MSNBC “Counter Terrorism Expert” A Bit Of A Dolt

During this event in France, MSNBC has had more and more effective “live on the ground” reporting. I suspect that they had a large crew in place for the Paris Climate Junket (or the left just loves to hang out in Paris more). At any rate, I’ve been checking in with them for faster “live coverage” when things happen in France.

This morning they had an interview with Laith Alkhouri, their “Counter Terrorism Expert”. I didn’t catch all of it (the perils of channel hopping), but the end part had two main points to make:

1) Making the explosive used is very hard and takes very special training. Terrorists can only find out how from terrorist ‘manuals’ at various jihadi web sites and / or traveling to terrorist training camps. It is complicated, difficult, and requires great skill.

2) Gitmo is “offensive” to Muslims and that causes it to be a recruitment tool, so it ought to be closed.

I have two points to make about this. The first one is easy, so I’ll put it here. The second more complicated so it will get a section of its own. On the topic of “offensive” to Islam and Muslims:

They are “offended” by: Christianity, Atheism, Buddhism, Hindus, ANY religion not Islam, most Islamic sects not their particular sect, Statues, The Human Body, almost all western art and movies, women who are not under the thumb of a man who owns them at all times, pork roast, bacon, hot dogs, dogs, beer, wine, pictures of Mohammed, anything other than praise for Mohammed, history other than Islam, books other than “approved” ones, Jews, Israel, anyone who doesn’t hate Jews and Israel, men without beards (the Koran and hadith demand them), women with faces and / or hair showing and don’t even think about ‘showing a bit of leg’, and ALL of Western Civilization.

That’s the ‘very short list’…

I’m pretty sure that if Gitmo didn’t exist they would just move down the list to the next “offensive thing” on their list.

It is entirely a dodge and a distraction to point at Gitmo as “offensive” so it needs to go away. By that logic, you can kiss off beer and a Polish dog at the football game, wine at a Bistro, roadside cafe with a date on a Friday Night, dancing at a concert, etc. etc. They are ALL “offensive to Muslims” and “good recruiting tools”.

BTW, in a search for his bio, this link came up. Seems I’m not the only one thinkng him a bit dodgy:

Terror expert Laith Alkhouri was on MSNBC Thursday afternoon talking about the attacks in France, and after host Joy Reid asked if the perpetrators could be using help to evade authorities, Alkhouri mentioned they could be part of a “lone-wolf pack.”

To be clear, the definition of “lone wolf” from Merriam Webster’s dictionary is, “a person who prefers to work, act, or live alone.”

Alone, then, would be the antithesis of a “pack.”

So instead of a bio from MSNBC, just do a search on his name. It gives a much more interesting picture of the guy.

A Short Treatise on TATP

Per the media, they are saying it is TATP that’s the explosive which was used. Just how hard is it to find out how to make it?

Let’s just Google TATP:

About 593,000 results (0.33 seconds)
Search Results

Acetone peroxide – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Acetone peroxide (triacetone triperoxide, peroxyacetone, TATP, TCAP) is an organic peroxide and a primary high explosive. It takes the form of a white crystalline powder with a distinctive bleach-like odor. It is susceptible to heat, friction and shock.
‎History – ‎Chemistry – ‎Industrial occurrence – ‎Accidental byproduct

What Is TATP? Paris Attackers Used Unstable Hydrogen ……
International Business Times
5 days ago – The suicide bombers who carried out attacks in Paris Friday night used an explosive called triacetone triperoxide, Paris prosecutor François Molins said Saturday. TATP can be made in a household using, among other ingredients, hydrogen peroxide. … TATP was used to make the bombs for …

TATP: Countering the Mother of Satan | TFOT
TATP – One of the most elusive explosives used in many deadly terrorist acts of the last few decades can now be identified by a recently developed, simple, and cost-effective pen-like device. … Most common of these peroxide-based explosive compounds are TATP (triacetone …

TATP explosion – YouTube
Video for TATP▶ 1:44

Nov 11, 2012 – Uploaded by tomashampl6455
The ingredients of TATP are readily available at any hardware store and it’s easy to prepare by anyone …

Yeah, you can find it demonstrated on YouTube…

But lets start with the Wiki. Nice and liberal bias. Ubersensitive to things like offending Islam, I’m sure… Besides, it is first on the list and I’m not really interested in searching the other 592,299 results for anything better than “whatever” is on the wiki.

Acetone peroxide
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Acetone peroxide (triacetone triperoxide, peroxyacetone, TATP, TCAP) is an organic peroxide and a primary high explosive. It takes the form of a white crystalline powder with a distinctive bleach-like odor.

It is susceptible to heat, friction and shock. The instability is greatly altered by impurities, including its own oligomers. It is not easily soluble in water.


Acetone peroxide was discovered in 1895 by Richard Wolffenstein.[1][2] He was the first chemist to use inorganic acids as catalysts. He was also the first researcher to receive a patent for using the peroxide as an explosive compound. In 1900 Bayer and Villiger described in the same journal the first synthesis of the dimer and also described use of acids for the synthesis of both peroxides.[3] Information about these procedures including the relative proportions of monomer, dimer, and trimer is also available in an article by Milas and Golubović.[4] Other sources include details of crystal structure and 3D analysis – see The Chemistry of Peroxides edited by Saul Patai (pp. 396–7), as well as the Textbook of Practical Organic Chemistry by Vogel.

“Acetone peroxide” most commonly refers to the cyclic trimer TCAP (tri-cyclic acetone peroxide, or tri-cyclo, C9H18O6) obtained by a reaction between hydrogen peroxide and acetone in an acid-catalyzed nucleophilic addition:[5]

The dimer (C6H12O4) and open monomer are also formed, but under proper conditions the cyclic trimer is the primary product. A tetrameric form was also described.[6]

In mildly acidic or neutral conditions, the reaction is much slower and produces more monomeric organic peroxide than the reaction with a strong acid catalyst. Due to significant angle strain of the chemical bonds in the dimer and especially the monomer, they are even more unstable than the trimer.[7]

At room temperature, the trimeric form slowly sublimes, reforming as larger crystals of the same peroxide.

Acetone peroxide is one of the few high explosives not containing nitrogen. This is one reason it has become popular with terrorists,[8] as it can pass through scanners designed to detect nitrogenous explosives.[9]

TCAP generally burns when ignited, unconfined, in quantities less than about 4 grams. More than 4 grams will usually detonate when ignited; smaller quantities might detonate when even slightly confined. Completely dry TCAP is much more prone to detonation than the fresh product still wetted with water or acetone. The oxidation that occurs when burning is:

    2 C9H18O6 + 21 O2 → 18 H2O + 18 CO2

Theoretical examination of the explosive decomposition of TCAP, in contrast, predicts “formation of acetone and ozone as the main decomposition products and not the intuitively expected oxidation products.”[10] This result is in good agreement with the results of 60 years of the study of controlled decompositions in various organic peroxides. It is the rapid creation of gas from a solid that creates the explosion. Very little heat is created by the explosive decomposition of TCAP. Recent research describes TCAP decomposition as an entropic explosion.[10]

The high sensitivity to shock, heat and friction are due to the instability of the molecule. Big crystals, found in older mixtures, are more dangerous, as they are easier to shatter—and initiate—than small ones.
Synthesis of tri-cyclic acetone peroxide.

Due to the low cost and ease with which the precursors can be obtained, acetone peroxide can be manufactured by those without the resources needed to manufacture or buy more sophisticated explosives.
When the reaction is carried out without proper equipment the risk of an accident is significant.

There is a common myth that the only “safe” acetone peroxide is the trimer, made at low temperatures:

The mixture must be kept below 10 degrees Celsius. If the crystals form at this temperature, it forms the isomer called tricycloacetone peroxide, which is relatively stable and safe to handle. If the crystals form above this temperature, the dimeric form, called dicycloacetone peroxide. This isomer is much more unstable, and could go off at the touch, making it not safe enough to be considered a practical explosive. As long as the temperature is kept below 10 degrees Celsius, then there is little to worry about.[11]

The trimer is the more stable form, but is not much more so than the dimer. All forms of acetone peroxide are sensitive to initiation. Organic peroxides are sensitive, dangerous explosives; due to their sensitivity they are rarely used by well funded militaries. Even for those who synthesize explosives as a hobby there are far safer explosives with syntheses nearly as simple as that of acetone peroxide.[citation needed]

Acetone peroxide is commonly combined with nitrocellulose by dissolving the nitrocellulose in acetone and then mixing in the acetone peroxide and letting it dry, which results in a mixture that is both more stable and somewhat more powerful than acetone peroxide by itself. This mixture is commonly referred to as APNC.

Tetrameric acetone peroxide is more chemically stable (heating to 120 °C for 4 hours), although it is still a very dangerous primary explosive. It can be prepared using tin(IV) chloride (without acid present) as a catalyst with up to 40% yield if a radical inhibitor such as hydroquinone, or a chelator such as EDTA is added.[6]

Acetone peroxide evaporates 6.5% in 24 hours at 14–18 °C. In open air at 25 °C it has a loss by sublimation of 68.6% in 14 days.[12] Many accidents have resulted from the fact that acetone peroxide detonates due to sublimation. Keeping it wet stops the sublimation and can prevent this type of accident

Substantially everything you need to know in one quick fetch. It does have a few dozen citations and it would be good to follow up on them to make sure there isn’t some missing bit. But the “basics” are pretty obvious. Get Acetone and Hydrogen Peroxide (hardware store and pharmacy / grocery store). Add an acid catalyst ( battery acid ought to be fine… tiny bit more research needed here). Keep it in a cold bath while reacting (large plastic or glass salad bowl and ice water). Do NOT let it dry too much ( test small quantities while drying the first batch to find ‘sweet spot’ or look it up in the literature).

Golly, that wasn’t very hard and I didn’t even need to go to some obscure jihadi web site or training camp.

Warning: Do NOT try to make this at home. It is a known unstable shock sensitive explosive. I’m fairly sure there are some ‘technique’ issues I’ve left out that would cause the above to be ‘not quite enough’ to do this without having some blow up in your face. (Even if they are not that hard to find or known to anyone with college chemistry experience)

Expert? No Way.

IMHO this “Expert” on MSNBC is not an expert. He may be able to speak Arabic, and may even have some experience with Islam, but his opinions on Muslim Terrorists is more “apologist for American offensive nature” than real expert. His understanding of explosives is horrid and ignorant.

If this is the quality of “expert” used by The Left, we know why so many are The Loony Side Of Left. They have no clue due to using folks like this as their “experts”.

My Bias

So what’s my expertise to make such claims about explosives?

Dad was Army Combat Engineer and taught me how to take up and disarm W.W.II German Mines. ( I know, not very useful today! ;-)

I made my first explosive at about 12 years old. Well, my first real explosive. Not counting home made black powder. It is more of a propellant that can cause a blast if heavily confined. I made my last one (an analog of a commercial high explosive) at about age 20. Since some ingredients were unavailable, we (yes, more than me, one was a chem major) had to make some substitutions. We carefully did our research at the university library. Turns out that there was some “censorship” done there, so a particular issue, of one chemical acting as a ‘sensitizer’ for our main hard-to-detonate ingredient, had been purged from the literature there…

The end result was that in final mixing, the mixture (that OUGHT to have been highly insensitive to shock or friction) was in fact sensitive and it went off. Resulting in my eardrums being blown out. A few surgeries later they were restored, but I’m now partly deaf. (About the same as heavy concert goers my age… ~30 db down). As you might guess, this caused me to be just a bit P.O.d beyond belief at censorship, and I’ve done a lot more book R&D since on the chemistry involved. No, I’m not going to ‘share’ what the secret sauce was. In fact, it would make it far too easy to make easily detonated giant bombs out of common materials. But it ought not to be hidden from chemistry students.

Since then my interest has been only academic, not “practical”, as even a loud door slamming makes my ears ring again.

One of the most interesting materials I made was Cu2C2

Just run acetylene gas through ammoniated copper chloride. Be careful, though, the stuff wants to ‘rapidly disassemble’… resulting in copper and carbon (or carbon dioxide if in air). Am I “spilling the beans” on some other non-nitrate explosive? Um, wiki beat me to it…

Copper(I) acetylide, or cuprous acetylide, is a chemical compound with the formula Cu2C2, known at least since 1856.[2] In the common form (a monohydrate with formula Cu2C2.H2O) it is a reddish solid, that easily explodes when dry.

Besides, that ‘easily explodes’ is essentially ‘code words’ for ‘contact explosive’. You can’t make much of it, and get it usable, without a bang. Very similar to nitrogen tri-iodide. Another interesting non-nitrate. Ammonia water over iodine crystals. Let the filter paper dry. Bang! My high school chem teacher made it as a demonstration in class. Did a great job of convincing us all to be more careful. Also woke up some inattentive folks ;-) Now he would be put in jail, I’m sure.

The point of these lessons in ‘how to make exotic explosives’? It isn’t hard. It isn’t obscure. You can’t stop it by hiding knowledge nor banning materials. You do not need to go to Jihadi Websites to learn it. It is, in fact, terribly easy to make explosives from all sorts of common things (I’ve left out the really obscure ones from essentially impossible to ban things, like bleach copper and electricity… or salt, electricity and a reducing agent like sugar). The hard part is making STABLE explosives that don’t blow up in your face.

In fact, I’d hazard a guess that the Terrorists didn’t “detonate their suicide vests” but in fact were “remote detonated” via the shock wave of a bullet hitting the acetone peroxide. If so, the “lessons learned” from Paris ought to include advice to police world wide to “shoot them at a distance and see if they POP!”. Having a bomb in the middle of a group of these folks that you can set off with a single shot is a great feature! IMHO at least. Similarly, a ‘stun grenade’ might well make enough shock wave to set these off. Make a big bang inside any hideout before you go in. Preferably with a grenade launcher and not hand tossed! If up close, go for the head shot…

In Conclusion

Don’t get your “expert advice” from someone who is clueless about the chemistry involved, nor your political advice from someone with an agenda.

If you put someone on TV as an “expert”, make sure they in fact have some kind of clue before letting them open their mouth. They at least need to pass the “sniff test” of simple direct observations, like, oh, “Cartoons, Pork and Beer Offend Muslims” so maybe “offends Muslims” is not a good test for a policy. And “a wiki search on the term shows how to make it” so maybe it isn’t that hard to find out.

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22 Responses to MSNBC “Counter Terrorism Expert” A Bit Of A Dolt

  1. philjourdan says:

    Life imitating art. On the old George Lopez show, Ernie called the strikers (they were striking against moving the plant to Mexico) “the Lone wolfs”.

    Makes you wonder who the bigger idiots are, the terrorists who blow themselves up or the experts without a clue.

  2. John F. Hultquist says:

    About 100 years ago (okay, just in 1966) a college chemistry instructor warned us about not following directions for disposing of some of the products we might make. Something like this:
    Instead of properly cleansing all the equipment, Mr. X simply put it in a drawer in the lab where it sat over the summer. The first opening and closing of that drawer was explosive. The heavy slate slab on the table top and the small amount of material reduced the overall damage. This is an order – follow directions.

  3. Larry Ledwick says:

    In College Chemistry lab we had a lab assistant try to sweep up some random chemicals scattered on a lab table after class with a nylon bristle fox tail broom and dust pan.

    This resulted in a flash fire that made all the bristles on the brush disappear with a Pooof sound and much smoke and flame. (one of the chemicals was a superoxide)

    Making a bomb only requires the “student” to fail to follow all those “do not” caveats and ignore the “must take care while” statements in their chemistry lab guide. (and be a little lucky not to remove parts of their body in the process).

    There are a surprising number of “unexpected” reactions possible with things you can buy in any Walmart store. Fire fighters routinely discover those sort of unintended consequences when they go on calls. The victims story generally starts with “I was just — ” or “I never expected —-”

    Sometimes there are cautions on the labels which would prevent these unintended results but in some cases, they are widely known in criminal cultures. In the protest days of the 1970’s folks were setting fire to police cars by tossing an envelope in the back seat through the open window containing two commonly available products you could buy over the counter. They released heat on mixing and the added heat of a sun soaked car sped up the reaction to the point it was an effective chemical delay device for arson. Fire fighters wanted to ban the product until they found out the key ingredient in one of the two products was a part of literally hundreds of products and to make matters worse there were about 3-4 other chemicals which could be substituted for it and they worked almost as well.

    They however did do a good job of going silent on the problem and this method is not well known today except in the hazmat response community where they discuss how one of the components does not play nice with a laundry list of other chemicals.

    Any curious 11 year old can get all the info they need out of any encyclopedia and a bit of web browsing, and occasional accidental clues provided in news stories about why things went boom or started to burn. Even in the 1950’s kids were figuring out how to make rocket fuel and expedient fire crackers by poking around in the library and their chemistry books.

  4. wyoskeptic says:

    There are nights I do not seep all that well.

    College chemistry courses (both organic and inorganic with some bio chem tossed in for good measure.) Was that enough? Oh no. Silly me took a detour over into the physics side of things and that loverly, just loverly sojourn into the realm of nuclear fission. After wading in that pond for a time, I had enough and went back home to find work in construction (carpentry) instead. Never made those big bucks from that college degree but at least when I talked to people, the conversations made sense. As much as most people manage to make sense, anyway.

    I am a more or less law abiding type (leaning more toward the more side the older I get) and here I am now with the knowledge of numerous ways to easily turn a city into rubble stuffed in between my ears. I get to thinking “But what about those silly sons-a-bees that ain’t so law abiding?” And they are out there. They are looking and they are learning and they are out there.

    If a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, lotsa knowledge in certain areas is deadly. Down right deadly.

  5. John F. Hultquist says:

    Geneticists have detected a fourth ancestral “tribe” which contributed to the modern European gene pool.

    I found this article somewhat confusing, but it has been a day too long.
    Still, you may want to have a look.

  6. beththeserf says:

    On the topic of ‘offensive to Islam,’ I’m offended, well appalled
    more like it, by the Islamic State treatment of Yazidi women in
    northern Iraq, raping and selling even young girls into sex

  7. Ian W says:

    It must be reassuring to know that the Democrats ’empathize’ with the Islamic State – Daesh and their treatment of women especially Christian and Yazidi women.

  8. Perhaps Beth can explain why feminists don’t make much more of a fuss about the muslim treatment of women in supposedly emancipated societies in the West


  9. E.M.Smith says:

    @Ian & Tony:

    You are asking someone who is “appalled” by the practice to explain why those who are “empathize”ing with it and not making much of a “fuss” about it, why they think that way.

    While I’d be thrilled if Beth could explain it, I’m not sure that’s a fair thing to request.

    I can’t explain why Jihadi men want to rape, pillage, and kill. Seems crazy to me. I can point at their book that says it’s OK, but that doesn’t explain the wanting it…

  10. p.g.sharrow says:

    One should point out that Cult brainwashing often causes outcomes that are not logical. Liberal Progressives are a case in point. Adherence to the liberal point of view in a 20 year old is expected as they have had a “life time” of liberal training, After 10 years of living in the real world they should realize that they were lied to and become much more conservative in their point of view. Far too often that training results in brain damage that cannot be reversed. Religious Dogma is much the same thing, There seems to be a strong inclination in women to want to belong at any cost. Cult leaders thrive on this worshipful behavior and exploit it. Not something an ethical person would do…pg

  11. Larry Ledwick says:

    I think a parallel could be drawn between the hard core Islamic societies and battered wife syndrome. The Men are acculturated to become the abusive males by every aspect of their society and the women as a group, have all become battered wives who at some level, accept that they are inferior and must just try harder to please the men. When those men move out of their native abusive societies, like abusive husbands they never really get rid of that acculturation, and with even the slightest provocation will drop back into that abusive relationship behavior even in a society that no longer condones those actions. That results in the institutionalized abuse these folks are importing into western European society.

    On the other side of the interaction you have people who cannot accept that they have willingly imported people who a significant fraction would be considered by their social standards violent psychopaths who totally reject much of the civilized social contract that western civilizations have spent centuries developing. The traditional behavior of the old world Islamic immigrants are very similar to accepted behavior in Europe in the 1200’s – 1600’s where interpersonal violence was common and taken as a given, where institutionalized dominance and abuse of power was considered the natural order of things.

    To resolve that clash of cultures across this cultural divide it is much easier for Western Europeans apologists to find excuses for the immigrants behavior (like a mother refusing to acknowledge that her child is a monster) than it is to consciously acknowledge that they have totally misunderstood this new subculture that they willfully imported a violent subculture who simply has no intent of “blending in” and becoming European, their entire social structure is centered around dominance and they intend and expect Europeans to adapt to them, not the other way around.

    The phrase “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.” was derived from the comments of St. Ambrose
    First attested in medieval Latin si fueris Rōmae, Rōmānō vīvitō mōre; si fueris alibī, vīvitō sicut ibi ‎(“if you should be in Rome, live in the Roman manner; if you should be elsewhere, live as they do there”)
    Is a Christian concept of fitting in with the greater local society to avoid conflict. This idea is anathema to hard core Islamists and their concept of Jihad and their belief the they have the one true view of the world and all others should bend a knee to their beliefs, both figuratively and literally.

    Nothing quite so dangerous or inflexible than a person or group who honestly deeply believes they have a divinely inspired mission to convert others to their view. It was dangerous when the Conquistadors brought that view to the natives of Central America, and in so many other similar “divine mission” movements over time. Salafi Islam is just another variation on the theme. Although it only is accepted by a plurality of the worlds Muslims you only need 10%-20% of the population to accept such a premise before it becomes pathological to the entire culture.

  12. EM Smith

    Beth knows lots of things on lots of subjects and has opinions on many. I am asking her as a woman if she can understand why those who rightly complain of sexism from westerners somehow seem to turn a blind eye when it comes to Muslims.

    One of the most astonishing sights I have ever seen was at the zell am zee summer festival which I happened upon when in Austria once.

    After Ramadan droves of Arabs descend on the town where they have bought large hotels, complete with their entourage of many hundreds of women dressed in the full black Burqa. The women walk round the town in large groups where many musicians play and where there are numerous young Austrian women who, in the hot weather, like to wear as little as possible.

    It is truly a bizarre sight to see the burqa clad brushing past the barely clad. What do they think of each others behaviour?

    The locals who profit frOm the tourist trade love the Arabs and their entourage but there is real hatred from the locals who do not make money from them at this takeover of their town

    I do assure you that seeing hundreds of black clad women shuffling along behind their husbands really puts a damper on any enjoyment of the festival


  13. DonM says:

    The phrase “extreme islam” is offensive to good muslims (which is the majority, according to the hillary, obama, and the dems).

    So as not to offend, even though it takes longer, we need to say “non-extreme islamic adherents that believe in (and practice when appropriate) rape, sex slavery, and the killing of non-believers as is prescribed in the koran”

    Would the good muslims be offended by the change?

  14. David A says:

    Ghandi once severely chastised Hindus for passivity and cowardice in the face of Muslim Jihad. Likewise these good Muslims, supposedly 97percent, per Hillary, 100 percent, warrant far greater criticism.

    The truth is, in a new ME pew poll of 11 Islamic nations, 63 million Muslims support ISIS.

    Hillary is lying.

  15. Graeme No.3 says:

    Spent 25 years working with peroxides. Don’t touch them until you REALLY DO know what you are doing. The danger rises exponentially with the quantity.
    Most peroxides mixed with acetone will generate monomeric acetone peroxide which is very sensitive to shock, and it doesn’t have to be that much. The reaction outlined with battery acid will leave both monomeric & dimeric acetone peroxides and that will be enough to cause an explosion. The nickname should give you a clue, and I wonder how many would-be terrorists failed to get to the starting gate.

  16. H.R. says:

    Mentos and Coke. The components are open carry and can be assembled at the last minute.

  17. E.M.Smith says:

    @Graeme No.3:

    There’s another reaction that gives a more stable and better product, but “Shhh!”… I don’t want them to know… They need to use the battery acid approach ;-)

  18. beththeserf says:

    Jest back from the bush and didn’t expect much response ter
    me comment. Hey tony, responding ter yr question, I cannot
    explain anuther’s motives, I am but a serf and Socrates hisself
    said ‘ I only know that I do not ‘know.’

    What speaks fer me is Karl Popper’s ‘Open Society and its Enemies’
    regarding the potency of the Greek Revolution and also fer me, the
    Scottish Enlightenment emphasis on individual questioning and
    investigation , not worship of top-down philosopher-king authority.
    Open up a Pandora’s box re individual liberty and yer git challenges
    ter the slave trade and oppression of women.

    Any top-down political movement can win votes re sexual liberation
    but when it comes down to it, British free enterprise liberalism sowed
    the seeds fer movements against the slave trade and fer universal

    Fer feminists of the left, there’s a paradox, I guess, in supporting
    centralist guvuhmint authority, attacking capitalism, they must denigrate
    ‘liberal’ open society developments and cite white male oppression. And
    I suppose they hafta’ turn a blind eye ter the troubling behavios of their
    third world allies.

  19. Jason Calley says:

    @ p.g.sharrow “Far too often that training results in brain damage that cannot be reversed.”

    It may be actual damage, most obviously to the amygdala.

  20. E.M.Smith says:


    I’ve finished part one, starting part two… Fascinating POV in it. The biosci / genetics is familiar and accurate. The projection of it into humans, and then into social types in an interesting thesis, and has a ‘ring of truth’ to it. It will take a bit more think time for me to fully adopt it… but it looks accurate so far.

    Part Two is painting a perfect picture of why Obama acts as he does. They are not referencing him in particular, but the type. It’s very predictive…

    @ about 40 minutes, it explains the embrace of “hate speech laws” and censorship by the Progressive Left… Again, it isn’t mentioned per se, but what is discussed explains it.

    I’m up to part four now… Very well done stuff.

  21. Power Grab says:

    @ climatereason:

    Re “I do assure you that seeing hundreds of black clad women shuffling along behind their husbands really puts a damper on any enjoyment of the festival”

    No doubt.

    I would venture to guess that the black clad women continued to tell themselves that they’re BETTER than the other women, all the while making assumptions about their lifestyles.

    From my own interactions with black clad women of a certain part of the world (y’all know what I’m talking about), all except one have always looked at me with daggers in their eyes. Their writings tell them not to make friends with infidels.

    I was astounded when the one exception was so friendly. She was a mother of two whose husband’s work brought them to our town. Because she was so friendly, I gave her a gallon of the raw milk I had brought from a farm in a neighboring county. I mentioned that I thought she might like to use it to make yogurt, and it might work better since it wasn’t pasteurized. Well, she returned the favor by bringing me some of the yogurt! She even invited me into their apartment for a visit.

    On the other hand, it floors me that the men (especially the “refugees”) are so eager to have, let’s say, “close encounters” with the infidel women. If the infidel women really are as promiscuous as these men have been led to believe, why would they not expect to catch an STD or five as a result of any “close encounters”?

  22. E.M.Smith says:


    By “despoiling” an “infidel woman” they are assuring she will not make it to heaven and that any infidel man who marries her is getting damaged goods and is both embarrassed and also not going to heaven…

    There was a guide of some kind published to jihadi-refugee-immigrants suggesting that they have such relations with as many infidel women as possible, and especially ought to target daughters of ministers. Even to marry them, claiming a conversion to Christianity, then “suddenly” rediscover their Islamic calling and demand that she wear a burka and return with them to the country of origin. If she goes, you have a double win as the parents are deprived of their future Christian grandkids. If she doesn’t go, you have ruined her for any other man and left the family a shambles.

    As I recall the article, it had specifics on a couple of such happening in Sweden and nearby.

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