Tech Rebound, The Musical…

If you’ve been here a while, you know what’s coming… I tend to do a “deep data dive” into something tech. It can go on for days, all day, and into the night. Then some end point arrives. Either I run out of me, or the tech reaches an ending point. Then I rebound back into humanity. Though often with a bit of a bent aspect… Running into a tech wall can do that to your brain for a while..

So this set will start off with a kind of rough tech-metal sort of sound, then it will move into more melodic things as I move closer to reality…

How I’m feeling about tech and computers at the moment:

As we go around the world…

Some of those movements are very counter intuitive. It would take a very long time to get the whole group coordinated and then at times each individual has some ‘unnatural’ movements and patterns to remember. Surprising in several ways.

This next “cover” was introduced to me by a gay friend. A bit more strange than the original, but way more musical. He’s a music major singer and was impressed with their vocals. I have to agree… In some ways this ought to be the theme of geeks…

Not quite human yet? Well, maybe close enough to relate one to another:

Ah much better… I think I’m ready for more regular music now:

One of the cutest “Gangstas” I’ve ever seen:

Royals… but not the cover you usually find…

By the original group. Lorde. (We had the Pity Party cover a while back…)

Feeling ready for being both human and a bit cooled out?

Ah, I can feel humanity seeping back into the brain and soul already ;-)

How about a musical sweep? Expand back in time to the start of music unto now…

Can’t have music without some sort of Country, or Western, either one… even if a bit ersatz:

And cooling out / ending on all humanity… an electro-pop sort of Burning Man robot heart throb. Pachanga Boys.

So now I think maybe I’m ready to rejoin humanity and maybe even sleep at night for a while ;-)

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A technical managerial sort interested in things from Stonehenge to computer science. My present "hot buttons' are the mythology of Climate Change and ancient metrology; but things change...
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2 Responses to Tech Rebound, The Musical…

  1. skylimey says:

    Ahh, Robot Heart. All Music All the Time. and Dust.

  2. Bennett In Vermont says:

    Yeah, the Amazing Clown led me to the original by Lorde and have had a hell of a time getting to stop running in my brain during waking hours. Thanks, man… I drive a hazmat truck and have to have something on the radio or be on the phone or it plays on and on and on.

    Love your writing, have been reading for a couple of years now. Please, do what you do!

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