Weather Channel finds Summer warmer than Winter – due to Global Warming…

OK, I don’t have as many references for this as I’d like. I was only “half listening” to a ‘news’ story that went by on The Weather Channel. I didn’t catch the name of the presenter and have not found the exact ‘story’ on line, yet. If / when I find them, I’ll add links. (Others are encouraged to find them if they can…)

The basic story was about the ‘ozone hole’ over Antarctica. How it was making things all wrong in Antarctica and was tied in with extra cold vortex effects. All the usual Ozone Hole Tripe. No big… But…

At the end of the pitch, the presenter, who stressed he was on the South Shetland Islands in Antarctica, proceeded to state that it was “Warmer here, than in our”{something like a US city somewhere}. Obligatory penguins in the background of the shot. Basically asserting that due to the combined effects of global warming and the ozone hole Antarctica was warmer than northern US cities, but the Evil Ozone Hole was causing ice growth in some part of Antarctica far far away…

OK, the story came around again. A bit more detail this time. It was from “Kerry Sanders NBC Antarctica” if I copied the flash panel of attribution correctly. Likely why the ‘story’ isn’t on the WxChannel web site, it’s an NBC ‘pickup’. He starts with a discussion of how ice loss at the North Pole is due to global warming, but in Antarctica the story is more complex. Ice loss at places like the South Shetland Islands (where he is posed with penguins and bare rock) hurting Adele Penguins and with krill and phytoplankton levels down. (No mention of massive krill harvests to make animal feed…) Then a discussion of ice growing at Ross Sea due to… CFCs and ozone hole causing chilling effect and ice growth. So, you see, the ice loss is due to people and the ice gain is due to people and we are all evil… Extreme weather in US came along as a substory, then the “punch line”: Warmer here than in the “pick city” of the day. (So I’m now waiting for the ‘pick city’ story to come around to find out what city that is…)

No mention of the fact that it is peak summer in Antarctica, dead winter ‘up north’, and that the South Shetland Islands are off the end of the Antarctic Peninsula fairly close to South America.

Chile Globe Map

Chile Globe Map

Original Image

The South Shetlands are those little green spots just at the North end of the Antarctic Peninsula. Closer to Chile than to the main body of Antarctica. (And in fact claimed by Chile). Almost on that circle of latitude at 60 South. Yes, 60 degrees South. 30 degrees away from the South Pole. The Shetland Islands (the ones north of England) are just about the same latitude North, on a line that goes through south Norway and south Sweden. (So would folks go to Scotland to make claims about the weather / climate in the Arctic?…) Note, too, that the South Shetland Islands are outside the Antarctic Circle.

So they were ranting about how horrible the Ozone Hole was… OK… I went looking for the story on their web site. Found a story on the Antarctic Ozone Hole, but not the one I wanted. In it, it has a map of The Horrible Ozone Hole:

Ozone Hole Map on WxCh page 2013

Ozone Hole Map on WxCh page 2013

Original from story here.

Golly, that looks bad…

but… Notice that the date on the map is 2009. That’s a while ago. (Though, in fairness, that’s the date on the story). Now look in the lower right corner. It’s a NOAA map, and they play the “no data trick”. “No data Beyond 79S”. Well gee, isn’t that almost all that big purple “hole” splotch? 75 S on my globe runs just about the middle of the Ross Sea and just a bit under the point where the Antarctic Peninsula joins the main body of land.

80 S is the inner circle on this map(click for bigger version):

Antarctica Map

Antarctica Map

So most of the center of Antarctica is really “no data”. No Data? So what is that big blob of magenta? Is it the “no data” marker?…

For comparison, here are a couple of recent ozone anomaly maps for the world, and one ‘actual ozone’.

Ozone Anomaly 10 Feb 2013

Ozone Anomaly 10 Feb 2013

That was a couple of weeks ago. Here’s today:

Ozone Anomaly 25 Feb 2013

Ozone Anomaly 25 Feb 2013

First off, comparing those two, it is very clear that that ozone levels are very dynamic. Hardly “driven” by CFCs. Something else drives the ozone levels. (IMHO, the polar vortex that is itself driven by solar effects, and landing points of various particulate and charge currents from the sun.) Second, notice that there isn’t much of an ‘ozone hole’ at all. Supposedly at the strongest in Antarctic spring, but clearly wiped out with a bit of summer sun.

Now, here is the actual ozone level:

Ozone 25 Feb 2013

Ozone 25 Feb 2013

All maps from:

So Antarctic Ozone is about the same as the equatorial tropical ozone… Southern Ocean ozone about the same as North Atlantic ozone. All that ozone in the Arctic and over Canada and Siberia not doing much to keep things warm.

Very high ozone levels over the North Pole. Lowest levels in the ‘rain belt’ near, but not at, the equator. (So maybe we ought to be panicked about the “ozone hole” over Indonesia under the clouds and rain?…)

In Conclusion

All in all that NBC / WxChannel ‘story’ looks like a flat out lie wrapped in a fib, topped with a whopper.

The “ozone hole” isn’t (at least not now). The cold and ice growth in Antarctica is NOT caused by the ozone. The descending strong polar vortex, driven by solar changes, drives both the ozone and the cold. During the winter, the solar radiation can’t make ozone, and during the summer it does. The balance between the vortex and the solar radiant energy / particle and charge flows combined determine the ozone levels. The vortex also drives the degree of cold weather at the poles, modulated by solar changes.

Were low ozone causing cold, the area from central Africa, to Central America, to Indonesia would be growing ice right now.

The South Shetlands are NOT inside the Antarctic Circle and using them as a proxy for Antarctic conditions is a flat out deception. They are a proxy for the northern edge of the Southern Ocean at best.

Ignoring massive industrial harvesting of krill in an attribution of krill reduction to weather is a deception by omission.

Dismissing Antarctic ice growth as human caused and overriding human caused global warming is just a fantasy, on both counts. Assigning less snow in the South Shetland Islands to global warming while assigning more snow in the USA to global warming is just schizophrenic. (All, IMHO, of course).

Just wrong and stupid on so many levels. The worst, of course, being to compare an island having long summer days to continental USA in mid winter. They have, in essence, discovered that summer is warmer than winter, but didn’t notice… Instead they find that South Shetland Islands in summer are warmer than the US “Pick City” in winter due to Global Warming…

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24 Responses to Weather Channel finds Summer warmer than Winter – due to Global Warming…

  1. Graeme says:

    off topic…but are you following Mt Etna? It seems to be coming alive again.

  2. Otter says:

    To the best of my understanding, the ozone hole existed Long before CFCs had anything to do with. I think it has always been there. And I have to wonder: IS the ozone hole, a negative feedback mechanism? Could it be just one of the myriad of ways the atmosphere regulates how ‘hot’ it gets?

    Any thoughts, anyone?

  3. Speed says:

    I just noticed that opening this blog ( displays (or tries to display) every post you’ve ever written. Or a lot of them anyway. On the next tab I have displayed posts back to 12 November 2012 with more coming. Perhaps something on your settings reading screen (one of the WordPress administrator screens) has gone adrift.

  4. p.g.sharrow says:

    @EMSmith something is definitely amiss here. Yesterdays House Music was a difficult load and todays Weather Channel is a deal breaker. I almost can’t download your blog. It just hogs box resources using nearly all the CPU and memory available. No problem with other blogs. pg

  5. John Robertson says:

    Soon media headlines will read, massive warming in Northern Hemisphere, snow is melting like never before, sun rise earlier each day, if this rate of temperature increase continues, we will all bake by the end of May.
    Who knew spring could be unprecedented, if one was born yesterday.

  6. @ Otter

    A couple of years ago there was a paper (maybe 2) on the Ozone hole covered on WUWT (I think). You might try searching that site. I spent a few hours searching and reading about it at that time. The issue relates to Halogen compounds and a couple are available to the atmosphere from sea waves, so there is not and never has been a shortage of compounds to do what only the scary CFCs were supposed to do. That’s what I remember. Well, that, and the fact that the hole grows and fades despite the Montreal Protocol. Anyway, it seems to not be a problem insofar as I was able to determine.

    at 8:20 pm PST on Tuesday I had no problem with the loading

  7. R. de Haan says:

    “Bricks” like that I like. You just smashed their windows.

  8. adolfogiurfa says:

    Let us remember how ozone is produced: By electric short circuiting…..unless you are an “astronomer” (one who gives “names” to stars: These “kids” won´t guess how to plug their own computers to the mains):

  9. adolfogiurfa says:

    Another “Short-circuiting”, this time over Russia:

  10. adolfogiurfa says:

    Don´t know what happened with the actual video. This is the copied link:

  11. adolfogiurfa says:

    @ E.M.: Please delete both videos the actual one is the second one which appears when clicking the link , below the one which has appeared twice: Russian Meteor

  12. Steve C says:

    I can confirm John F. Hultquist’s recollection, though unfortunately I haven’t got space on my PC to bookmark everything I read which disagrees with The Cause so can’t locate them quickly. I can add that during subsequent reading around at the time, I also read that the ozone hole had been reported years before the great CFC frenzy anyhow, leaving the impression that it was just situation normal: planet doing what it’s always done, nothing to see here, move along please.

    Still, I suppose that with temperatures resolutely refusing to play ball, the Faithful have to have something to keep up the panic. Someone should tell them it’s time for the Next Ice Age scare again.

    No strange loading problems here (current Firefox / XP), but another undesirable feature has appeared. Today, for the first time, a circular Thing has appeared in the address bar, bearing an offensive image, an image which I generally try to banish from my machines. When I hover over the Thing, a message appears, which says: “View and manage Google requests”. I don’t know who put it there, but it is 100% unwanted. Could this be WP mucking about?

  13. Doug Proctor says:

    The fix to No Data: so it is a NOAA/GISS organizational procedure!

    Useful, misleading.

  14. The Weather Channel is nothing more than a “U.N. aligned” bunch of “junior Green Fraud trained indoctrinated gerbils” who tow the “party line”. Also Discovery Channel, National Geographic Channel along with most mainstream media sources that “sold out” a long time ago to the U.N.
    Just looking out your window will tell you what the truth about weather really is versus the garbage being spouted at the Weather Channel!

  15. As Dixy Lee Ray pointed out in her “Environmental Overkill” that O3 is created by UV dissociating O2 some of which recombines as O3 . With or without CFCs O3 is unstable and reverts back to O2 with some half-life . Note the date on the NOAA map : September 25 . Near the end of the sunless antarctic winter . No wonder O3 is depleted . As mentioned , as soon as there is sun , the O3 quickly reforms . It’s not the O3 which mainly blocks the UV , it’s the O2 being dissociated .

    And for this fraud they harm the health and welfare of millions of asthma sufferers by banning the only effective non-prescription inhaler , Primatene Mist , for its couple of grams of CFC propellant .
    They are evil anti-science misanthropes .

  16. E.M.Smith says:

    @P.G. & Speed:

    No idea what you might be experiencing, but “for awhile” I’ve set the “opening page” to be “T”, so a very short text page.

    Sometimes WordPress “has issues” and strange things happen. OTOH, it’s free to me… and they usually fix whatever strange thing happens in a day or two.

    I’ll change back to ‘top post first page’ in a couple of days.


    No. Guess it’s time to pay attention to Italy again. FWIW, I expect that a load of volcanoes are going to become active, for reasons I can’t go into in a single comment ;-)


    That’s the video! At least the first bit… Then it turns into some really strangely strongly “green” stuff that wasn’t the story I saw. It’s like this is the whole feed and what I saw was an edited subset.


    Yup. First time we looked, it was there… so it must be “our fault”… go figure…

    @John Robertson:

    Cute! Oddly accurate of what the “whackoes are doing” but cute…


    Ok… I’ll get to that deletion what you posted in a hurry while not checking what you were doing being too impatient to check “someday”…. when I figure out what you wanted to post so I can make it what you expected while I wasn’t paying attention to what you did while…

    Maybe tomorrow ;-)

    @Steve C:

    Well… I don’t have “the circular thing” so don’t know how to kill it…

    @Doug Proctor & TheBigGreenLie:

    Well, a lot of folks can’t handle numbers, won’t look out the window, and don’t remember much past last Tuesday… so “we’ve got a problem”…

    Per UN & such:

    Well… one good thing is that for some of us we have suddenly had it thrust into our faces that the global governance moment is a bunch of self centered greedy self serving despot wannabiees and that there is little close to “democracy” in the classical sense.

    Before they got “The benefit of the doubt” now the presumption is “they are assholes out to get me”. I think that’s a bit of progress…

  17. E.M.Smith says:


    OK, the FIRST story was what I saw. Looks like that link goes into endless story after story mode if you don’t stop it…

  18. CB says:

    I was a Navy C-130 pilot assigned to VXE-6 from 1982-1985. VXE-6’s mission was to support the U.S. Government’s scientific research activities during the Antarctic summer months. The squadron was based at NAS Pt. Mugu, CA (Oxnard), and we flew detachments out of Christchurch, NZ, flying U.S. and international scientists on to the ice.

    I believe the year was 1983 when we took a NASA scientist (can’t remember his name) to the ice and he brought an upward-looking atmospheric radar. He had been funded to investigate the ozone layer above Antarctica, something that no one had previously studied up until that time. He had no idea what he would find, but he discovered a hole in the ozone above the continent with his radar. And during his time on the ice which I believe was around 4-5 months in duration, he observed the hole grow in size, shrink back down and even meader around. No one was alarmed by what he had found. He was just intrigued by what he observed. This was the first time anyone had actually observed the “hole in the ozone layer” above Antarctica. This scientist didn’t think anything was necessarily bad going on; in fact he thought it was possible the hole had been there for eons. But nobody knew, because no one had ever seen it before!

  19. Speed says:

    Sometimes WordPress “has issues” …
    That was my second guess. It seems to be fixed now.

  20. E.M.Smith says:


    There was a setting to “allow unlimited scrolling” that seems to over ride the “show only one or two pages” setting… No directions anywhere, but that seems to have fixed it…

  21. p.g.sharrow says:

    Well, What ever it was, it is fixed now and I can load and peruse. It did not seem to overload the connection but it really overloaded the cpu and memory. pg

  22. Marko says:

    This is why I stopped watching the Weather Channel or using their website years ago. Even the original founder has criticized its political agenda.

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