BBC Australia News Funny auto-edit

OK, I completely forgot how I wandered onto this story. I think I was doing a search for recent snow stories. So I’m looking at the picture of a kangaroo looking at snow… then I notice the auto-selected ‘related stories’.

First, the link:

And the screen capture (though it still has the same oddity tonight, a few days after I first saw it, it might not in the future…) You can click the picture to get a bigger version.

BBC Australian Snow, Kangaroo, and Heat

BBC Australian Snow, Kangaroo, and Heat

Notice the main Kangaroo Snow story… then off to the right… “Australia fires thrive in hot weather” and “While Canada freezes Australia melts”. January 2013 and 2014. Yes, summer in Australia, but still… I think they need to work on their “theme” a little…

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2 Responses to BBC Australia News Funny auto-edit

  1. M Simon says:

    Rockford got a significant October 31st snow. The last time was 69 years ago.

  2. p.g.sharrow says:

    Roos dancing in the spring snows of Australia and M.Simon shivering in the fall snows of the central U.S.A., sounds like AGW is a bust! At least here in sunny drought stricken California we only have had 24 hours of rain to show for it this week. :-) pg

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