    But I wonder …
    Might it be possible that more true statesmanlike politicians like Vaclav Klaus be replicated? And sensible environmentalists like Patrick Moore (ex Greenpeace) to take a lead. The weakest point I fear is what to do about the masses that are too lazy to understand what is going on. Reminds me of a verse in the Bible, “we all like sheep have gone astray…”

  12. For readers who have not read any/all of the U.S. Global Change Research Program’s Strategic Plan, below is the key section that shows that MMGW is ASSUMED:

    “The environment is changing rapidly. Increases in world population, accompanied by industrialization and other human activities, are altering the atmosphere, ocean, land, ice cover, ecosystems, and the distribution of species over the planet. Understanding these and other global changes, including climate change, is critical to our Nation’s health and economic vitality. Scientific research is critical to gaining this understanding.
    Research, along with an array of increasingly sophisticated tools for collecting and analyzing data, can provide essential knowledge to governments, businesses, and communities as they plan for and respond to the myriad manifestations of global change, including sea-level rise and ocean acidification, heat waves and drought, and the severe storms, floods, and forest fires that pose an evergrowing risk to life, property, and agriculture.”

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