Moody Music Moment – Dealing with Reality

Recently a friend of the spouse managed to take a long fall off a tall plass. She was unexpectedly taken from this world. Then Brussels. And more.

So I’m having a “bit of a moment”. After a few days, I’m still not quite where I need to be.

This particular cut reminds me of that wavering in and out of reception quality that I remember from way too many late nights listening to AM radio “100 miles from nowhere” or listening to Shortwave Radio just about anywhere. SW being a bit of a dying art in this era of the internet and high quality digital of everything. Yet that sound of fading in and out still calls to me. I first heard this song in just such a way, and the memory stays. From a time long long ago when “far away” really was far far away, and radio was a ‘bit of magic’…

A more “contemporary” and upbeat version:

Then there is the question of flowers…

Maybe it’s on the wind…

This one reminds me of Mum, about a dozen years before I was born…

From time to time I miss me mum…

Then there is this favorite redux

Then there is this. My Mums favorite and one of mine, by the same singer. A tiny bit ‘thin’ (lacking in complex overtones and harmonics) compared to the incomparable Julie Andrews, yet still a moving performance.

but we all start somewhere

Prior to him becoming a Muslim, a bit of something with substance

Shadows and the nature of things

Yet for every ending there is a new beginning, and life goes on

And the sun rises again, and life, renewed, resumes.

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A technical managerial sort interested in things from Stonehenge to computer science. My present "hot buttons' are the mythology of Climate Change and ancient metrology; but things change...
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20 Responses to Moody Music Moment – Dealing with Reality

  1. omanuel says:

    Thanks for the music, the reminder of the Smothers Brothers, and the journey of life we all share.

  2. Larry Ledwick says:

    James Taylor Fire and Rain

    Moody Blues “Nights in White Satin”

    Lorena McKennitt Dante’s Prayer

  3. omanuel says:

    This fall I will turn 80 years old, and be one-third as old as this once great nation. I feel grateful to have experienced a fleeting part of this nation as it was founded in 1776.

    Human rights described in the United States Declaration of Independence are equally valid for all mankindWe hold these truths to be self-evident, . . . all men are created equal, . . . endowed by their Creator with inalienable rights, . . . to enjoy life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, . . . to establish or abolish governments to ensure those rights, . . .” etc.

    I am convinced humanity will take back control of government, with or without the assistance of scientists that refuse to promote falsehoods as “consensus science” for dishonest tyrants.

  4. Larry Ledwick says:

    Something about Loreena McKennit’s voice I find particularly soothing and angelic.
    These two songs are a bit more upbeat and make you want to dance in the moonlight.
    Perhaps they will be a pickup to get in a positive move.

    Loreena Mckennitt all souls night

    Lorena Mckennitt Mummers Dance

  5. Sera says:

    That’s better…

  6. Another Ian says:


    Description on the use of music in adversity in the tribute to Ed Rickerts at the start of “Log from the Sea of Cortez”

  7. omanuel says:

    The thought, “Yet for every ending there is a new beginning, and life goes on
    And the sun rises again, and life, renewed, resumes.”
    is succinctly summarized as the fundamental vibration of the universe in the “om” sound used in meditation.

  8. Larry Ledwick says:

    Previous link for Mummers Dance fails to play for some locations. I could view it at work but at home it was blocked. This is the live performance at Alhambra and is actually a better presentation.
    The Alhambra concert is spectacular if you can find parts of it.It used to be available in total but that link has been pulled.

  9. Strange selection of music. For real talent watch this -see Stephen Hawking enter to listen. Alma Deutscher plays the violin, the piano and sings her interpretations and her compositions at age 10 Some say she is equivalent to Mozart, It seems she is a feminist when she talks about her 1st Opera. She is interviewed for ZeitgeistMinds for leading scientists I hope some of those watching will get an appreciation of Classical music

  10. omanuel says:

    My admittedly one-track mind wonders if acceptance of reality of the Sun’s pulsar core as the Creator & Sustainer of every atom, life and planet in the solar system could:

    1. Reduce our false pride and blind arrogance,
    2. Increase our gratitude for the gift of life, and
    3. Help restore sanity to our troubled society?

    It helped me accept the “stormy waves of life” as part of reality, controlled by a benevolent – but poorly understood force – that is commonly called “God,” “Spirit of the Universe,” etc.

  11. Serioso says:

    Here’s “Scarborough Fair” by the late Ewan McCall — my favorite.

  12. omanuel says:

    Readers may:

    (a) Submit formal comments to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) against reclassifying electroshock machines to legitimize their use (if affiliated with an organization),


    (b) Sign the petition that will go to the FDA:

  13. tom0mason says:

    When all else fails you just have to fight on…

  14. tom0mason says:

    Moody enough for you?

  15. spetzer86 says:

    Well, there goes a morning I won’t regret. You guys forgot One Tin Soldier by Coven:

  16. Verity Jones says:

    Trying to block things out a bit this week too. I was in Brussels during the lockdown in November. Very clear then it was not over, but this week no less shocking. I refuse to be intimidated – anything can happen anywhere.

  17. wyoskeptic says:

    I can’t think of much of anything that tops this for me.

    No one does moody better than Kris.
    I have been at this place in my life way too many times.
    “My thirsty wanted whiskey and my hunger needed beans,
    but it had been a month of paydays since I heard that eagle scream.”
    And the main, “and if you should die explainin’ how the things they complain about are things they could be changin’, who do you think is gonna care?”
    But I love that line, “I ain’t sayin’ I beat the devil,but I drank his beer for nothin’, then I stole his song…”
    That idea I have tried to make my own. That idea has kept me going when nothing else seemed to help much. I may not beat the bast***s, but I’ll take what they offer and do the best I can to turn it against them. Right up until the last breath.

  18. Another Ian says:


    Plus plenty

    As I’m in another round

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