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Roman Obelisk And Big Stones

An existence proof of moving 230 Ton stones with primitive methods. Continue reading

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Interesting Demographic Map USA

An interesting view of demographics in the USA Continue reading

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Of Gold, Silver, Coin, and Constitutions

Not seeing where the Constitution lets Congress create The Fed, nor allows paper money as currency in the States, nor many other things either. Continue reading

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Arctic Standstill Tropical Saros

Are the polar weather cycles driven by the 18.6 year cycle of Lunar orbitals shifts? Are the poles marching to a N./S. tug from declination while the tropics are pulled by the alignment / eclipse Saros? In any case, the Moon looks to rule. Continue reading

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Is there A sea level?

There seems to be plenty of evidence that ‘sea level’ is not doing anything out of the ordinary at all, and that it was significantly higher as recently as 1000 years ago. Continue reading

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Master Of Druidry

I have a “Master of Druidry” now. We don’t know much about what they new, but there are good clues they were more in touch with natural lunar weather cycles than are we, now. Continue reading

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Temperature vs CO2 non-correlate

Global Warming? Not if you plot CO2 increase vs USA temperatures. Continue reading

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