153 Dead and Rising in Paris

My condolences to the people of France and Paris.

It is all over the news so I won’t go into details, but for anyone who has not heard, there was a coordinated attack on at least 6 places (per CNN) with a Soccer (Football) stadium being one, and a music concert another. Also 2 restaurants were hit. I don’t know what the other two places were. CNN said that the president of France was at the stadium, but was hustled out safely (partly as the suicide bomber set himself off outside the stadium).

France is essentially going on lockdown with folks told to stay in their homes unless absolutely necessary to go outside. Border was closed. Plane landing at Paris airport were not unloading (per Fox or MSNBC about 4? hours ago).

Perhaps now Mr. Obama and the Democrats will realize how utterly stupid it is to have an amnesty for whoever entered the country in the last couple of decades (includes sleeper cells) and how utterly stupid it would be to bring in a few hundred thousand “angry young men” from Muslim countries while you are bombing Muslim countries. We have no idea how many of the “refugees” are not actually refugees. Until that can be known, ship tents that way, not bodies this way, or we will be burying bodies here after they set up operations.

This will change France, and it will change Paris. Perhaps even all of the EU. Expect more of it too.

I suspect that the big Climate Confab in Paris will not be quite so jolly… And I really wonder if Obama will still be thinking it is a greater threat than nut-jobs with bombs.

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  1. John F. Hultquist says:

    The biggest threat to the USA is the nut-job in the White House. Part of a comment I made elsewhere about his latest remark: The “contained/decapitate” remark by the POTUS is a clue that he hasn’t got one. Quite a number of drug cartels have been “decapitated” and the flow of drugs into the US hasn’t even been “contained.” Taliban leader Mullah Omar was dead for 2 years before anyone knew the group didn’t have a head. Now they have 2 or 3.

  2. gallopingcamel says:

    @John F. Hultquist,
    While I agree with your assessment of Barack Hussein Obama, remember that George Bush was almost as bad. Our government is following Michel’s “Iron Law of Oligarchy”.

    If there is any hope of reversing the lemming like behavior of the ruling elites (both major parties) it will rest on people who are not beholden to major donors and lobbyists.

  3. Larry Ledwick says:

    As usual, they chose a date which is significant historically to Muslims.

    Nov 13th date is significant.
    11/13/1914 Zaian War
    11/13/1918 Allied troops occupy Constantinople

    Hopefully this will serve as a wake up call to the folks in Europe regarding the dangers of uncontrolled immigration.

    One item I have not seen on major media here in the U.S. is this item about a fire at a refugee camp.
    The question is was it a back lash attack or a diversion or just a routine accident.

    Conflict News ‏@Conflicts about (5:30 pm mountain time US)
    Conflict News Retweeted Harry Leslie Smith
    The “Jungle” refugee camp in #Calais is in fact on fire tonight, people on the ground now confirming

    Conflict News added,
    Harry Leslie Smith @Harryslaststand
    One of the volunteers who led me through the #CalaisJungle has confirmed that it is on fire.@BBCBreaking

  4. Larry Ledwick says:

    Norway is using facebook to discourage unqualified refugees, putting out the word that those not meeting legitimate criteria for war refugees in Syria will be deported.

  5. tom0mason says:

    My condolences to those French patriots who died because of French political stupidity and their blind faith in the EU project.
    Does the French population, and all in EU now realize that their open-door policy to refugees is mad and dangerous?
    Does the EU people now understand that the corrupting ideas of the EU that says ‘give us your money, your guns and the responsibility for personal safety’ does not work in the real world?
    Personal safety is the right and responsibility of the individual.

    Do the politician now understand that allowing the Middle-East the decay into violent chaos will spread it’s infection to all? Without a concerted effort to reduce conflict and contain these violent extremist (and their communication channels) then no one will be safe. Action to suppress and contain these extremists must be of primary importance.
    Can all the world now see how ineffective the UN is? The UN’s lack is the direct outcome of not assessing important problems correctly, and the underlying mistaken idea that these elites can only do good.

    The evil that is in the world almost always comes of ignorance, and good intentions may do as much harm as malevolence if they lack understanding.
    – ALBERT CAMUS, The Plague

  6. In other news, some jihadists in Tunisia met two young cousins (shepherds) aged 16 and 14. They cut off the head of the 16 year-old and gave it to the 14 year-old to take back to his family.
    This has of course been eclipsed by the carnage in Paris but it is something I find just as shocking. This degree of inhumanity needs to be wiped out.

    It is of course well-nigh impossible to stop terrorists while keeping to the normal decent standards of Law. There is no real defence against someone who is intending to die in the process of achieving an aim. This is obviously not possible in even a very repressive régime such as Russia or Syria, or in a very shut-down state such as Israel. It’s looking to me that unless we start doing some things that are politically incorrect (such as assassinating the leaders who instigate such atrocities) that things will get worse. It seems that we’re approaching the situation of “kill or be killed” and it’s better to do unto others as they would do unto you, but do it first.

  7. J Martin says:

    This will seal Marine Le Pen’s first major election triumph in December. She also currently tops polls in France to be the next French President. No doubt other European countries will see some attacks, though perhaps France is an easy target as it has a higher percentage of Muslims. One wonders when the US and UK politicos will wake up to the fact that creating power vacuums like Libya, Iraq, Syria is what opens up the area to allow free reign to groups like Isis.

    The politicos appeasement posture is in conflict with the majority of their people who think the Russians are doing the right thing by preventing Syria turning into a power vacuum, ripe for the plucking by Isis.

    Perhaps Le Pen will call for France’s guests to leave since few of them have integrated. If Trump can call for the removal of 11 million aliens then the French have just half that number to relocate to Muslim countries.

    Europe will be embroiled in civil war in 70 years time. Obama and Cameron need to drop their anti Russian rhetoric and realise that the Russians are right and that we need to actively combat terrorists on middle East turf.

    Allez France.

  8. glenndc says:

    Chief, excessive generalization. A Mexican from Chihuahua or Nuevo Leon seeking to escape the endless loop of dysfunction that is the feudally structured lands that Spain created to our south is NOT a threat to us. These people are Christian and hard working, and will assimilate, anglicize and pledge allegiance to the flag. Assuming of course we completely drain the Potomac swamp.

    That is absolutely NOT the case and will NEVER be the case for the tribal savages that follow Mohammed. To them, women are chattel property. Children likewise. Other laws and religions are illegitimate and to be eliminated. And they mean it. And almost every single one of those that is here is a LEGAL immigrant… And our emasculate traitor reiterated yesterday that his goal is to import a huge chunk of Syria here.

    We are already in very deep doodoo, with only bloody and terrible routes available out our demarche. Look at Houston, Dallas, Wichita, the Twin Cities, all of Michigan…. The old joke about the difference between a moderate muslim and a radical muslim is not funny at all any more.

  9. Ian W says:

    It already looks like the Shengen agreement (borderless travel between some of the central states in Europe) is dead. The idea of deliberately shipping in people from the destabilized countries makes no security sense whatsoever. So those EU leaders that were trying to out do each other in opening their borders will now be back-pedaling as is already the case with Sweden,

    This is payback for the fomenting of opposition groups and sometimes outright removal of heads of state in the so called ‘Arab Spring’. For no good reason (someone could perhaps identify one?), the US and EU proceeded to destabilize every country from Syria around the Mediterranean to Tunisia and into the Middle East and North Africa. The Muslim Brotherhood was meant to create a Caliphate according to some. Well now it is Daesh that is creating a Caliphate but they see the Caliphate as a world wide organization not something neatly bottled up in post world war boundaries.

    Expect Daesh sponsored attacks world wide now. We have leaders who get mealy mouthed about calling the enemy terrorists, do not expect them to respond meaningfully to the attacks. I forecast that the response to the current attacks will be more photo opportunities and politicians sneaking through domestic legislation that they think they will get done while nobody is watching them. It is what politicians do and we have a whole mess of professional politicians.

    This is going to get a whole lot worse before or if ever it gets better.

  10. Many of us in Europe see Russia acting more decisively than Obama, who long ago seemed to have given up leadership of the Western World. Why is he being so feeble? Climate change the biggest threat to the world? really?

    Angela Merkel is considered by many of us in Britain to have gone mad in inviting all and sundry to enter Europe as that will prove a powerful draw for months for those who had not even considered leaving their current home.

    Expect an attempted coup against her by Christmas, possibly engineered by her finance minister. The Germans want to continually abase themselves because of the war, but at heart they remain conservative people who don’t like the many migrants flooding into their communities unasked and who don’t share their values.

    Many in other EU countries are deeply resentful of Germany suspending the current refugee rules as if given residency rights they will be allowed to travel elsewhere in the EU.

    Sweden has been mad for a decade and seem to want to make their race extinct by their pc acceptance of numerous refuges far out of proportion to their small population.

    Much of the Balkans were occupied by the Ottoman empire for three centuries and consider the current influx is another invasion and deeply resent them.

    The West in general seem to have a blind spot about giving their culture away in order to accept mass migration from people who intend to live separate lives in their host community and often are scornful of their hosts.

    The people are certainly mostly looking to reassert their culture, but are there any leaders who can sort out the self inflicted mess and take firm action? It will be interesting to see how Marie Le Pen does in the French elections next month

    BTW I cant see the Paris climate summit going ahead in the current atmosphere.


  11. J Martin says:

    Given that states like Iran, Saudi Arabia and Turkey have been financing and arming terrorist groups and that Shi’a Sunni populations are widespread and fairly evenly matched, add in any number of other mediaeval groups, things can only get worse and will continue on for hundreds of years yet, or at least until the third world war in about 70 years time, which will start with civil war in Europe between the minority western European population and the majority European Muslim population, then spreading to the mess that is the middle East.

  12. philjourdan says:

    Posted elsewhere and here:

    We are reliving the holocaust because people are forced to forget it. Not allowed to talk about Nazis, or anything “bad”. So another one arises and the idiots are unaware and totally clueless.

    And there was a danger of forgetting 9-11. But Muslims will not allow that. They are the stupid bully who has to revel in their thuggish behavior, and so they remind us constantly of it. 9-11, 3-11, 7-7, now 11-13. No country is safe. Russia was attacked as well.

    It is time that we ignore the idiots preaching appeasement and political correctness. It is time to junk the baggage of idiots like Obama. The world knows this. That is why Russia is ascending. Putin may be many things, but one thing is for sure. He is no one’s fool. Obama is everyone’s fool. This is another act of Islamic terrorism. It matters not what is on their passport. Their words and actions say it all.

    But you will not hear that from Obama. He is going to call it another example of work place violence.

    Not all Japanese were warmongers. But all were targets. Not all Germans were Nazis. But all were targets. Until the warmongers and Nazis were defeated. That is the historical lesson that needs to be learned.

  13. Larry Ledwick says:

    climatereason says:
    14 November 2015 at 12:15 pm

    Many of us in Europe see Russia acting more decisively than Obama, who long ago seemed to have given up leadership of the Western World. Why is he being so feeble? …

    The answer to that question is that the reason Obama has given up US leadership is that that is precisely what he wants to happen. His American hating philosophy impels him to do anything he can to weaken America in international affairs. He wants a weak and emasculated US, because he deep down blames America for the worlds ills. Look at the sermons of his former pastor of 20 years who repeatedly demonized America. In college he hung out with Marxists and Communists and as a young man was mentored by a card carrying Communist (Frank Marshall Davis) and was a fellow traveler with the likes of American Terrorists Bill Ayers, and Bernadine Dorn (who helped launch his political career). They participated in domestic bomb plots in the 1960-70’s which killed innocents and have never renounced their involvement in violent revolutionary tactics. In fact Bill Ayers is on record saying he wished they had done more when they were active terrorists in the Weather Underground terror group.


    The only reason they are not actively involved in violent terrorism now is that they decided that they could do more damage to America inside the system, and that is exactly what Obama is doing.

    He has been involved in a low key Stalinist purge of senior military leaders which are not highly politicized. He has engineered the termination of 157 senior military officers, 9 of which were General rank officers. We have the smallest Navy and Army since prior to WWII, and a highly politicized Air Force that is more interested in buying weapon systems we don’t need at a cost we cannot afford (F-35) than upgrading the most effective ground attack aircraft in the world (A-10 warthog) which is also one of the cheapest air frames to fly and support in our inventory. We no longer have enough ships to maintain two ocean combat presence (recent news about no US carrier in the Persian gulf), and he has exhausted the military with extended deployments with inadequate reserve forces to allow reasonable RR intervals, then after wearing out both the equipment and the men and women deployed has snatched defeat from victory by summary withdrawal of forces for political reasons too soon for the local governments to pick up the slack and with no status of forces agreement to effectively back them up. Add to that a totally corrupt and incompetent State department with two successive clown secretaries (Hillary and Kerry) has pissed away all credibility for our countries foreign affairs, by back stabbing our allies and giving away the store to our opponents. IFF we get a sensible President out of this next election cycle it will take 20+ years to undo the damage done in the last 8 years (not to mention the damage from previous presidents dating all the way back to Carter. There is lots of blame to go around and all the past recent administrations have contributed to this decay of Moral and Military standing in the world, but the only explanation for this administrations behavior and decisions is both incompetence and he wants the out comes he has achieved due to his astounding naivete and need to adhere to a political dogma destructive to the US at all costs.

  14. Larry

    I take a dim view of Obama but you seem to take a much worse one. Let us remember that he was voted in TWICE. Does that indicate a secret desire of the American people to go along with his ‘American hating philosophy? Surely not. Were they taken in by Him? Did they believe that after all, he would make things better if only they would be patient?

    He was a very ordinary politician. How he was catapulted to the top job once is beyond me. Twice though? What on earth is going on over there?


  15. E.M.Smith says:


    Romney was a bad choice to run againt him. Blend in the ” free stuff for all” promiss from Democrats, the 100% take of the black vote, a large Dimocrat White Guilt contingent, and season with ample lies and deception. Bake in idiocy and disinterested population and serve cold…. that’s how.

    We are about to do the same thing again with Trump. Huge chunks of The Left here despise anyone who is white, male, and in a suit. Add rich manager and they see The Boss, or massa’ and go livid. Think all those welfare queens and their “visitors” are going to vote for less government? Think drug dealer blacks and hispanics will vote for a straight laced Mormon and promise of MORE law enforcement? There is a reason Democrats want the destruction of morality and the work ethic along with strangling markets, it gives them power.

    Then they share out the loot of government to Friends Of Bill and Bamma….

    Or think of it this way: You never see a drunk at the party asking for the bar to be closed and the punch bowl taken away.

    We have little morality and less intelligence in the general population… just ask a Valley Girl or Frat Boy who is V.P. or where Bulgium is located. Crickets or wild ass guesses at best. Ask them where bread comes from or water or how their phone works without wires and it is even worse.

    The “issues” don’t even show up. It is all just a personality cult and voting off the island of the least interesting…

    That, btw, is why Bush is losing despite being a great governor. He is too dull to cut through the marijuana smog and be entertaining in under a minute…

  16. John F. Hultquist says:

    Here is a statement by John Bolton. The link will also bring a video – I did not watch that; I shut it off and just read the text.
    Bolton: 4 Impt. Lessons

    tonyb asks: “What on earth is going on over there?”

    Coming from a respected history guy – I’ll take that as a rhetorical question. You could answer better than 97% of American voters. And there’s the clue.

  17. John F. Hultquist says:

    “… or how their phone works without wires …”
    Your comment is about “knowing” but I will digress.

    The first iPhone June 29, 2007
    Yesterday I read that 40% of the US population does not have POTS. I think only us old farts still do. We live not-too-close to cell towers or need the wires for internet connection. We have simple cell phones so when we get lost in the COSTCO store we can get back together. At home I have to go outside but my wife only has to go to a room in the south side of the house. (Many places in the world never had and never will have wires.)
    My prediction: Children just aren’t going to know what a wired phone is.

  18. nemesis says:

    Very difficult to decipher all the machinations of ME politics, but I just stumbled upon this article;
    http://oil-price.net/en/articles/oil-prices-and-syrian-civil-war.php from an oil industry perspective but nonetheless seems a very cogent analysis. I would be very interested in any comments from those better informed than I.

  19. The news appears to be that a Syrian passport found on the body of one of the terrorists was belonging to someone fingerprinted as a refugee on arrival in Greece some weeks ago.

    Our politicians often seem to me to be Bears of little brain. Why Merkel acted as she did is beyond me. Letting in hundreds of thousands of unknown people from the most dangerous area in the world, then resettling them within small towns in her homeland seems beyond crazy. The Swedes are no better as they have taken proportionally more.

    How any definition of a refugee can be applied to someone who chooses the town they want to end up at and travels through several ‘safe’ countries in order to get there fulfils no definition of refugee that I know of.

    And Obama wants to give sanctuary to 100,000 Syrian refugees in addition to the millions of illegals coming from your south? Is anyone trying to talk sense into him?

    I look in astonishment at Trumps popularity but guess that his tough stance on immigration will play well after recent events.


  20. Larry Ledwick says:

    Let us remember that he was voted in TWICE. Does that indicate a secret desire of the American people to go along with his ‘American hating philosophy? Surely not. Were they taken in by Him? Did they believe that after all, he would make things better if only they would be patient?

    He was a very ordinary politician. How he was catapulted to the top job once is beyond me. Twice though? What on earth is going on over there?


    I agree with E.M. above but there are a couple other elements involved as well. An absolute prerequisite for a Democratic Republic to operate as intended, are the presences of a majority of voters who have a clue about what is going on in the world, and pay attention to what the government is doing, and a diligent media who serves their proper function as the forth estate to bring to light important issues and facts so that the voting public can incorporate that information into their calculus of which candidate is the best choice for the “entire nation”, not just their personal vested interests. Add to those functions the concept in action of the “loyal opposition” who openly challenge the majority and create an environment of healthy productive debate.

    Unfortunately all of those factors are now tainted. The majority of the population is clueless and has no interest in issues of governance and state of the nation. Their interests revolve around what restaurant they were at last night and the fact that they got close to some celebrity or other useless status coup (in the American Indian sense of counting coup only as a method of gaining status through trivial accomplishments). So no clue no interest, and not paying attention, and shallow superficial interests, leave them open for manipulation by the spin doctors. They do not think critically and take at face value promises which any thinking person would dismiss as hucksterism. Add to that a media complex that were completely in the bag for Obama (and in spite of his lack of performance still are to the point of being cheerleaders and propaganda organs for him and his party). Throw in a bit of block voting and social guilt and pay back by minorities and you end up with a no win situation.

    Competent candidates have almost no chance of surviving the beauty contest which the Presidential race has become, and the spin doctors have the media in their pockets, along with many troubling issues with the electoral process (wide spread reports of voting irregularities like counties having more votes cast than registered voters) and you get a situation where the legitimacy of his election is in significant doubt by a large fraction of the population. Even at this late date his cult status still prevents his fan boys from seeing reality. In democratic voting areas he still has high popularity and is credited with doing a good job, while he is considered incompetent, or detested or literally hated by 80%+ of conservative voters and considered a poor president by independents but the democratic voting block is big enough that the low information voters out count those who understand what is going on.

    His election is an object lesson in dysfunctional democracy and election process.

    This issue cannot be fixed unless or until at least a vocal minority of the media turn around and start doing their jobs as competent journalists. Then if that happened we could fix the electoral process, and the education system to eliminate the continuous supply of idiot voters who never took a civics class, never read a paragraph of our Constitution or the Declaration of Independence and don’t understand why we have an electoral college and the reason behind the 1st amendment and its protections of free speech etc. The media and the education systems are the primary faults, until those get repaired we will just continue to circle the drain.

  21. nemesis

    That was a very good article you linked to. Yes, at its heart is a need for Germany to augment its rapidly dwindling population with skilled low wage migrants. Those she does not want will be encouraged to move elsewhere in the Schengen euro area.

    Her behaviour over Greece and now the migrants has started to destroy her credibility and I can’t see her still in power by Christmas unless she pulls a rabbit out of the hat. However, she hasn’t stayed in power for so long without knowing where the best rabbits can be found.

    Personally I hope for a Brexit next year so we can leave the madness and bureaucracy that the EU has become.


  22. omanuel says:

    We live in the dangerous world that George Orwell told us we would awaken to in Nineteen Eighty-Four

    Most of us didn’t start awakening until Climategate emails startled us in late Nov 2009 . . . sixty-three years after the internal composition of the Sun was arbritarily changed from:

    _ a.) Mostly iron (Fe) in 1945 to
    _ b.) Mistly hydrogen (H) in 1946

    Sir Fred Hoyle “spilled the beans” on this unsavory turn in “science” on pages 153-154 of his 1994 auto-biography, Home Is Where The Wind Blows

  23. philjourdan says:

    @Tony – he was voted in twice because of the very problems affecting college campuses in the US. It is blared at them by democrats and the media every day. And that is guilt. Obama would not have been elected once if he was not black. And that is the only reason he was elected twice.

    So how is that not racism? Except the media and democrats avidly support that kind of racism.

  24. Phil

    So we have American people feeling Guilty with the result we get Obama, and we have Merkel and the German people feeling guilty and the result is the refugee crisis and all that will stem from it.

    Anyone else we need to know about who is feeling so guilty its going to mess up the world?


  25. Larry Ledwick says:

    ISIS issued a warning about this attack it appears, in July of this year. That implies that it had reached a stage of maturity at that time, that successful completion of the mission was considered highly likely. That in turn implies that this terrorist act has been in the planning and development stages since at least the Charlie Hebdo attack. If all those assumptions are true, then their planning, decision and action cycle for a major attack is about 6-10 months.



  26. omanuel says:

    The streak of insanity in world leaders and consensus scientists today sprang from Joseph Stalin’s 1945 conquest of Japan’s atomic bomb production plant at Konan, Korea.

    After nations were united on 24 Oct 1945, George Orwell figured out what happened and moved from London to the Scottish Isle of Jura in 1946 to start writing, “1984.”

    This is the reality hidden from the public after 1945:

    The universe is infinite, alive, and cyclic because it consists of two forms of one fundamental particle, with time-dependent change (space and time) built into the structure:

    I. Sizes

    _ a.) The neutron is an electron, proton [(e-,p+)] pair compacted
    _ b.) The H-atom is an electron, proton [(e-,p+)] pair expanded

    II. Interactions

    _ a.) Neutron, neutron interactions are powerful, short range neutron repulsion
    _ b.) H-atom, H-atom interactions are weak, long-range gravitational attraction

    III. Volumes/Masses

    _ a.) The free neutron in 1.008 times more massive than the H-atom. The neutron in the cores of heavy atoms, some planets, ordinary stars and galaxies may be up to 1.02-1.03 times more massive than the H-atom.

    _ b.) The H-atom has ~10^15 times greater volume than a neutron

    _ c.) An interstellar atom of H-1 occupies ~10^24 times more volume than the volume of an H-atom in liquid H2.

    _ d.) The total volume change is 10^39 per particle when a compacted neutron is converted into an interstellar H-1 atom, or visa versa.

    IV. Overview:

    _ a.) The universe expands, entropy increases as compacted neutrons in cores of heavy atoms, planets, stars and galaxies become interstellar H-atoms

    _ b.) The universe will collapse, entropy decrease as interstellar H-atoms gravitationally collapse back into compacted neutrons to start the process over,

  27. Wyguy says:

    “Obama and the rest of the Washington Democratic Party are communists who see the Islamic terrorists as fellow travelers in their war on the west.” Don Surber. 14 November 2015

  28. Ralph B says:

    I wonder if this attack was originally supposed to be coordinated with the train attack which was thwarted a few weeks back. The terrorists were similarly armed with the exception of suicide vests.

  29. E.M.Smith says:

    @Ralph B.

    So maybe a pause and replan cycle? Or was one a test run for the other….

    IMHO, the only fix for this is extermination of ISIS and related fellow travelers.

    Iff this kind of thing keeps up, there will start to be calls for Muslim expulsions and bulldozing any mosque that a jihadi attended prior to the attack. Every mosque with 4 wall cameras to record all attendance. PC can’t stand up to repeated funerals… I fear Europe is headed for a long dark path with a W.W.II like redux…

    Hopefully it will resolve before crossing the ocean…

    Does France have nuclear sub launch? Yeah, I’m pondering a decade out of escalation and an Iranian nuke in flight…

  30. bruce says:

    A few here have written about the weakness of the American public’s thinking. There is ample evidence of that, can’t argue with you there. What the American public does have is the willingness to hear a clear inspired politician. Good leaders have always been few and far between. Any interesting discussion of history will evidence that.
    In that regard I don’t believe Trump has the detail to elaborate anything other than “I can tell you that”, Bush doesn’t have it from the heart, (as I see him) Carly, although the temperament might have worked in a normal election year, doesn’t muster the iron lady needed for today, although might pull it off.
    Which leaves Carson and Rubio, I could accept either, but on a strictly surface level, Carson doesn’t carry the rally behind me comand, more the shepherd and some sheep. Rubio, has the pieces, might be too young to carry off the “wise one” persona, and will appear like a yeller.
    So, you see a good leader is a bit farther between than anyone would like.
    There you see my skin depth appraisal of the choices, I hope one of them proves me wrong.

  31. Larry Ledwick says:

    Does France have nuclear sub launch? Yeah, I’m pondering a decade out of escalation and an Iranian nuke in flight…

    Yes they have 4 ssbn submarines each with 16 tubes. (Triomphant class), believed to carry 110 kt yield warheads. Each missile carries 6 – 10 warheads depending on which missile they are fitted with.

    The French once they commit to lethal military force can be quite ruthless. Their covert operations in Algeria were right out of a horror movie and they were not constrained by moral considerations like the US. They are an old country who know that real warfare requires very limited rules of engagement. Remember these are the guys that sunk a green peace ship the Rainbow Warrior while it was moored in Auckland New Zealand rather than let them interfere with the French nuclear testing program in the Pacific. The DGSE (Secret Service) planted two explosive charges on the ship.


    If this terror attack is perceived as serious enough I would not be greatly surprised if a nuclear response was used if ISIS provides a suitable high value target. For example one of their primary sources of revenue is captured oil fields. The French could make those “go away”. It would also have a major psychological message that they are not constrained and all responses are on the table for serious attacks. It could be low yield tactical device delivered by covert means, but would send a very significant message above and beyond the direct effects.

    Do I think it likely? No, but I also think it is conceivable and not outside the bounds of reason. It would also serve as a warning shot across the bow to Iran in the process.

  32. Power Grab says:

    @ Larry Ledwick: I don’t know about high value targets, but if enough “friendlies” have left the territory, wouldn’t that help grease the decision to let fly a nuke?

    I keep wondering when all this “ethnic cleansing” behavior is going to backfire on the perps.

  33. Ralph B says:

    I don’t see a need for much modern technology to pacify the region. Heck, France of 1914 could probably still do it. A squadron of these http://militaryedge.org/armaments/at-802u/ and a brigade of legionnaires might be sufficient. The hard part is staying there and purging all the radical imams.

    we have already learned once the hard way

    or listen to a summary in the podcast episode 176 (line 129) https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/midrats/id910023979?mt=2

  34. Larry Ledwick says:

    By high value target I mean sufficient concentration of assets and manpower to justify the use of such a response. Unfortunately not being a nation state and not caring about the maintenance of a state in the classic sense makes them hard to target in any meaningful numbers.

    Also the French have an aircraft deploying to the area.

    Bottom line, is I expect the French to do something dramatic. This attack was a direct slap in their face since the French President was in the stadium. They will see it as an unambiguous act of war on the nation not just a terror strike.

  35. Larry Ledwick says:

    Then you have those who see the attackers as the victims, and actually think they do this because they “feel alienated”. Projecting the fault onto themselves rather than recognizing that there are people in the world, that hate them with a murderous passion just because they do not have the same belief system as the attackers and have been taught since child hood that the greatest thing they could do is to kill a Christian, a Jew or a non-believer.


  36. DonM says:

    Obama should be forced to wear a placard: “Don’t worry about it, it’s just the JV team.”

    And, since it (the France attacks) is over and done, with we should be asking Hillary “What difference would it make” if just let it go and didn’t follow up on the specifics … let’s just move on … nothing to see here … no need to keep dredging up the past.

  37. DonM says:

    “Many of us in Europe see Russia acting more decisively than Obama, who long ago seemed to have given up leadership of the Western World. Why is he being so feeble? … ”

    He is being so feeble because that is who and what he is. He is Feeble. He didn’t get elected because of who he is, he was elected because of what he is perceived to be. His persona was able to develop type of kinship with:

    Elite liberals
    People who want and expect freebies.
    Homosexual community (second term)
    People that considered themselves anti-establishment
    Establishment democrats
    People that want to see an underdog succeed (single mom, kindly grandparents, etc.)

    He doesn’t give a shit about most of the groups or people in the groups, but they all think that he is with them.

    He has never done anything and he never will, with the exception of fooling people that want feel that they a part of something. He is feeble.

  38. E.M.Smith says:


    8 × 16 × 4 = 512

    That is some serious hurt…

    People forget that France is a mix of Celts, Romans, and Germanic Franks. While folks like to spoof them about poor performance at the start of W.W.II, they have driven Muslims from Europe before and Napoleon did a number across Europe. They can be quite cranky.

    What worries me most is their variability of response…


    People are brittle to attack. Polite right up until they slit your throat….


    Interesting plane… didn’t know such were still in use…


    I find myself looking at my old Russian language text and thinking maybe I ought to brush up as they have clue….

    Painful to say, but Putin is a better and more clueful leader than anyone in America or Europe.

    If I could just get better with the alphabet ;-)

  39. Power Grab says:

    @ DonM: What you say sounds valid. I would add that his claiming to be a Christian (among other things), and then doing things deserving of censure and condemnation, are his way of taking down America’s majority culture. That is his way of painting a big bull’s eye on people who name the name of Christ.

  40. philjourdan says:


    In politics, it is “follow the money”. In guilt, it is “follow the bodies”. Spain, England, the US, now France. Germany will not be far behind.

  41. My apologies for being wildly off topic, but in the spirit of Entente cordiale to our French friends across the Channel at this difficult time, can I combine the comic silliness of the British, in the form of Mr Bean, together with perhaps the most evocative of all French songs ‘La Mer.’ which epitomises the special character of French nation.

    All you need to know is that Mr Bean has spent the entire holiday trying to get to the South of France and unexpectedly succeeds at the very end, in a charming homage to the special character of the French nation. Turn up loud!

    To skip ad go to bottom right hand side of the video.

    Viva La France !


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