Snide Remark on “Not Negotiating With Terrorists”

In the news is a ‘debate’ about our (USA) policy of “not negotiating with terrorists” vs the give away of 5 terrorist Main Men in exchange for one potential fruitcake who wandered off to join them…

All I can say is that it is very clear that Obama is NOT negotiating with terrorists and has not abandoned that pillar of our policy. It’s just that appeasement and “give them whatever they want” is not any kind of negotiation, that’s all…

So yes, we are still “not negotiating with terrorists”. The only change is we give them whatever they want instead of not giving them anything…

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3 Responses to Snide Remark on “Not Negotiating With Terrorists”

  1. Return those 5 terrorists via Sierra Leone?? Allow them a few days sightseeing there, too. After all, they’ve been locked up a while….

  2. Larry Ledwick says:

    I prefer deportation by row boat, give them a row boat and oar and a couple days food and water and tell them to paddle on home.

  3. I’d like to think we’re more civilized than that, Larry. I’ll hand them a sewing machine & enough cloth to make a decent parachute, & push them out of the 737 somewhat East of Bermuda.

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