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An Extraordinary Hatred of Free Speech and Honesty

A small rant about the intolerance of The Left for all things Freedom Of Speech and Honest not approved by The Party Machine, along with some snark about attacking The Donald and Dr. Carson. Continue reading

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Fed does nothing, Chile has an 8.x quake, Carly trumps Trump, and the world goes on…

What’s new with news? Not as much as you would think from the news shows. Continue reading

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Why I Like BSD – It’s About Time…

A short polemic on BSD, Time, 64 bits, and why you will be hearing more about such things in the next 15 to 18 years. Continue reading

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Russia, Syria, ISIL, IRAQ, IRAN, Saudi, program and popcorn

Who’s on which side doing what in the Levant? Enquiring minds would like to know… Continue reading

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