Why I Like Trump

I’ve been watching The Donald have rocks thrown at him by all sides. Even old friends saying he has to get out of the race. Then his poll numbers go up and all the talking heads are confused. Especially those on the looney side of left where they are nearly crazy what with being torn between their love of schadenfreude and their certainty that “this time for sure” Trump has shot his own foot off and embarrassed the Repuplicans, and their astonishment that The Donald really does not give a damn what they think and is NOT going to have Yet Another Apology Tour. Then there are the folks on the Milktoast Republican Parade side who are all panties in a bunch over Trump saying one of them might be a bit less than impressive, so surely Trump Must Go, or at least, have the Democrat Recommended Standard Apology Tour like they always do…

My hope is that I can explain some of the attraction of The Donald, A.K.A. Mr. Trump, to those of us NOT in the center of power, not involved in the game of Liars Poker that is politics, and who have to fund the game at the point of a gun and against our will.

It all starts with Obama.

Remember that I voted for Obama at one point. It’s not like I’m a rabid Republican (nor am I a Dimocrat…). I’m a hard core middle of the road Independent with Libertarian leanings. I’m from the “Pox on both their houses” school.

I think that makes me qualified to explain why those of us who are not in love with either party are finding The Donald attractive.

Obama ran on a slate of “Hope and Change” with the explicit mandate to shake up Washington, clean out the crap in government, and get things working for Americans again. THAT is what we want. We voted for it twice.

We just didn’t get it.

We haven’t changed, and that’s still what we want. The end to Business As Usual in D.C.

Right out the gate, it was Same-Old-Same-Old even to the extent of putting Madam Hillary back in positions of power and influence and setting her up for the next run at the White House. Then instead of being the agent of real change, he became the agent of More Bigger Brokener In-Your-Face GOVERNMENT! Uber Alles!! Along with making the Federal Government an appendage of the Democratic Party and using it entirely for partisan purposes. Not what we wanted.

So we stuck him with a Republican Congress in the vain hope that he might catch a clue and get back on original message. But he didn’t. We also hoped the Republicans might just find a small bit of spine, what with having both houses of Congress, and raise a bit of a fuss over things like, oh, incredibly out of control debt growth and massive intrusive Government.

But no. Best they could muster the courage to do was be a tiny bit obstructionist on a few bits of legislation while watching The Big O bypass them and explain to the world that we have a Presidential Empire and not a Republic. Oh, and the UN calls the shots, not congress… Just need a pen in the White House and friends at the UN. Constitution? Why, that old thing? No worries there, we have imaginative judges who will just redefine what “is is”, find that anything is a tax, so unlimited, decide that there is no real right of privacy and that this is not a problem for Roe v Wade that depends on one. And so much more.

Where is the “Bill Of The Month” that Obama MUST veto? Where are the Congressional Investigations into all this crap? WHERE are the heads rolling at the IRS and EPA? Where’s the “defund the NSF” bill with the explicit text in it calling it out as an agent of the UN Agenda 21 and the Democrats and no longer worth funding? Where’s the “defund the {insert left-wing-nut agency of your choice}” bill parade of horrors that would let me think that ANYTHING has a hope of changing?

Hardly a peep from the Republicans. Just soft murmurs about not upsetting the Democrats and the need for ever more Apology Tours and ever more Trainloads of money shipped out for anything BUT government that does it’s core job well. (See the VA that can’t do the basics of medical care for Veterans as a prime example).

Along Came A Donald

So in the midst of Republicans who can’t be bothered to even SHOW what they would try to do via bills passed, even if then vetoed, and who have all the courage of a wet mouse, and clearly don’t give a damn about shrinking government and have little interest in making it run efficiently, along comes a guy who doesn’t take any crap and calls crap crap when he smells it.

What’s not to like?

We want someone who is willing to offend the entrenched, stomp on toes in comfortable $2000 shoes, NOT go on Yet Another Apology Tour, and who is fundamentally offended by the astounding level of graft, corruption, featherbedding, inefficiency, and BLOAT that is D.C.

Do I wish he could be a bit more polite toward other Republicans? Maybe follow Reagan’s 11th Commandment that Thou Shalt Not Speak Ill of Another Republican? Well, sure. Maybe. But then he wouldn’t be The Donald. And if he’s that cowed about Republicans, how will he go in and “Kick butt and take names” with Dimocrats?

Basically, from our point of view out here in the far center field upper deck back bleachers, Washington D.C. is so incredibly entrenched as a giant money sucking money laundering favor dispensing Special Interest Grand Central Station that we really don’t give a damn if you fix it or break it as anything is better than what it is now. We tried the nice sounding “fix it” of Hope and Change so maybe we need the Trump Bull in their china closet to just go break the damn thing and we can start over.

If this doesn’t work, BTW, then it’s up to The States to have a constitutional convention and just rip the thing to shreds, or we’re toast as the debt monster will have us worse than Greece in about 5 years (once interest rates rise above zero).

Trump is a cranky, angry, junk-yard-dog mean S.O.B. with enough money to not find a $Million bribe, er, “campaign contribution” offer even remotely of influence.

And we’re at the point where we’re cranky, angry and want a junk-yard-dog to go chew on some ankles (and work their way up from there…)

Thus the appeal of The Donald.

About Winning

But can he win?

Frankly, I’m not caring at the moment. This stage of things is about waking up TPTB in the Republican Party Control Machine that they have a problem in their house with having not done a damn thing that matters that I can point at. And also about letting the Democrat Party Control Machine know that there is a serious level of anger with the whole of D.C. on the part of We The People and we’re looking to sharpen our pitchforks and get the tar bubbling if this politics thing doesn’t start working for us instead of for Friends Of Giant Government.

There’s miles to go before a Republican Candidate is selected. (The Democrats having already planned the coronation of Madam Hillary – though even there the Cranky Folks have sent Bernie Sanders to light a fire under her ample tush and bugger things up a little. Hey, Hillary, we’re not fond of you either…)

This is all about “FIX The Damn Thing!” and all against “More of the same, tuned a bit for messaging”.

In short: Why would I ever give a damn if the Republican is “electable” if he isn’t going to be one whit different from what we have had since Johnson and Nixon?

(IMHO, Ike was the last great President we had, though Kennedy had his points and was especially good on economics. Reagan? Yeah, good enough. Except for things like increasing debt and amnesty for millions – how’d that work out…)

So is the Trump Vote just a “protest vote”? Maybe. At least at this stage.

But, frankly (as though I haven’t been so far ;-) There’s not one on the Republican slate of candidates that I’d call “bad”. I’d hate to see a “Bush / Clinton” contest redux, but mostly just because our government ought not to be dynastic. With that said, Jeb did a fine job running Florida, is more “electable” with Democrats, and the parts I don’t like in his policies are unlikely to change anyway.

Then things just go “up” from there. I’d love to see a Rubio / Cruz ticket. Two Hispanics, think Hispanics might vote for that? Or a Carly / Carson slate – women and black. And all of them with decent enough policy goals. Heck, a Huckabee / Jindal ticket would be an interesting one too.

Compare any of them with the likely Hillary / Sanders ticket and “Debt to the Horizon with Equality in Bankruptcy for All!”…

And maybe, just maybe, Trump will be heard enough for someone, anyone, in politics to catch a clue about just how POed the average Joe and Jane have become. “If we can’t fix it, maybe we can break it” … catchy campaign slogan? Maybe we need a write in campaign to “Send Mr. Smith to Washington” on the promise to at least stop it from having “Business As Usual” and sucking up every loose dollar in the country.

What America needs right now is a darned good top to bottom pruning of the entire Government. Cut that sucker to at least 1/2 the present size and scope. We’re just looking at Trump and thinking maybe he’s got the courage and grit to get ‘er done. In short, I see him as a kind of Uber Rich Honorary Mr. Smith who would not mind at all rattling some cages.

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A technical managerial sort interested in things from Stonehenge to computer science. My present "hot buttons' are the mythology of Climate Change and ancient metrology; but things change...
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28 Responses to Why I Like Trump

  1. BobN says:

    Great post and insight on the political mood of the land. The Republicans keep telling Trump to tone it down, but he just keeps firing, I love it. I like it when he attacks people when they say something negative. He is sending a nice message, go negative on me and I’ll chew your leg off. That is such a pleasant emotion from the sickening play nice Republicans that get beat around the head and shoulders by democrats and never raise their voice.

    Maybe, just maybe, the Republicans have found a fighter.

    Go Trump!!!!

  2. mpcraig says:

    Well this must have been a good article because at the start, I rolled my eyes. At the end, I thought, good points.

    -Also from the center field bleachers, top row, making his way field level….

  3. RickA says:

    It is very refreshing to hear someone say stuff off the cuff – rather than only after it has been focus grouped to death.

    In Minnesota (where I am from) – Jesse Ventura ran for governor. I will never forget the first debate between Jesse and the democrat (Skip Humphrey) and republican (Norm Colman).

    Jesse road up on his motorcycle wearing a fringe jacket and with zero handlers – not a single other person in his corner.

    Then he did something very remarkable.

    He actually answered the questions asked by the moderator.

    He had answers like “Yes” and “No”.

    Meanwhile the professionals managed to turn each question into a five minute speech about something which had nothing to do with the question.

    The contrast was telling.

    He pulled in over a 1/3 of the vote and won.

    Trump is a bit like that.

    He has no filter – he just says whatever thought crosses his mind at the time.

    That is fun and funny.

    He hasn’t got a prayer of winning (in my opinion).

  4. p.g.sharrow says:

    Trump is a great front runner. The liberal press is blunting their spears attacking him while ignoring the rest of the Repub. pack. Maybe one of them will get the message and start acting like a real champion instead of a child that just wants to please others. Cruze looks to have potential, we will see if he can find a pair of long pants to wear.
    As for Hillary, over half of Democrats would follow Anyone But Clinton. That was how a real nobody, with no history, got to be president.
    I doubt that Trump actually wants to Be president but being the “king” maker is defiantly within his ego. pg

  5. Another Ian says:

    E.M. Around this area

    From comments at


    Don’t expect there’d be much of an argument from anyone except the two arseholes themselves.

    But, the selection material isn’t very good wherever a Yank looks. With apologies to Tennyson…

    Arseholes to right of them, Arseholes to left of them, Arseholes in front of them. Volley’d and thunder’d;



  6. Larry Ledwick says:

    I see both positives and negatives to the Donald. I would rather he not actually win but I love the fact that he is forcing the Democrats to chew up resources dealing with him and have not even put a bruise on any of the Republican candidates. In that regard he is a great trojan horse, they can use up all their arrows trying to wound him and once the debates start the other Republican candidates will have essentially untarnished armor as all the battles have been aimed at the Donald. He also is broaching subjects that just weeks ago were untouchable (immigration) by the Republican side, but after weeks of his scorched earth messages on the topic, more restrained comments by Republicans will sound down right center field.

    Some of your pairings mentioned above also appeal to me. I think Carley even if she does not win a nomination is the only candidate who can really go toe to toe with Hillery for obvious reasons. She can say things that the male candidates could not touch with a 10′ pole.

    All though I like Carson in a lot of respects and his contrast with Obama would be very interesting he does not strike me as having the right demeanor to deal with the coming confrontations with Russia, China and Iran. I think only a governor or perhaps Carley has the in the trenches experience of political in fighting to understand their style of negotiation, and mis-direction.

    The only down side of Donald is the recently voiced option of 3rd party candidate. I think that would be the kiss of death to conservative/libertarian candidates and is probably the only thing that would absolutely assure a HRC victory in November. If her numbers continue to crater we might see a surprise Democratic candidate come out of the blue, so the game is not over.

  7. Alan Poirier says:

    Hmm, no one thought Reagan had a chance when he announced, but he did well, eh? Trump is speaking for the silent majority. We have had enough. He has a good chance of winning — even if he has to run as an independent.

  8. Graeme No.3 says:

    Would that we had someone like that in Australia. The Prime Minister and the State Premiers have just had a conference about taxation, and have agreed that the sheep would like to be shorn more closely. The only salvation is that they can’t agree on which tax to raise. No doubt they’ll settle for raising both.
    This we are assured is necessary and will be popular because the money will be spent on health care/ public hospitals etc. Never a thought of another approach. Years ago a Doctor friend of mine was involved in setting up a specialist private hospital. A bit of common sense and they found that their daily cost per patient, even though they served wine with the meals, was less than 60% of what the public hospitals charged. The Health bureaucracy insisted they had to charge the same to avoid embarrassing them. Much of the extra cost in the Public System was excessive numbers of bureaucrats, and that has got worse over the years.

  9. Lynn Clark says:

    The more I hear Carly Fiorina speak, the more I like her. In the video clip on the following page, she schools CNN’s Jake Tapper by refusing to fall into his trap of denouncing other Republicans:


  10. Terry Jay says:

    A bit of plain speaking plainly said is welcome. No obfuscation, no sugar coat. Just calling an ergonomic digging implement a shovel.

    Cruze has been at it a while in differing contexts, Rubio and Perry have dabbled in it. Walker skipped the bombast and just sort of did it. If the candidates are watching they may learn something about withstanding the media tut-tuts and actually responding aggressively to defend and advance their positions.

    Lots of time until the election. Most anything could develop.

  11. p.g.sharrow says:

    I am not sure about the abilities of Carly Fiorina. She started out high up in the world because of her fathers connections and then worked her way to the top. Running corporations is a lot like running an Army. Brow beat those under you, kissass to those over you and make and break alliances with your peers to win advancement. Politics on the other hand is more akin to herding pigs. You must get the pigs to think they are going in the direction that They Wish to go and then cooperate with them. ;-) corporate heads give orders to get things done. That is why they prefer to deal with strongmen rulers and slavish subjects. A Republic is very different animal to work with. That is why hog farmers make good politicians pg.

  12. Another Ian says:


    I remember reading in “Give ’em hell Harry” (copy lent and never seen again) of his summation of Eisenhower, which went along the lines of

    “He’s a General. Generals give orders and things happen. In politics he’ll find that he gives orders and not a damned thing happens”

  13. Richard Ilfeld says:

    Professional politicians have been pushing the myths so long they have forgotten what the truth looks like. And they have totally lost touch wit the voters, so have no clue how they might react to the truth.

    600,000 crimes and 3000 murders by illegals in Texas during O’s admin couldn’t break through the miasma of sex, drugs, and rock and roll until one pretty girl was shot in SF, and a blow dried tycoon pointed out that Mexico is not exactly sending us her best and brightest.

    If it also breaks through that illegals with work virtues but no education primarily take jobs from black youth, and lib leaning tech tycoons want to pay programmers less and outsource, the political order could shift dramatically.

    Our two party system is pretty entrenched, but the composition of the parties is not.

  14. Glenn999 says:

    Donald is great for the anti PC effect. He can help shake up the Republicans and get them to focus on what’s important. Trump will not run independent, he was simply warning the RNC to stop effing with him. Remember, in negotiations, you have to maintain the leverage. RNC will back off now that he has said the magic word, because they all remember Perot.

    Too early to tell, but I believe people want someone who isn’t PC and will kick ass to fix this country.

  15. p.g.sharrow says:

    @ Richard Ilfeld, I agree, machine politics is the problem.
    Here in California, the people are no where near as Liberal as one might think. But Liberal Progressive activists have seized control of both parties, so we have a choice between liberal Rino Republicans and socialists Democrats. All from “safe” election districts. Outsiders Not Allowed by party bosses. As the quality of life and economics has deteriorated Liberal progressives with money are leaving for Texas and Florida. Very much like those people flocked to California 50 years ago. For some reason they don’t like living in the cesspool that they created. pg .

  16. Larry Ledwick says:

    I think this image pretty well sums up the Republican dilemma

    They recognize that his popularity is a message but have not figured out, how to co-opt that message and make it work for the core party goals, instead of just realizing that folks are fed up with the BS and want someone who does not have a room full of spin managers controlling everything they say and do.

    Just tell people what your really believe and make some honest assessments of the current situation in the country and what you think we should do about it. (ie what you would advocate and actually do when in office).

    Maybe we need to borrow a concept from the calender and leap year and apply it to term limits.
    Every 50 years all government employees (both elected officials and senior GSA grades) are fired and we start over with new people — Nahh that won’t work who would hire the new folks.

  17. Terry Jay says:

    From today’s Washington Free Beacon, the Radical Middle.

  18. markstoval says:

    Murray Rothbard once observed, “The State is, and always has been, the great single enemy of the human race, its liberty, happiness, and progress.” He also said that the state is a gang of thieves writ large.

    It might be fun to see The Donald piss off all the right people, but the fact is that the state will not change much no matter who wins. Sure, it is great to have “your candidate” win the election but afterwards he/she always disappoints. Reagan was great at talking like a libertarian or Classical Liberal but did you see any government reduction? Any less government intrusion? Did you see the end of secret wars? Did “state’s rights” make a comeback? Did the second amendment fair well?

    The big show is the presidential elections since they always give the voters hope that “their man” will ride in and fix it all. Good luck with that my friends.

    The most dangerous man to any government is the man who is able to think things out… without regard to the prevailing superstitions and taboos. Almost inevitably he comes to the conclusion that the government he lives under is dishonest, insane, intolerable. ~ H. L. Mencken

  19. philjourdan says:

    You nailed it. I am more conservative than you. But I am so tired of voting for idiots who cave as soon as a dimocrat gets on a soapbox and cluck clucks and the media buys it.

    I do not want the Donald to get the nomination. But I want him to stay in for a long time! He is having an effect. Cruz calling McConnel a liar? Fiorina (maybe she did not need the incentive) flipping the question back on the interviewer (abortion, and extreme positions)? These are signs that perhaps some of the candidates are taking notice of what the Donald is doing AND having an effect!

    Reagan could do it because he was a far better speaker than any of the hacks in the press. Now it is time for the idiots on the republican side to realize they are not going to get a fair shake from the press, and just push their dimocrat talking points back on them! If nothing else, that is what the Donald is doing. And I applaud him!

    Out of the 16, we have some good ones. And they are already picking up the hints. The rest is just excess baggage and will be swept (with any luck) into the dustbin.

  20. Andrew S says:

    Trump has his downsides:

  21. p.g.sharrow says:

    It appears that maybe Cruz has found his bigboy pants:
    This will play well with conservative Democrats as well as Independents. Good old boy RNC leadership had better take notice. Cruz is acting Presidential! pg

  22. Another Ian says:


    Maybe keep an ear on north of your border comments on this at


  23. clipe says:

    Rex Murphy

    “I agree Trump is ridiculous — but he is an illustration of a problem and not its cause. Trump is not the swamp: he is the creature emerging from it. For however ridiculous and appalling his candidacy may be, it is no worse and no more ridiculous and appalling than the whole pattern of American politics at this time.”


  24. L. E. Joiner says:

    Electing a President of any stripe isn’t going to shrink the bloated welfare state and bureaucratic Leviathan back to Constitutional size (how you thought a wet-behind-the-ears died-in-the-wool Marxist like Obambi was going to do it I can’t imagine!). What’s called for is an Article Five Convention of States (read Mark Levin: The Liberty Amendments.

    Trump is a media creation, and when they get tired of him, he’ll sag like an old balloon. Remember Herman Cain? Cain at least was a real conservative; Trump is a fraud, maybe a stalking horse for the Dems. The real danger is that he’ll get so infatuated with running for President that he’ll try the Ross Perot third-party trick—and make sure Shrillary gets elected.

    /Mr Lynn

  25. E.M.Smith says:


    The “we” in “we thought Obama could fix it” is the “royal we”… IOW I’m just “channeling the average American mood” more than stating a personal status of “my belief was”. Personally I never expected him to fix it. I expected him to derail Hillary, which he did. I then expected him to lose to the Republican. Just didn’t expect the Republicans to run a Mormon Millionair where the Mormon Moralizing and the Money would all act to alienate large chunks of the middle American morass… or as one black guy put it, it was like “Alien vs Predator” running a Mormon White Guy vs a Black Man. Essentially the entire stoner, single mom / teen pregnancy, black, hispanic, and anyone else not on the straight and narrow (or rich) ran screaming to “hope and change” (though one wonders to what extent they thought “changes” was as in “Spare change buddy?”… )

    Trump will have some of the same problems ( i.e. he has to sell “Rich” as “common man” somehow) but can likely get a pass on the anti-morality crowd if he’s got any “party animal” street creds hanging in his closet.

    The basic problem is, as another friend put it: “The Republicans want to tell me what I can do with what’s in the front of my pants and the Democrats want to tell me what I can do with my wallet in the back of my pants. I want both of them out of my pants.”

    Republicans need to lose the sex and bedroom control ideas. Democrats need to lose the “take my money so they can control it” ideas. And both of them need to lose the “all my data are belong to them” ideas… Then I’d be interested in voting for one of them… maybe.

  26. Larry Ledwick says:

    Carly Fiorina is the only candidate that I am aware of who has come right out and said to simply the tax regulations and close every loop hole.

    She regularly mentions how only the big boys with rooms full of lawyers and accountants can actually deal with a tax code of some 26,000 pages.


    “Lower every rate, close every loophole.” To reinforce it, she says it again: “Lower every rate, close every loophole.”

    She also seems to have a knack for connecting with average people. Given how alienated the middle third of the electorate is, that might be worth its weight in gold.

    Right now she is on my short list of candidates to pay attention to.

  27. E.M.Smith says:


    A friend worked at HP during her time there. He speaks well of her.

    IFF she doesn’t get the nomination, any candidate who does, and then does not pick her for V.P. is tone deaf to the politics of sex and gender.

    It would line the republicans up for a 16 year run. When the incumbent ran out, she steps in for the next 2 terms.

    Sidebar: Posting this via Chromium on the PiM2 where it no longer slews the page, but does peg one core at 100% (so 25%+ utilization) so they fixed one bug but have a runaway loop somewhere… so I’m swapping back to IceApe for a while…

  28. Amazing how hated Trump is now think of how 36 support him and know that is how many hate the GOP. Imagine how well the GOP would do if they earned the respect of those 36 back. checkout saianarchy.com if you going to vote for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. we also have the biggest hilary clinton email dump here: http://saianarchy.com/email-leaks, and we expose the excutive ordre made secret by obama here: http://saianarchy.com/executive-order-leaks

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