Go Vegetarian to Save The Climate?

Looks like The Green Blob is using Government to indoctrinate the vegetarian lifestyle…


Dutch officials are urging less consumption of meat and fish in the country’s latest round of dietary guidance.

March 23, 2016
Another Nation Trims Meat From Diet Advice
by Georgina Gustin

Nutrition advisers in the Netherlands took a progressive step this week, one that will likely further stoke conversations about the relationship between a healthy diet and a healthy planet. And their sights are set squarely on meat.

The Netherlands Nutrition Centre says it is recommending people eat just two servings of meat a week, setting an explicit limit on meat consumption for the first time. The recommendations come five years after a government panel weighed the ecological impact of the average Dutch person’s diet, concluding last year that eating less meat is better for human and environmental health.

The Nutrition Centre, a government-funded program responsible for making food-based dietary guidelines, took those conclusions and presented them on Tuesday in its “Wheel of Five”—a graphic distributed to the public, along the lines of the U.S. government’s “MyPlate.”

“The new dietary guidelines are implemented in our new education model … in a way that the total environmental impact of the diet is lower than the current consumption,” explains Corné van Dooren, a sustainable food expert at the center. “We focus on eating a less animal-based and more plant-based diet by the unique advice to consume not more than 500 grams of meat a week.”

Eat a burger, kill the planet and rot in green hell…

Make mine medium rare, please, and a double double with cheese and bacon…


My family is about 1/2 vegetarians, and a few of them are Vegan. I know a lot about vegetarian cooking and dietary needs. It is NOT as easy as just leaving out meat. There are specific dietary needs that crop up, that can only be met with specific (sometimes specialized) foods as you drop out red meat, then fish, then milk and eggs, then go full on vegan. It will not happen by accident that you add in just the right amount of flax meal and seaweed and B vitamins and…

IMHO, advice to go vegetarian without the required “and here is all the biochemistry you need to do it and not damage yourself” verges on the criminal.

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11 Responses to Go Vegetarian to Save The Climate?

  1. Petrossa says:

    Funny, since the middle of the last century the same organization advised to eat plenty of beef, fish, diary products, grains and the dutch become the tallest people on earth, with a pretty good life expectancy.
    So empirically their advice was sound then…. Which makes this advice highly questionable

  2. craigm350 says:

    I wasn’t sure but now I’m decided. Nice medium rare steak tonight :)

  3. Julian Jones says:

    Yup … we have clearly been moving backwards ever since US dentist Weston Price made his illuminating discoveries about the importance of traditional indigenous animal based diets, in the 1930s : http://www.westonaprice.org/health-topics/abcs-of-nutrition/principles-of-healthy-diets-2/

  4. Julian Jones says:

    If anyone interest to see what labor rich and employment creating (ie migration halting) traditional indigenous meat farming looks like, that by necessity relies on natural cycles of life & death, but no toxic chemicals, 20 min film here : http://www.water21.org.uk/2012/dawn-to-dusk-2015/

    And as practiced in arid Egypt (employing 40,000, with health care and education provided), 13 mins, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5zzRtFCvI0I

  5. Larry Ledwick says:

    I have a friend who’s wife was a strict vegetarian (she was also skinny as a stick). Could not get pregnant. Doctor told her to start eating meat, a couple months later she was pregnant. Protein deficiency is a real problem even for heath conscious vegetarians who are affluent enough to buy what they want.


    Although most age/sex groups appear to consume more protein than the respective EAR, a significant percentage of adolescent females and older women appeared to have inadequate protein intake.

  6. p.g.sharrow says:

    2 Servings of Meat a WEEK! What are these people? paper pushers? I push logs and boulders and need that much a day for peak effectiveness. I do mix beef, chicken and fish with vegetables and whole grains. Humans require quality foods as their bodies are not very efficient at extracting nutrients from roughage. Every Vegan that I have meet lives on the verge of starvation and vital vitamin deficiency. As they age, you can really see it…pg

  7. M Simon says:

    This is an interesting addition to the discussion. Fat makes people thin. Carbs and sugar makes people fat.


  8. Julian Jones says:

    …. most grains are to be avoided :

    trailer – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dON-fPp5Hy0
    Cereal Killers will challenge your belief system as it relates to

    Food – what exactly is “healthy” food?
    Exercise – just how important is it and how do you really get lean?
    Weight Loss – have we all been looking the wrong way?
    Vitality – why do our energy levels rise and fall – and how can you fix that today?
    Cholesterol – what you (and your doc) really need to know.
    Type 2 Diabetes – is it 100% avoidable?

  9. Ed Forbes says:

    Humans have evolved to have meat as part of their diet. Eating meat is thought to have been responsible for humans increased brain size in evolutionary progression. Going vegan has always struck me as bordering on insane due to the dietary issues that develop with dropping animal products from ones diet.

  10. tom0mason says:

    A good link about ‘Key Nutrients vis-a-vis Omnivorous Adaptation and Vegetarianism’ is at

  11. Jason Calley says:

    ” advice to go vegetarian without the required “and here is all the biochemistry you need to do it and not damage yourself” verges on the criminal.”

    To you and to me, that may indeed be criminal, but for The Powers That Be, increased die-off is a much-to-be-desired design feature. Their ideal diet for the masses, is one where people last just until they reach retirement age, and then gracefully stop breathing.

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