Russia, Syria, ISIL, IRAQ, IRAN, Saudi, program and popcorn

At US ball games there is an often heard barker refrain: “Program, Program, GET your PROGRAM here! Can’t tell the players without a PROGRAM!”. Somehow I think we need a bigger supply of popcorn and programs to follow the action in the Levant.

Most recently, Russia (nominal historical foe) from whom we get our access to space and rent rides to the space station has started building a forward operating base in Syria and is flying in loads of staff and supplies.

© Sputnik/ Dmitriy Vinogradov
Middle East
10:17 22.07.2015(updated 10:44 22.07.2015

Russia is doing a lot to increase the combat readiness of the Syrian Army to fight ISIL militants, Russia’s Ambassador to Syria Alexander Kinshchak said. According to him, it is in Russia’s interest to support fight against terrorism in Syria.

Smoke rises in the Syrian town of Kobani, as pictured from the Turkish side of the border near Suruc, Sanliurfa province, Turkey, June 27, 2015
© REUTERS/ Stringer
Syrian Prime Minister: US-led Coalition Actions in Syria ‘Unproductive’
DAMASCUS (Sputnik) — Moscow provides sufficient assistance to Syria in the fight against the Islamic State militant group, Russia’s Ambassador to Syria said.

“I think that we are anyway doing a lot to raise the level of combat readiness of the Syrian Army. In particular, we sometimes help [them] with advice when it is necessary,” Alexander Kinshchak told RIA Novosti in an interview.

It is in Russia’s interest to support Syria in the fight against terrorism, he added.


ISIL is a Sunni militant group in control of vast territories across Iraq and Syria. The jihadist group is also attempting to branch out to other countries in the region.

The Syrian government has been fighting ISIL jihadists on the ground to curb the group’s advance. A US-led coalition has been conducting airstrikes against ISIL positions in Syria and Iraq. The strikes are being carried out without permission from Damascus.

So first off, we need to remember to sort folks into Sunni vs Shia as that is the basic divide driving conflict between Arab / Muslim States in the region. These folks have been fighting and killing each other for about 1200 years now and show no sign of slowing down.

So Syria (foe) is mostly Sunni as is Saudi Arabia (ally) but the government of Syria is dominated by Alawites who are just like the Shia, only different a little, and are supported by Iran (foe) who IS Shia, mostly.

Now Obama (Dad was Shia) and Kerry just made a great “Nuclear Deal” with Iran (foe) letting them get $100 Billion+ to fund more Radical Militant Islam so maybe we’re sort of not seeing them as a foe so much any more though they continue to chant “Death To America” so maybe not so much…

Saudi (ally) was where most of the 9/11 attackers (foe, Sunni) came from. They are attacking Yemen (ally) but not the Government of Yemen (ally) the rebel part (foe) who are funded by Iran (foe). We’ve moved most of our stuff out of the facilities we had in Yemen (ally) so maybe more it’s not so much an ally as a smoking hole in the ground…

Turkey (NATO member, ally) has just let us use an air base there to better bomb ISIL (foe) who used to be ISIS (foe) but then changed from just wanting Syria (the last S) to wanting the whole Levant (that reaches from Lybia (old foe) through Egypt (ally, then foe, now ally, maybe – though they just shot up a dozen tourists and killed a few Mexicans (ally) so maybe not really what we want in a friend…), Israel (ally), Jordan (ally) and on around even to Greece (ally with an empty wallet and begging bowl).

So Turkey (ally) is bombing ISIL (foe) now and also bombing the Kurds (ally) in the PKK (Communists, so sort of foe, but ally to Obama, and fighting ISIL). The PKK Kurds (ally) have also blown up a few things in Turkey (ally) so who knows…

We have a major naval base in Bahrain which is a good ally of ours despite the rulers being Sunni and most of the people Shia and them not liking each other much…

Saudi (ally) is mostly Wahhabi which is a particularly strict form of Sunni, and doesn’t get along well with Shia much (unless they are the masters and overlords as in Bahrain, then they’re OK with that… sort of…) and Saudi has a small minority population of Shia up toward Kuwait (ally) who’s bacon we saved some years back from Iraq (foe) before it was Iraq (defeated) and now Iraq (ally). Even though they don’t like bacon. Or saving it. But then Saudi had a bomb go off up there blowing up a bunch of Shia in a Mosque… but nobody noticed much.

Now Iraq (ally) is more complicated…

It was mostly Sunni in the south and Shia in the north with some scattered Christians (as in Syria) some decades back. Now we have the Government (Shia ally) and the South (ISIL Sunni foe) divided and the Christians are mostly dead though some just got run out. (As in Syria, as was the case in “Christian Lebanon” some decades back). Lebanon (foe) is used as a staging ground for attacks on Israel (ally) now that the Christians are all dead or gone and Iran (foe) is funding things. Jordan (ally) had a pilot BBQed by ISIL (foe) so is pretty much clearly on our side, though only neutral toward Israel (ally) for now and up to their eyeballs in refugees from Syria (foe) and Iraq (officially ally large parts foe).

When ISIL (foe) attacked Iraq (ally after we bombed them enough) some time back in the south, the largely Sunni troops in that area handed them the keys to a few thousand HummVees, some very high tech armored cars and a few of THE BEST tanks in the world ( likely sold to Russia [foe] or China [‘trading partner’ – i.e. subtle foe] by now… to join the stealth helicopter parts Pakistan [reluctant ally] sold them after the Bin Laden raid we did on Pakistan [ally?] but I digress…) and headed out for a light snack and some R&R away from things like actually fighting their Brother Sunni in defense of their nation. Iran (foe) did offer to help the Iraq Government (Shia ally) but we didn’t like that idea… In the end, ISIL has some of THE best military gear on the planet that we could provide, free, to our ally-foes in the region. But what’s a few hundred $Billion among frienemies?

Glad I could clear the up for you…

So, as of now in the bottom of the 7th inning, I think I’ve covered most of the players in the Levant. There are some loose ends, like Libya where the country is divided into two major factions and it is still a race to see if The Muslim Brotherhood (foe) or ISIL (foe) wins, and Egypt, who were our allies before they became our foe but are back to being allies, when they aren’t murdering tourists or each other; maybe. But that’s a bit away from the main action.

Also I’ve not said anything about the flood of Libyan, Syrian, etc. etc. “refugees” invading Europe. Having done such a great job of it with their culture and “Religion of Peace” making their homelands paragons of peace and stability, they now want to escape to Europe; but don’t want to dump the belief systems that had them crapping in their own punch bowls in their own countries. Nope, they just want the good European Lifestyle until they can install Sharia and ‘fix it’…

But ignoring those omissions, I hope this listing of foe and ally has helped make it all clear just who’s on first as our ‘besties’… and who isn’t quite.

;sarc> of course…

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23 Responses to Russia, Syria, ISIL, IRAQ, IRAN, Saudi, program and popcorn

  1. omanuel says:

    Thanks for the clarification. Quite independently I discovered that I do not know. That is the beginning of wisdom, but it lingers as if its also the final conclusion.

  2. Larry Ledwick says:

    Great! (I wish the media reported like this ;) )
    This just cries out for a matrix so you could just look at the check boxes to figure out if you should be happy or sad place x just got blown up.

  3. p.g.sharrow says:

    At present, per the prophecies for this era, The Russians are the only christian nation fighting for preservation of Christianity in it’s birth place. Even the Roman Church ignores their plight. During this period Christianity will be persecuted and oppressed. The followers of Death or the Black Prince will be gathered into one place from all over the world. Only then will the Nations of the world unite to crush them.

    Very soon the head Oligarch will be assassinated by a small Muslim group, they will cheer their great victory, It will be a great loss to the Muslim effort as that Oligarch was helping them behind the scenes.

    In time the Muslims will tire of the smell of their own children’s blood and learn to walk with Jesus.

    Stock up on popcorn and enjoy the show.
    We live in interesting times.;-) …pg

  4. EM – thanks for making everything clear. I still have some problems remembering who is friend or foe at the moment since it doesn’t seem to change what happens. Mostly it seems these countries only work well with an Evil Bastard leading them and we should really swallow the wish to see a democracy burgeon and keep our fingers out of the pie. Getting rid of the effective Evil Bastard seems to lead to much more problems for the populace than before. Maybe Russia has the right idea with Syria, though it seems that giving them the BEST military gear is not clever considering how much of that seems to end up in the hands of the current enemy.

    With an estimated 4 million Syrians displaced and wanting to get the hell out of the country, things will get worse. Maybe especially since the ordinary people are bombed and shot at by all combatants including the international allies. If it remains a bit difficult to get from there to Europe, then the ones who do make it there will be self-selected to be the ones with either more gumption or more determination (or maybe just more money) and will be an effective “brain drain” leaving the country bereft of doctors, engineers and the people who generally make things work. Those who are fleeing the fundamentalist religious problems may fit in well, but those just fleeing the bombs may bring the problems with them for later consumption in Europe.

    I’ve no idea what our best strategy would be in the current situation, though it does seem our previous strategy has not been ideal.

  5. BobN says:

    Your description of the Middle East has Solidified my thinking.
    1) remove all troops
    2) Turn the sand into glass

  6. p.g.sharrow says:

    @BobN; I like your solution, but, It is not GODs plan or at least the plan of the Light side.
    Interestingly, the plan of the Prince of Darkness is to destroy everything there and then Paradise will come into being. Em.m,… about the same outcome from two different POVs The Muslims must destroy their world to be reborn. We just want to reduce the damage to the rest of us…pg

  7. E.M.Smith says:

    IMHO, like all lethal contagion, you wall it off and let the sepsis consume itself. Apply antisepics if available, and prevent contagion first and foremost. Once the plague has ended, a few go in to help clean up. IFF they don’t catch anything, slowly take down the walls…

    Same thing the body does with boils… Lance if needed…

    BTW, this is not pejorative. It is exactly what I would do with my own family were we contagious, or my own hand with an infected boil making me sick. (In fact, what I have done with family and self… and what Dad did in WWII…) A BILLION years of evolution is not wrong…

  8. Paul Hanlon says:

    A couple of things on the Syrian “migration”. Not all of them are Syrian, and apparently, 75% are men. No doubt, quite a few will turn out to be ISIL operatives.

    The Middle Easterners seem to have some sort of fatwa on each other, and sometimes the best thing is just to make a ring around them and let them slug it out among themselves.

  9. p.g.sharrow says:

    The “Nobel Peace prize” is not a real NOBEL.

    It is an award that liberals award each other for showing up. A feel good prize…pg

  10. omanuel says:


    The Nobel Prize and the Crafoord Prize winners I knew best both received their awards for research work that ignored empirical evidence that Strange xenon” (Xe-X or Xe-2) accompanied all primordial He at the birth of the solar system.

  11. omanuel says:


    There is hope tonight. I happened across a blogger of the liberal persuasion that agreed rigorous honesty is missing in Stalin’s science (above):

    As long as liberals endorsed Stalin’s lock-step falsehoods as consensus science, there was absolutely no chance of reconciliation.

  12. p.g.sharrow says:

    The program we are watching has a strategic plot. Remember there was once several strongmen that wanted to band their countries together, seize all the wealth and power of the middle east and eradicate Israel. One after the other they have been reduced and their countries thrown into chaos. Only Iran remains with an intact government. Sunni and Shea are at each other throats and should be encouraged as long as neither wins. This disease must be contained until it burns itself out. The refuge problem can not be solved until the religious warlords are eliminated, replaced by men of peace. The question is, when is the time to strike?…pg

  13. p.g.sharrow says:

    The is a way to solve the majority of the emigrant problem, warlord problem as well. And enforcement of peaceful civil society. Wonder what a wise man would do?..:-) pg

  14. omanuel says:


    Yes, there is a strategic plot, but . . .

    would that plot survive public realization planet Earth orbits a pulsar that is the creator and sustainer of every atom, life and planet in the solar system?

    Might there instead be a “spiritual awakening” to REALITY?

  15. p.g.sharrow says:

    @omanuel; The plot has been known for a very long time, to those that listen, The spirit/ soul of the universe knows the thread. Nostradamus said “Even if you know the future, you are not permitted to change it.” The Spiritual Awakening is happening now! Just how many will accept Reality? is the question. A marriage of science and spirituality is in order, they are not exclusive.
    A Baptist preacher friend once told me he hated my belief in the FACT of the existence of GOD, whereas he only had faith. The past and future cast a shadow that can be perceived if you pay attention. Most just learn early to ignore that as noise in their thoughts. A very few learn to really pay attention. Even fewer record those insights…pg

  16. E.M.Smith says:

    I@P.G.: If you have not read it, read:

    “The Science Of God” by Gerald L. Schroeder.

    If you mark days based on relativity adjusted time scales, Biblical days of creation line up with scientific timelime… Basically, science is discovering what The Bible is reporting and how to properly apply units to terms…

  17. p.g.sharrow says:

    In the beginning there was chaos everywhere, Then came the “word” and it was GOD and the chaos became separated into Light and Dark, that Above(space) and that Below(mater). Kind of sounds like the beginning of everything as told to a 5 year old. Works for me 8-) But then I am kind of simple minded. K.I.S.S. is the best solution. 6 days, 6 thousand years or 6 billion years. The spirit made up of charge fields called things into existence 1 electron at a time. Over time Creation and Evolution are different words for the same thing. physics and psychics grow from the same seed.
    Guess I will have to call up Schroeder’s book to see if Great minds think alike ;-) PG

  18. p.g.sharrow says:

    I did not get at a copy of Schroeder’ books but did read an evaluation of them. It would appear that he was a Orthodox Jew with a PhD in Physics that tried to justify his Bible chronology with physics and science timeline as he knew it. Kind of a waste appears to me. Like arguing about how many angels can dance on the head of a pin. If they can dance, and how large a pin head might be. I would settle for an angel of any size. His realm is his religion and physics.
    AS near as I can determine the Jewish book of Genesis up to Abraham was derived from works of Sumner / Chaldea, maybe even older civilizations. I am more interested in the physics of creation rather then the justification of the genealogy
    The time line reminds me of time constants of a sienwave from ‘zero” to max.5 significant periods

  19. p.g.sharrow says:

    Well back to the post thread. Russia is backing the Syrian government to protect their military bases on the north coast, they are bombing the Free Syrian Rebels that are supported by the CIA. The Turks are bombing the Kurds that are backed by the CIA and ISIL is fighting the Kurds, Free Syrians and Iran. The west is bombing ISIL as well as Syria government forces. Iran is supporting Syria and Iraq. Sunni against Shea everywhere. Christians are being driven out by everyone and Israel is holding back as this storm is gathering around them. Yep WWIII is well started. Refuges are pouring into southern Europe.
    Those refuges should be collected into brigades and trained into liberation troops to liberate the Middle East from the WARLORDS of RADICAL Mohammedanism and give moderates the ability to reformate their religion to a one of peace. The Muslims of the future will walk with Jesus is their own prophecy for the days after they destroy their societies. We should help them achieve their destiny…pg

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  21. p.g.sharrow says:

    Reblogged this post to go with a proposed brigades posting…pg

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