NY Italian Sourdough Cheese Melt – Yum!

Just a ‘quicky’… I was needing something to make quickly for dinner tonight. I’d been making some experimental bread and time got away from me.

So I decided to mix the bread with some sausages and a bit of cheese… and it was really really good.

First off, the bread. It’s a very mild ‘sourdough’. I’ve been playing with a variation on the ‘5 minute no knead’ bread. Basically once you have some dough working, each day you take the (roughly) quart of ‘starter’ that’s in the fridge, add 2 cups of all purpose unbleached flour, 1 cup of warm water, a tsp of salt and stir it all. Let it sit in the (covered) tub on the counter for an hour or two, and then take half of it out dumping it on a very well floured surface.

Well floured as it’s rather runny. After a few ‘dust with flour, turn, fold, dust, etc.’ cycles, you have a loose, but stiff enough, dough to put in a greased floured baking pan. That rises to the top of the pan (but not much higher as it is too loose to hold an inch up over the rim) and then you hit bake – medium oven ( 350 F ) for 40 minutes. After it cools (barely ;-) cut thin slices about 1.5 cm. Mayo goes on the ‘down side’… (of the filling… or the top of the bottom slice) Texture and flavor are reminiscent of an English Muffin, but fresher and a bit richer.

While the bread was cooling…

Two large ( 6 inch x 1 inch?) New York Style mild Italian sausages are put in a cast iron frying pan with a bit of olive oil. One for each sandwich. Medium heat about 3 minutes a side to a nice deep brown. Then carefully hold on edge with a fork, and slice down the middle on the uncooked edges. Butterfly it and lay center down to cook the insides. Near, but not at, the end, flip over to heat the skin, then after a minute or less, flip back to finish. Lay sliced Colby Jack over it. Turn the heat down a bit and wait for the cheese to melt. Once melted, put it on the bread slice – meat to mayo, and top with the other slice of bread.

This was very surprisingly good…

Follow with a small dish of French Vanilla or Vanilla Bean icecream

Definitely a ‘keeper’…

I’d post a photo of it, but there were no survivors ;-)

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4 Responses to NY Italian Sourdough Cheese Melt – Yum!

  1. Kevin Lohse says:

    Yum. This side of the Pond, toast the bread on one side. spread the untoasted side with a thin layer of passata (sieved tomatoes) and layer with slicing Spanish Chorizo sausage. top with French Raclette or Swiss Emmental cheese and grill until cheese is browning. Hits the spot,

  2. E.M.Smith says:


    Sounds fairly similar, modulo the tomatoes… That whole “sourdough and sausage with melted cheese” space needs a lot more exploring… Personally, I’m thinking a bit of horseradish on the bottom and some olives pressed into the cheese has potential… and I could see using a Hot Italian instead for times where beer is applied… Then there us the potential of a sharp cheddar matched to a good Czech or German sausage… with a bit of kraut and mustard (but on those sourdough slices instead of a bun…)

    Now I’m making myself all hungry again ;-)

  3. craigm350 says:

    That has set me drooling :)

  4. E.M.Smith says:

    Had a couple of slices of the bread as breakfast toast this morning. Very much like English Muffin but with a slightly softer crumb in the toaster and a smaller (though not as small as kneaded bread) cell size. Very much like it… Sort of a 1/2 way house between stiff very sour sourdough with big cell sizes and a tough crumb, and regular bread with a very soft small cell size crumb, but not as much flavor.

    I’m going to try taking some of the “batter” and making it into individual muffin sized bits and see if I can get an English Muffin like result. Maybe I’ll read my Joy Of Cooking about English Muffins first and see if I’m just re-inventing the already done ;-)

    It also occurred to me that the creative application of fried onions and garlic to the sausage would lead to interesting variations… (Or just get sausages with more garlic in them ;-) As I very much like “liver and onions” I’m also wondering what “liverwurst and fried onions” on sourdough would be like…


    That’s what napkins are for! ;-)

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