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Dept. of O.P.M. – Oh Joy [NOT!]

A form letter telling me I’m in the OPM Hack, for those who haven’t seen one. Continue reading

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Paris, COP21, Obama Declares Victory, the TPP Likely Gives It To Him.

Watch out for the interaction of the TPP (that is a treaty with enforcement powers over “environmental agreements”) and the COP21 “environmental agreement”. IF the TPP is ratified, the COP21 agreement gets enforcement teeth and you WILL lose any pretense of national sovereignty and rule of law “by the people for the people”. Continue reading

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Market Glance

A quick sideways glance at a broad selection of markets with SPY and the main ticker. Continue reading

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Paris COP – I’m Sure They Will Reach An Agreement… In The End.

If there’s one thing the delegates at the Paris Gab fest COP21 can agree on, it is the need to gather in a room together, push hard, and reach an agreement in the end that fully respects the AR5 and puts it to good use… Continue reading

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