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Silver stops tooth decay and cavities

Cavities (caries) in teeth treated with a silver solution stop growing and partially remineralize. Continue reading

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Nitrogen – Active In The IR, A GHG?

Nitrogen is widely stated (shouted?) to be inactive in the Infrared Band and thus not a “Greenhouse Gas”. I asked: “Is that true?” and found that Nitrogen ( N2, N3, and N ions) radiates in many IR bands. That which radiates, absorbs, no? So is Nitrogen a GHG too? Or is the whole GHG thesis bogus… Continue reading

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Gold vs Silver vs US Stocks vs EU and Emerging Markets

An overview of metals and stock markets and summary of what their charts say to me. Continue reading

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Some Security Bits

Risks, Exposures, China, and a Nice Phone. Continue reading

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