Paraguay, you are remote, but not alone…

Well worth the read:

Well written, easy to read, nice graphs of Paraguayan stations and their changes. Just nicely done.

The basic “issue” with it being only that it uses GIStemp graphs, and I’ve already shown GIStemp to be a bit daft in what it does (though likely ought to get the current version of the code running and retested).

See the various GIStemp, NCDC, and CRUT links at the right side (Categories) or the GIStemp tag up top for way more. Also dT/dt for a alternative approach.

Unfortunately, the major result of showing GIStemp daft seems to have been to move much of the ‘adjusting’ up stream into NCDC / GHCN / various country sources (i.e. Australia / N.Z. BOM folks) and hide it better.

Ah well, at least someone outside the blogosphere is starting to notice that it is snowing in places that are the “hottest ever” even when that past cold time did not have snow…

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2 Responses to Paraguay, you are remote, but not alone…

  1. A C Osborn says:

    Anyone interested should go over to Paul Homewood’s forum and see the continuatuion of that story, it just shows worse and worse behaviour by NCDC/GISS all the time.
    Perhaps as it getting a bit of MSM exposure someone might take some notice, but I won’t hold my breath.

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