Raining. In San Jose. In The Drought.

At this moment there is rain outside my window. Not a sprinkle. Rain. In San Jose. In The Drought.

On average, not unheard of… Note the “0.03 inch” in the “range” below (Almanac values from Wunderground

Almanac for May 7, 2015
KSJC	Forecast	Average *	Range *
High	72 °F	        74 °F	        63 to 93 °F
Low	50 °F	        51 °F	        46 to 59 °F
Rain	0.01 in	        0.00 in	        0.00 to 0.03 in
Snow	0 in	             in	             to in
Dew Point
Low	-	        41 °F	        26 to 48 °F
High	-	        51 °F	        46 to 59 °F

Don’t know what to make of it. A “normal” May has essentially no rain. Sunshine and warmth often start in March or April, with dry until November possible. (Occasionally a shower in August. Usually rain starting the last week of October in my experience). But MAY? Rain? In a drought?

It’s a cold, dank, miserable day more like a typical Fall day than Spring on the edge of Summer… This is not the Global Warming I was promised.

Update some hours later

Still a wet soggy day, on and off. Glad for the rain, but really… this is Spring in a drought?

Have a screen cap of the weather:

San Jose Rain 7 May 2015

San Jose Rain 7 May 2015

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5 Responses to Raining. In San Jose. In The Drought.

  1. p.g.sharrow says:

    One should not complain about being Blessed with a little rain, specially in a California Drought! Here in the northern foothills we are working hard in the fields under cool overcast skies, another blessing.;-) pg

  2. E.M.Smith says:

    Not complaining about the rain. Glad for it. Complaint is about the Global Warming lie that promissed me a warm sunbath, especially in a drought, and instead delivered a fall to winter like day…

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