Some Videos On The Global Warming Fraud

There are a variety of videos on YouTube about Global Warming. Many of them fairly decently demonstrating the stupidity of the Global Warming fraud mantras. I’ve collected just a few of them here. Feel free to post links to others of merit.

Geologic Perspective:

From a Geologist, Ian Plimer, to the UK Government, with a good geologic perspective. At least I think it is Ian. I sat next to him at one of the ICCC meetings and it looks and sounds like him. A scan of the comments had references to Ian, but I didn’t see a clear “yes it is” during that scan. At any rate, I’m willing to commit to it being Ian based on one short conversation with him a few years back… I did try to find a photo on the internet to compare, but searching on his name mostly pulls up his site (that didn’t have a photo near the top where I looked) and a rather remarkable set of vicious attack pieces from The Progressive Slander & Attack Machine. (Maybe TPSAM is a good tag for it…) Based on the number of such pieces, he scores high on the WSI (Woman Scorned Index) for truth and veracity.

Ah, found a presentation by him at the ICCC 4 conference. Yup, it’s him. I actually like this one a bit more as it is more technical and has more real geology in it:

There are many videos from the early ICCC meetings that have very low views numbers, so plenty of viewing of very interesting videos can be done just by looking through that archive. I’m not going to list them all here, just hit their site and you have about 10 days worth ;-)

Jo Nova:

Next up, Jo Nova in the 50:1 interview. Just luv ‘er… such energy and smarts.

This one will have a bunch more 50:1 interviews pop up on YouTube, so if you like this one, go to YouTube (click the YouTube icon bottom right of the video) and you ought to see a bunch more of them. I’m not going to link more of them here since it’s easy to find them all with this entry point.

Freeman Dyson interview:

The History of the Start:

British Channel 4 from 2007:

I don’t know much about the structure of British TV. That there are few channels, and the BBC seems to dominate, is about it. Here is a film from 2007 by something called “British Channel 4”. Refreshingly honest about what’s actually going on. I had little idea such was available on British TV. An hour and 16 minutes, so not short.

I’d intended to put in more, but shorter, videos. Having sunk several hours into watching these already, I’m going to go ahead and post it now. I’ll likely add a couple of more over time today, but don’t see a reason to have this on hold when it already has a lot of links and links to links in it.

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A technical managerial sort interested in things from Stonehenge to computer science. My present "hot buttons' are the mythology of Climate Change and ancient metrology; but things change...
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15 Responses to Some Videos On The Global Warming Fraud

  1. Paul Hanlon says:

    The Great Global Warming Swindle was the one that confirmed for me that most of the politicians and “scientists” were blowing smoke. I saw it not long after The Inconvenient Lie. Really opened my eyes.

  2. M Simon says:

    Ian makes a very good point at the start of his video. PLANT FOOD. As long as the war is going on we should never mention that gas again. PLANT FOOD.

  3. omanuel says:

    Thank you for this excellent summary of the global warming swindal. This is, in fact, just a continuation of the ~500 year effort of “wannabe world tyrants” to avoid SCIENTIFIC FACTS.

    Today the New York Times tried to help the Pope, the UN and the US NAS protect the global climate scam,

    but the SCIENTIFIC FACTS are that a fountain of energy in the center of the Solar System

    1. Made the chemical elements

    2. Birthed the solar system five billion years (5 Ga) ago

    3. Sustained the origin and evolution of life after 3.5 Ga ago

    4. Still controls every atom, life and planet in the solar system today, and

    5. Cannot be hidden from the public by combined forces of the Catholic Church, the United Nations and the national academies of science (NAS) united into a giant, worldwide Orwellian Ministry of Consensus Scientific (UN)Truths.”

    Thank God, that SCAM IS OVER! Now we must avoid the urge to retaliate and get back to the business of building a trustworthy structure of government science, for the people.

  4. Sandy McClintock says:

    Thanks EM for some nice links.
    I suspect we may also look back on the following videos as being important.
    Prof. H. Svensmark: The Impact of Solar Activities and Cosmic Rays on the World Climate

    and a series (Part 2)

    Svensmark is here …

  5. Reblogged this on The GOLDEN RULE and commented:
    This blog “makes my day!”
    Just the first video says more than enough to satisfy my thirst for commonsense science to promote to the public, as distinct from consensus science which is greedily absorbed by the gullible, those with preconceived ideas, those with vested interests, those with narrow minds and those who are frightened of admitting their mistaken views and adherences.
    If the first one doesn’t do it for you, there are plenty more.
    Forget about slandering the messenger, just listen carefully to the facts and try to understand real scientific information.

  6. jdseanjd says:

    Thanks for these, Chiefio, I’ll post this to other sites.
    I haven’t had the time to view them all yet, but I shall.

    I feel it’s important to get outside the scientific perspective & into the political/financial aspects.
    In short, the whole scam is aimed at a vast world depopulation & the establishment of a Totalitarian World Govt., via Agenda 21.

    This is not a theoretical plan: as Michael Crichton wrote in ‘State of Fear’, 2005, the EPA banned DDT as carcinogenic, when it was proven not to be, causing ~ 2 million 3rd world deaths per annum. on, putting DDT in the search box, I’ve seen an estimate of 58 million killed. That’s, as Crichton claimed, more than Hitler killed. Overpopulation is the myth behind the whole con, as Tim Ball has said: Put Overpopulation in his search box at
    & you get his essay: ‘Overpopulation: The Fallacy behind the Fallacy of Global Warming’.

    Nor is DDT the only depopulation ploy.
    John Doran.

  7. jdseanjd says:

    Vaccinations are a depopulation/debilitation ploy: Dr. Andrew Wakefield’s UK medical career was trashed & he was hounded out of the country when he revealed the links between the MMR jab & autism. The good doctor has issued an open challenge of, I believe, $500,000 for anyone to debate him on the subject. There have been no takers, as Lord Monckton has found when he issued a similar challenge to debate. Monckton has a video on Youtube: UN Globalist Death Plan for Humanity.

    The Eugenicist Bill Gates is dodging a charge of 47,500 cases of paralysis/death from his ‘anti-polio’ vaccine campaigns in India.

    There are feminisers in plastic food wrappers, processed food is not what it should be, the list goes on.

    The debilitation/depopulation plan is real & ongoing: look into geoengineering/chemtrails,
    like Dane Wiggington at
    or this young Brit scientist, David Lim:
    1 hr 24 mins
    Or, put in search box: Pilots learn about Geoengineering & Chemtrails, presentation by David Lim, UK March 2013. After 2 years research he presents the links to extreme weather events, food prices & illness. G. Edward Griffin has an excellent video out on youtube titled: “What inthe world are they spraying?, which is 1 hr 38 mins. Here is a 5 min teaser:

    John Doran.

    [Reply: Please avoid the whole “chemtrail” thing. Jets at altitude have condensation trails behind them when the temp and humidity are right. In all my years of sky watching that’s the only ‘trail’ I’ve ever seen. It just smacks of conspiracy ideation. So I’m letting this ONE go up as you are unaware of my bias about chemtrails. From here on out, leave it be. No, don’t reply with some defense of your position on it. I know the position. I’m just not interested in it. Plasticisers are an issue, but IMHO more likely from the “stupid” part of “malice vs stupidity”. Only recently has the whole field of estrogen analogs been figured out. And in some places BPA has already been banned. It takes time to learn some of this stuff, and often the industry and politicians are the last to learn it, not the first. On Polio vaccine: Yes, it can cause some to die or suffer paralysis. A very good friend of the spouse just died after a lifetime in a wheelchair from it. Yet, as a child, my sister’s best friend was in braces from polio prior to the vaccination era and I, personally, remember the March Of Dimes card in our restaurant collecting silver dimes for iron lungs… It was a medical decision by the medical establishment to use a live vaccine for the secondary immunity (i.e. grandma can get some from the kids who got it at school) as the number killed / maimed by the vaccine is far far less than the number taken by wild polio. So as much as I despise some aspects of what Mr. Gates has done to the world ( Windows ME and Windows 8 come to mind…) he is not responsible for the “received wisdom” of the doctors of the world. So, in summary: While I’m fully in agreement that Agenda 21 is evil, and is real, and was published on the UN Website so clearly can be studied: Please lose the quasi-paranoid ideation. Yes, many of the most powerful want to exterminate much of mankind (they said so publicly after all- Prince Charles, IIRC, was one) but as near as I can tell, they have not been able to act on those thoughts; and jet contrails or polio vaccine are certainly not evidence of it. Also, please try to stay more or less on topic for a given thread. IFF I post a thread about vaccines, feel free to bring up your concerns about them; but not on a thread about global warming videos, OK? Thanks. -E.M.Smith ]

  8. jdseanjd says:

    Chiefio, I’ve just put up two replies which have “gone into moderation” which I have found in the past to mean delay or disappear. Please let me know if/when you can make them appear.
    John Doran.

    [Reply: Rarely does “moderation” here mean “disappear”, though it can mean “long wait”. The first time someone posts, it goes to moderation. WordPress uses an “ID / IP Address” combo as the identifier I think. Whenever I wake up, get done in the bath or garden, or get back from work, or… I’ll find it then, or maybe the next day, and approve it if there is nothing particularly evil about it. For a very few people (about 3? at the moment) and a very few particular words (curse words and a few others), things go to moderation. Those folks, IFF they are being a PITA or trying for a thread hijack or we have a long history of them doing both and I’m just not interested in the “food fight” will find a comment held, sometimes for months, and then turned into a “Carping Comments” posting. For example, there was a persistent attempt to turn several threads to a discussion of Medical Marijuana when in passing I’d mentioned something about it. That resulted in my souring on the whole thing and putting both M.J. and the chemical names in the ‘moderation’ keywords. After a month or two, I took them out; but there are still about a half dozen comments from M. Simon IIRC stuck in ‘moderation’ as they were going into a thread unrelated to M.J. and constituted a kind of thread hijack. Since then, I’ve been trying to complete a posting on Medical M.J. but between a certain ‘buzz kill’ from the food fight and the fact that research on it doesn’t ‘converge’ well (lead to clear conclusions or reasonable presentation) I’ve not finished yet. Eventually I’ll “get it done” and those comments will be moved to that thread or otherwise referenced. ONCE a person has been “cleared” (given current WordPress Settings) then any future comments from them go immediately public (unless they change their posting name or IP). Once “cleared” they have to do something to get me P.O.d enough to put them in as a special ‘send to moderation’ flag to ever see moderation again. Due to that setting, 99%+ of all comments here are seen by me for the first time long after they have been posted to the public. Hopefully this helps folks understand how “moderation” is done here. Oh, BTW, WordPress can also decide on their own to send given people or keywords or links or {whatever} to SPAM. No idea how that works and I have no control of it (other than that fishing a given person out of spam seems to cure it eventually). So I’ve been “busy” for about a day now and not looked at the moderation queue since about this time yesterday IIRC. Now that I’m servicing it, the whole thing gets processed. Due to this, you will find that this comment is handled at almost exactly the same time as the other ones. i.e. the ‘request to expedite’ gets seen at the same time for the first time… -E.M.Smith ]

  9. Kent Gatewood says:

    Wikipedia has Channel Four as a non-BBC station/service for all of the United Kingdom.

  10. John West says:

  11. jdseanjd says:

    Thanks for good clear reply, E. M. Smith.
    I’ll check back.

  12. Jim O'Hare says:

    British Government Member of Parliament, David “Top Cat”
    Davies, who is a former Soldier and Policeman, Exposes the
    False Agenda in the Climate Change Laws of the United
    Kingdom and Europe.

    See video –

  13. omanuel says:

    The entire global warming fraud might have been avoided if this group of distinguished scientists invited to the 1976 Gregynog Workshop on Isotopic Anomalies in Gregynog, Wales . . .

    1. Willie Fowler is in the middle of the front row in this group photo.

    2. Freeman Dyson is the second left-most member, in the next-to-the-last row of participants.

    3. Fred Hoyle is shown as the second right-most member, standing next to his co-author, Wickramasinghe. [I am squatting at the right end of the front row, next to my research mentor, Professor Paul Kazuo Kuroda.]

    had grasped that this slide of 1975 data reveals that the r-process produced excess Xe-136 in the outer, He-rich layer of the supernova that birthed the solar system:

    No other viable explanation was offered for the 1975 data.

  14. E.M., in case you’re interested, we compiled a collection of 10-15 min YouTube interviews with climate scientists across the spectrum from “Global warming is a man-made crisis” (1) to “Global warming is a natural process” (5) for a blog post a while back:

  15. By the way, I watched the Great Global Warming Swindle on Channel 4, when it was first broadcast back in 2007. It was a refreshing alternative perspective to the usual one-sided depiction of the “debate”. But, I would have preferred if they’d taken a more balanced perspective rather than just presenting a similarly one-sided view from the “other side”.

    Also, in an effort to shoe-horn it all into a neat & tidy “alternative”, they took some misleading shortcuts & editing decisions which badly tainted what would have otherwise been a *fairly* accurate & interesting documentary which makes a lot of interesting & mostly-valid points (particularly when compared to Al Gore’s film which had been released the year before).

    The biggest mistakes (IMO) were:

    1. Implying Carl Wunsch agreed with the producer’s theory that the rise in CO2 since 1950s is “natural”, and not anthropogenic. Wunsch doesn’t believe that – it was deceptive editing & when he found out, he (justifiably) objected and insisted on being disassociated from the film. This was an extra shame, since his actual comments (on the over-reliance on computer models) were sensible & relevant.

    2. They used a mis-labelled version of Friis-Christensen & Lassen, 1991’s old “solar-climate” plot to misleadingly imply that a direct solar-climate link was extremely obvious. Friis-Christensen also (justifiably) objected and insisted on being disassociated from the film.

    3. While the various conspiracy theories they suggest towards the end of the film are interesting, by presenting them as “fact”, it misleadingly creates the impression that all climate sceptics are conspiracy theorists.

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