I’m liking Mister Robot

Just a quick note. I’m watching the new show Mr Robot.
I like it quite a bit.

I can identify a lot with the main character. While I’m not dysfunctional, as he is, we share many beliefs and bigotries. Mistrust of some power structures. Preferance for Linux. Working in computer security, so have the professional level of appropriate paranoia about things like Facebook.

The theme seems to be headed toward an anti capitalism bent with which I do not agree, but the rest is fairly well done. Unlike most shows, the Tech Banter is fairly accurate. The security material clearly is from someone in the biz with only a couple of Magical Thinking things so far (like fast easy password cracks)

Golly, screen shots of things like route reconfigs have valid ifconfig commands!

Watched it twice (second time from the start…) Still have the same reaction. Good show but the evil corporation foil is a bit tired as a theme. The wealth redistribution by debt erasure is an interesting twist, but is Economic Magical Thinking as it ignores things like the resultant collapse of pensions, insurance, housing,…

I’ll watch again.


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  2. p.g.sharrow says:

    Interesting, While I was thumbing through the wasteland of “Direct” offerings last night, I too stumbled on and watched “Mr Robot”. I may even do it again to get a better grasp on the plot details.Some of the character development details seemed to be poorly thought out. Could be the writers actually Are computer nerds. ;-) pg

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