Ted & Carly

So Ted Cruz just named Carly as his V.P. Pick giving me one of the “Hey, that would be great” tickets of my start of the race muse.

Yet now it is somehow pallid.

I wondered why…

It all comes down to Ted “gaming” the system. From the “dirty trick” of announcing Ben Carson was pulling out of the race, when he was not, to the “mining delegates” via insider games, to the more recent “partnership” with Kasich, where the apparent agreement was to split who put campaign efforts where, but Ted got on TV and said ~”All you Kasich voters, vote for me, that’s the deal” and Kasich had to go on TV and say ~”No, I’m not out of the race in Indiana, folks who want to vote for me ought to. I’m just campaigning more here.”

At what point does “work the system efficiently” cross over into “slimy political untrustworthy liar”?

It just all feeds into the perception of a slimy lawyer politician playing insider games and that whole “Lyin’ Ted” image.

Add in that neither Ted nor Carly comes across as “Nice Dad” or “Mom I Want” (my thesis is that folks vote for the Dad or Mom they would like running the place…) but rather both come across as cranky, manipulative, and angry…

And I’m left feeling unenthused.

So we have a choice between:

Lyin’ Ted and Cranky Carly
Crooked & Heartless Hillary
Kasich, who’s he? Nice guy, but finishing last.
Momly “easy” Bernie,
MILF wanna be… wants to give away everything and have Dad pay.
Bully Trump with Mussolini Tendencies

Really, that’s the best this nation has to offer?

So something is horridly wrong with the selection process when you end up here, having started wth such a large field of Good Folks With Clue.

Sadly, I’m reaching the point where I no longer care who wins… though I’d rather not have it be Hillary… Not 4 (or, shudder…8) more years of Obama Part Deux and Billy In The Pantry With The Maid…

Though it would be interesting to see Madam Hillary staff the white house with 100% submissive men and dare Billy Boy to “go there” ;-)

Part of me, the sick and twisted part, thinks it would be fascinating to see a Trump / Bernie ticket… THE two folks completely outside “acceptable” for both sides ;-) Yes, I’m in a bit of a “screw them all” mood… and I’d vote for that ticket just to watch folks in DC have their heads explode.

But, for now, it looks like a Hillary / Milquetoast (what, you think she will chose anyone but a submissive?) vs Trump / Nobody (what, you think any ‘somebody’ politician will accept being on a ticket with him and having that be their political epitaph?) race in the end.

Well, let the Soap Opera play on. Maybe we can have 2 convention fights and something good in the end. Yes, I’m dreaming.

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35 Responses to Ted & Carly

  1. Larry Ledwick says:

    I see Trump and Hillary as two faces of the same coin, both have strong deep connections to Russian influence, Sanders is a fool. The only combination I would even consider now is Ted and Carly. I happen to like Carly, I don’t see her as cranky at all but rather a nice lady who does not suffer fools lightly and like the school teacher that did not let the kids snow her. Ted, I am not so sure of but through elimination he is about the only option for me now.

    Only time will tell, but my current feelings is never Sanders or Hillary no matter who the opponent is, Trump with nose held and eyes squinted and a bad taste in my mouth and Ted with just the bad taste in the mouth.

    Not going to be my favorite election cycle for sure. Like you seem to be I suspect we have crossed the Rubicon and no matter who gets chosen we are still screwed the only difference will be in the details and how badly we get screwed.

  2. Jack says:

    Surely, USA voters cannot go for someone who lied over Benghazi, who bends the rules to suit herself, who thinks security is for other people.
    For all Trumps bluster and there is a huge amount of that, he surrounds himself with the very best people. He is humble enough to acknowledge when he does not know something and ask to find the best qualified person. Unlike Hillary, who says whatever will get her off the hotplate, then puts her energy in building plausible deniability.
    Another thing in his favor, is that the left media is already trying to ruin him, which is a sure sign they are scared of him. The doesn’t like women meme, the attempt to get his adviser in trouble for assault and immigration. These are the memes that the dickhead left press run everywhere.

  3. Graeme No.3 says:

    Schadenfreude isn’t that popular but misery shared perhaps?
    In Australia we have a choice of a rich arrogant would-be Mussolini, a totally untrustworthy politician whose only ‘achievements’ to date is becoming leader of his party after knifing his 2 previous leaders and who will say anything that he thinks will get him a vote (that refers to the second but fits the first as well), and a third party candidate whose economic ideas make Bernie look like a moderate Republican.
    So our choice is between
    A Trump (without the nice bits) usually referred to as Talcum T-Bull.
    A Hilary (without the believable bits) whose policies aren’t hilarious but hysterical, and
    a Richard. (Insert obvious nickname here).
    All I can do is try and work out which will do the least harm to the country before I am FORCED to vote. (Yes, it is compulsory). And you have troubles?

  4. Larry Ledwick says:

    Surely, USA voters cannot go for someone who lied over Benghazi, who bends the rules to suit herself, who thinks security is for other people.

    Unfortunately those who would vote for her are completely oblivious to those issues or think she is entitled to special treatment because (a) she is a Clinton (b) she is a woman (c) it is her turn (d) people hate her because she is a woman and so competent (e) the Republicans are mean (f) most or all of the above.

  5. Julian Jones says:

    “Pallid” & “unenthused” well describes our leadership (and policy) options here in UK and pretty much everywhere.

    What comes next ?

  6. JP Miller says:

    Aren’t we forgetting we had McCain and Obama and to choose between 8 years ago? We might not like the people or their likely policies running currently, but at least either would probably be effective. What I wonder about is will voters ever get that government is not a solution to anything, but mostly what causes the problems in the first place?

  7. The GOP voters want Donald Trump because they have been deceived by the party elite time after time. The GOP elite delivers nominees owned by the “Donor Class” and thus offer nothing that appeals to us “Little People”. Consequently voter participation in US presidential elections has fallen to ~40%, amongst the lowest for “First World” nations.

    Donald Trump is running away with the delegate race and will win in a landslide over whoever is the Democrat nominee. The polls say otherwise because they don’t have any way to factor in the enthusiasm that Trump generates. In this election cycle millions of voters who have not shown up in the last sixteen years will vote. Most of the “Absentee Voters” will vote for Trump.

    In the last three presidential elections I voted for Boris Johnson, a “Write In” candidate. If Trump is on the ballot in November I will vote for him rather than Boris.

    So what is Trump offering to win my vote? There are many things but the #1 issue for me is closing or curbing the US Department of Education in order to return the control of public education to local communities. This has been an effective approach in New Zealand and it will work here too. I have participated in the creation and management of eight independent K-12 schools, so I understand how competition improves education:

    When the control of K-12 education is returned to the local level it won’t be possible to impose progressive education ideas such as “Common Core” on schools that don’t want it.

  8. I must say as someone looking from afar, all the politicians in USA especially the Obama, Kerry, and the candidates of the Dimocrats (Hillary the Crook & Sanders who wants to be like Stalin) know nothing about Economics, Technology, Foreign Policy etc. The same goes for most of the politicians in the western world including our Turdbull, Short of brains (who was reported to the police and referred to the DPP (Dept of Public Prosecution) for rape, Cameron in UK, Merkel in Germany, Hollande in France etc.
    The strongest and most mature leader seems to be Xi Jinping (whose first qualification was in Chemical Engineering and so knows something about costs and economics) of China. The people there seem happy, their technology catching up fast with the US. I have traveled on the world fastest maglev train at 431km/hr. I saw that everyone in the street and in every shop had a mobile phone. People are polite, dressed well and well fed.
    Do not know much about Putin but it seems he is well liked in Russia and turning around the economy by trading with China.
    If USA wants to continue to be an important nation they need to come to grips with China & Russia and close down the UN.

  9. Wayne Job says:

    Good points cement, I think it matters not what some think of Trump, Americans should be grateful that they at least have someone independent and strong. Being the way he is he could put a broom through all the departments, even eradicate some with a clear conscious saving America squillions.

    If he can sort out your economy he will be the greatest thing in America since sliced bread.

  10. E.M.Smith says:

    Trump: Not pwned by anyone. Likely to say “fired!” to departments and staff that are useless or underperforming without doing a ‘political calculus’ of who’s oxen it might be. Clueless about politics and ‘unconnected’ with the party bosses (yes, a feature). Might actually wound the monster of Central Authority (nobody can kill it…). Understands that you don’t give in to bullies, or foreign governments. Will embrace and advance the Imperial Presidency as modeled by Obama.

    Carly Cruz: Really conservative core values. Likely to close pointless departments, iff they can get the political backing. Knows how to work the political system. Don’t knuckle under to others, foreign or domestic, but do “back off and wait” if the outcome of pushing looks bad. Would undo a lot more of the Obama Legacy. Do believe in a limited Presidential role, limited Federal role, an smaller government, but unlikely to get it due to actually trying to follow the law, that is a convoluted straitjacket of special interests.

    Kashich: Nice pwned politician who can work the system and get along with everyone. Things will be pleasant, if not much changed. A little trim here, a little tuck there, the suit will fit for another 4 years of budget… A little more vanilla ice cream on the public credit card please…

    Hillary: Obama With Attitude. Expect a great deal more Great Society and overly complicated ObamaCare like programs (remember that her first cut at pre-ObamaCare was hideously more complex). Economy will do OK to down, maybe, eventually to be stuck in neutral as ever more taxes, regulations, and general crap gum up the works. Hillary will get ever more shrill and angry at others as “Her Presidency” starts to look like a failure. Expect a war with someone then, probably in the Middle East / North Africa area. Corruption in government becomes the norm and Billy makes the tabloids, again… All met with a pantsuit plastic smile and denial of any responsibility. Surrender to Agenda 21 will be rampant.

    Bernie: Will be at loggerheads with congress. Even a Democratic congress will not be able to embrace open socialism. Economy heads to the toilet, fast. (It always does this late in the Socialism Cycle and Obama has us 8 years on in it.) His “abandon the world stage” attitude will result in petty wars all over the place, the further rise of China and Russia, and closer ties with the EU, just in time for it to break up, sink, and take us with it. Inflation takes off at a high rate and attempting to issue bonds becomes hard (who will loan into a world where bonds are just ‘forgiven’ by the Central Authority?… See Puerto Rico Super Chapter 9 as prototype for the same deal for all States, Cities, Student Debt, etc. etc. Floundering and decay follow. It always does.

    I’ve listed these folks more or less in the order of preference I see for them.

    I’d take any of the top 3, and don’t see a big difference between the top two, other than who has the best odds of beating the bottom 2. (C&C more hard core on the social issues, Trump more interested in what works and doesn’t care about folks bedrooms or bathrooms) Then again, I’m pretty sure the polls are broken. Caller ID means you never get the thinking person who values privacy. I use a ‘white list’ system. IFF you show up on my cell as a name, I’ve put you in my address book and answer, otherwise, it’s voice mail. I don’t return junk mail or poll voicemail. A whole class of “people like me” can now never be polled. There’s a wide swath of folks like that, from many political stripes. Think Movie Stars or Company Presidents answer polls on their cell phones?…

    So a big case can be made for the Enthusiasm Gap. IF it is Trump v Hillary, I’m voting. Sanders voters likely partly staying home, Trump voters out in force. IF it is Kasich v Sanders… I donno… I might not bother voting and just let it be a learning experience for the Gen Y folks… Kasich v Hillary? Would any Sanders voters even bother? Would any Trump voters? I’d likely vote, but only because Kasich doesn’t annoy me and sHrillary is just nauseating on TV and I have to change the channel. ( I do wish Condi Rice could be talked into running. She has a clarity of thought and craft of voice that is a joy to hear… but she is too smart to want the job. Oh Well. Maybe they could draft her at the convention… A Condi / Rubio ticket would kind of spike the whole Sexist Racist Crap line of attack ;-)

    Frankly, too, I’d rather have Bernie than Hillary and maybe even more than Kasich, just because he IS honest about his positions (though I think them daft) and not much of a political game player. That, and he’d hasten the day we are done playing with The Socialism Shiny Thing. Until we “go there” and get our fingers burned like the rest of the world, it will always be attractive to folks with no historical clue. It is only knowing the destructive nature of the policy outcomes that has me rank him last. Emotionally I’d like to just have the nation grasp the nettle and start hollering in pain… But for me, understanding triumphs over desire. I’m weak that way…

    Then there is the impossible ticket: Trump / Bernie

    Say both of them get ‘cheated’ out of their nominations by parliamentary tricks. So they team up as a Third Party. Trump cuts a deal with Bernie where each gets to do the part they want. Trump doing the “fix the economy” and international economic relations stuff and The Bern getting foreign relations policy and domestic social policy. Think Construction Manager Boss and Labor Union Boss, they know how to ‘get along’ with each other. It becomes a ticket of the Screw You voter. Talk about enthusiasm vs none… Hillary would maybe get 25%. C&C 20%? But I know that neither Trump nor Bernie could ‘let go’ of half of their attitude each, and cut a deal.

    We’ll have a narrow field in a couple of months, but for now, it’s a real mess.

  11. J Martin says:

    The USA needs change, either Sanders or Trump, it doesn’t matter. But I think the establishment has demonstrated in the primaries thus far that they have sufficient corrupt control over the voting mechanisms to get anyone they want elected. So it will be President Hillary a Republican in Democrat clothing.

    But if Sanders runs as an independent the polls suggest he could be President ?
    He won’t, sadly, because that would also be a much needed shake up for the boring 2 party system.
    But won’t Sanders do some economic good if he succeeds in stopping the excesses of the out of control banks ? Ignoring any other tendencies to be like the French president.

    4 or 8 more years of the same old same old establishment should make for a very unhappy middle America assuming Hillary hasn’t started ww3.

    The ideal ticket is Trump & Sanders.

  12. E.M.Smith says:

    Well Boehner called Ted a Son Of A Bitch and “Lucifer” so I guess I’m for Ted now… ;-)

  13. John F. Hultquist says:

    I live in the great Democratic State of Washington.
    Thus, as protest, I will write my own name on the line, and mail in the ballot.
    The only question will be the split between Hillary and The Donald (or X).
    My guess: H = 57.4% versus T-D = 40.3%
    H = 12 electoral votes

  14. Larry Ledwick says:

    Well Boehner called Ted a Son Of A Bitch and “Lucifer” so I guess I’m for Ted now… ;-)

    Yes funny how this election cycle it seems the best way to judge the players is who their enemies are.

  15. Cruz got the best possible endorsement in the shape of a “Thumbs Down” from John Boehner.

    Apparently Bonehead still does not understand why nobody will vote for anyone supported by the GOP establishment in general and him in particular. Boner and the other RINOs “Cross the Aisle” to appease Pelosi, Reed or Obama yet use vicious rhetoric to describe true conservatives such as Ted Cruz. We must retire these arrogant self serving fools.

  16. Ian W says:

    ” gallopingcamel says:
    28 April 2016 at 6:29 am

    The GOP voters want Donald Trump because they have been deceived by the party elite time after time. The GOP elite delivers nominees owned by the “Donor Class” and thus offer nothing that appeals to us “Little People”.”

    This is nearly right. The donor class runs everything in DC, they are the puppeteers. So if you do a search on ‘Kasich Soros’ you will find that Kasich has received funding from very unlikely sources. We also have the comment from Koch that Hillary would make a good president. Both these examples tip their hand a little. The entire process (as E.M. has already pointed out in a previous post) is skewed to allow the puppeteers, to ensure that the primaries result in a contest between the oligarchs chosen by them. The ‘party establishments’ are made up not only of the shadowy ‘strategists’ and less shadowy lobbyists in DC but also of all the State party groups who supply the delegates, the people that meet every Thursday night come rain or shine. These members of the party establishments see things as ‘You the People’ and ‘We the party’. This attitude is completely clear when you listen to talking heads like Karl Rove who obviously only accepts primary voting by ‘you the people’ if it supports the candidate chosen by ‘We the Party’. Indeed, thanks to the heated exchanges it has become clear that both parties consider the primaries a ritual dance where the outcome is close to preordained and it is a trial by funding with the ‘donor class’ deciding who to continue to back. This is why Kasich is still in the race even though in normal times he would have been out, a sugar daddy donor of considerably deep pockets is keeping him running.

    Into this race which looks like it was intended to be Jeb Bush vs Hillary with Bush coming in a creditable second allowing the GOP ‘establishment’ to relax back into their favorite opposition status snouts in troughs and doing nothing. Comes Donald Trump who is not influenced by the donor class and also has a following from his television appearances. It breaks their mold. Not only that but Trump is not a politician he is a negotiator so instead of lying plausibly and showing a history of the same lying as most politicians do, he starts with a ‘negotiating position’ that is extreme and then backs it off, if that doesn’t work he’ll try another – much to the talking head commentator concern – ‘but you said only half an hour ago that X now you are saying Y!’ — well of course he is that is how you negotiate. He ‘gives away’ things to the opposition – well that too is how you negotiate letting the other side think they have won by allowing them to take one of the strawmen you have offered. The political commentators are aghast that anyone will allow even the smallest ‘win’ to an opponent – he cannot possibly be ‘one of us’ as no true Republican would every say/do that. There was a TV interview with Scott Adams the author of the Dilbert cartoons who is actually a hypnotist, who was amazed how competent Trump was using psychology (http://www.salon.com/2016/03/07/dilbert_creator_scott_adams_tells_fox_friends_that_trump_isnt_just_changing_politics_hes_changing_the_human_condition/ )
    So now the donor class is in a funk as they cannot control Trump. This is the reason for their funding the rent-a-mob protestors who now show up at many Trump rallies, I think what we are seeing is an increase in the donor class desperation. This desperation is higher in the lobbyist/strategist/publicists who have a biannual political harvest of flow down funding earning millions from ‘laundered’ ‘donations’ and this entire system could go away. (http://www.teaparty.org/huckabee-trump-phenomenon-peaceful-overthrow-government-146995/ )
    Sanders is a similar phenomenon to Trump although initially a make-weight who turned out to be more popular than donor supported Hillary – but I have waffled for too long already :-)

  17. gallopingcamel says:

    @Ian W,
    Very interesting…..Adams and Huckabee are pretty smart.

    Robert Michel’s “Iron Law” says all governments tend towards oligarchy:

    Maybe populism can reverse the slide into oligarchy or at least slow it down. Maybe the voice of us “Little People” can make a difference. Could Trumpism be the antidote to the Iron Law?

  18. E.M.Smith says:


    Well, if “bitters” really is a marker for natural medicinals, Trump is indeed showing himself a bitter pill to swallow… So antidote or medicine, decisions decisions…

    There certainly is a class war afoot. Most clearly, IMHO, evidenced by the Koch Brothers threat to endorse Hillary, yet not a peep from all the “Koch Brothers Are Satan” crowd on the left about how evil that would be and how corrupt it must mean Clinton is…

    So as I’m just a mouse in all this, I’m mostly interested in watching these dancing Money Elephants from a distance and avoiding being near them when they start the Tango…

  19. Jeff says:

    I’m just waiting (impatiently) for Trump to pick a running mate so I can write a
    “Don and x and Ted and Carly” parody
    (to the tune of Hansel and Gretel and Ted and Alice, by PDQ Bach, aka Peter Schickele)…

  20. Larry Ledwick says:

    Interesting item today on the protesters which tried to block Trump from getting to his speaking engagement. He out flanked them by walking to the venue. Note the comments, those protesters just flipped some questionable not Trump people into Pro-trump voters.


    His knack for the one line zinger comes through with his opening comments when he got there.

    “That was not the easiest entrance I’ve ever made…I felt like I was crossing the border”

    The left simply cannot compute what his strength is. His fans are his fans precisely because they are sick and tired of the Lefts brown shirt tactics and protests at the drop of a hat. They only strengthen him with those protests.

  21. E.M.Smith says:

    I liked the comment about Reaganite…

    Something you put in front of a progressive and they fall to their knees in pain. :-)

    Wonder if Trumpite is similar, or just causes them to explode with insane anger…

    I have to confess that, having attended war protests in the ’70s, these rent a mob folks are much more violent lawbreakers and just seem like brats having a tantrum to me.

    Perhaps the end result of too much “no spank” child rearing of the last generation…

  22. @Larry Ledwick,
    ” He out flanked them by walking to the venue.”

    Apparently Donald has a mole in the Dimocrat camp so he will outflank them most of the time.

  23. Glenn999 says:

    It’s hard to say who is hated most by the establishment: Ted or Donald. The media seems to be most fearful of Trump. I’m hoping now that Trump gets to 1237 and we can avoid a contested convention.
    I will vote against Hillary or Sanders.

  24. p.g.sharrow says:

    It would appear that the “TEA BAGGERS”, Republican, Democrat and Independent are making their real power seen as they get behind Trump. The professional Washington political power players just can’t grasp their impotency in molding the outcome. Real Americans, the quiet hard working ones that obey the laws and pay their taxes in full, and personally try to build a better world for everyone have had it with “Expert”talking heads. The Inter-net has given these people a way to communicate outside of the controlled message provided by the MSM. I don’t like Trump, he will do and say anything to win, hardly, any different than Obama and Hillary. A fascist rather then communists. At least he will end their drive destroy the American Nation and and make it a state under United Nations control. I would hope Trump gets Cruz onto the Supreme Court where his talents and disposition will push that organizations philosophy pendulum towards the strict adherence to the Contract of the Constitution rather then the sloppy “Living Document” interpretation that has been in use…pg

  25. E.M.Smith says:

    I do find it “entertaining” that The Establishment can’t quite grasp the appeal of Trump. They rail about his non-conservative views… and miss that most of us are not “liberal” or “conservative”, we just are… So he thinks Bruce / Caitlin Jenner ought to use whatever bathroom he/she wants and try to make that an “issue”… while we just think: Got a Dick? Boys room, No Dick? Girls room. And leave my daughter the hell alone… or you won’t long have whatever you have… (and my son, but he might well do the ‘removing’ himself…)

    Ted’s appeal is to the True Conservative, while The Donald is to “middle America”. Ted wants the government in your bedroom. Hillary wants the government in your wallet. Trump wants them out of both… The “Leave Me The Hell Alone!” voter… from both sides of the (artificial) isle…

    I’m happy with either one, or with Ben Carson, or with Carly, or with… well, it’s a long list…

    FWIW, my prediction is that we have a Trump / Carson ticket. Trump is bright enough to realize that Hillary is winning the Dimocrat ticket based on black votes. Carson was bright enough (much brighter than Trump, IMHO) to pick Trump as the horse that wins and hitch to his wagon with an endorsement… So I expect a first round vote with a whisper campaign to the Carson Delegates to vote for Trump, then the announcement…

    What both “sides” miss is that The Average American is fed up with both of them screwing us over and wants a Bull to break their china shop… We don’t really give a damn about their divisive issues any more, we just want to Kill The Beast…

    (Sidebar on Caps: One of the things that stuck with me from my one German class was the use of Caps to indicate Nouns… I find it useful to indicate an ersatz Noun Phrase with caps… so that’s why I use them as I do. Not English, you say? Well, I don’t speak English. I speak Me, as do all of us…)

  26. Larry Ledwick says:

    I think you have nailed it! Trump is building a coalition of voters who are fed up with the recent beltway managed elections and candidates and will back anyone that they think will kick the establishment power brokers in the teeth. They have resigned themselves to the fact that they will have to surrender certain edge case objectives, and as a result you are seeing folks like the conservative tea party supporters and conservative democratic blue collar voters and middle of the road – conservative independent voters coming together to slap the establishment up side the head.

    This is sort of the warning shot across the bow just before the establishment beltway ship gets boarded and taken a prize by the flyover country privateers.

    I really hope the light bulb goes on in the establishment’s think tanks and leadership’s heads and they get the hint, because if they succeed in blowing off this final warning, they won’t like the results!
    They are unwittingly mobilizing a bunch of angry people to drop everything else and do something. They would much rather be planning their trip to the lake and tinkering with the boat but they have reached that final straw point where they are not going to sit on the side lines any more and hope saner minds prevail.

    To use a parenting metaphor — they are shouting “Enough!” The next step is the belt out by the wood shed.

  27. @Chiefio,
    A Trump/Carson ticket with Cruz destined for the Supreme Court (thank you p.g. for that) sounds like “Music of the Spheres”.

  28. The GOP establishment vanquished its base and the TEA party, yet they destroyed themselves in the process. Anti-establishment candidates (Trump & Cruz) now command ~80% of GOP voters so the establishment is supported by 20% at best in spite of hundred of millions spent during this campaign.

    I would call that an overwhelming “Vote of No Confidence”. Yet pompous asses like Boehner, Priebus and McConnell still think their opinions matter.

  29. E.M.Smith says:

    @Larry Ledwick: Nice one!

    @Julian Jones:

    My company was a ‘Delaware Company’. Why? California requires different people for several of the corporate roles, Delaware lets them all be one person. Also, The Company Corporation is a great operation that lets you make a corporation on line or over the phone in about an hour… and when I did it last was about $100 for the kit with seal and all…(now more, no doubt).

    Only mistake I made was that I didn’t get a checking account set up in time and had to run up to Nevada to do a Foreign Corp Reg there and open a checking account. (California would have been something like $700 and 2 weeks and I had a check to cash ;-)

    The article really over hypes the impact of Delaware incorporation. It does have business friendly services and laws, but mostly about crap like specifying who can hold what offices, not how to dodge taxes. You are still on the hook for a load of National taxes and some State taxes where you have significant operations (that Foreign Corp Reg tax, for one.. and of course all the payroll taxes…)

    If I ever make another corporation, it, too, will be a Delaware corp… then foreign corp reg as needed. Oh, Nevada is almost as good as Delaware…

  30. Julian Jones says:

    @Chiefio, Thank you for explanation

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