Congress Needs To Tell France The Manipulation Ends

French Foreign Minister has decided to do an end run around Congress.
Congress needs to pass legislation saying ANY climate deal in Paris must have Congressional approval.

So, Congress, it’s gauntlet down time. You’ve just been slapped up side the head. Either shut up, leave town, and take it in the… Or grow a set and pass legislation saying that the French do not get to determine how the US Government must operate, nor will “structured deals” be allowed to make Congress an irrelevant powerless Eunuch`s Club.

French foreign minister: climate deal must avoid US Congress

Associated Press

BONN, Germany (AP) — France’s foreign minister says the global climate agreement being negotiated this year must be worded in a way so that it doesn’t require approval by U.S. Congress.

Laurent Fabius told a group of African delegates at U.N. climate talks in Bonn on Monday that “we know the politics in the U.S., whether we like it or not, if it comes to the Congress, they will refuse.”
Fabius will host the climate summit in Paris at the end of the year where the new agreement is supposed to be adopted.

So The Man From France is plotting how to have his way with you, and with yours. Either bend over and take it, or let him know “not in my house”.

Balls in your court… (now you just have to find where you left ’em…)

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7 Responses to Congress Needs To Tell France The Manipulation Ends

  1. Larry Ledwick says:

    Where’s my pitch fork?

  2. Alexander K says:

    The French are not known for courage, for standing up for what they believe, but they have a wonderfully effective PR machine that manages to confer a gloss on all of France’s doings and pronouncements.
    In the world of Fine Arts, they manage to call the shots but the actualite is that they are Barbarians under their cultured exterior.
    It would be a huge mistake for the US Congress to take their French counterparts seriously as anything other than manipulative publicists.

  3. p.g.sharrow says:

    All they need to do is declare success and go home. AGW is over and cooling is the next bugabo. pg

  4. Glenn999 says:

    So the French one is telling the little o to pass the treaty by executive fiat. Then the question becomes will the Repubs challenge the overreach or let it slide like so many other ones….

  5. Crashx says:

    Our current president has shown the world that the legislative rules in the US are just suggestions. If the legislature doesn’t have the political will to enact the tough provisions constitutionally available to it [think impeachment or withholding funds] then rules, regulations and executive mandates can be used to control the country at the will of the executive. It’s simply the abrogation of power to a dictator.

  6. David A says:

    “pass the treaty by executive fiat’, or perhaps to consider the new agreement an amendment to an existing congress approved agreement.

  7. Jason Calley says:

    “Balls in your court… (now you just have to find where you left ’em…)”

    Here follows an imaginary response from the neurotypicals of America:
    “Yeah, I see your point, and someone really ought’a do something about that — but did you see the big game this weekend? Wow! I figured they would fumble it at the last, but man-oh-man did they get stomped! I was so P.O.ed that I totally did not notice when that new reality show came on and I missed this week’s episode. Norman tells me (or should I say “Normy” — you know what I mean?) that it wasn’t any big deal, mostly just set up for some kind of show down next week, but you never can tell with these shows! Anyway, I gotta get going. The old lady is over at her sister’s place and I promised that I would at least stop by and say “hi” to the old prune. Hey, listen, I wish I could get with you about this political thing with France and all — you did say it was over in Europe or something? — but, you know, real life is always intruding and there just aren’t enough hours in a day. Keep me posted on that Europe thing. What was it? Some kind of treaty or something? Something like that, I think…”

    E.M., you are right, as usual — but the US has not only passed the point where our rulers are constrained by law, we are, I think, past the point where no branch of the federal government even shows a serious pretense at observing the law. Any plausible excuse is adequate when the media will report it as if it were a serious and long-standing principle. There were not enough votes to pass the NAFTA treaty — so they just renamed it to be an “agreement” and let a simple majority pass it. Will we see any kind of binding regulations come out of France? I have no idea… but I know that the law certainly won’t stop them if they want it.

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