Snow in Southern California

I have often traveled coast to coast.  Sometimes there is snow in the Los Angeles area mountains.  IF we were warming, it would be gone.  It isn’t gone…

Hopefully this will clear in the next week or so…

Winter Storm to Bring Snow, Rain, Cold to Southern California This Weekend
Posted 6:33 AM, February 28, 2015, by Tracy Bloom, Erin Myers, Steve Kuzj and Chris Wolfe, Updated at 02:21am, March 1, 2015

A winter storm watch was in effect for the mountains of Los Angeles and Ventura counties starting Saturday afternoon. It was scheduled to expire early Monday.

Snow levels were expected to drop to between 4,500 and 5,000 feet in mountain areas before falling to 3,500 to 4,000 feet on Sunday, the weather service reported. The Grapevine and Highway 14 could see a light dusting of snow as a result, forecasters said.

Up to 8 inches of snow was expected to fall above elevations of 4,000 feet, while more than a foot was expected in mountain areas above 6,500 feet.

As a result of the winter weather, motorists were being warned of potentially icy and snow-packed mountain roads and highways. Possible hail accumulation was another factor that could make roadways slick.

With the sleepy sun and lower UV has come lower snow levels and lower atomspheric height. IMHO this is the major method of solar impact on weather.

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A technical managerial sort interested in things from Stonehenge to computer science. My present "hot buttons' are the mythology of Climate Change and ancient metrology; but things change...
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13 Responses to Snow in Southern California

  1. omanuel says:

    The AGW fable convincingly exposed global and totalitarian rule of science and society under the United Nations.

    Michael Crichton tried to warn us of this in his novel, “State of Fear.”

    If you study the paper, “Solar energy” carefully – including the references – you will know Stalin’s troops captured:

    1. Japan’s atomic bomb plant at Konan, Korea in AUG 1945;

    2. The crew of an American B-29 bomber in AUG 1945; and

    3. Held them for negotiations in SEPT 1945; leading to

    4. Formation of the UN in OCT 1945; followed by

    5. Seventy years (1945-2015 = 70 yrs) of lies disguised as consensus science to enslave and isolate humanity from reality (God).

    a.) Science disputes religion (God)
    b.) The Standard Climate Model
    c.) The Standard Nuclear Model
    d.) The Standard Solar Model
    e.) Big Bang Cosmology Model

    See: “Solar energy”

    Now that the cat is out of the bag,” winners of Nobel Prizes (other than Al Gore and Raj Pachauri) may question their roles in endorsing “consensus science” for personal fame.

  2. A C Osborn says:

    Add to that hail on the beaches and it does not suggest warming does it.

  3. “With the sleepy sun and lower UV has come lower snow levels and lower atomspheric height. IMHO this is the major method of solar impact on weather.”

    More detail on that here:

  4. philjourdan says:

    There was a lot of snow a couple of years ago in the San Diego mountains (down to about 3000 feet). I had to drive through it.

  5. p.g.sharrow says:

    Saturday evening, my lady and I drove home through roads of white here in the northern California Sierra foothills, 2000ft elevation. Not all that unusual for this time of year. Hail storm this time. In the winter of 2000 we got 3 feet of Sierra Cement in the second week of March. Broke down the blooming fruit trees, I was snowed in for a week, out of electricity for 5 days. Normal California weather, it happens every 20 or so years. Last winter was cold and dry, this winter cool and dry, so far ;-) Next ?????? pg

  6. hillbilly33 says:

    Meanwhile, our Australian BoM continues to shed credibility at a rate of knots with disappearing and/or strategically displaced thermometers, despite questioners quickly being labelled “amateurs” by our old friend, atmospheric scientist David Karoly from the University of Melbourne, as he and other climate science academics rushed to support BoM’s work.

  7. sabretoothed says: Maybe the love letters are working? It’s cooling Gaia?

  8. omanuel says:

    Despite all the bad news, i believe it is now time to rejoice!”

    This one page sequel to Climategate marks the end to seventy years (1945 – 2015) of totalitarian global science – intended to isolate mankind from the Creator, Destroyer and Sustainer of each atom, life and world in the solar system and the constantly changing climates of each of its planets.

  9. Wayne Job says:

    This is global warming catastrophic snow, not a normal climate thing ,get with the programme E.M.

  10. Bill Dawson says:

    Off topic but…Is that Fish and Chips place next to Publix in Orlando still worth visiting? I tried 3 years ago and they were closed on Wednesdays! I own a time share and here this week. Hope you job search in the area ends successfully!

  11. E.M.Smith says:

    @Wayne Job:

    Oh, right, I forgot… it’s that New Warm Snow….

    On passing through Desert Palms / Indio? or some such desert area, I got a couple of pictures (we’ll see how good) of snow on the mountain tops… while it was Hot Desert on the valley floor… not the standard adiabatic lapse rate there…)

  12. E.M.Smith says:

    @Bill Dawson:

    I think so. If nothing else, it’s fun to see a real family restaurant again…


    It’s the rapid wake up in Australia and Canada that give me some hope for the rest of the English Speaking World. (Russia is already aware it’s a scam, China is only working the system for their own gain, and Africa / South America don’t really matter much. Just leaves Japan, who are still stunned from the tidal wave / nuke issues, and Europe, who IMHO are the source of the problem being both UN lovers and driven by the EU as a political tool of the power brokers.. And the USA, who needs to get off this bandwagon quickly, but can’t until 2016…

    @P.G.Sharrow & PhilJourdan:

    I’ve not figured out the full pattern of California snow. One thing that is clear is that the extent and altitude are solar related. Especially in the Central Valley. Sacramento is a pretty good indicator of the deep part of a cold cycle. When it snows there (once every many years) it’s typically the bottom of a solar slow cycle (plus a couple of years).

    I’ve also noticed that with the active sun of the ’90s snow level was higher up the mountains (Mount Hamilton was rarely snow covered) but during the less active (both before and after) snow was lower on the mountains. IMHO that’s a key bit. Inactive sun, shorter atmospheric height (measured by NASA…) and lower snow levels so more area covered.


    Hard for NASA not to admit that mountain of snow and flood of frozen air freezing their butts off all over the midwest and east. Heck, even down into Texas…

    @A.C. Osborn:

    Yeah, I’d wanted to comment on the hail at the beach but was busy with ‘other stuff’ and then the moment was gone… Nothing like a layer of ice pebbles to make your day at the beach cold ;-)

    @Stephen Wilde:

    Thanks for that link…

    IMHO it’s that solar UV / atmosphere link that’s the major short term impact. It, then, sets off the stronger colder decending air at the poles ( with ‘colder’ being less energy, not just temp, it can have Sudden Stratospheric Warming at the point of decent) that drives your model of how the jet stream reacts. (The only thing I’d add to your model is more detail on variations in stratosphere temperature. It’s a dynamic place and you can have generally colder air with a sleepy sun, yet have parts of it warmer from compression when decending, yet at the surface you can have a God Awful colder polar air mass when it finally gets done decending…)

    Longer term the lower UV level means less heat at depth in the oceans, so they slowly cool, but that, IMHO, is a decades scale thing. So sun went quite in about 2000, and it will be about 2020 that things get very cold. This is just the start.

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