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Lunar Months, Tides; for Vukcevic

Answering a question from Vukcevic per lunar months and tides, plus some links and background on lunar cycles and influences. Continue reading

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Certified Pool Boys and Higher Education

A short rant on the nature and effects of local monopoly in labor markets via the Certification gambit. Continue reading

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LENR Year Of Answers?

Some recent news makes this look like the year where we are likely to finally get an answer on “does it work or not?” for Cold Fusion / LENR power systems. A couple of players have said they will be commercialized in 2014. One can only watch and hope. Continue reading

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Le Chatelier and his Principle vs The Trouble with Trenberth

The Trouble With Trenberth is a failure to appreciate Le Chatelier and his principle, nor to understand just WHERE CO2 radiates, and where water rules the sky. Continue reading

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