Just when you thought you’d seen everything… Gay Traffic Lights



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In an unusual campaign, the Austrian capital of Vienna has installed gay-themed traffic lights to promote tolerance and road safety, ahead of hosting one of the world’s most popular cultural events, the annual Eurovision Song Contest.These gay-themed traffic lights comprising male or female couples with hearts have replaced the usual single, gender-neutral figure seen in and around Central Vienna.
In its 60th year, the Eurovision Song Contest is an important event in the annual gay calender. The contest was won by bearded transvestite Conchita Wurst for Austria last year.Around 40 countries are taking part in the 2015 edition of the contest. The finals are to be held on 23 May.(With inputs from Reuters)

Really? The EU has enough money for this kind of thing, but needs to raid the banks in Cyprus anyway?

Just amazing…

They said it was expected to get the attention of pedestrians and lower accident rates. I doubt it. If anything you will have visitors looking and pointing and NOT looking out their window at traffic at just the wrong time.

Personally, I put this in the “Just Silly” department, with a touch of “Government Waste On Stupid” for frosting.

I think it would be more effective if they had Star Wars themed lights… R2D2 would get attention, and if Dearth Vader is showing RED, are you really going to risk crossing ;-)

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23 Responses to Just when you thought you’d seen everything… Gay Traffic Lights

  1. M Simon says:

    Well lesbians maybe. Yummmmmmmmmmm. Lesbians.

  2. DonM says:

    Who’s in charge here?

    Have those that question this kind of stuff been beaten down so often and so far that no one question such goofiness?

    Finishing up with a school district budget review recently one of the committee members offered a complaint that the ESL (English as a second language) program budget item was categorized in the same location (Special Programs) as the special education budget items. This complaint was not criticized at all, in fact it was echoed; of the 16 people sitting around the table no one (myself included) had the guts to say “hey, wait a minute there …” to point out the blatant bigotry associated with the complaint. Only one person there had the ability to recognize and respond (“There really shouldn’t be a concern, the TAG (talented and gifted) budget items are also categorized as a Special Program”). These were all relatively smart people (myself excluded) and they either encouraged the slight to the Special Ed kids or they ignored it for fear of being thought of as anti-Hispanic.

    Is this the way it has always been (and I’ve just not been paying attention), or it is it getting worse?

  3. Larry Ledwick says:

    Most people are uncomfortable being the “odd man out” that is the power of peer pressure for both good or evil. It depends very much on the personal confidence level of the individuals, their passion for the issue, and the local culture of behavior. Some other cultures have no problem getting in other peoples faces over even trivial issues. Generally Americans in meetings tend not to “make a scene”..

    If the passion level is high enough, even timid people will eventually stand up and speak out, even if it is with obviously shaking knees and trembling voice. Most times folks protect their status in the herd by not “making a fool of themselves” unless they are very sure of the facts as they see them. This is one of the reasons appeals to authority have so much power even when the authority is a certifiable loony bird. People assume a person who talks with confidence knows what they are talking about and if they have doubts on the the issue it is much less stress just to follow the herd leader.

    This is the central strategy of professional trouble makers (oops community organizers) they gather a bunch of logical sounding “facts” and spout them with confidence and a large number of people will just blindly follow to avoid having to engage their brains and doing any analysis. Even if they smell a rat in the info, unless they are sure of themselves, most people tend to sit on their hands and conform to the crowd rather than step out and make themselves obvious. The same applies to piling on behavior you see in web forums, once someone starts ridiculing a poster, it becomes “okay” to do the same and other join in to gain status by association with the person who initiated the trolling action.

    This is hardwired into our nervous system. Following the crowd is usually the safer behavior if you are in a hostile environment. When all other gazelles are running, it is advisable to run with them rather than hang out and try to figure out what they are running from.

    Likewise stepping out of the herd and confronting the threat is at a very primitive level a job that goes with the status of Alpha or Beta males and females. The rest of the herd retreats and the big bulls stand to confront the threat if they feel they can. In rare cases of high motivation like a mother protecting her child, she self promotes herself to alpha status even when seriously over matched. In a stable social structure if present the true alpha and beta males and females will come to her assistance. In dysfunctional social groups they stand back and watch as the over matched individual attempts to confront the threat even if they are clearly over matched.

    The same dynamics apply to city council meetings, school board meetings etc. If enough people in the crowd feel strongly, they will create a cohort of individuals which can act as an alpha leader even if none of them individually feel they have that rank or authority. ( the power of the mob both good and bad)

    This is a very important dynamic in government meetings and seldom recognized by the participants outside their unconscious programming of appropriate behavior. This is one of the reasons the climate skeptics are so dangerous to the Global warming meme. The skeptics are close to achieving sufficient exposure to create a cohort that is large enough to take on authority regardless of formal credentials.

  4. M Simon says:

    Well, I’m going to be the odd man out here. I can remember when gays were an actively persecuted minority. I must seem sympathetic (me? sympathetic? that is a larf) because several gays in those years came out to me. We are now in the counter reaction phase. Eventually it will all come into balance.

    We will see the same thing come to pass re: Drug Prohibition. It always works this way.

    What was once forbidden becomes celebrated and eventually it is ignored.

    Drunk jokes were extremely popular well into the 70s. So it takes about 40 or 50 years. My condolences to those offended.

  5. E.M.Smith says:

    @Larry Ledwick:

    A lot to ponder in that comment.

    I was an “outcast” in my early years. Never “fit in”. I became comfortable with that fact.

    Perhaps that is why I’m unswayed by all those “peer pressure” tactics and “appeal to authority” and “insult for effect” and so much more. I “got over it” when I was about 12 and accepted that I would always be “outside the herd” so why bother with their petty games, rituals, and “status”.

    Perhaps that is why being divergent is such a threat….

    (If you have not seen the movie Divergent, please do…)

    OTOneHand, I’m rather “in touch” with the gay community. I’ve danced (close) with a gay guy. I’ve had family who were “in the community”. I’ve got offspring by lesbian women. A very close friend has a gay son and I gave the Texas Receiving Line Welcometo his “significant other”. OTOtherHand, I am not “of it” and find many of the tactics and excess “in your face” attitude a bit off putting. So I’m in that odd group who cheers on the “underdog” getting a fair shake, while at the same time wishing they would just shut the FUp some times. So it goes.

    So I find your statements about Alpha dogs and Alpha groups intriguing. OTOH, I will never be The Alpha as I think it rude and wrong to dominate others. OTOtH, I will never accept domination. I am outside the paradigm. That really spooks some folks…. So I help the underdog to stand up and get a fair shake. Then the Alpha wonders why I didn’t continue on to attack the jugular… but instead said “Look at the time, got to go.”… Is there nowhere for us who are not alphabet soup to live a life in peace and NOT “playing their game”?

    Oh Well…

    Perhaps we are the core of the “Alpha Group”. Not dominating others, yet not letting the Alpha By Self Appointment run roughshod over the group. Being the strong core around which the Alpha Group gathers, but not beating them down in the process…. Hmmmm…..

    Your statement about Americans “not making a scene” also shows me as different. On a flight back from New Zealand, the flight crew was “taking a break” and having a smoke. Just a row or two in front of me. Being allergic to it, I had no choice. The person next to me was very surprised when I stated I was about to “make a scene” as that was what was required… The flight crew was very taken aback by my “outspoken” statement that I “knew quite well they were just taking a break as it was in my nose and making me sick”… Polite? Maybe. “Just shut up and take abuse?” NoFWay…

    Maybe we need another letter for “people like me”. I like Zeta… for no particular reason other than it is far from Alpha and sounds like an opposite to the English ear.. and has a vague connection to Zoro and all that resistance kind of thing…

    So “Some Damn Fool” (SDF?) puts forward a crazy idea for traffic lights at a city council meeting, and nobody will take the heat of standing up to say “That’s a Damn Food Idea” and we end up with Gay Traffic Lights. Yet another day some DFI comes along and the Zeta stands up and says so… Then the crowd starts to gather to him… Hmmmm…

  6. M Simon says:

    Here is a drunk driver skit from Dragnet. The drunk was more tolerated than reviled – as they are today:

  7. Larry Ledwick says:

    I too was always that guy who was outside the pack a bit. Smallest person in my class in school for 12 years I never got the urge to bully because I knew that physical force was not a solution I was likely to be successful at. I was inclined toward using brains rather than brawn, but emotionally not cut out to be sociopath about it. I don’t get in people’s face unless it is absolutely necessary, and even then usually carefully choose time and place.

    I think there is a group you could describe as the Alpha loner who does not care much one way or the other about “group status” so does not participate in most social games of dominance. But in its own way that can be a strength. People get used to you being the quiet guy that never gives anyone any crap and on those rare occasions you feel it is appropriate to confront some issue or person that adds the shock value of the unexpected response.

    I take leadership when others who should don’t and I see things getting out of hand fast, but I will also give it up in a heart beat when things are “fixed”.

    I don’t want to be a leader for ego purposes or social status, but only when it is necessary to prevent harm. In that case I will do what is necessary. I have stepped in and directed traffic at accident scenes for example when the police were short handed (got a thank you from them after the fact).
    I was coming home from my duty station in uniform and witnessed a T bone accident right in front of me. When the cars stopped spinning I ran up to check the people in the cars (the car that was hit had an older couple in it) they were alive and conscious, I told them not to move then ran down the street to a local laundromat and simply told the first person I ran into to call 911 and tell them there was an accident with injury. I did not ask them if they would, I just told them what they needed to do. I went back to the scene and as soon as the first cop showed up I stepped away from the crashed car and started directing traffic as best I could so he could tend to the injured and the the right EMS support en-route. A couple minutes later, the second cop on the scene took a look at what was going on, said I was doing a good job and please keep it up. A few minutes later an E5 Airman (I was Navy) showed up, parked his car and asked me “sarge you need a hand?” I told him yes and the two of us kept traffic moving until they cleaned up the accident.

    We just did what needed to be done and left when the need was over.

    There should be a generic name for that sort of emergent leadership without an agenda but I don’t know what it might be. Since then, that sort of situation has shown up about 6-7 times in my life time, with pretty much the same result. On a Mountain Search and rescue or being drafted on the spot to help a local rural fire department control a brush fire (fire chief knew me). He gave me a crew of 8 civilians and told me were to work on the fire line, and let us do the job. I did not ask for the responsibility but was willing to take it if it was needed to solve the problem.

  8. p.g.sharrow says:

    “Sarge” Lol, First class PO or Chief ?, Everyone recognized you as the senior man. ;-) pg

  9. Larry Ledwick says:

    I was a PO2 at the time, ( E-5) Navy, in my Dress blues. He recognized the rank, but was probably not sure of the proper title, he was a staff Sargent Air force E-5 so we were equivalent ranks and he just used the familiar generic term. He was stationed at Lowry AFB which meant he probably almost never saw a Navy man on post. I was stationed down at HQ NORAD in the springs and was used to being around lots of senior AF, officers and enlisted folks but Navy and Marines down there were the bastard step children, as combined we probably totaled 1 dozen.out of a 24 hour staff for the entire facility. This was late Vietnam era early 1970’s.

  10. M Simon says:

    p.g.sharrow says:
    21 May 2015 at 4:02 am

    As a Navy man that was my take as well.

  11. p.g.sharrow says:

    Wow! an Anchor Clanker’s convention. I was an E5 Electrician’s Mate 67- 69, ServPac.
    Dress Blues sailor suit was very impressive. 8-) pg

  12. E.M.Smith says:


    While never in the military, I lived aboard a sailboat for a few years… and on Mum’s side have 3 generation of sailors in HM Merchant Marine…

    Wonder if there is something about the harsh treatment of a screw up by the sea and a need to know what the weather is really going to do that makes “people of the sea” more skeptical and / or perceptive…

  13. Larry Ledwick says:

    I imagine old farmers and old sailors share that tendency to watch the weather and take observation over some random theory most every time. Open ocean is not very tolerant of fools.

  14. Jake J says:

    OTOtherHand, I am not “of it” and find many of the tactics and excess “in your face” attitude a bit off putting. So I’m in that odd group who cheers on the “underdog” getting a fair shake, while at the same time wishing they would just shut the FUp some times. So it goes.

    Speaking of dominance, group-think, etc., I’m sure you realize that, whatever its merits, your sentiment is typical — even prototypical — of how any dominant group regards this or that non-conforming minority. The desire that the minority would STFU some times is actually a hope that its members would quit being so cohesive, and eventually return to the atomized state in which they existed prior to the whatever development(s) made it possible for them to coalesce.

    All of which is to say: I like them well enough one-on-one, but they really get (pick your perjorative) in groups. You know, like engineers?

    [Reply: I don’t agree at all with this but I’m letting it through anyway. FWIW, my STFU sometimes is NOT about the topic, or the people in particular, nor what they advocate. It is about the obnoxious “in your face” aggressiveness. I find it epitomized by when Hannity has a shout-fest between opposite sides on his show, and I change the channel. I don’t care WHICH side is shouting and rude, and especially don’t like it when BOTH sides are shouting and rude, so “click” to something more polite… It is not at ALL about “being dominant”, as I have the same feelings toward the same attitudes from the “dominant” groups (like, oh, Christians wanting to constantly ‘convert’ me, or Atheists wanting to kill religion in the public square; or Greens nagging me endlessly). It is solely and entirely about the desire for a little peace and quiet and a bit of polite decorum. Things I was raised with, but that are sorely lacking throughout all our society today, from all groups, dominant and non-Alpha. So your “projection” is exactly wrong as it relates to me, and what I stated. -E.M.Smith]

  15. Jake J says:

    Well, look. I wasn’t there. Maybe your gay acquaintances are particularly forward about it. This has not been my experience or observation. Things have changed a lot in the last 25 years or so. I used to shake my head at what was considered the “flaunting” of this attribute. I’ve seen gays pilloried for being too open, and for being too secretive — with the real-world difference between those two qualities being paper thin.

    Again, though, this is all completely hypothetical, because I wasn’t there, and you didn’t get into what you specifically objected to. Which, frankly, doesn’t matter enough to me to want to parse out. Which is why I made the most general statement I could make, with the lightest touch I could muster. Oh well.

  16. E.M.Smith says:

    @Jake L.:

    Some things you may not know, that I have disclosed here before, and might illuminate my degree of “bias” or the lack thereof…

    I have offspring by lesbian women.
    I have slow danced with a guy guy.
    I have given the “Welcome to the family, but if you hurt your S.O. I’m going to hunt you down and fix it” speech (as was given to me by my Texas Uncle) to the Gay Guy S.O. of my godson… said godson very much appreciated it, and recognized being accepted fully as a couple…
    I have gay family.

    Not disclosed before: I have been “hit on” by gay guys more than by women, and appreciated the compliment even if I was not interested.
    I was nude swimming at night with a gay guy… and it was curiously interesting to be “persued”.. even if, in the end, I decided on no… (I was 18 at the time and finding my identity).
    I have been on TV as advocate for an organization largely serving the gay community. More than once…

    See a pattern? I am fine with gays. (more than I’m willing to elaborate here).

    I just do not like loud rude cranky behavior as it is offensive. Yes, sometime “In your face” is the only effective choice available, but it ought to be the last resort, not first. THAT was my point. I’m all about polite and rational whatever your beliefs ; and just get tired of “no peace” as that is a rude threat and offensive. Peace and a tranquil life are the goal we all ought to share.

  17. M Simon says:

    E.M.Smith says:
    23 May 2015 at 2:10 am

    I am approximately similarly tolerant. But what you leave out is that within my living memory you could be jailed for being gay. When that cohort and its influence die out we will see more of the kind of society you are looking for.

    As I said above – expect similar behavior from the cannabis crowd once legalization is more prevalent. And similarly it will be 30 or 40 years for the rude and offensive die out. There is always a backlash. When you remove oppression the trait repressed gets over expressed.

    The best attitude towards that sort of thing is calm bemusement. Gay traffic lights? Charming (with a slightly sarcastic voice).

  18. E.M.Smith says:

    @M Simon:

    I am of roughly the same attitude toward marijuana. Tried it (much more than once, and I DID inhale… and held it… that was kind of the whole point…) But found it was not for me.

    Still, I think it has its uses and find the whole “war on drugs” painfully stupid. The only thing I like less than stupid behaviour from smart people, is rude aggressive impolite behaviour… The “war on drugs” has both, with injustice and bigotry for seasoning… we really need to finish flushing the Nixon Legacy…

    I have reccomended to a friend with prostate cancer that if his treatment fails, he ought to light up. Just to make clear where I stand.

    Frankly, what the world needs most is about a 90% pruning of what is illegal and a similar pruning of the whole “justice” system AND overall government. To qoute PG “We don’t need them.”

    But I’m starting to rant off topic…

  19. M Simon says:

    Well just to get back on topic. Some day when we have an eyeball QSO I’ll have to tell you a story about my lesbian GF and her bi GF. Good times. And of course that means stories about the Pagan Temple they belonged to and the bi (mostly gay) guy who ran it. Tales of the Weird and Occult.

  20. Jake J says:

    Does this boil down to an objection to gay pride parades?

  21. E.M.Smith says:

    @Jake J:

    No. It is not about “gay-ness” in any way shape or form. It is entirely about “cranky people” no matter what they do with their body parts. I only mentioned it at all, and in passing, due to the fact that it is impossible to have the TV on and not be constantly nagged at about Liberal Talking Points and in particular the Gay Agenda, often in a cranky way.

    Now if you have ever raised kids, you can see where that can lead to questions… There was a time that such stuff was not on TV for exactly that reason. I also get tired of endless film of black people chanting “no justice no peace” as it is glorifying being cranky and loud. I also get tired of endless film of cranky white people chanting {whatever} in the same sing-song “hey hey ho ho” stupidity. Cranky bad. Polite discourse good. Got it?

    BTW, I have the same objection to boner pills advertising, to hemorrhoid cream advertising, to endless ‘can not tell what they are saying’ shouting on “talk” shows. It is all just not what used to be called “fit for polite company”.

    My Mum was from England and a bit reserved. On Dads side we have Amish (you know, the very reserved never get in a fight folks, covered head to toe even in summer). It’s all about public decorum, politeness, and civility no mater what you want to do with your body on your own time.

    So please stop trying to paint me into a bigot corner. I’m not there, and I don’t go there.

    I am of the opinion that My Fair Lady kind of captured it with the following quote:


    Professor Henry Higgins: The French don’t care what they do actually, as long as they pronounce it properly.

    I’m like that, but change “pronounce it properly” to “say it with decorum”… and maybe not a dozen times a day on every news show on the dial…

  22. Jake J says:

    I’m not trying to paint you into any corner. I can see how you might have thought so after my first message, but not since then. Anyhow, I’m going to unbookmark this thread — which I stumbled over to begin with and don’t care about. Things catch my eye, and I never know what they are.

    It just seemed paradoxical — your self-proclaimed great tolerance combined with that STFU impulse. But I think the whole open gay phenomenon is bound to yield cross currents of this sort. The rules, so to speak, are in flux for everyone.

    This is far more thought than I’d intended to give it. My first comment was intended as a quip, but on re-reading it I can see that I’m not a very talented quipper. Oh well. Over ‘n out.

  23. E.M.Smith says:

    @Jake J: One can be very tolerant of what others choose to do by them selves while still being intolerant of having it pushed into your livingroom (and face) every day via The Media.

    One last example: I have vegan family members and cook vegetarian some percentage of meals each week. Do not like being pushed to the Vegan Agenda in the media. Live and let live tolerance vs. behaviour modification, agenda, and having my “conciousness raised” against my will. Even for causes where I’m already “on side” to some extent.

    I appreciate your statement about “quip”, but note in passing you are again tying this to “gay phenomenon” despite my repeated and strong description of it being about cranky in your face from anyone, and not a gay issue. As this is about MY motivation for my sometimes wanting peace and quiet and “polite company” decorum in my livingroom from my TV, I think my understanding of it ought to have been accepted the first time.

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