Sue Happy Hansen

On CSPAN they were running a tape of a Hansen presentation at The Commonwealth Club. I gritted my teeth and watched it.

First off, the Commonwealth Club is known for getting ‘Name’ speakers. Members can buy tickets and attend events and often you get to hear and meet folks you otherwise would never find yourself near. In a very long gone time, they had a reputation for presenting speakers from all sorts of topics, and in a relatively non-partisan way. It was very clear from this “show” that they are no longer that way. It was largely a lot of self congratulatory mutual admiration for movers of the “Climate Change” world.

Michal Mann was there. As were a few others. Even Governor Jerry (Moonbeam) Brown was asked to say a few words at the end. He of “Cap and Tax” will bring business back to California fame… Just to give you an idea how things went, Hansen had denigrated “Cap and Trade” in California as ineffectual and not nearly enough. Gov. Moonbeam said we were “In the lead” or something like that, but then added that “as you have heard, being in the lead isn’t good enough”.

James Hansen: The Stephen Schneider Award (Gold Room Seating)

Tue, Dec 4 2012 – 5:00pm

James Hansen: The Stephen Schneider Award – Gold Room seating

Standard tickets for this program have been sold out. The program will be streamed live in the Gold Room. Purchase tickets for Gold Room seating on this page.

Part 1: Political Science
Michael Mann, Professor of Geosciences, Penn State; Author, The Hockey Stick and the Climate Wars
Katharine Hayhoe, Professor of Atmospheric Sciences, Texas Tech University
Terry Root, Senior Fellow, Woods Institute for the Environment, Stanford University

How did climate science become so politicized? Just a few years ago, Senators John McCain and Lindsay Graham were among conservatives who accepted the basic physics of heat trapping gases and the need to decouple carbon pollution from economic growth. Today, many candidates claim the science is unsettled and scientists are the targets of smear campaigns.
Time: 4:30 p.m. check-in, 5-6 p.m. program

So here you can see that it’s a past event (they are, but the time they are on C-Span). It was a ‘sell out’. They did have the good sense to put Mr. Michael Mann under the heading of “Political Science”… though it was unclear if they were using “political” as a noun or an adjective…

They are confused about how “Climate Science” became political. Perhaps one ought to point them at the UN Charter for the IPCC, the Agenda 21 goal of politicizing it all (and more), and Climategate. As they are the ones who were doing politicized climate research “for effect”, they are better positioned than most to explain why they politicized it.

Also note that attempting to show these rubes where they have got things horribly mucked up, and committed a variety of misrepresentations, and what sure looks like collusion to commit fraud; that is called a ‘smear campaign’. I refer them again to the Climategate emails…

The Commonwealth Club banner, at the top of their page says:

“The leading national forum open to all for the impartial discussion of public issues important to the membership, community and nation”

Impartial? Pardon me? There was not a single skeptical view presented in the whole evening. It was excepted de facto that Global Warming was real and certain. The only discussion was about how best to get the message out to avoid the horrors that were otherwise certain.

Hansen, in particular, frequently talked about the legal organization with which he is now affiliated, that has the express purpose of suing people and agencies to get them to do what he wants. In particular, he was quite happy with the notion, that he put forward, that they ought to sue The Koch Brothers and others like them who funded skeptical communications for “Crimes Against Humanity”. (To which, the audience gave rousing applause…) Got that? “impartial” means “sue anyone who thinks you are wrong and wants to present a skeptical communications venue” for “crimes against humanity”…

The Hansen portion of the agenda:

Part 2: James Hansen: The Stephen Schneider Climate Science Communication Award
James Hansen, Head, NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies; Adjunct Professor, Columbia University’s Earth Institute; Author, Storms of My Grandchildren

NASA climatologist Hansen has grown increasingly concerned about the risks of climatic tipping points, which could bring catastrophic consequences. His recent research also is identifying human fingerprints on specific instances of extreme weather, putting him out in front of many of his peers. There is a yawning gap between what scientists understand and what the public knows. Hansen is the recipient of the 2012 Stephen Schneider Award for Climate Science Communication, a $10,000 award in memory of the late great Stanford climate scientist and former member of the Climate One Advisory Council. At the end of the program, climate scientist Ben Santer will present Hansen with the award for his achievements.
Time: 6:30-7:30 p.m. program

Location: SF Club Office
Cost: Gold Room seating: $15 standard, $10 members, $5 students (with valid ID).

Here we get to see Ben Santer giving a mutual admiration society award to Hansen. The “Stephen Schneider” award (who Hansen was happy to talk about at some length. They having worked together from early in their carriers.

We were treated to his personal story of being on his farm in Pennsylvania when Normal Storm Sandy (there was nothing “super” about it… IMHO) hit. He, of course, considered it absolutely due to CO2. He lost power and had a couple of trees blow over. (Oh, the horrors!)

Mostly what Hansen was going on about was the notion that at 450 ppm CO2, we’re all doomed. Nothing can be done then. We can’t, just can’t, burn all the fossil fuels without being back in an Eemian like status with the oceans 200 feet higher. His only answer, and one he kept repeating, even during the Q&A was “A price on carbon”. That’s the only thing that will work, per him. Someone needs to explain to him what “price inelastic demand” means. Gasoline at $8 / gallon in Europe doesn’t stop them from using gasoline… At any rate, having played “climate scientist” for all these years, now he’s playing economist (but not doing it very well).

One of the things that was pretty clear was that these folks are in a bubble. Giving each other self congratulatory awards. Preferential association with only other true believers. Verbal queues indicate the ostracism of any dissenter. A willingness to to assert that to disagree is to commit a “Crime Against Humanity”. And a strong desire to sue folks who do not agree. (Hansen was particular fond of his having “Sued the Government to get it to do it’s job”. A definite “power trip” POV. Also very much a messiah complex mixed with a load of fear and doom for the future. One subtext (an audience question) was that somehow we must all be persuaded to consume less. (Hansen’s answer was “a price on carbon”…) In their world, nobody gets much from the store, but you pay a very high price for what you do get. That this is called “poverty” seems to not sink in.

So watch for a plethora of law suits from Hansen And Company to stop evil deniers (he used ‘deny’ and ‘denial’ several times) from communicating their “Crimes Against Humanity”.

It’s clear that Hansen and Mann and others have ‘moved on’ from ‘the science’ to marketing and propaganda. Hansen’s award being for “communications” and Mann being about political science…

The only really good thing out of the evening was realizing that they had run into a fair number of folks who didn’t buy their story any more. Though not yet enough.

So there is still a long ways to go, and a lot to do. There is a large, pervasive, and highly integrated machine on ‘the other side’, funded by the Government Cookie Jar, and entrenched in schools. As much as I don’t like the present cold (and it is cold), I think we’re going to need a series of long cold winters to get these folks flushed from the public mind. It will likely take a generation of kids growing up in the cold to replace them in all the organizations, NGOs, and Government Troughs they’ve filled.

They are not interested in hearing the skeptical side of the debate at all. In fact, they want to sue to shut it down.

I’m reminded of Akmed, the Dead Terrorist and his “Silence! I kill you!”. Only now it’s “Silence! I sue you!”

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A technical managerial sort interested in things from Stonehenge to computer science. My present "hot buttons' are the mythology of Climate Change and ancient metrology; but things change...
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15 Responses to Sue Happy Hansen

  1. omanuel says:

    Thanks, E.M. Smith, for the update on those who are still living in Maya.

    They only overlooked the results of experimental measurements and observations during the Nuclear age and the Space age that conclusively showed:

    1. Nuclear matter is dissociating as the universe expands
    2. The “Big Bang” was the start of a new cosmic cycle
    3. The Sun is a pulsar that generates H and He
    4. That pulsar is enclosed in an iron-mantle
    5. The Sun’s pulsar core controls our fate

    “Truth is victorious, never untruth”
    Best wishes for 2013,
    Oliver K. Manuel

  2. Rick Pay says:

    Thanks for all the fine posts through 2012 … keep up the good work & all the best in the new year.
    “Silence … I sue you” is too close to the truth IMHO!

  3. DirkH says:

    “we must all be persuaded to consume less. (Hansen’s answer was “a price on carbon”…)”

    Here in the EU we have all that – and we actually had very high fuel taxes even before CO2AGW became a political meme. It has been an important part of funding the EU welfare states.

    Now what are the effects of that?
    As it is equivalent to price fixing an artificially high price, it reduces demand and leads to falling prices for the existing supply. So it’s partially self-compensating if viewed on a global scale.

    BUT as it funds a welfare state, it increases demand by the people who get the hand-outs. Or in Hansen’s case, the money pays for more bureaucracy, and they are reckless consumers as they earn more than a person in the private sector and have many pointless meetings in exotic places.

    Oh, that’s true for the Eurocracy as well. 50,000 high intensity consumers in Brussels.

    At times Hansen has said he wants the money redistributed to all citizens. Now that would also drive up demand – poor people would travel more, would have less need to be thrifty with heating and A/C and so on.

    All this redistributing nonsense is not going to reduce demand I think. Giving it to 3rd world nations? Well, they’d build things for it, whether it’s housing for the poor or palaces for the leaders, it’ll take cement… and transportation…

    If you build a dam to protect yourself from CO2AGW-induced sea level rise, does the building of the dam make it even worse (through energy and resource use during construction)? :-)

    Now here’s one thing that would reduce demand: Ensure as many people as possible are unemployed. In that regard, the US is much greener than Germany – but OTOH we have made Spain and Greek very green places…

  4. omanuel says:

    These merchants of global doom
    Are black holes of enlightenment
    Sucking up the light of discovery
    Foolishly seeking survival of self

  5. Jeff Alberts says:

    NASA climatologist Hansen has grown increasingly concerned about the risks of climatic tipping points,

    Is there ANY evidence that there CAN be a tipping point one way or another?

  6. DirkH says:

    Jeff Alberts says:
    30 December 2012 at 7:01 pm
    “Is there ANY evidence that there CAN be a tipping point one way or another?”

    Only in the cold direction; every glaciation is evidence for it. No evidence in the warm direction.
    The tipping point Hansen dreams about comes about through positive water vapor feedback but there is no evidence for it. Imagine an area with high humidity and current CO2 levels, and no air movement on a hot day. These would be the optimum condition for runaway positive water vapor feedback and a tipping over into Venus conditions. So in the tropics we constantly get refutations of this – instead on such days, invariably, cumulunimbus clouds form and you get a thunderstorm in the afternoon which cools it down again.

    Climate science can’t really model thunderstorms. They have enormous problems with convection let alone with what happens in a thunderstorm.

  7. adolfogiurfa says:

    It´s time to forget those guys. Let us not remain in the past….let them pass away, they fulfilled their purpose, at least we must thank them all what we have learned about real climate, by contrast, since they began their preach.

  8. John Robertson says:

    Let them have their group delusion, why would you want to force reality into the room?.
    The scam is crashing, the best efforts of the MSM can not save it nor themselves, as your economy shrinks and chokes on the govt help, people will wake up even more. Its the hit to the wallet that gets attention .
    Nature has placed Hansen and Travesty Mann in the spotlight,they’re bravely shouting, “What you gonna believe, me or your lying eyes.”
    Think of the self styled leaders of the British Empire as it collapsed around them.
    Our current leaders are at that stage, bravely reassuring each other that all is well, as each bastion of the empire dissolves.
    Government without representation has peaked and the Regulatory Class at its apex.
    Its just another bell curve and its all down hill, the useless burdens we are carrying will be cast aside,there is no-one coming up who is willing to carry the crushing load.
    as far as human gullibility and public hysteria go, the cycle seems right on track, Climate-gate mortally wounded the beast, loss of (co2 to temp) correlation has removed its head but the chicken is all over the place as it runs its last.
    Next comes self-recrimination, then scapegoating.
    With a little work we can introduce retribution.
    Buy Popcorn and keep the wayback machine fired up.

  9. omanuel says:

    @ John Robertson I hope that you are right. Truth will be victorious in the end, but deception offered short-term advantages that continued for sixty seven years (2012 – 1945 = 67 yrs).

    The entire western scientific establishment is “up to its ears” in fraudulent science and may be willing to sacrifice citizens’ right to self-governance in order to delay facing the consequences of their past actions.

    Yes, the scam is crashing. The publishers of Nature will signal their awareness of their perilous situation if they agree to publish “Yes, the Sun is a pulsar”

    Click to access Yes_the_Sun_is_a_pulsar.pdf

  10. E.M.Smith says:


    Maybe you can invent a way to make a bottle of neutrons that slowly decay to produce net energy… I was surprised to see that research reactors pipe neutrons around with plastic pipe (basically just making a hole in the neutron absorbing water and the neutrons ‘flow’ out…) So we can make them, and pipe them. Must be some way to bottle and throttle ’em! (That doesn’t involve me getting cooked ;-)

    “Black Holes of Enlightenment” including the Enlightenment Era… It fits… “The end of Enlightenment and of The Enlightenment” both…

    @Rick Pay:

    Thanks! I’ll keep at it.

    Personally, I think we need to start calling them Ahkmed the Sue Happy Green every time they have a suit… or something like that…. Akhmed The Brain Dead Warmer?


    Unfortunately, what I’ve seen of their “Philosophy”, shows them to be very happy with folks out of work, in poverty. Less consumption then. Better still if you die in the process. Sick, but they said it, not me.

    BTW, there can be an upward tipping point, but ONLY when you are at the bottom of a frozen glacial and ONLY when the orbital mechanics give you very high sunshine 65 N. That happens again in 100,000+ years. We are no longer at that point and do not have enough sunshine at 65 N to even hold our selves at this level.

    The ‘water vapor feedback’ depends on the notion of a tropospheric ‘hot spot’, that has been shown not to exist. Why, IMHO, is because the model the tropopause as a static and radiative boundary and it isn’t. It has 50 to 80 knot lateral winds sucking all the heat sideways (and turbulently) to distribute it to the cold poles and into the stratosphere via conduction. The notion that a thin layer of 80 knot air is not conducting and distributing heat by mass flow is what is broken.

    This graph:

    Water vapor delivers the heat to the tropopause, then condenses to liberate it, and that heat laden tropopause air cooks out sideways at 80 knts. It’s just NOT a radiative boundary process.

    @Jeff Alberts:

    Look at the temperature and ice graphs in the D.O. SeeSaw posting. You can SEE that there is not tipping point on the warmer side. The warm spikes shoot up on those times when a very high insolation happens north of 65N, then when the polar ice melts, it whacks into “something” at about 2 C higher than now and gets violently smacked down. There is strong negative feedback at that point. IMHO this time we had a meteor impact into the ice sheet during the Younger Dryas (the Clovis Impact Event) and that “clipped the peak”, so instead of heading back down with violence, we ‘went sideways’ in moderation. That has let this cycle be stable longer than most since we avoided the overshoot / smackdown. But eventually our insolation level will drop too low and we WILL tip, but only to the downside. The “up tip” can only happen with very high sunshine levels north of 65 N latitude, and that’s controlled by the orbital mechanics, and THAT time is passed.

    That means that for the next 100,000 years there is exactly and only ONE tipping point, and it is into an Ice Age Glacial. Anything else we do can at most slightly slow that down.

    @John Robertson:

    From your lips to God’s ears (or to the Special Prosecutor’s ears ;-)

    I think that the 65% snow cover of the USA will have some folks noticing… And, as a reminder, ALWAYS call it “Global Warming”. Make every person you talk to who calls it anything else attempt to explain to you why it is no longer “Global Warming” but is “climate change” or “weather weirding” or whatever. Then ask them: “So, does that mean the warming isn’t happening?”…. They are in a Catch 22. Don’t let them change the fundamental basis of “warming” and run and hide…

    The Russians and Canadians are already jumped from the ship. China is close behind (lots of cold and snow with impact on food supply). North Korea ought to be an interesting international problem as folks try to explain shipping them ‘bribe food’ due to cold induced crop failures. We’ve also got Alaska starting to re-accumulate snow and glaciers growing in places like Shasta California, along with cold and snow in the Andes that have already lead to deaths, and will soon have their glaciers advancing. They were willing to ‘be bought’ when they thought it was a free gravy train. They will be less interested in “no gravy” (as we are flat busted broke and leveraged to the hilt already) along with population dying in the cold.

    Near as I can tell, it was an Anglo-EU plan at core. As the EU implodes from their financial stresses and the USA has been unwilling (or unable) to fork over the $100 Billion level of graft money for “redistribution”, the folks lining up are wandering away. (Heck, Germany is building coal power plants…)

    If we can just get a nice freeze such that we have an Ice Fair on the Thames and / or a nice Dutch ice skating tour going, the whole things is toast.

    Tonight, it is a very clear sky. Clear like I remember from decades ago. The lowered atmospheric hight does something to the clarity. ( I think it has less water in it due to being colder from a more spread out polar vortex). It was very radiatively cold outside. I could feel the heat leaving (the air was still, so not by wind…) If that property is being reflected all over in cold spells, it ought to be dramatic and clear.

    I think there’s about 2 years, max, until we’re far enough down the cold slide toward the low end of the present solar cycle that the Data Diddlers won’t be able to diddle fast enough to keep the game up. Already NASA GISS is a laughing stock. It’s a clear ‘outlier”… and increasingly out of touch with visible reality.

    Over the next 2 years the Arctic Ice starts coming back, too. The warm water is gone from the northern oceans and the ocean transport lag from 1998 is over. That will accelerate things too.

    But not a time to let up just yet. Not until the California Cap and Tax is removed and the UN IPCC is dismantled. That could take a while…

  11. Tim Clark says:

    Being one of the few people who bloviate ad nauseum about the Koch bros. with the impertinence to have actually met and talked with one at a Republican fundraiser in October here in Wichita, I can convey to you they are just waiting and actually hoping for some dumb-ass like Hansen or Mann to actually sue them. David just said, “We have several well placed attorneys on retainer.” with a smile.

  12. Steve C says:

    While these idiots are running around patting one another on the back and giving each other meaningless “awards”, the real world continues on its way, disregarding them completely. People are beginning to notice the disconnect, though I wish they’d hurry up in rebelling.

    Over the hols, I listened again to some of the wonderful, gently humourous songs of Flanders and Swann, a 1950s duo who delighted us all back when I was a kid. With an eye on the wet, wet year we’ve just had in the UK, and remembering that this song was written during the 50s, akmost 60 years ago, enjoy these lyrics, and may they give you a chuckle as we head into the New Year.


    A Song of the Weather
    Michael Flanders and Donald Swann
    from the LP ‘At the Drop of a Hat’

    January brings the snow,
    Makes your feet and fingers glow.

    February’s ice and sleet:
    Freeze the toes right off your feet.

    Welcome March with wintry wind,
    Would thou wert not so unkind!

    April brings the sweet spring showers,
    On and on for hours and hours.

    Farmers fear unkindly May,
    Frost by night and hail by day.

    June just rains and never stops:
    Thirty days and spoils the crops.

    In July the sun is hot.
    Is it shining? No, it’s not!

    August, cold and dank and wet,
    Brings more rain than any yet.

    Bleak September’s mist and mud
    Is enough to chill the blood.

    Then October adds a gale,
    Wind and slush and rain and hail.

    Dark November brings the fog
    Should not do it to a dog.

    Freezing wet December, then …
    Bloody January again!


    Happy New Year, everyone.

  13. Love the blog, even if you boggle my raging brain many times. BTW, Mann is STILL claiming he won the Nobel Peace Prize… read this

  14. Tim Clark says:
    31 December 2012 at 12:47 pm

    Well I hope they are helping the National Review out for their case with Mann – they need all the money they can get.

  15. kakatoa says:

    It’s been close to 20 years sense I attended a SF Commonwealth Club event. I can’t recall the exact title of the event: it was on nuclear disarmament and our (US and other developed nations) efforts to minimize the threat of some state (or stateless group) that have. or are trying to obtain, nuclear bomb capabilities being backed into a corner enough that they felt they had to use their capabilities to remain in, or obtain, power. George Schultz was the primary presenter at the event which covered the risks of the then failed USSR and why it might be a good idea to make sure their stockpile of material didn’t end up in the hands of “true believers” that would prefer it if society could be brought back to the good old days. For some true believers that would be the 1200’s for others that would be before the adaption of fossil fuels (vs. water wheel power) that led to the industrial age.

    Thanks for letting us know of the aforementioned event. As Governor Brown was at the meeting I wonder if he has had time to look into some nuances of energy supply and demand in the state. I would be interested in the Governor’s thoughts on a comment by a member of the Air Quality Management on AB 32: “An easily foreseeable result of AB 32 implementation in rural areas is an increase in the use of residential wood heating because of higher energy prices.” as “Residents of rural areas are often disproportionally impacted by rising energy prices because of a lack of natural gas and a reliance on higher priced propane.”

    As we have smart meters, for both natural gas and electrical energy usage, it should be easy for the governor to use his executive powers (or work with the legislature) to require the CPUC to eliminate subsidized energy for individuals who happen to have two or more homes. As the current physical energy accounting system is tied to the CPUC rate schedule system it seems to me that our governor wouldn’t want to be seen as a free rider, or hypocrite, so I am sure he would agree that at a minimum his energy usage for his second home should no longer be subsidized. As Dr. Mann and Dr. Hansen feel that we, as a society, should target 80% less fossil fuel energy usage I am sure they would support some modification in the current cost allocation process to encourage Governor Brown to pay a fair share for his energy usage. I was thinking that all energy usage for second and above homes should be set at double Tier 5 prices for each kwh and therm of natural gas used.

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