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Just a couple of sites to mention as nice places to visit. Many folks already know about these folks, but they are worth a look if you don’t already go there. Why not a ‘blogroll’? I used to have one, but in an update of the “theme”, it evaporated. Then time passed… This is sort of my “usual haunts” blogroll list.

What Is Happening In The World Of Cold?

I’ve cut back on “cold weather now” stories for the simple reason that these folks always have more, faster, and with just as good a coverage. Here’s a sample from right now:

Coldest on record for Northern Territory Australia
APRIL 30, 2015

Parts of the Northern Territory have experienced new record lows for April in several places. Continue reading Coldest on record for Northern Territory Australia→

Cold winter kills Chesapeake blue crabs
APRIL 29, 2015

The Washington Post tried gloss over this cold-weather story with its headline: “Blue crab numbers climbed slightly this year from a near-catastrophic low.” Continue reading Cold winter kills Chesapeake blue crabs→

Overview Of Current News and Events

Can give a quick orientation to what’s new both technically and blog / politically. I’ve not figured out how to link to an individual article at the site, though, given their format. It’s also a little unclear how to get to older articles. So I mostly treat it as a ‘glance at the front page news’ kind of place.

Interesting Tech With A Planet / Solar Bent

Indulges those of us who think solar motion and planets matter to weather and climate. Has very interesting technical discussions, though sometimes a bit deep. The discussions of why the golden ratio, Phi, keeps showing up in all sorts of orbit, distance, size etc. ratios in the solar system was interesting, but never seemed to reach a conclusion nor answer the question (that likely can’t be answered) while sometimes looking a little like numerology (play with numbers long enough and you will find a pattern, even if accidental… though the phi stuff doesn’t look accidental.)

Also has a decent coverage and POV on UK politics. All in all, a nice place to visit.

What new insanity is CO2 up to?

A place dedicated to keeping a catalog of all the wonderfully insane results attributed to CO2. Someday it will be a great “name and shame” record of all the folks who have really pulled porkies out of the grant money hat. It’s hard to read it and not laugh and cry at the same time. The current top stories include:

climate change threat to plain English!
April 30, 2015 by admin

The complex couplings between human and natural systems that must be understood to respond to climate change, demands a robustly multi- and interdisciplinary approach to research.

Furthermore, attention to the differential gendered impacts and opportunities of climate change requires a deeply intersectional approach in which the relevance of factors such as class and race are considered alongside gender.
Monash University Conference (Australia) 15-16 Sept 2011

This one is just creepy. Measuring people as “emissions”…

how many people is too many people?
April 29, 2015 by admin

A 2010 study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of the Sciences looked at the link between policies that help women plan pregnancies and family size and global emissions (the study also looked at aging and urbanization trends).

The researchers predicted that lower population growth could provide benefits equivalent to between 16 and 29 percent of the emissions reduction needed to avoid a 2 degrees Celsius warming by 2050, the warning line set by international scientists.
The Atlantic, 1 Nov 2014

Maybe they all ought to just run around naked…

Japanese politicians given a dressing down
April 28, 2015 by admin

Edict to dress down leaves Japanese men hot under the collar. Since early June, Junichiro Koizumi has been exhorting his ministers, bureaucrats and the corporate world to discard their ties and jackets to make themselves cooler and so reduce electricity use from air conditioners in offices. That, in turn, will reduce global warming, he hopes.
The Telegraph (UK), 6 Jul 2005

It’s a long list there… But also why I’ve stopped doing “Stupid Warmer Stories”, as they are already covered there in depth…

Some Well Known Favorites

Feel free to post links to any other favorite reads you might have. Of course, we all know WUWT as the Big Kahuna so I don’t see much reason to do an “intro” for them.

I have other favorites, too. Verity with Digging In The Clay. A more slow paced site, but always thoughtful. And of course, JoNova as a delightful person with that spunky Australian point of view. I’ve not put up samples of them for the simple reason I think folks already are familiar with them. But for anyone who hasn’t been there, well worth the time to go exploring.

In Conclusion

If you have some other places that ought to be more known, post a link. Feel free to self-promote ;-)

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4 Responses to An Interesting Site or Two

  1. Adrian Vance says:

    Gee, don’t forget “The Two Minute Conservative” at where we do a lot of “global warming/climate change” stuff to expose the lies.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for clarity.

  2. Verity Jones says:

    Thanks for the plug! Yes I‘m rather silent these days – too much life going on (but all good stuff).

  3. Steve C says:

    We shouldn’t pass over Pointman’s blog: thoughtful, well-written (sometimes beautifully written), and with the occasional spark of downright wicked mischief. A delight.

    Or Ancient Origins, “reconstructing the story of humanity’s past”. A prolific source of varied historical / archaeological stories to pique the interest – the sort of stories which just get lost in the big-time media.

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