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The Present Global Liquidity Trap

What is a liquidity trap? What happens if one “goes global”? And some thoughts on how to get out of one. Continue reading

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Bruckner 35 year climate cycles and solar drivers

Back in the late 1800’s Brückner found a solar driven cycle or two in our climate. Recent research kind of confirms it and refines the idea behind the range of periods from 33 ish to 45 ish years. Continue reading

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Kingmakers Remorse

The Kingmakers of both the Republican and the Democratic parties have to be looking for an underwear change about now… and I’m loving it. Continue reading

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Apple vs. FBI vs. Spy vs. Spy

The reasons I think Apple is right, and the FBI is wrong, in the FBI demand that Apple create a HACK to break their own security features. The risk is just too high. Continue reading

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