Politicians Need To Be Worried

Sometimes you find useful information in the oddest of places. Much of computer forensics is based around that understanding. Backup tapes. Replies to replies to replies with the original email and addressee list intact on a 4th party 3 times removed mail archive. Usage statistics for particular ports and IP addresses. And that mountain of “work files” that Microsoft leaves scattered across the landscape of your disk…

Usually it is something relatively focused on a particular person. Sometimes a small group of people. Then there are other times where the information presented is much more broad in character. Seeing that a load of IP addresses for downloading porn of young girls in “school uniforms” come from Japan, for example. (A common poster I saw in Tokyo on the “wrong side of the tracks” had such an image. My guide explained that it was one of the more popular Fantasy Roles there…) or noting that the attacks logged into your syslog file that were the more repetitive, pedantic and “by the book” (literally) had origins in the old USSR said something about their organizationally trained “system crackers”. (The Russians have some spectacular programmers and hackers, but the old USSR was not geared to use them well…)

In this case, I was looking at my Bittorrent Server activity. I’ve only recently started using Torrent services. It is a highly effective “peer to peer” file sharing / distribution service. The best advances in it have come from the Pirate and Hacker communities. Every time Law Enforcement would go after someone for what was arguably “fair use” sharing of a song recording or movie, the sites and software would ratchet up to move one more step ahead. When the file sharing central servers were attacked, things moved “peer to peer” so there was no central repository. When the “.torrent file” coordinating sites, called ‘trackers’, (the places that hand out and coordinate sharing – encrypted if desired – via .torrent files) were hit, various protocols were added so that no .torrent “trackers” were needed. Folks would / could just announce they were interested in a particular .torrent and “things would come”. Now there are “magnet links” to draw your desired content too you, no central anything need apply…

So am I a music and video Pirate? No, not at all. For one thing, I’m partially deaf. I like music, but it isn’t high on my list of important sensory things. Anything above about 6 kHz is just gone, and while music from 50 Hz to 3 kHz is nice, well, lets just say that without the piccolo a lot of classical music isn’t quite the same… (think 1776 and marching songs…) Similarly, I like movies, but once I’ve seen one, I “have it”. It’s in my head and I can just replay it more or less. I like that “first image load” to be on a big screen in a theatre. (We don’t even have HDTV at home yet, just old “scan and pan” aspect ratio regular “antique” TV…)

So why do I do torrents? Well, I didn’t until lately. But a tool doesn’t care who invented it or why. As of now, a boat load of software is distributed via torrents. I like collecting “old releases” of Linux, since often times they run in far less memory and on “garbage” computers Just Fine. I’d started making a collection of some of them and discovered it eats up a lot of disk space fast ;-) Having torrent servers lets us ALL share our old stuff around. (I’ve bought a 1 TB disk and will be slowly making an archives of selected old crap releases on it ;-) But along the way, “Stuff Happens”.

Part of that “stuff” was The Feds deciding that the First Amendment and the Second Amendment only apply when they agree to it. Sorry Charlie, it doesn’t work that way. Authority rests with We The People. Rights originate from God and are inherent to We The People. They are not subject to your granting nor removal; despite what you may think. Ask Old King George about that… Yes, we can be damn lazy and generally not make much of a fuss about it when you trample us. NEVER confuse being polite and restrained with agreement nor with passivity.

I have a very biased view of the American Population. I’m a native Californian. I’ve grown up and lived within about 100 miles of San Franciso my whole life. I’ve been in Silicon Valley for the last nearly 40 years. So I have no idea what the “intersection” is of “gun rights advocates” and “geeks”; as my sample is dominated by Geeks. This is Geek Heaven and odds are that at the gun range the guy or gal next to you is a programmer or similar. It’s also a very “liberal” place, so many folks who would be pegged as ‘right wing’ via owning guns are in fact not. (I’m pretty “liberal” on a lot of things, from drugs to what folks do in their bedrooms. I’m much more a Classical Liberal that is now called Libertarian here. I don’t really care what you do as long as you leave me alone.)

I once hired a girl out of college. Cute as could be, blond, did occasional modeling – she shared her portfolio when one of the staff asked about it. Maybe 110 lbs soaking wet? Well, she was one of THE best computer programmers I ever hired. We were having a staff “offsite” (i.e. out to lunch somwhere) and the topic of guns came up – one of the more ‘liberal’ in the team was interested in learning about them since some of us had ‘expressed an opinion’ that being ignorant was not a good basis for decisions… and he was anti-gun. Little Miss pipes up… Seems she likes to shoot… Asked “what do you shoot, .22 or .38, or?…” she replies “I have a .44 Magnum revolver that’s my favorite.” Seems she grew up in Farm Country near the hills and the occasional need to stop a charging bear meant you needed to have something ‘of enough size’… Long story short: The “liberal” found out it was fun to shoot tin cans at the “junk range”, realized we were not a bunch of “gun nuts”, found out that fully 1/2 the shooters were fellow “liberals”; and we all got to watch a beautiful petite blond shoot rings around all of us with a gun bigger than ours! ;-)

But the point of that digression is that every single one of those folks was a hard core Unix Systems Programmer, including me. My “sample” was a 100% intersection of that group with “shooters”. Entirely a matter of selection bias in where I worked. So I can say nothing about the relative proportion of computer Geeks vs Shooters in, say, Wichita or Dallas or New York City. Just keep that in mind when seeing the following picture. Is it ignoring the 99.99% of shooters who don’t have a clue what a “torrent” is? Or are shooters more connected to the music piracy and software communities? I don’t know. So here’s my sample:

Liberator Exchange Stats 22 May 2013

Liberator Exchange Stats 22 May 2013

Click it to “embiggen” and read the stuff for yourself.

This is a screen capture of my Bittorrent Client on my laptop. I’m deprecating it as I move my Torrent archives onto a dedicated Raspberry Pi SD card. It had not been running in a month? or so. So I fired it up to make available a couple of things from it, to the R.Pi. (In particular, a Knoppix 5.1 release that was only available from me, on the laptop, after leaving the R.Pi ‘waiting’ for it for all that time, and a Cryptonas old image). Now what’s interesting here is the relative “demand” for different things.

Typically a Torrent will be in very high demand when new. Both the music / movie folks and the software folks want that new release ON release date. That’s one of the big advantages of Torrent. IFF I’ve got a 1 GB ‘release’ and a 1 mbit ‘leased line’ and, say, 1,000,000 people world wide want it at the same time… that’s 1 Million GigaBytes to shove down a 1 MegaBit/second line. At 10 bits / byte (8 data, start , stop bits) that’s about 10 Giga seconds. 1 x 10^6 x 10^9 x 10 / 10^6 = 10^10 seconds. As there are 86,400 seconds in a year, that’s about 115,000 years… So you can see that “central distribution” of new software releases “had issues”. Especially for smaller sized companies that “had a hit product” by surprise.

Peer to peer fixes that as you aggregate bandwidth with popularity. As soon as I have some bits, I start sharing what parts I have with anyone who doesn’t have those blocks yet. In theory, the central site only needs to send each block of the data ONCE and to any of the connected “peers”; after which an exponential ramp of Peer to Peer sharing takes off. (In practice, there are ‘leachers’ who don’t share so some amount of excess transmission is needed to cover them, but it isn’t large.)

This, BTW, has an interesting side effect. The “etiquette” is to “share as much as you get”, so if you download a 1 GB file, you are expected to keep sharing it until you have a download / upload ratio of greater than 1. The problem, of course, is that you can not have “everyone above average”… In practice, the early flood of distribution starts to fade, the first folks get ratios above 1, and the “late to the party” folks end up with a copy, but few folks wanting it following them. So the tendency is to a ‘fad’ type pattern. LOTS of peers early on, then a lingering death of interest as it become “old hat and irrelevant”. Where, if you are lucky, you might find some one person somewhere who had Knoppix 5.1 on their torrent server and forgot to remove it when it became stale… Which is exactly why I’m seeing some utility in a very large disk full of old release archives for folks who need that old release (to recover some old box / data / whatever… as often happens in forensics and computer support…) Now, lets look at some numbers in that screen capture.

The first 4 are related to the FOIA-2011 release. They are now a bit “stale” as the folks “moved on”. Single digit “seeds” (like me) keeping it available for others to download. My “ratio” is a fractional number as I was a bit late to download, and then almost immediately moved it to the R.Pi and stopped the Bittorrent on the laptop. No activity at all on the ‘upload’ so nobody looking to get a copy now. A bit further down, we see some Knoppix releases. That old 5.1 is being actively uploaded by some guy (not my R.Pi) who had also been waiting for months, no doubt… so is happy I restarted Bittorent on the Laptop… Under “seeds” you can see a “1”. That’s me, the only guy providing that particular file at the moment. In the whole of the .torrent space. Just me. Kinda makes a guy feel all “special” and “wanted” ;-)

A bit further down, the newer Knoppix releases (that are also larger and fatter and don’t work as well on old small slow boxes like a spare x486…) have many more “seeds”. The ones ending in “DE” are in German, the ones in English end in “EN”. The English one has 77 folks actively “seeding” it at the moment. Those are relatively normal numbers for “Tech stuff” that’s been around a while. Single digits of seeds for “old stuff”, and double digits for “current but out a while”. Only in the first “flush” of a few days of release do you tend to higher numbers.

Now look at that highlighted blue line. Liberator. 1647 seeds. I am not one of them. (I’ve halted that particular torrent.) We’re into this some relatively long time since the original release of the .torrent file onto the internet. The first night I grabbed a copy. More as a political statement than anything else. I wanted to “be heard” stating “this is OUR freedom of speech and we choose to talk to each other in bits and bytes.” as I’ve never seen a “3-D printer” the content is actually useless to me. I expect that is true for most folks. The simple fact was that there were SO many folks with 100% of the file actively seeding it, and with high bandwidth, that I was just not getting any “share” of the upload requests.

Bittorrent has a method of finding the best source for you. It prunes out sites that are far away (topologically) and with low speed. You tend to get the most bits from the sites that are fastest and best connected to you. I was just not “important enough” when compared to big servers in large data centers with massive internet connections. (Many .torrent servers are sited at co-location facilities. Pirate Bay is reputed to be done with a cluster of Virtual Machines such that any Co-Lo site could be shut down and the ‘standby’ servers would detect that, and bring themselves up again in a different legal jurisdiction.) So after a while of watching me get “polled” (a 1 size or 0.1 size momentary ‘upload’) and then be dropped for a ‘better source’, I just turned off that seed. Notice that my “ratio” is zero.

Now the big question is just how many more folks are there “like me”? Discouraged that we were “too small” to matter? Just waiting “For that day” when the number of seeds drops down? Add in the slightly paranoid folks who have a copy and are NOT sharing (since your IP address shows up in the window of the person doing the download and “agencies” can run ongoing downloads to identify the sources… or some of the sources since not everyone connects to all of them…)? I’d guess a couple of orders of magnitude more. Heck, I want to be a seed for it, and it’s just too crowded right now to bother!

In Conclusion

What does this say to me? There are a heck of a lot of folks, willing to “make a statement” on this point. There are a very large number “in the wings” (like me) watching the stars on stage and doing ‘understudy’ of their lines. There is a very large and appreciative audience…

And there’s a guy with a badge in the back of the room scowling as the audience jeers at him… This is OUR burlesque, and we do not need him trying to apply his “blue laws” when Gypsy Rose Lee hits the stage… We have tomatoes and cream pies at the ready, should he get too full of himself…

Were I a politician indulging in political overreach, I’d be afraid. We The People are a generally passive and quiet lot. But this is fairly clear evidence of a restive undertone. A willingness to say “Stuff it, and stuff you, if you think I’m a door mat.” The Little Guy found a momentary voice, and was happy to use it, to yell “Up Yours!”. And they are still using it.

That’s not the kind of atmosphere where you want to be pushing them even more.

Add in the IRS political tool scandal (and the Democratic Spin Doctoring trying to make it a Republican issue… it isn’t and they look the fool for that spin…), the Obamacare Fiasco In The Making (the damn dog sunk his teeth into the tire of the passing car and is now wondering what happens next…), the A.P. Piss Off all the press and alienate your friends scandal (and cause folks like me to get to work on removing our speech from your reach…), and more… Well, lets just say it’s a bad idea to light cigars in celebration of having poured gasoline all around yourself…

Though it can be fun to watch…
Hey, buddy, got a light? I’ll just stand over here while you get yours lit…

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A technical managerial sort interested in things from Stonehenge to computer science. My present "hot buttons' are the mythology of Climate Change and ancient metrology; but things change...
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28 Responses to Politicians Need To Be Worried

  1. philjourdan says:

    The problem is that in their over reach, they are making everyone a criminal. Such that they can arrest anyone at anytime. Which is eerily reminiscent of totalitarian regimes.

    But then that is what we are moving to.

  2. Petrossa says:

    About that, in parts of europe speeding is in fact a criminal act with a hefty prison penalty+hefty fine+loss of permit. You can get less than that for manslaughter. In fact a drunk driver who put 2 persons severely injured in hospital walked away with 120 hours community service, go 40 miles over the speed limit and you get 6 months prison, 1500 euro fine, confiscation of your vehicle and permit. Talk about everyone a criminal.

  3. omanuel says:

    As noted earlier, everyone has reason to be worried now:

    Click to access Peaceful_Resolution.pdf

    1. Politicians who decided to save the world from nuclear annihilation by:
    _ a.) Forming the United Nations on 24 Oct 1945
    _ b.) Publishing misinformation on solar and nuclear physics after 1945
    _ c.) Compromising the integrity of government science and constitutional limits on the power of governments

    2. Members of society who are now aware of the 1945 decision to deceive them, thanks to information left behind by five brave souls:

    _ d.) Professor Paul Kuzo Kuroda: The first scientist to visit the ruins of Hiroshima in Aug 1945 recognized that the atomic blast was like the event that birthed the world. See page 2:

    _ e.) David Snell: Reported in the 3 Oct 1946 issue of The Atlanta Constitution hidden information on Japan’s successful atomic bomb test off the east coast of Konan, Korea on 12 Aug 1945:

    _ f.) Robert Jungk: Recorded the deep sense of guilt in atomic scientists of Allied forces for having killed hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Aug 1945. Their guilt was used to compromise the integrity of science and national constitutions:

    _ g.) George Orwell: Moved to the God-forsaken isle of Jura in 1946, leaving the comfort of London to start writing his warning to the public that a tyrannical government based on deceit was rising from the ruins of World War II and would be visible by “1984″.

    _ h.) Sir Fred Hoyle: Revealed in his autobiography that the SSM (Standard Solar Model) of hydrogen-filled stars was unanimously adopted without debate or discussion in 1946. See pages 153-154:

    Events hidden in 1945 may be linked to headlines in 2013:

    1945: http://www.my-jia.com/The_Flight_of_the_Hog_Wild


  4. E.M.Smith says:


    Near as I can tell, Europe is having another bad bout of The German Disease. We’ve seen the end point of that totalitarian effort too many times… (Though only lately has been a German issue… it started a few thousand years ago as a Roman Disease, but Germany and France each caught a case of it at different times – Napoleon & Holy Roman Empire; then The British Empire had a go at it, but ran into “issues” with too little base trying to control too much land far far away…)

    I suspect that the early successes of Empire lead to the over breeding of too many folks with a tendency to totalitarian excess… and now you are stuck with their “children” … It will likely take several generations of “culling” to get back to a less “sociopathic” genetic mix in your “leadership”. Unfortunately, some of them seem to have landed over here in the diaspora of colonizing despite most of us being folks trying to get away from that ilk…

    We, the Average Joes and Janes of the world, need to find a way to purge such power mad folks from society… preferably without leaving too many genes behind them…

    Perhaps a nice padded cell somewhere with a copy of World Domination to play against each other… (James Bond movie game reference…)

  5. John Robertson says:

    Irony abounds, I have been too cynical and embittered by social stupidity of the Global Warming kind, to have much to say of late.
    Now the useful idiots of the MSM are feeling the love, its becoming “news” again, that stupid evil bastards actively seek power by any means.
    And the mask is peeling off of out of control ideologues in positions of public trust.
    I hope the fawning Obama media can hear the worlds smallest violin, the fourth estate is exposed as a fifth column.
    The way to purge the power mad from power is to reduce the rewards of power to minimal and enforce the consequences of failing to carry out the responsibilities of public office.
    Reverse the tax sequence to local -State-Federal, so one can get your hands on the criminals responsible and enforce the punishments for oath breaking.
    Pay no more than 10% tax net income. All promises made by govt, justifying greater theft, have been exposed as lies.They can not provide(by their own admission) the supposed goods, they took our money for.
    By removing the bottomless pit of other peoples wealth, the parasites will have to find a new host or die,Canada is proof of govt breach of contract, 1/4 of our economy is govt and its out of gas.
    Still too mean spirited to comment coherently, but if any of you are near the border it seems Canadian Tire stores have reasonable stocks of ammo.
    For as all Canadians know, when seconds count, the police are minutes away eating doughnuts.

  6. jim2 says:

    Beth over on Climate Etc. pointed out that Ford left that “progressive” country in Australia. That carbon tax is just the bees knees.

  7. R. de Haan says:

    E.M.Smith says:
    22 May 2013 at 9:01 pm

    Near as I can tell, Europe is having another bad bout of The German Disease. We’ve seen the end point of that totalitarian effort too many times… (Though only lately has been a German issue… it started a few thousand years ago as a Roman Disease, but Germany and France each caught a case of it at different times – Napoleon & Holy Roman Empire; then The British Empire had a go at it, but ran into “issues” with too little base trying to control too much land far far away…)

    I suspect that the early successes of Empire lead to the over breeding of too many folks with a tendency to totalitarian excess… and now you are stuck with their “children” … It will likely take several generations of “culling” to get back to a less “sociopathic” genetic mix in your “leadership”. Unfortunately, some of them seem to have landed over here in the diaspora of colonizing despite most of us being folks trying to get away from that ilk…

    We, the Average Joes and Janes of the world, need to find a way to purge such power mad folks from society… preferably without leaving too many genes behind them…

    Perhaps a nice padded cell somewhere with a copy of World Domination to play against each other… (James Bond movie game reference…)”

    The problem we have today is the decision by the UN to introduce and execute Agenda 21.
    The execution of this agenda is taken on at local community level. This is big and we need to address it. http://www.activistpost.com/2013/01/how-does-un-agenda-21-implementation.html

    In the mean time the Russians take a no risk position and despite recent courtships with Obama and the EU apparatchiks have called for a weapons program that beats all Western tech.
    I watch both developments with great concern.

  8. R. de Haan says:

    As for Europe there is not enough money available in the market to continue the bail outs.
    South European bank have accumulated yet another 720 billion euro in toxic debt.
    In order to keep the banks alive the ECB is franticly working on legislation that provides them the control over German savings accounts. However this won’t top the deteriorating relationship between Germany and France, the economic core of the Eurozone. Besides that the German Bank has accumulated a liability of 56 trillion euro’s. This is roughly 12 times the German GDP and 100 times the total sum of German savings. The total debt of the French Banks is at least 3.5 times the GDP of France. The entire Eurozone including Germany have reported negative growth figures and declining fiscal revenues combined with rising unemployment. In Italy legislation is proposed to exclude the biggest Italian Political Party from participating in the next elections (they are anti establishment). Europe was all about unity among the member nations but this unity is non existing. In the mean time the EU apparatchiks behave like the DDR Government in the weeks before the fall of the Iron Curtain which ended the Cold War. Germany is left with an increasing number of arguments to pull the plug on the failed EU experiment and their Government better listens to the arguments. If the German people wake up one morning to find out they have been conned, their savings gone, their economy in shambles and their Government bankrupt I hope to sit in front of the tv with a beer and big load of popcorn.

  9. Petrossa says:

    It was still the old pre-war gang that set in motion this juggernaut. Many nazi’s just stayed on and kept positions since it would be to disruptive to totally clean the government of them. They needed them badly for the after war rebuild. Same for big industry. They introduced the whole idea, and they mentored the next generation. Once they had the unified money things were set in concrete.
    Nowadays the younger politicians are unaware of this and truly believe it’s better to have a unified Europe. (and ofcourse the cynics who are in it for the glory as usual) It’ll run its course to it’s unavoidable demise.
    I just hope it’ll last long enough till i’m dead. Apres moi le deluge

  10. punmaster says:

    These may be a big help.

    3D printers

    Thoughts on the subject

    Perhaps the more thoughtful preppers should be saying, ” We have the AR’s and AK’s, 3D printers, and Pi’s. We will be able to start over.”

  11. Gail Combs says:

    John Robertson says:

    ……. For as all Canadians know, when seconds count, the police are minutes away eating doughnuts.
    Boy does that strike a cord especially today. I just spend the last week jumping through hoops trying to get the *&^!@ government to MOVE on a guy who welshed on a lease agreement for my semi & trailer and refuses to return it per the agreement much less pay the terms of the lease. It is behind a locked fence so it is “Illegal” for me to recover it despite the fact I have the title and contract. The up front lawyer fees for getting the judgement I need to legaly get the truck is more than I have and more than I can sell the truck for. That is IF the truck is still around after the papers are served and the court date comes around.

    During the last week the guy has sold my trailer using a falsified title and offered to sell the tractor to a friend again with a false title. I talked to DMV, DOT, FBI, the local cops and the district attorney. No luck getting the authorities to go after the SOB just warning that I am not ALLOWED to do anything, so I just sold the titles to a very large Red Neck with lots of friends.

    Law enforcement is not about enforcing the law it is now a revenue generating department of the government.

    …The perversion of law enforcement priorities was also the subject of an empirical study published thirteen years ago. Sociologists Mitchell Miller (University of Tennessee) and Lance H. Selva (Middle Tennessee State University) received the 1994 Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences Award for their undercover study and critical analysis of asset forfeiture’s impact on police procedure. Based on twelve months of covert observation from within narcotics enforcement agencies, Drug Enforcement’s Double-Edged Sword: An Assessment of Asset Forfeiture Programs described forfeiture as a “dysfunctional policy” that forces law enforcement agencies to subordinate justice to profit.

    The Double-Edged Sword undercover researcher observed agencies abandon investigations of suspects they knew were trafficking large amounts of contraband simply because the case was not profitable….

    More importantly, the narcotics units studied preferred seizing cash intended for purchase of drugs supplied by the police, rather than confiscating drugs already on the street. When asked why a search warrant would not be served on a suspect known to have resale quantities of contraband, one officer responded:

    “Because that would just give us a bunch of dope and the hassle of having to book him (the suspect). We’ve got all the dope we need in the property room, just stick to rounding up cases with big money and stay away from warrants.”

    In one case an agency instructed the researcher to observe the suspect’s daily transactions reselling a large shipment of cocaine so that officers could postpone making the bust until after the majority of the drug shipment was converted to cash. This case was only one of many in which the goal was profit rather than reducing the supply of drugs reaching the street.

    Thirteen additional years of policing for profit have now entrenched agencies in a dependency on forfeiture revenue that continues to subordinate the pursuit of justice to the pursuit of profit….

    Innocent owners who are never charged with a crime still must prove their innocence in complex proceedings, where many cases are lost before even coming to trial. Most forfeiture cases are never contested, in part because contesting the proceedings can cost more than the value of what’s been confiscated. “The average vehicle siezed is worth about $4,000,” states FEAR president Brenda Grantland, Esq. “To defend a case, especially when you’re out of state, they’ve pretty much made it cost prohibitive.” Under civil asset forfeiture laws, the simple possession of cash, with no drugs or other contraband, can be considered evidence of criminal activity….

    I have nothing but contempt for the present legal system in the USA. Heartland and Peter Gleick are a classic case. Gleick has confessed to criminal activity but the District Attorney will not try the case. It is no longer the rule of law but the rule of A$$ H… buddyism. GRRrrrrr

  12. Paul Hanlon says:

    There’s an upcoming G8 summit in Fermangh (South west part of Northern Ireland). On the news today was the announcement that the security bill will come to £50million. £50million !!! for a few days of a bunch of old farts lording it over the rest of us. Have we completely lost the plot. How did we get to the point where this sort of thing could happen?

    In the meantime, the waiting times in Accident and Emergency at my local hospital is about 12 hours. If a farmer treated a cow like that they could be prosecuted for cruelty to animals, yet our “caring” professions don’t bat an eyelid at treating humans like that. Words fail me.

  13. omanuel says:

    @ Gail Combs & Paul Hanlon,

    Rational analysis was missing in the fear-driven decision to:
    _ a.) Form the United Nations on 24 Oct 1945
    _ b.) Eliminate national boundaries and national governments
    _ c.) Obscure the energy that destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki on 6 and 9 Aug 1945

    Lack of rational thought and courage is all that keeps us from the solution:

    Click to access Peaceful_Resolution.pdf

  14. Gail Combs says:

    omanuel, it is not “…Lack of rational thought and courage.. that keeps us from the solution It is greed for power and wealth. The same thing that drove Alexander The Great, Atilla The Hun, Genghis Khan and others. The only difference is they have shifted the battle field. Instead of being up front and leading armies they are behind the scenes pulling the strings of power.

    There was a study done by two physicists Stefano Battiston and James Glattfelder of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich. They did a physics-based analysis of the world economy as it looked in early 2007. World’s Stocks Controlled by Select Few

    The actual paper:

    The Network of Global Corporate Control

    The structure of the control network of transnational corporations affects global market competition and financial stability. So far, only small national samples were studied and there was no appropriate methodology to assess control globally. We present the first investigation of the architecture of the international ownership network, along with the computation of the control held by each global player. We find that transnational corporations form a giant bow-tie structure and that a large portion of control flows to a small tightly-knit core of financial institutions. This core can be seen as an economic “super-entity” that raises new important issues both for researchers and policy makers.


    The fact that control is highly concentrated in the hands of few top holders does not determine if and how they are interconnected. It is only by combining topology with control ranking that we obtain a full characterization of the structure of control. A first question we are now able to answer is where the top actors are located in the bow-tie. As the reader may by now suspect, powerful actors tend to belong to the core. In fact, the location of a TNC in the network does matter…..

  15. omanuel says:

    Gail Combs. I do not necessarily disagree with you. But the entire world society is vulnerable and we can’t waste time assigning blame.

    I would appreciate comments from you and others on Resolution and Advancement:

    Click to access Resolution_Advancement.pdf

  16. adolfogiurfa says:

    @Omanuel: You have to explore the videos from TolecfromDakote in youtube.

  17. @Adolfo . . .

    We are traveling so I’ll keep this short. There is nobody alive now who made the decision to deceive in 1945. Let’s forget blame and get society back on track. Oliver

  18. adolfogiurfa says:

    Do not rely on the dogma of physical sciences to master the fundamental forces of creation any more than you would trust the chanted incantations of an incense-burning shaman. The net result of both of these is entrapment and oblivion. Scientists pretend to observe, but they only suppose that they see, and call it fact. Like the blind man, a scientist can not learn to see
    until he realizes that he is blind. The “facts” of Earth science do not include the source of creation. They include only the result, or byproducts of creation. The “facts” of science to not include any memory of the nearly infinite past experience of existence.
    The essence of creation and existence cannot be found through the lens of a microscope or telescope or by any other measurement of the physical universe. One cannot comprehend the perfume of a flower or the pain felt by an abandoned lover with meters and calipers.
    Everything you will ever know about the creative force and ability of a god can be found within you — an Immortal Spiritual Being.

    Click to access Roswell.pdf

  19. Adolfo . . .

    The reality revealed by measurements, observations and experimentation is consistent with the one revealed by meditation, contemplation and prayer.

    Arrogant scientists are as foolish as arrogant religionists. They both think they alone know the truth. Oliver

  20. Consider the possibility that the pulsar core of the Sun may possess qualities attributed to Intelligent Design.

  21. Jeff Alberts says:

    Is there such a thing as fair use sharing of copyrighted material for which you are not the copyright holder? We’re not talking about lending someone a physical book, where you no longer hold the book while they’re using it.

  22. Jeff Alberts says:

    Oliver K. Manuel says:
    26 May 2013 at 3:59 am

    Consider the possibility that the pulsar core of the Sun may possess qualities attributed to Intelligent Design.

    Do you EVER stay on topic??

  23. omanuel says:

    Jeff Alberts,

    I regret that my post seemed off topic to you. The best available data and observations from the Nuclear & Space Ages indicate the Sun’s pulsar core is the creator, destroyer and sustainer of every atom, life and world on the solar system.

    Is it possible that insights and inspirational thoughts also come from the pulsar?

    If you are convinced you know, please explain. Thanks, Oliver

  24. Jeff Alberts says:


    And what does that have to do with the topic of this post??

  25. omanuel says:

    See adolfogiurfa says:
    26 May 2013 at 1:34 am

  26. DirkH says:

    R. de Haan says:
    23 May 2013 at 5:26 am
    ” Besides that the German Bank has accumulated a liability of 56 trillion euro’s. This is roughly 12 times the German GDP and 100 times the total sum of German savings. The total debt of the French Banks is at least 3.5 times the GDP of France.”

    Not liability but size of the balance sheet. Meaning, liabilities but also assets. Most of which are financial bets. Extreme leverage. Can still blow up, but it’s not like they’re broke yet.

  27. Zeke says:

    I quoted one of your WUWT posts at tallbloke’s.

    But I attributed it properly! (:

    inre: worthless wind turbines and politicians

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