Islamic State In the Levant – recruiting, a modest suggestion

Why on earth do we want to prevent US residents from joining ISIL and leaving the country? Why retain, here, folks with a manifest desire to become a radical and kill us?

How about this instead:

Open an ISIL recruiting center. Anyone who wants to join gets a one way ticket to Syria. They also get an ISIL passport, and turn in (renounce) their US Citizenship (or any other they might have). Then they can go to the battlefield and find out how well an AK-47 works against smart bombs…

In a very real sense, ISIL is collecting and concentrating those most likely to cause us grief into a clearly defined group in a relatively small area, convenient for bombing. It looks to me like the most rational thing to do is “let them”; then bomb like crazy and with no ‘right of return’.

I know it will never happen, since Obama has this fantasy that if he only kisses enough Arab and Muslim rings and bows to enough Arab and Muslim kings they will like us all just fine and we can sing kumbaya and all ‘just get along’… The belief that we can somehow recover or ‘cure’ these folks is itself a fantasy. There is a 1300 year history to the contrary.

But heck, we could even give them a flight to Iran on a C-whatever and as they get off the plane, point them to the table where they can pick up their suicide belt, and then direct them to the nearby tank where they can attack it with impunity… and no damage to the tank, either. Then “Next!”. I mean, really, why not?

What can we possibly gain by taking these slightly nutty and very cranky folks and thwarting them so that they must remain here, in the most target rich place possible, and with an ever growing hatred and anger? Maybe turn one in ten into an asset against their will? I’d rather have the 9 in 10 as dust in the desert of Iraq.

Do our ‘leaders’ really think it is that hard to attack things or learn to use weapons? Do they think preventing them from going to Syria prevents them from knowing how to break things? Have they never seen a Malotov Cocktail or a Chefs Knife? Do they think it hard to park a truck on a train track or just lay the gas station hose on the ground, running, with a candle a few feet away? It is incredibly easy to create chaos and mayhem. People of all stripes have done it for all of recorded history with whatever was at hand. It takes no special training (though some ideas can help) and it takes no special weapons. (Some years back a ‘disgruntled’ farmer took a tractor to town after getting fed up with local government stupidity and pretty much demolished large chunks of it.)

Disarming the population and “weapons control” won’t do it either. The nunchuck started life as a rice flail and the ‘side handle baton’ was the handle from the well crank. Karate and those weapons came about because possession of weapons was forbidden on Okinawa by the occupation force of Japanese. Similarly, Brazilian Capoeira (a very effective martial art) was developed so that it could be practiced as a ‘dance’ under the watchful eyes of slave owners who had no clue. ANYTHING can be a weapon. There is no functional difference between a Phillips screwdriver and a dirk, or between a 24 oz long handle hammer and a battle hammer (that killed more and was more lethal than the battle sword). The French used a bit of wire and two bits of wood to make the garrote (a Spanish word as they used it for a few hundred years prior); so what will we do, ban fishing line and wood? I note in passing that at least one jihadi nutcase used a hammer in attacking a group of armed police and a second & third have attacked kids in school. So it’s not like this is some secret I’m letting out of the bag.

In short, it looks to me more like a feature than a threat that exactly the most violence prone and angry folks, those prone to such violence, self identify and leave. Just don’t ever let them back in and remove their passport as they exit. Let them go to where it is legal to kill them remotely, then ‘let it be’.

(Yes, this is sarcastic. Do I really need a /sarc; tag on it? All examples of weapons taken from known historical use, news reports, or movies I’ve seen; so not a secret. It’s a rant, with no connection to what will actually be done. In truth, we won’t be willing to remove citizenship from anyone (heck, Obama wants to hand green cards out to a few Million without even inspecting who they are or where they came from) nor can we actually condone letting folks go off to fight a private war for a side we don’t like. Furthermore, we will have a very hard time deciding to ‘go back in’ to Iraq in any form, so sending them over there would only anger our ‘allies’. Add in that Kerry is in full on denial about threat and the near pathological belief in being meek as a solution to bullies and it’s clear this is only a rant for purposes of illuminating the stupidity of their world view. No Muslims where hurt in the making of this rant. ;sarc/)

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7 Responses to Islamic State In the Levant – recruiting, a modest suggestion

  1. Pouncer says:

    You have, I think, articulated what GW Bush called “the flypaper” strategery, and as is your wont been a little more thoughtful, detailed, practical and forward-thinking than the politicians.

    I think it’s a good idea. Thought so in 2005 and see no new evidence that we should NOT pursue the idea a decade later. Gather the irritating forces into one place, and bring the swatter down HARD upon all there, and nearby.

  2. omanuel says:

    Are world leaders perhaps inciting religious intolerance in a futile effort to stay in power?

  3. Power Grab says:

    @ Pouncer: I’ve been thinking that. I mean, since they have been doing all that “ethnic cleansing”, doesn’t that leave the perps in one concentrated locale, prime for bombing? I guess you would be wasting all the worldly stuff the good guys had to abandon, but wouldn’t it be worthwhile to get rid of the bad guys?

    @ omanuel: I’ve been thinking that, too. It looks like a situation my dad used to describe as “Let’s you and him fight.”

  4. p.g.sharrow says:

    The Prophecies say that GOD would gather all these people together in one place from around the world so that they could be destroyed. Give these people a free one way ticket. Don’t dissuade them, it is their destiny, help them achieve it. Before WE can have a long term war free era the warlords must be eradicated. Those that follow the black prince must be gathered up and destroyed. pg

  5. Power Grab says:

    I just read most of this article:

    Does it add anything new to the discussion here?

  6. Omanuel, nothing surer! Does this make you think of Orwell’s “1984” where perpetual wars guarantee control over the populous?

  7. Paul Hanlon says:

    While I disagreed with some aspects of the Charlie Hebdo posting, I couldn’t agree more here. Let them leave, and make sure they can’t come back. It’s win-win all round. They get their 72 virgins, we get a higher percentage of folks actually wanting to contribute positively to the place where they’re living in.

    The article Power Grab points to is well worth reading to the end. What a shockingly sad outlook on life. It reminds me of lemmings, where inexplicably they all decide to jump off a cliff to their deaths. Except in this case, Islam tries to wrap it up in a “noble cause”.

    Almost like our own Malthusians, except they want others to die, not themselves. Maybe we should send them to Syria and all under the cause that they are reducing the population “for the children”. Now that really would be win-win.

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