Southern Hemisphere Getting Colder

An interesting graph from this posting:

Shows the Southern Hemisphere getting colder, NOT just flat, in the last decade or so. If “Global” Warming has taken a pause, then the Southern Hemisphere is taking a dump.

Sea Surface Temperature Anomalies by Hemisphere

Sea Surface Temperature Anomalies by Hemisphere

Unfortunately, I’m on one coast and all of my Weather Data Rig is on the other coast. I do have some of the data downloaded to a USB drive, but the computer with all the code and compilers on it are on the other coast. Looks like I’ll need to “build up another rig” if I want to re-make that S.H. graph with various data sources.

Maybe on the Raspberry Pi. It has a decent Linux on it, and a good FORTRAN compiler. Most of the weather codes historically were written in FORTRAN, so that’s the language of choice most of the time for dealing with the “FORTRAN Friendly” fixed data format records they provide. “C” can be a bit more difficult about fixed format records (yes, it works, but it’s a PITA compared to a FORMAT statement) and you don’t have to worry about data type issues and such quite so much if you stay in the same language. Likely not an issue with the weather data, but for some other classes of problems it does show up; so the safe choice is usually minimal change.

At any rate, for now I’m just going to assume this graph is as it appears to be.

Note that the two peaks, at about 1998 and 2010, has 2010 lower than 1998? (The S.H. is the red line, that ends lower than the other one for anyone color blind). Note that the end point is a bare bit over 0 anomaly? (Somewhere in the 1/100ths of a degree C range). Air temperatures are largely slave to the oceans, this says that the Southern Hemisphere has exited the “Global” Warming question… I do wish I had my full rig with me as I could knock out a “by latitude” graph on the most recent land data for the S.H. and know if those thermometers are following or not. Anyone with a handle on that, feel free to pipe up. IF the land is not also near zero anomaly, that raises some serious questions about the S.H. land thermometers…

In short, this graph shows 1/4 Century of no net warming of the Southern Hemisphere Oceans. So what happened to “Global” Warming?

There isn’t whole lot of land in the Southern Hemisphere, so the fact that the oceans have not warmed is kind of a big deal:

Southern Ocean View

Southern Ocean View

Attribution Link

27 Jan 2014 Sea Surface Anomaly from Unisys

27 Jan 2014 Sea Surface Anomaly from Unisys

From: Unisys

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17 Responses to Southern Hemisphere Getting Colder

  1. philjourdan says:

    Which explains why the Antarctic ice is growing. But the SH may be changing. Dr. Curry had a paper about a “Stadium wave”. Basically it was not explaining global warming, but why Arctic ice reached a minimum recently and has bottomed out. What is means, if true, is the warm water in the north Atlantic is headed south for the next 30 years.

  2. R. de Haan says:

    @ Philjourdan: What’s there to explain about “Global Warming” when all human contribution is local an temperatures remain well within the historical variation?

    Now we’re kicked awake to (obviously) fast declining SH temps over the past decade while the message was that any warming was contributed to the NH and the SH was showing no warming at all?
    A SH cooling is incredible significant because of the relative low percentage of land mass.
    For the SH to cool quickly indicates a huge loss of heat.

    This is a serious observation and we should get at the bottom of it.

    If there is a is canary in the coal mine of “Global Cooling” this is it.

    As for the suspected “tropical insulation” between NH and SH, my observations of the global jet stream pattern over the past month (thanks to the “Earth page linked by LG:
    Both on the 10 and 1000 hPA level we see NH and SH air masses exchanged as if there is no tropical insulation zone at all.

    So much for those who tell us that the SH is more secure for radio active contamination and fall out events after a NH nuclear incident.
    What happens at the SH will effect the NH visa versa.

    Anyhow just have a look for yourself.

    Also interesting to see right now is the massive movement of air 10 hPA moving eastwards over more than 2/3 of the globe.

    What a magnificent tool this is.

  3. E.M.Smith says:

    @R. de Haan:

    Air rises ‘near’ the equator (which side depends on season) and then goes to the “cold pole” and helps form the Polar Night Jet. The night pole has descending stratospheric air that rose somewhere near the middle (sucking in air from both hemispheres). So it mixes. Just where it goes where it comes down shifts with winter…

  4. E.M.Smith says:

    Added a Unisys SST Anomaly map for today. Shows a fair amount of +1 C and a fair amount of -2 C blue. Overall impression is cold upwellings. Not a lot of yellow and hotter anywhere.

    @R. de Haan:

    Yes, that is an interesting link. Love the way things flow. Gives a real feel for what is happening.

  5. omanuel says:

    Thanks, E.M. Smith, for keeping abreast of new information on global temperatures.

    When I see a map of the global jet stream pattern that R. de Haan posted, I wonder how secure the experimental measurements are to tampering by agency employees?

    E.g., after the Galileo probe entered Jupiter’s atmosphere in 1995, NASA scientists came to Lunar Science Conferences in March 1996 and March 1997 and told us the isotope ratios were “normal.”

    When we finally gained access to the raw data in 1998, we found that the actual data supported the idea that Jupiter and the Sun formed from two isotopically and chemically distinct batches of elements:

    “Abundances of Hydrogen and Helium Isotopes in Jupiter,”

  6. Espen says:

    Bob Tisdale used a relatively old chart in that post, he has updated ones in his monthly SST updates. There has been a light rebound in 2012 and 2013.

    Whenever the AMO turns cool too, the warmists have to up their “weird weather” meme to distract from the failure of the models…

  7. philjourdan says: Haan – Explaining is a poor choice of words. Dr. Curry’s Stadium wave is a factor in building a real model of the workings of the climate. IN that, it is a useful component that will not be a part of the alarmist agenda because the part it represents does not add to their meme.

  8. R. de Haan says:

    @philjourdan says:
    28 January 2014 at 5:56 pm

    Thanks for your view and the explanation Phijourdan.
    I have to do a new search for the link but I read about a research team that was feeding a computer with real observed weather data. They were developing a program that was able to derive the parameters based on the real weather data and transform it into a model.

    You can compare the initiative with the modern flight simulators that allow you to “flight test” a new design generating a very close approach of the performance and flight characteristics of the new aircraft.
    Of course flight testing a new plane is less complex because most air foils already have been tested and we know the size, weight and shape of the aircraft, it’s steering surfaces etc.

    The problem they had was the incredible amount of data to be processed and the fact that a number of processes are not well understood but I can imagine that you have the real weather (which in fact is climate if you have data over a long enough timeline) and let this weather simulation run in sync with the model to detect deviations.

    The problem we have today is that the climate models developed by the “alarmists” have been developed with a preset outcome which IMO is nothing less but fraud.

    Much experience has been made with real time simulations in many fields and great software has been developed. Volvo for example has fed all it’s crash data from all their car models but also the data of the dummies into a computer for decades and now they have design software available that exactly tells them how to construct the most optimal crash zones, what quality metal sheeting to use for optimal effect and costs.

    From F1 racing we have the safety cell, now not only standard in car design but also introduced in aviation and fast boats.

    In case of a crash every part outside the safety cell is designed to absorb energy and keep the safety cell intact.

    This simulation and design software has aloud Volvo to make significant time and cost reductions developing new car models.

    Unfortunately this technology is now in the hands of the Chinese when Ford sold Volvo to Zhejiang Geely Holding Group in 2010.

    Volvo also has performed the basic research on crash avoidance systems and series produced cars with this technology have now arrived in the market.

    Interesting enough the sensors and the computers not only create a situational picture of the surrounding but also work with information like road condition, temperature, humidity, air pressure etc. All necessary input to make the optimal break or evasive procedure.

    The car without driver is the next to hit the road.

    The autonomous plane however already is more than a decade old.

    All the efforts have been undertaken to transport people in the safest possible way.

    That’s why I was really flabbergasted when a Dutch entrepreneur introduced a manned Mars Mission with no return opportunity for the crew. A single trip so to say.

    Over 300.000 people volunteered for this mission and to the cherry on the top was the announcement that they had achieved a final selection of 1000 people who had to go through a psychological test for the final selection.

    So they are looking for the biggest suicidal maniacs to make the trip.

    I think such a project should be kept on ice until we have the technology to provide the crew with a fair chance of return.

    We don’t sacrifice people without a chance of survival to bring a project forward.
    We risk lives but we don’t waste them.

    We are no Japanese suicide pilots.

    This must be a part of the new ideology where the value of human life is decreasing by the day.

    Perfectly fits Agenda 21 and the mind set of the insane POTUS currently occupying the White House.

    Nut cases all over the place.

  9. tom0mason says:

    If the Arctic sea-ice extended south as much as the Antarctic sea-ice has gone north, then you could walk (or preferably snowmobile or skidoo) on the ice from the coast of Labrador (in Canada) to the west coast of Scotland in Europe.

  10. Jason Calley says:

    @ R. de Haan “We don’t sacrifice people without a chance of survival to bring a project forward.
    We risk lives but we don’t waste them.”

    I do not want to act as Devil’s Advocate here, but we should at least point out that the originators of this one-way-trip-to-Mars project are convinced that they will not return but will not die either. They plan on surviving, just not on earth.

    (I am not saying that they are correct; personally, like you, I think that they overestimate their ability to bootstrap a livable settlement with very limited resources. Still they think they can pull it off.)

  11. omanuel says:

    I see these encouraging signs of convergence of opinions on the Climategate saga:

    Instead of cursing the darkness, turn on the light !

    “We must assume behind this force [in the atom] the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind.

    This mind is the matrix of all matter.”

    –Max Planck, accepting the
    Nobel Prize for Physics, 1918

    When you can see the reality of matter and energy, you can see the reality of GOD.

    God is not some omnipotent dude in the clouds. GOD just IS. Physics and psychics are connected. – pg

  12. ”IF” is any cooling in the SH, is just to counteract the warming in the NH; overall the planet’s temp is always the same

    When on one hemisphere, or part of a hemisphere gets cooler -> the air shrinks – to avoid creating vacuum – from the other hemisphere lots of air goes there; which means: the ”other” hemisphere with less air, days get a bit warmer, nothing to panic; the laws of physics say: the whole troposphere cannot get warmer, OR colder for more than a day.

    problem is: all Warmist and most of the ”skeptics” work on atmosphere without oxygen & nitrogen, as if the atmosphere is made only from CO2 & methane.. .

  13. Ben Vorlich says:

    Perhaps it was almost that far south in the early 1700s. Inuit kayakers were reported around the Orkney Islands and one even turned up near Aberdeen though he unfortunately died a few days later.

  14. RuhRoh says:

    Hey Cheif;
    I just took delivery of multiple RPi boards.
    Tell me where to send you a setup.
    Like old times, gimme a graph with hair…
    New email, no more RR @ comcast…

    [ Reply: OK. Gimme a couple of days… -E.M. ]

  15. E.M.Smith says:


    Thanks for the link. Even there, the S.H. SST is less than 2/10 C to the positive (after being BELOW zero anomaly in 2012…) It continues to say the S.H. is just not part of “Global” warming.

    @R. de Haan:

    Um, “Don’t take life too seriously, you won’t get out of it alive anyway!”…

    I’d sign up for a “one way to Mars” 5 year mission as soon as my probably life expectancy was about 6 years… Gonna go anyway, and I’d rather not spend time in a government bed drooling in my soup… “Blaze of Glory” would be an appreciated opportunity.


    Just wait ;-)

  16. rogerthesurf says:

    Unless we all recognise that AGW is but a gentle softening up for Agenda 21, we will lose the real battle and that is against Agenda 21 and its policies, which not only encompass AGW, but threaten our rights as individuals and families, self determination and even our right to exist.
    I wrote a little about it at
    But most of all read Ian Wishart’s book ‘Totalitaria’ whose research is far more in depth than mine.
    His book has made a significant impact at the UN causing the revamp of their website and the removal of references to the Lucis Trust, probably their most influential NGO.

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