Very Non-PC Sundae

After all that down in the bit-twiddling technobabble of the last couple of postings, I was ready to come up for air (now that things work and I know what was causing problems).

Off to Mind Rot land and watching some TV while sipping “Coffee Round 3″… (the spouse had me drive her “shopping” so I entertained myself with local WiFi, the Tablet, and the Starbucks…) at home, finishing the Mocha, it was TV Time.

I was watching the news about Iowa and the coming poll there. The reporter was at the Iowa Fair (where someone or other was going to speak… blah blah blah…) But along the way he had a sidebar about a local hot selling item. Typical Iowa non-PC. (Dad was from Iowa, as is about 1/2 the family. I know these folks and have been there many times. We’re “family” and PC isn’t high on the list nor is vegetarian. Vegan is likely to be taken to mean you come from Vega…)

What was he talking about that was so popular? A Sundae. But not your typical Chocolate…

Beef Sundae

* Total Recipe Time: 15 to 20 minutes

* Makes 4 servings


1 package (17 ounces) refrigerated fully-cooked beef tips with gravy
1 package (24 ounces) refrigerated mashed potatoes


Shredded Cheddar cheese
Sour cream
cherry or grape tomatoes


Heat beef tips with gravy according to package directions. Heat mashed potatoes according to package directions.

Using ice cream scoop, place 2 scoops (about 1/3 cup each) mashed potatoes in each of 4 individual sundae cups or serving bowls. Divide beef tips evenly over potatoes in each dish. Sprinkle with cheese and top with dollop of sour cream, as desired. Place 1 tomato in center of each serving for “cherry.”

Man, I gotta get me one o’ those!

I also find myself thinking how to make one with Carnitas… That spicy pork filling used in Mexican favorites of mine…

I think I can see a whole new genre opening before me…

Wonder if it would be reasonable to head out to the Iowa fair…

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2 Responses to Very Non-PC Sundae

  1. LeeHarvey says:

    I have to question whether this was actually served at the Iowa State Fair.

    I could have sworn there was a law dictating that everything served there be deep fried…

  2. E.M.Smith says:

    @Lee Harvey:

    Isn’t it “Must be deep fried, ice cream, or covered in gravy”? ;-)

    Though I think there’s a special rule for beverages and deserts “Must be mostly sugar”…

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