Sen. Whitehouse on CSPAN Missing The Obvious

Sen. Whitehouse on CSPAN was missing the obvious in a long rant about Climate Change.

Mixed in with a lot of anecdotal drivel that, among other things, attributed inner city asthma to climate change causing more ragweed and somehow being connected with coal power plants upwind, and spent a good deal of time obsessing over an algae bloom in Lake Erie (as though Climate Change happened for a week or two, then went off to Hawaii for a break); also had a nice before and after picture of a glacier receding.

Now I’m not going to ask how CO2 can cause asthma (it can’t), nor how Climate Change can show up for an algae bloom then wonder off somewhere ( though the assertions was that Climate Change driven rain bursts somehow washed more phosphorus out of farm land and indirectly caused it… which is highly doubtful as we all know Climate Change causes droughts… they’ve told us that all the time here in California and the South West…) No, I’m going to focus on the Glacier.

He made a great show of holding up a specimen holder with a bit of plant in it. The ‘before’ picture had a glacier tall and in the foreground, the ‘after’ had it receded what looked like about 1/8 mile (though hard to say without knowing the lens focal length) but just as tall. Great emphasis was put on the centuries of depth of the ice core some Ohio researchers had taken, and how that bit of plant had come from near the foot of the (now) glacial terminus. That it had been buried for thousands of years since Christ walked the earth. For thousands before that when Egyptians had horrid Dust Storms and the dust was in that ice. For thousands before THAT even. That for 6,600 some odd years it had been under ice, and only NOW had that ice melted. That 6600+ years ago snow had fallen and never ever melted. Until now.

What is so blindingly obvious and totally ignored?

During those 6600+ years climate CHANGED and all without human intervention. That plant was a living happy plant in a nice warm wet place when that snow fell and killed it. We have been getting colder for 6600+ years and only now have returned life to that spot. Well, really we’ve had many warmer / colder cycles since then but that particular spot never got warm enough and dry enough for the glacier to recede that far. And it very well could be colder now, just with less snow piling up on top of the glacier root. The receded glacial face looked about the same height to me, just a bit further back up stream.

That horrible Egyptian dust storm (lasted a hundred years+ IIRC) came during a very cold spike accompanied by horrid drought in the entire Middle East. Egypt changed from a fertile well watered place to the dry desert it is today, with only a bit of river bank sustaining life. Not the event, nor the recovery, requiring CO2 to cause the climate to change.

We didn’t make it colder for 6000 years, and the world is quite capable of making it warmer or colder than then without our doing a darned thing. None of it has anything to do with CO2.

It has a very great deal to do with a 1470 year Bond Cycle and what looks like about a 5000 year supercyle, most likely caused by lunar tidal effects and planetary orbital stirring of the solar output.

He then finished with a stirring if quite stupid indirect Appeal To Authority argument claiming that you could ask any college in your home state and would be assured Climate Change was undoubtedly real (and implied our fault) and that it was immoral to go back to your State (he was speaking to the Senate) and root for your College Football Team and then repudiate those same schools’ scientists and faculty by not embracing their views on Climate Change. (You evil denier you…) He also talked about the “wall of oil money” surrounding the argument but never once mentioned the mountain range of Government Money flowing to those same “scientists” and faculty to assure the right propaganda “science” is done.

BTW, still waiting to see that “oil money”. I’ve had an open tip jar since 2009 and none of it has shown up. In a good year I’ve collected almost enough to buy the occasional toy that I’ve reviewed here and not enough to cover my coffee bill too. Since one must declare political funding on income tax returns, it ought to be in the IRS records. Given that the IRS is now a wing of the Democratic Party, I’m sure if they had $100,000 donated by Exxon for “Denier Research” it would have been on the nightly news in triplicate and with an IRS seal of authenticity on it. Instead we have unfounded slander and ‘crickets’…

It is painfully obvious too that Climate Change is nothing more than a Left Wing (Progressive in the USA, Socialist in the R.O.W.(Rest Of World)) redistribution ploy to do asset stripping from the USA & EU and send it to Left Wing governments in the ROW. Sending money from the USA to Zimbabwe or China will do exactly NOTHING to CO2 levels. Sending it to the UN will increase CO2 production as they will spend loads of it on jet travel and nice hotels with lavish fuel gulping limos and kitchens.

Unfortunately, the Paris(ites in)Fest in December will be a pre-decided in-the-bag approval for just that asset theft. Obama will tout it and then promise at least $100 Billion / year to ‘the cause’. The only hope is that the Republicans in the Senate stand firm and squash it, while the Republicans in the House refuse to fund it. (And hopefully in 2017 a Republican President can start the Great Unwind of all this crap… Otherwise it is only a matter of time until a Democrat majority takes a run and applies the noose irrevocably to our economy.) Oh, and then Congress will need to sue Obama to stop an executive order authorizing the expenditure anyway…

So much depending on so few. Look for an all out assault on all Republican candidates who do not toe the Climate Change Dogma line with unlimited money spent against them from various NGOs (sucking said money out of the Federal Government via ‘grants’ and indirectly via foreign laundering through things like the UN and ‘foreign aid’. Money is fungible, so an NSF grant to study “Climate Change” can displace costs that can then have budget reassigned for ‘community outreach’ to an organization that then does some advertizing to ‘save the climate’ by not electing a particular party or person…)

Given that Whitehouse is clearly drinking the cool-aid by the barrel, don’t expect anything but more of this mindless crap until the whole thing is over. It will be a long slog.

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A technical managerial sort interested in things from Stonehenge to computer science. My present "hot buttons' are the mythology of Climate Change and ancient metrology; but things change...
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14 Responses to Sen. Whitehouse on CSPAN Missing The Obvious

  1. omanuel says:

    Thank you, EM Smith, for this posting. We face a seemingly formidable foe, who suffers from delusion of great power and control.

    The reality is that our foe is totally powerless over the forces that sustain every atom and life, including atomic vibrations and heartbeats.

    We cannot defeat this foe, but we can be certain our foe will be defeated if we practice the spiritual and scientific principles that keep us in contact with reality (God, truth, Higher Power, Spirit of the Universe, etc.)

  2. John F. Hultquist says:

    One of the frustrating things about all the money being wasted on global warming actions is knowing important other issues are alternatives foregone (opportunity costs). People with a great amount of money could support X, Y, or Z and do a great good. Rich folks, such as Tom Steyer, Michael Bloomberg, and George Soros (3 of many) could focus on Vitamin A deficiency and/or clean water in poor countries. Or, Sen. Whitehouse mentioned asthma. There is the Hygiene Hypothesis – research suggests that exposing infants to germs may offer them greater protection from illnesses such as allergies and asthma later on in life. This is just one issue that if there is a major advance in science the benefits would be enormous.
    Someone will write a best selling book about why folks of the progressive brigade have chosen the path they have (maybe global warming offers a means to salve their “social justice”*inclinations. They have millions in wealth so it is not greed. Guilt, maybe; a new religion without the customary god.

    *[Wiki: … is “justice in terms of the distribution of wealth, opportunities, and privileges within a society”.]

  3. p.g.sharrow says:

    @John F Hultquist, In regard to the Hygiene Hypothesis, I have been tormented by Asthma from the day I was born 69 years ago. When I was young, asthmatics were considered lazy and needed toughening up. Just like being Dyslexic, it was something that was psychosomatic and could be cured by forceful action. These tendencies are genetic. Some things in the air can trigger an attack, sometimes only stress from hard breathing will do it. I have worked in air so dirty most would not even enter, with no problem. Then be felled by the smell of mold dust on someones shirt while in a fairly clean place. Go figure!…pg

  4. philjourdan says:

    I think with Bernie running, it is Socialist here as well. Progressive was always the euphemism. But the democrats have dropped all pretense this year.

  5. John F. Hultquist says:

    Your comment shows why I think Asthma is one of those things that could use an infusion of new talent backed with the funds to try new ideas. The most recent thing I’ve read (and commented on at Joanne Nova 16 Aug 2015), saying —
    Copy from her site:
    You could have started with – ‘climate isn’t understood’ .
    Anyway, there is interesting research on asthma and if less money went toward UN fêtes in exotic places and more to asthma research the world would soon be a better place. Most recently there is this article:
    “Something in the Air” by Melissa Pandika
    Much about the work of Kari Nadeau, pediatrician
    Discover Mag: September 2015
    Study area: Central CA valley towns
    pollution is mostly from diesel exhaust from trucks, cars, tractors
    Stuff about immune cells called regulatory T cells, or T-regs, and
    T helper cells
    Left unchecked, T helper cells will send the immune system into overdrive, triggering asthma symptoms.

    Now, back to today. Asthma has a long history.
    The Discovery Magazine article is interesting and seems like good science, but it won’t explain asthma in ancient Egypt, not why it is mentioned in Homer’s Iliad.

  6. R. de Haan says:

    I try to see the grand picture.
    This is about geopolitics and absolute power enforced and embedded in laws, regulations and treaties.

    It is also about money, corruption and crime.

    It puts the noose around the neck of humanity.

    I also see the connection with the TTIP treaty that will bankrupt local food producers in many countries from day one.

    In the USA, TTIP is a 5.500 page hammer piece without any amendments.

    If we don’t stop this BS now, it will be much more difficult to stop this in the future.

    This is quickly becoming a matter of life and death for millions, maybe even billions.

    The clock is ticking.

  7. p.g.sharrow says:

    @John F Hultquist, My own personal evaluation, the main trigger is mold spore dust, I was born and raised in California’s Central Valley. Spent a life time with diesel engines, not the problem. Spent 2 years in Alaska and 2 years in the Philippines, not much of a problem ether place. Lots of rain, very clean air. California’s Central Valley is a bathtub with lots of organic dust from everything in the air. It doesn’t rain for 6 months. Willamette Valley in Oregon is even worse. Rains a lot all year, after a few days of dry weather the air is full of organic soil and plant dust and I have hell. Pollen dust and mold dust from decaying plants are the problem. Anything that reduces the immune system over reaction to them helps greatly. Or live in air that has a very low organic dust load.
    Histamine over reaction, biologics in the air are the trigger. Diesel engine exhaust fumes is just another of the Ecoloons grant seeking, con game, trigger phrases…pg

  8. p.g.sharrow says:

    I guess I should add that due to the quick immune response, I am nearly immune to infections in skin injuries and they heal quickly, splinters fester up and pop out quickly.
    You win a few and then lose some in genetics.;-)…pg

  9. Gary says:

    Whitehouse is an idiot and unfortunately one of my Senators. He’s an ultra-liberal Democrat in a state that’s voted almost exclusively for that tribe since they threw the corrupt Republicans out of control in 1937 and changed the rules to lock themselves in permanently. It doesn’t take much for Democrats to get elected; literally a slice of pizza in some cases (handed out by one local race candidate at a polling place in a recent election). The state is last in about everything that matters economically except taxation rate and welfare. It’s infrastructure is falling apart while the Senator yammers on. Whitehouse made his reputation initiating lawsuits against paint companies and prosecuting municipal corruption. He has a lawyer’s understanding of evidence — that is, whatever a jury will accept, whether accurate or not.

  10. poitsplace says:

    This is something I’ve never understood about this climate nonsense…and one of the many things that kept me from ever going completely over the edge with it. They keep bemoaning the loss of lifeless ice. In fact, it’s WORSE than lifeless…it’s life destroying. They show these pictures from years gone by of dessolate landscapes full of ice. Then, sometimes even in tears, they show us how much of that lifeless landscape has been transformed into a lush, green forest and say what a horrible thing it is.

    We have spent decades going down a rabbit hole to the kingdom of green and/or socialist ignorance. There were good ideas for limited socialist programs and environmentalism in the past. But now it’s just a big ol’ heap of crazy. They tweak some regulation or add some social program to make it more like they think it ought to work….it [The Fword put this in the spam bucket. It has been deleted. -E.M.Smith] up royally…then they blame someone else (the rich, industry, consrvatives) for the damage done by their pseudo-liberal (techically conservative and religious) shenanigans. It’s freaking crazy!

  11. omanuel says:

    E.M. Smith, John F. Hultquist, p.g.sharrow et al.: Your comments may help.

    1. “Is there convincing evidence for AGW?”

    2. “Geoethics: the principles of ethics in Natural Sciences”

  12. Jason Calley says:

    Hey p.g., still very much open to debate but some folk claim that hookworms can help cure asthma.

  13. p.g.sharrow says:

    Hookworms cure Asthma! I think I’ll pass. :-( on trying that one…pg

  14. E.M.Smith says:


    Allergies are mediated by the IgE protein. (ImmunoGlobulin E). If you have it, you have allergies. If not, you don’t. It looks like the major function is to give greater resistance to parasites, in particular malaria and gut worms. It may also help with resistance to things like plague and sepsis, but that’s a bit more anecdotal.

    When folks don’t have enough parasites, the IgE systems sets about finding them. No Matter What it is going to find that hidden foreign protein and attack it. So pretty soon all sorts of things set off the asthma and runny nose.

    So it doesn’t have to be hookworms. Most any worms will do. Or some light malaria ;-)

    In a pinch, you might try fleas in the beard 8-}>

    FWIW, I have noticed that after a bout of some illness or other (especially with a bit of temperature) my allergies are much better for a few weeks…

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