More Mvids (I’m liking this speed…)

For no reason at all other than I’m liking the huge high speed pipe to the universe that I have installed now… More Music Videos…

Just a collection of things I like, for one reason or another. No particular theme, and if anything needs saying, I might stick in a comment, or not…

I wonder if this is what they mean by the “Black Irish” ? ;-)

Because I like it… Soda pop, music pop, pop pop…

Parce que je suis en amour avec une personne que je ne rencontrerai jamais et qui ne saura jamais que j’existe. Pas de soucis, il est une chose de gars … on tombe en amour 100 fois par jour, nous ne pouvons pas l’admettre comme il est un peu difficile à expliquer …

But after a dozen of those, we just decide to not say squat and clam up:

Most of the time… then there’s the moment que …

Parce qu’à un moment je l’ai eu assez de brandy que je revenir à mes racines celtiques / gauloises … et commencer à parler français… pourquoi? Regarde la:

Parce qu’elle est la langue que je prefere … la langue dans laquelle mon âme est libre… mais je digresse

Islam met leurs femmes dans une tente car ils craignent leur pouvoir, nous les admirons à partir d’une distance de sécurité et admettre que toute femme peut contrôler les hommes … et accepter ce fait:

tout simplement parce qu’elle est …

And then The American Way…

but because I am Hispanic, of a sort, hay algunas cosas que sólo un alma española puede decir ahora …

but, even for your D.J., all good things must eventually end…

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5 Responses to More Mvids (I’m liking this speed…)

  1. Nick Fiekowsky says:

    Drunk on bandwidth, huh? Understandable after exile to the 3G gateway.

    What is your new speed? Reasonable latency to the Internet?

    Seems to confirm that too much still isn’t enough.


  2. E.M.Smith says:


    Worse than that, the “4G LTE” runs out on the hotspot and you get banished to 2G!

    Yeah, I went overboard on the speed testing thing…

    At the moment, I’m not sure if the “occasional glitch” on the one video was due to the network, or not. It only seems to happen on the tablet, and that particular video has a detailed and changing background. I suspect that maybe the Internet Firehose was swamping the little 4 core ARM chipset in it with TMI and it was getting big bursts to decompress / unpack and could not quite handle them glitch free… On the Chromebox (Intel) I’ve had zero such issues. More testing to come…

    Per the AT&T speed test ( I figured they would have as much sellers puff in them as possible ;-)

    Download Speed   16.87 Mbps (2108.6 KB/sec transfer rate)
    Upload Spee       5.64 Mbps (705.4 KB/sec transfer rate)
    Latency             20 ms
    Jitter               1 ms

    I thought the sales critter had said something about 40 Mb… I’ll need to see what I’m being charged for on my next bill… and what speed looks like at 3 A.M…. and maybe use a wired connection just in case the Chromebox can’t take data that fast on a wireless link… Yes, this was via the WiFi connection… but it ought not be limiting… unless the chipset… but I digress…

    At any rate, since I’m used to 10 Mb Ethernet on my old gear, having 1.6 x Ethernet is fine with me ;-)

    (Yeah, I know, it’s all about GigE these days and even my old 10 / 100 switch is quaint now… but really, I’ve been using a 10 Mg hub (not even a switch) for the last few weeks and it was OK. Why? Couldn’t find the power supply for the 10 / 100 switch in under 2 minutes….

    At these speeds, I’m unlikely to run into anything seriously cramping my style for a while. Sometime later I’m going to try re-downloading some temperature data sets and see if that “took a couple of weeks” turns into hours… but I might need to buy another disk to do that one… ;-)

    For the rest of the day I’m going to be mostly rebuilding my office space. I’ve already torn down the ersatz “WiFi to Router to Hot Spot to Internet” and I’ve converted the household WiFi to talk to the Uverse box (changed default gateway setting was all). So now all the gizmos that expect to connect to MY WiFi will work without change (the AT&T box also spits out WiFi, so one box at a time I can convert things and take out one more hop / latency / box…

    Once all the ‘tear down / clean up’ is done (now that I’m finished playing videos ;-) I’ll be re-wiring the various boxes and all into the “new world order” of things. I can also do the system builds to let the R.PiM2 be a PXE boot server and set up my own isolated network (with that “spare” WiFi hub) such that I’ve got a proper “private side” and “DMZ side” with the AT&T box as boundary router, it’s WiFi / Ports as the DMZ, and then my “private side” behind my WiFi box / router… Then I can do things like have my NFS disk space et. al. via My Net and the general “just get me internet stuff” via the AT&T side. Anyone wanting to break into “My Side” would need to get through 2 firewall / routers with NAT and do it before I noticed the blinky lights acting oddly… (Both are where I see the blinky lights during normal use… Blinky Lights are your friends ;-)

    In short, I’m doing desktop janitor work today in the hope for a better tomorrow ;-)

    Oh, and now that I’m past the OMG Video Splurge, my blinky lights are hardly blinking at all, so most of the time I have way more bandwidth than I need / use / notice… I just started a 1.8 GB Linux download and the time estimator is saying about 30 minutes… but the blinky light isn’t going full tilt, so I think it is limiting on the server side…

    Well, while that runs, I’m off to make sure my other boxes all talk to the right routers, gateways, etc.

  3. Larry Ledwick says:

    Alizee obviously has a choreographer that knows how to get her to show off her “moves”, she is more of a dancer that sings than a singer who dances.

    Watching her videos I for some reason flashed back to a 1985 Miami Vice episode that had a clip of major league beauty walking on a beach to this song. It took me a couple days to figure out the name of the song and find the episode it was used in. I can’t find the video clip from the episode Rites of Passage where it was used, but as only Miami Vice could do it they found the perfect visual for the song.

  4. Larry Geiger says:

    Blondie – Rapture. What’s up with that song. One of the weirdest ones out there. Has sort of an interesting sound but the lyrics, sheesh. Someone was on something.

  5. E.M.Smith says:

    @Larry L:

    IMHO, Miami Vice was a music video wrapped around a minor plot, umbelished with lots of set dressing. I still have a bunch of episodes saved…. on Beta Max!

    @Larry G.:

    Lyrics? Lyrics! You listened to the LYRICS?!?


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