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Mr. Obama, a Modest Suggestion

A modest suggestion that the USA use eminent domain to take the (now withdrawn under blackmail) movie and make it available in the public domain. Continue reading

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Dear Gutless Media Companies

It is exactly wrong and completely stupid to cave to the blackmail of cyberattack and pull movies. Do not reward them, make it a failure for them; or you get a whole lot more of it. Continue reading

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Brief Note On The Fed Speaks

The Fed said to go out and buy, so expect a Christmas Rally and markets to rise for a week or two. Then sanity will return. Continue reading

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Dear Sony (and any other company wanting security)

I’ve been hoping for a bit more detail on how the “hack” (really a “crack” or break-in) was done. I’m not particularly fond of spouting off about what was done ‘wrong’ when I don’t know just what was done. But … Continue reading

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