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Latin Socialism Taking A Big Hit

Perhaps our Dear Leader (Obama) ought to take note of recent events in Latin America. They indicate that even the hard left culture of Latin America can get fed up with Socialist leaders that fail to listen to the people, respect them, and follow the law. Continue reading

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Even Barbie Is A Security Risk!

When Barbie is a spy, who will she tell? Does your child understand the idea of “don’t tell the doll anything to never want in your security review when you graduate college”? Continue reading

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Some Science Brain Kibble

A minor grab bag of some things I found interesting at the “Daily Tech” site. From putting a Mac Plus back on the internet, to 3-D printing a jet engine and asking “where’s the beef in The Beef story?”. Continue reading

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Personal TeraFlop Climate Simulator for How Much?

How much would it take to make your “Own Private Teraflop” supercomputer for weather and climate simulations? What has Moore’s Law done to the “Record” of “IBM’s ASCI Red” breaking the “Teraflop Barrier” in 1997? It was still running in 2006 during the peak of the Climate Model Hype (and runs) so is the right size. Continue reading

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