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An “Interesting” couple of weeks

A quick update on life events and some comments on the Galaxy Note. Continue reading

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Micro Ants and Hotel Hobbies

What happens when too much hotel time meets a need for an active mind to entertain itself. From cooking stew in a billy, to micro sized ant friends, to watching steam from pavement in a tropical rain. The mind wanders… even when the body can not… Continue reading

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A Landmark Of Sorts

An interesting observation on what a keyboard says about time and fingers… Continue reading

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Why Land Air Temperature is Exactly Wrong

It isn’t CO2 and IR that matters. It is water and UV. How the planets stir the sun, and cause the moon to stir our oceans. That can account for all the observed changes, both recently and in the past, and predicts our future.

It is the mass of the oceans that control the air temperatures, not some IR from a gas. This is observed in present land temperature patterns. Water determines temperatures, not CO2. Continue reading

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