The “Trump Courage Fund”

An open letter to Mr. Donald Trump.

Dear Mr. Trump,

In the news today is a story of courage and bravery. On a train from Brussels to France, a Jihadi Wanna-be armed with an AK-47 type rifle, a handgun, and a box-cutter knife was about to make a massacre on the train. One French man had attempted to stop the attack, but was taken out. Then 3 Americans and 1 Brit decided “Lets Go.”

The first one in got badly cut (the news reports nearly losing a thumb) and started to choke out the jihadi. The next two disarmed the gunman of his firearms and gave him a bit of a working over (hard to tell from the news, but it sounds like to unconsciousness). Finally, in a kind of a Britain Channels Texas moment, the Brit applied his necktie to the task of hogtying Jihadi Wanabe into a nice representation of a hog after the catch.

This is all news you can get anywhere. So what am I wasting your time about?

I have a modest suggestion. Set up the “Trump Courage Fund”. Have it supply a full boat scholarship and / or seed capital to each person who showed such a level of courage.

Of the three Americans, two are military. I’m sure they would appreciate a bright future before them after their service is up. The third is a student at Sacramento State College (per the news). Sacramento State is a nice school. I have taught a session on Computer Forensics there. But it is no Wharton. Folks going there are not rich, and while it is a great ‘leg up’ for the middle class, most students there can only dream of “name” schools.

You can change that. You can make his dream “whatever he wants”. Any school, room and board included. The rewards for Trump Courage in the face of adversity. ( I suggest an English Bulldog as the mascot for the fund, in honor of the Brit involved…)

Please consider this idea a simple gift from me to you. I expect nothing and want nothing. If it has merit, use it in good health. If you do not find merit in the idea, well, nothing lost on the venture to give it. Unfortunately, I know of no way to get this letter directly to you, so hopefully someone in your organization can evaluate the letter.

Best wishes,



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2 Responses to The “Trump Courage Fund”

  1. Larry Ledwick says:

    I just linked your open letter on twitter we see if anyone picks it up, in theory a post on the web is only about 5 or 6 forwards away from anyone in the world.

  2. pyromancer76 says:

    Excellent letter, the letter of a giver, of a “good parent”. I will send it to wherever I have sent things to a Trump campaign email, hoping they get to someone who might notice. For what it’s worth, a look at conservativetreehouse-c lays out the plans of the RNC-GOPe-CofC to elect Bush. Hillary is a fallback position; either way the bazillions continue flowing into their coffers from government funds (until everything is emptied), or from favors for favors. Absolutely corrupt is almost everyone running, especially those on the so-called “conservative” side. They are all takers. We are in an extremely difficult place. Ah, now I know why so many candidates are running!

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